Celebrity Nudity Rumors February 21, 2018

On Sunday’s Here and Now, Jerrika Hinton is naked during a sex scene but we’re not sure if you can actually see anything. Necar Zadegan also has a sex scene but a scarf prevents us from seeing anything. There might also be a sex scene from Holly Hunter.

Counterpart continues to disappoint with only an unknown naked prostitute.

In casting news, hearing that Josephine Langford has been cast in the role originally played by Jami Gertz in the upcoming Less Than Zero for Hulu. Josephine is apparently the sister of Katherine Langford from 13 Reasons Why. No clue if there is any nudity but this television show may never even make it to air anyway since it only has a pilot order.

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What about submission and red sparrow pics ... ??

waiting for A. Timlin...


anything in Death Wish coming out this weekend? it's a remake and i know the original had some in it.


"Rated R for strong bloody violence, and language throughout", so no nudity.


Anyone with Red Sparrow caps??


Pretty weird, with Mother the caps were already travelling the web before the night of the premiere, but nothing on Red Sparrow yet.

I'll be watching it tonight in the cinema, hope it's nice.


Let us know the nudity review 🙂


Way better than Mr. Skin and Recapped led me to believe.
****MILD SPOILERS AHEAD - Not really plot damaging****
The scene was really short, maybe 30 seconds, but jesus... She undresses herself infront of a class of ~20 people after she is told by her "seduction teacher" to give the guy that just tried to rape her, what he wants. He wants her to turn around, but she says she wants to watch him fuck her.
She takes of her overalls, takes off her bra giving us a look of her left breast, then proceeds to take off her panties showing her ass. She sits on a table with her legs wide open (the guy blocks the view) and tells him to fucker her. He starts edging himself to get a hard-on but fails. For 20 seconds or so you just see either her ass or her boob in an incredibly well lit shot.
It may be just a scene, but it's the most explicit scene any A-List actress has done in a long time.


does Crackle not allow nudity on their streaming service because i just watched the first 3 episodes of the Oath and it had one sex scene but no nudity what so ever


Crackle definitely has movies with nudity. They don't censor anything that I'm aware of. However, if it's their own original content, they may avoid nudity with that stuff, not sure. It's owned by Sony, whatever that might mean.


No nudity in the strike back final but it ends with a massiv cliffhanger so Season 7 will be coming (i hope so).

Waiting for Cinemax S06E05 (this week) and S06E06 next week 🙂


Probably unlikely, but with Amber Rose Revah and Ben Barnes going nude in The Punisher, is there a chance that/does anyone know if Krysten Ritter or anyone else does so in Jessica Jones Season 2?


wrong type of show.... none of the Marvel series on Netflix had real nudity , it was eider implied or shot annoyingly ....


anything from camille chen in Game night?


Nothing even remotely suggestive in Game Night. Funny movie though. Camille's role is also very small. She has two scenes.


Dang, I wish. Her scene in Californication is on my best-of-all-time list. Check it out if you haven’t already seen it!


Has anyone seen Open Wound the Ueber: Movie in a Festival? A German film with the awesome Leila Lowfire!


I second that! Leila Lowfire is one of my favorites.




I need a help.I am out of videos now.I almost watched every scene of all the beautiful actresses.So please please someone suggest me some names with nudity or a sex scene around the age group of kate mara or ellen page please.Any reply would be highly appreciated.


kathy bates in about schmidt. enjoy


asifa hensan


so, has anyone seen Red Sparrow yet? Im seeing it on friday.

So is there a booty shot?


Just seen it. There's a very well-lit shot of J-Law's ass and one of her spectacular boobs. A much better scene than the ones in Passengers or mother!


is joel edgerton naked as well?


He's not nude. He is in tight swim trunks twice and shirtless then in underwear toward the end.


That's one way for an Orc to be "blooded."


So... there is no one J-Law's sex scene in the movie at the end?


Do you mind telling us about the duration of the shots you mentioned? Mr. Skin's review made it sound like the boobs and ass were to be seen for only half a second. Is that the case? Thank you!


The butt shot is fairly short, but the angle of the shot makes sure you get to see all you need. The boob shot gets repeated a couple of times during the scene, all for a couple of seconds, but more than just snippets. I was surprised about how well you get to see it. It's nothing like the scene in mother! at all, and obviously the context is a lot more pleasant.

There's some other nudity (both male and female) as well.


Thank you!
"Take what you can get, you will be better with it, even if all you get to see, it's one single tit" - Ghandi.


Sorry, should clarify that you only get to see one boob. There's a guy standing in front of her, blocking most of her nude body, but as I mentioned, you get a good view of her tit.


nice! seeing t soon. kind of surprised she showed her butt, considering how she only pouted it on the leaked photos. shes a bit insecure there imo.


Angela Kinsey in Half Magic (credit to op)



whoa.. Angela from accounting has been holding back..


Just found on google that My Days of Mercy with supposed good nudity from Kate Mara and Ellen Page, being shown March 21st in England at some LBTGQ event. So maybe close to being released for general public.


Ya it will apparently release in October after festival run. And the nudity is great i watched it at Tiff lol.


Image seems to be screwed, I meant if it was her in that topless photo shown in House of Cards.


HoC wasn't her


Then, only you can tell us... Was this her?


There's something wrong with the image, we can't see it


Maybe this one?:


Me neither can see the picture, but according to the URL, it's a picture from a "topless" of Kate Mara in House of Cards.


Heather Graham - Half Magic


Angela Kinsey - Half Magic


Can you upload this clip?


Mr. Skin review from Half Magic (2018):

(0:01) Heather Graham is being screwed from behind against a window. She is full dressed so only see some legs. She hikes up her skirt a little as she adjusts herself after.
(0:19) Cleavage on Heather Graham leaning over to eat food from her plate without silverware.
(0:19) Stephanie Beatriz in her bra and panties in bed.
(0:27) Heather Graham is naked being screwed in bed. See some left leg and pressed left sideboob.
(0:34) Pressed right sideboob on Heather Graham making kove with a guy. The camera spins around them quickly. Might be a quick shot of buns but a very quick shot of her left breast from the right side and then another quick appearance from the left side.
(0:41) Left pokey on Angela Kinsey as a guy puts his head up her dress and goes down on her while she really enjoys it.
(0:44) Stephanie Beatriz in tight little shorts dancing around celebrating kicking a guy out. She moons him but we see it from the wrong end.
(0:47) Cleavage on Heather Graham.
(0:55) Stephanie Beatriz comes out in lingerie asking a guy to “lick it.”
(1:03) Stephanie Beatriz in lingerie and a robe.
(1:26) Heather Graham puts her legs up in the air trying to use a mirror to look at her vagina. Then cut to her on the bed in her panties and then her hand down the front rubbing. She tries different music while continuing to masturbate.
(1:28) Angela Kinsey takes off her robe. At first we just see her bare shoulders but then see her buns and left breast from the side.
(1:29) Stephanie Beatriz in tight little shorts jumping into the arms of her guy.
(1:31) Stephanie Beatriz in her bra in bed. Brief panties as she starts to get out.


Is this out on VOD yet? I've been waiting for something, but all we have is that one screenshot.


I would rather see paint dry than see 'Here and Now'. Its so fuckin boring. Great potential for sex and nudity wasted on a shit show.


Yeah, its obviously a one and done series. Cast members comping a check before moving on to other things. I think this tries to be what Sense8 was and what This is Us is now, only in Portlandia. I mean, I'm liberal in my politics, but this is just too much. It feels like it tries to be WAY too current, a hodgepodge of representation meant to appease certain folks. Its surprising for Alan Ball, since he created Six Feet Under and True Blood, that he would create this. This series seems to be more of rebuking Trump world than anything. Nothing wrong with rebuking Trump, hell most of the world over does that, but I'm not sure it makes for a good show.


It's Portlandia without the self-awareness and sense of irony. Each episode seems like wish-fulfilling therapy for liberals in an alt-right/Trump world.


I'm still hoping for Sosie Bacon to get nude in the show though it probably wont happen.


Recapped, is there any news (positive or otherwise) on Sweetbitter?


You can see Hunter's right nipple briefly in her scene.


The sex scenes in this weeks Here and Now don't show anything really and they are really short


If only Nazanin Boniadi was up for a scene like this...


that ridiculous joker smile is ruining perfectly looking actress.


Wow, recapped was way off there.


They've had a couple of misfires lately, which is unusual for them.


anything on mute?


Hey man this is a scene I've been looking forward to forever! Thanks for uploading! Unfortunately this link isn't working for me. Any chance you have another? If not it's all good


Seyneb Saleh sideboob in Mute, with visible nipple.


any nudity in Marseille season 2 from Stéphane Caillard?


Thanks! Hope she shows more in Provenance than this


So was the lesbian scene a myth?


Bush! Very nice. Thanks.


Half Magic is out today in theaters and on VOD.


Anyone have any caps?


Courtesy of swedishfishrule:


How is the clip still not out there?


Who is she? Heather Graham?


That's Angela Kinsey.


Angela Kinsey who played Angela on The Office.


Amazing thanks. Can't wait for clips!


Weird there are no clips yet since it's already out on VOD.


Above Suspicion
In Darkness


Yeah any info on these would be wonderful.


Any updates on Sofia Vergara in Bent?


Anything on "Annihilation" ? No real hope about Nathalie Portman but a man can dream.


Portman has a sex scene where she's slowly riding a guy. Mostly just a shot of her face and of her bare back with a hint of side boob. Film is great, too!


Enough for me!


There is no nudity in Annihilation according to MPAA.


Trailer for Hong Kong movie Girls vs Gangsters was just released. 3 girls wake up naked on a beach and later covering themselves with leaves, think there will be any nudity? Don't know release date.


After taking a look at who were casted as the 3 girls, zero chance of nudity.


According to the director they were completely naked while filming the scenes.


can guarantee it's implied nudity


The original movie Less Than Zero (1987) did not have any nudity, though it had some sex scenes. So whats the point of the post?


Fun Fact: The lead character of the movie is named Clay.
Josephine Langford would be the second Langford to romance someone named Clay since Katherine Langford's Hannah Baker also romanced Clay in 13 Reasons Why. ?


I distinctly remember you could edit comments before.


How do I edit comments? The original post sounds rude but I did not mean it that way


Thought the movie is good and would make a really nice TV show.


the movie was ok, but the book is great source matterial. Characters prefer doing drugs than fucking though. Many unpleasant scenes.


"A Vigilante" (Olivia Wilde, expected R) premiering at SXSW in a few weeks. Heard anything? It's a very girl-power movie, but that doesn't really mean anything for the nudity.

Also Handmaid's Tale S2 and Westworld S2 in April.

Lastly, Yvonne Strahovski's "He's Out There" is/was being shopped around at EFM last week. It's rated R, but not for nudity unfortunately. Still, there might be some see-through/revealing moments (like JLaw's nightgown in mother, for example). Seems pretty common in these B horror movies.


Alexandra Daddario In "Bereavement" is the queen of that trope.


Any chance we get Jessy Hodges nude in Here and Now?


When is Dakota Fanning's supposed 'topless scene' on the alienist?


Can you describe the scene?


Why would you think TNT would show topless female nudity?


There is no such thing, that was a lie told by EmmaB.


She will probably be topless but the camera angles won't anything more than side boob or a shot from the back. That was the same technique they used on the very first episode with one of the whores. They showed her full frontal but shot through a reflection in a mirror, on a bad angle and her hair covered her tits. There was another shot with them having sex and pasties were used. I suspect Dakota's scene, if it happens, will be much the same. Basic cable can show all the nudity it wants as long as no penis, vagina or nipples. The rest is fair game as it is considered no worse than swimwear or underwear.


Cable can actually show whatever the fuck they want as long as it isn't hardcore porn. They just self censor that stuff because they are falsely worried that advertisers will run. Of course if they just looked at europe they'd know that was BS.


"Basic cable can show all the nudity it wants as long as no penis, vagina or nipples." Well that would mean they cannot show all the nudity they want. However this isn't sure. This is brought up a lot on here but basic cable can truly show all the nudity they want but choose not to.


Monooves didn't say that. He said they could be more lenient if they want. He is president of CBS which is under FCC regulations. Basic cable channels can truly show whatever they want and the advertiser issue is just an excuse for censorship. They claimed the same thing for censoring F words now F words are becoming common on basic cable. If GoT was on ad supported TV it would be the most sought after scripted tv show for advertisers to advertise on. There are more conservative advertisers but they do not advertise on TVMA programs anyway. There are plenty of advertisers willing to advertise on quality uncensored programing.


Any TV network in the US can show whatever they want. It's the advertisers, it isn't rules. Less Moonves said something to the effect of, we would do Game of Thrones style nudity if wanted but we'd have no advertisers for it. Basic cable is the same. The FCC already made it clear, I think around 2012 when new rules more or less suggest they can go ahead, show what you want. I guess Tide laundry detergent would sell less products if it's promoted after a set of breasts where just shown on TV. But we all know it's not true, actually. It's absurd. What it is, is typical corporate paranoia. Offend one, you offend them all, type of stupid, very outdated mentality. Eventually, someday, this will change. Perhaps sometime soon. In the coming years, maybe? Who knows.


No nudity in Strike Back S06E09 and it looks like the final have no nudity too 🙁 maybe we get a surprise or something...


Chances are very less though.. ?


I don't the "Next on Strike Back" was shown no nudity but in Strike Back S04E10 there was nudity from Michelle Lukes with Sullivan Stapleton, so maybe he will bang Alin. Roxanne with the other dude (there is some connection in the videos).