Celebrity Nudity Rumors February 15, 2018

Sara Serraiocco might be topless again on Sunday’s Counterpart.

And the next episode of Here and Now might have some random women naked during a montage.

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Paige Mobley from Here and Now. Apparently she was in America's Next Top Model (http://antm.wikia.com/wiki/Paige_Mobley)



Olga Boladz in Botoks (2018)


DAMN!!!! Oh, she's nice.


Any info on Unsane?


All nude/sexy scenes from Novitiate(2017) as per Mr.Skin review.
Thank me later XD


Margaret Qualley's nude, lesbian scenes in full hd



Thanks. The bad news in HD you can see she's wearing panties at the end.


Uh ohhh no bagina. I know someone who's gonna be unhappy.


You need to add the decryption key the link needs to be a lot longer.


i am editing the scenes rn...will post them soon in filesflash...


The trailer for the new Daniel Craig/Halle Berry film KINGS was released today and is rated R for violence, sexual content/nudity and language.


Praying for some Halle Berry action. She still looks great.


Anyone have any HD video or Gif of Margaret Qualleys nude/lesbian scene from novitiate?


So far all I can find is this still.


Strange thing I have found about movie 'Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool'. Uncut version?
"In some versions there is a graphic sex scene involving and older woman and a younger man. She thrusts on top of him you see full frontal nudity then he starts humping her. The scene lasts 3 minutes and has non stop Full Frontal nudity."


hmmm fake news?


According to the plot and the movie's trailer, it seems to be that that scene involves to Jamie Bell and Anette Benning. I'm not sure I want to see that.


Does anyone have link to italian movie Sex Cowboys (2016), or caps, videos from it? https://m.imdb.com/title/tt6184120/


Whatever happened to that movie that Charlotte McKinney is supposed to show full topless nudity in for a breast exam scene? I don't see any mention of a movie coming out on her IMDB. Wasn't Paul Giamatti in it or something?


It was a lie.


If you are referring to the movie "The Late Bloomer" which had rumors of nudity from her than it was a lie but you may be referring to another film rumor I haven't heard.


I could have sworn Recapped talked about it but I may be just thinking of this comment by a rando a couple years ago https://www.recapped.com/celebrity-nudity-rumors-december-3#comment-228640


Charlotte is only in the opening scene of The Late Bloomer and there is no breast exam from her. Maybe it’s from another movie but I find it highly doubtful.


Elaborate on that please


Lauren Compton sex scene from Here and Now



The scene from episode 2 of Here and Now was kinda hot. Relatively unknowns but at least it's classic HBO.


Wasn't Emily Ratajkowski supposed to have a whole bunch of movies coming out late 2017? Checking her imdb has got me even more confused as all of the movies seem to have been just neglected completely. Movies including: "In Darkness", "Cruise", and "Welcome Home". Has anyone heard anything about them? Thanks in advance.


In Darkness has a US release in May. Meant to be a nude scene from Emily R, not sure on the specifics.


We know there's nudity from her in Welcome Home because of what Recapped said plus the paparazzi pics. What was said about In Darkness?


Anybody familiar with the Brazilian series Desnudez premiering March 5th. From description it sounds super hot. Does channel it airs on even show nudity though??



If it's anything like Below her mouth it will be the best tv show ever.


Oh, I had no idea this project was this advanced. This is a "from women to women" project. GNT does show nudity, though.


Awww man you made my day. Rafaela Mandelli in a softcore porno....er I mean female erotic empowerment series. Yes, please!


Have you checked her scenes on "O Negócio"?


She's had fewer and fewer each season


Don’t know if this has been mentioned already but I know someone asks all the damn time. Mobile Homes was picked up for US distribution with a summer release planned. April release for Canada


Yeah, dude. That guy was me 🙂

Thanks for the info and thanks for remembering me. I hope we can see Imogen's scenes in April instead of in summer.


Well constantly asking does pay off I guess because now that title is burned into my brain. I might not have read the article otherwise. Time for our Canadian friends to get to work.


Maggie Grace's shower scene in The Scent of Rain and Lightning might've been disappointing but another scene even though dark she does expose her nipple briefly (brightened).



You know things are rough when we are having to resort to become CSI detectives and zooming in and enhancing clips to find nudity




How to you brightened that scene ??


Thanks for all your work Lostion, it's nice to see the full uncut versions of these episodes. I hope you'll keep it up.


Bella Dayne @ "Troy: Fall of a City" s01e01



A very promising start!


It will be very strange if a tv show on BBC shows more nudity than a overhyped movie like Red Sparrow. Isn't it?


does any know when Troy: Fall of a City will show up on netflix


Kelly Gough Nude Strike Back S06E03 Cinemax Version (UNCUT)


Kelly Gough Nude Strike Back S06E03 Sky One Version (CUT)


A little bit longer and more explicit 🙂 Next episode with nudity will be S06E05, S06E06.
Sharing is caring 🙂

P.S.: Anyone interested in downloadlinks for this scenes (with audio)? I could upload them to zippyshare.com 🙂


Sorry guys the scene is incomplete and i can't post download links because the comments get deleted. So i don't know how i can show you the full version 🙁


post it on zippyshare n share the link with us...i appreciate your work...


I did post it no idea why its know the first comment. We really need a forum or something because the comment section makes no sense 😀


Colette just got a release date of September 21, quite a while until then.


Provenance showing in Berlin today. Any news on Charlotte Vega?


Summary of Mr. Skin’s review JL nudity in Red Sparrow: Sideboob and back in a shower, quick shot of right boob during a fight, and butt. Her scenes in “Passengers” showed about as much and were hotter. It was hotter seeing her in a body suit as Mystique. Accept defeat and move on, guys.


Do you really think repeating your opinion three times makes others change their minds?


Enjoy your flash of right boob from JLaw as she beats someone bloody.


enjoy your crying 🙂


Tears of joy ?


How can people get so salty over it? Don't get your hopes up and you won't be disappointed it's that simple.


I Am Not A Bird officially changed from 'filming' to 'post-production' on February 14 according to IMDB.


I wouldn't mind if they just released the movie as is. No editing needed, save everyone time and money. ?


And give us all the b-roll too at that.


Haha, get ready for this thing to spend an eternity in film-festival hell.


question for anyone, much thanks in advance.

What is the purpose of the voting system? What does it mean if you get many up votes or down votes? What am I missing?

And I wanted to chime in as well about the forum. all for it. much better imo. It would be great if it’s divided up in categories that are most relevant to the audience here. One idea might be adding movie genres/categories in a section, actresses and actors. Just floating ideas. Maybe this has already been discussed. Don’t know. Thanks!


youre like the only one who talks about the voting system, stop worrying about it.


in general here best nudity-news comments are upvoted. it's usuful when you sort the comments by "Best".
We got all good nudity news at the top.
all the shitty discussion about nowadays nudity in cimena in the bottom.


Thank you for this. 😉


Mr Skin about Red Sparrow:

(0:02) Jennifer Lawrence in a ballet outfit nicely shows off her legs and undergarment from the angle it takes.

(0:15) DANCER in riding guy in the sauna. We see her breasts and buns screwing and then as Jennifer Lawrence beats her bloody.

(0:19) Right sideboob and bare back on Jennifer Lawrence in the shower.

(0:23) Jennifer Lawrence strips to her bra and panties for a guy. There is a big red scar on her left leg that the guy moves towards with his mouth. He forces her into his lap and then down onto the bed where her rips off her panties in a shot that nearly exposes her bush. Twice. The guy is then strangled to death as blood drips down onto her chest.

(0:34) We see breasts on a woman in an S&M porno.

(0:40) Jennifer Lawrence is in the shower. A guy comes in to attack her but she stops him. As she beats him we see a quick shot of her right breast from the side.

(0:45) Jennifer Lawrence strips in front of the class to give the guy who tried to attack her “what he wants.” He partially blocks her but we see her strip to her bra which comes off exposing her left breast. She strips to her panties from behind which then come off exposing her buns. Then she sits on the desk and spreads her legs, again giving us a very near bush scene but it looks like the guy is just blocking her from the front. We see her buns sitting on the desk as well.

(0:55) Jennifer Lawrence at the pool is in a bathing suit. She is covered from the bottom at first, but takes off the towel and she dives into the pool.

(0:57) Jennifer Lawrence top bathing suit again.

(1:23) Jennifer Lawrence in her panties as she gets out of bed and goes over to Joel Edgerton. She then gets on top of him on the couch and rides him. Nothing else comes out.

(1:43) Jennifer Lawrence is naked being tortured. We see a full shot from her right side as she is sitting down and then hunched over the front and tied up. We see right rump as her body shakes and some partial pressed boobs under the straps as water is thrown on her.

(1:53) Jennifer Lawrence gets out of bed in her bra. She puts on a button-down shirt but we see some panties as well.

(1:56) During a big fight scene we’ll see some glimpses of Jennifer Lawrence in her panties.


Doesn't sound like much to be honest, was expecting more after her statements and the movie reviews. With Mr Skin's tendency for exaggeration, it remains to be seen how much she actually shows.


well you can't complain as she did perform naked. Its just how the film is edited. Its fucking irritating with all that blocking and angle stuff, because you know she naked right there but you will not get to see it.


Just because she filmed the scenes naked doesn't mean she is comfortable with showing everything. They will usually discuss in contracts and with directors what is going to be shown on screen. Of course she could have been willing to show more but the director chose to be modest with the nudity.


'murikan films 🙂 sad state, hopefully other sources will step up and fill out the gap 🙂


see now, that’s fucking hot.


Please sir, I want some more.


Well, less than I hoped for but more than I was expecting. She's obviously becoming more open to nudity, so maybe one day we'll get a great scene from her.


Not much of anything like I said months back. The 'breasts and buns' in the sauna scene don't belong to Lawrence, thats not quite clear from above. She comes in and starts beating the woman. The scene in the class is almost entirely obscured by the naked dude infront of her, his arm/elbow cover most of her, you see her leg and most of her left hand side. You see full frontal male nudity and Lawrence mocks him for not having an erection. The torture scene is shot entirely from the side, nothing much is shown, breasts are covered.


Never doubt EmmaB.

Now when are we going to see a topless Dakota Fanning in The Alienist? 🙂


Well that blows.


I didn't expect the full monty.. but this sounds like it could be somewhat decent. It sounds like the scene at 1:43 she is fully nude in a chair, side view. MrSkin does not consider this nudity one of the 3 Bs isn't shown, but she's naked.

I agree, these days a major A-list star, in a major theatrical release, seemingly fully nude in two or three scenes ? ...

hard for me to complain.


So just side boob from Lawrence, a little nudity from some unknowns and a penis....that pretty much sums up the state of cinema today.


Quite disappointing, European tv series shows much more...


TV is the only place with decent nudity these days


Less than it could have been, certainly, but it's still nudity from an A-list star in a big studio film. That's not exactly commonplace these days. And let's not forget there were a number of confident sounding predictions on here about Jen showing nothing at all.


Dude, come on. This sucks. Just admit it. Don’t be so desperate.


It's reviews like this one on the Independent that get our hopes up.
"I wonder if Lawrence felt similarly indebted to her Hunger Games director Francis Lawrence to make this movie, which seems to exist for little purpose other than to show her naked in as many ways as contractually obligable, the result being a sort of Soviet fetish pin-up calendar"

From the Mr Skin review it seems like movie tries to NOT show her naked in as many ways as possible.


But how do you know it sucks until you see it? I find that text descriptions of nude scenes rarely do it justice. The opposite is also true, I realize, where it's exaggerated. But they could end up being pretty revealing nude scenes. Just saying.


(0:15) DANCER in riding guy in the sauna. We see her breasts and buns screwing and then as Jennifer Lawrence beats her bloody.

What on earth does this mean? I've been trying to decrypt this mess for minutes. We see whose breasts?


Probably a typo: “Dancer IS riding guy.” No nudity from JL in this scene.


Poorly worded, but a little more clear when you see it on the Mr. Skin site. They have "DANCER" marked in bold for that scene. Bold indicates the actress who gets naked -- J-Law's only listed in bold for the 0:40 and 0:45 scenes. So it's the dancer's T & A we see (as she's having sex and as she's getting beaten up).


Aha, thank you.


So just brief glimpses of nudity in unsexy contexts? Enjoy your erotic spy thriller!

At least it’s better than “Mother!” when her tits flopp out while she’s beaten to death.


Well, that was a lot of hype for nothing.


When I was saying it will be female nudity dissapointmemt I was downvoted. Brief, very quick scenes. Nothing special but Xander and most of the guys here will be happy because I heard there is full frontal male nudity. What a surprise.


I told you dude you weren't getting downvoted because you were wrong you were getting downvoted because you were likely right and people didn't like the thought of that.


Dave. Please go away.



First Red Sparrow review out. Has just a tidbit:

...the recruits are stripped down in every possible way. They’re reduced to being utensils (“Your body belongs to the state,” says Rampling), which they learn to manipulate. Lawrence makes her nakedness dramatic; she plays Dominika as shamed and proud at the same time. The film presents her new, transactional relationship to sexuality as a pop projection of the torments that women have endured, and there’s a resonance to that.


Maggie Grace @ "The Scent of Rain and Lightning"



This is very disappointing, especially after Mr Skin's review. They usually exaggerate the nudity reviews, but went way overboard on this one. I hope that Maggie will show us more in the future.


Well, thanks for posting this anyway. I'm still holding out hope that one day she'll show more. She's a damn good looking woman...


damn beat me to it 😀


Very ?


i know it is far fecthed but did anyone hear anything from "Josie" and Sophioe Turner after the release in that festival?


Any screencaps of Maggie Grace from 'The Scent of Rain and Lightning'? Came out on iTunes today and Mr Skin says she shows her butt and right breast


He’s right. I just saw the caps. There is really nothing much there. 🙁


I don't know what I was expecting. Maggie just doesn't like nudity.


Trust me. Stop anticipating this one. You WILL be disappointed. A classic case of Mr.Skin over-selling a scene.


When is “Under the Silver Lake” coming out? This was in the 2017 and 2018 preview.


Thanks for info about Sara. Hope at some point there also will be butt nudity from her.


someone please get that jen lawrence scoopm


Have you heard any more about "Viena and the Fantomes" getting a release date. I know they are shopping it around for a buyer but they have been doing that for some time now. Any chance of it getting a VOD or digital realease?


nothing in Season 4 of Mozart in the jungle. Lola Kirke gets naked in other stuff i don't see why she doesn't get naked in this tv show


Back with the usual question.... Anything from Molly Quinn in 'Newly Single' by any chance?


I don't think Recapped know or they would have answered by now.


Which is why i come back every few posts and try and ask the same question without sounding like i'm bugging anyone... just in case there's been some new information revealed that hasn't reached Recapped themselves.


Recapped, make some celebs I actually care about get naked.


nooo...plz...more z listers from altered carbon!