Celebrity Nudity Rumors February 21, 2018

On Sunday’s Here and Now, Jerrika Hinton is naked during a sex scene but we’re not sure if you can actually see anything. Necar Zadegan also has a sex scene but a scarf prevents us from seeing anything. There might also be a sex scene from Holly Hunter.

Counterpart continues to disappoint with only an unknown naked prostitute.

In casting news, hearing that Josephine Langford has been cast in the role originally played by Jami Gertz in the upcoming Less Than Zero for Hulu. Josephine is apparently the sister of Katherine Langford from 13 Reasons Why. No clue if there is any nudity but this television show may never even make it to air anyway since it only has a pilot order.

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What about submission and red sparrow pics ... ??

waiting for A. Timlin...


anything in Death Wish coming out this weekend? it's a remake and i know the original had some in it.


"Rated R for strong bloody violence, and language throughout", so no nudity.


Anyone with Red Sparrow caps??


Pretty weird, with Mother the caps were already travelling the web before the night of the premiere, but nothing on Red Sparrow yet.

I'll be watching it tonight in the cinema, hope it's nice.


Let us know the nudity review 🙂


Way better than Mr. Skin and Recapped led me to believe.
****MILD SPOILERS AHEAD - Not really plot damaging****
The scene was really short, maybe 30 seconds, but jesus... She undresses herself infront of a class of ~20 people after she is told by her "seduction teacher" to give the guy that just tried to rape her, what he wants. He wants her to turn around, but she says she wants to watch him fuck her.
She takes of her overalls, takes off her bra giving us a look of her left breast, then proceeds to take off her panties showing her ass. She sits on a table with her legs wide open (the guy blocks the view) and tells him to fucker her. He starts edging himself to get a hard-on but fails. For 20 seconds or so you just see either her ass or her boob in an incredibly well lit shot.
It may be just a scene, but it's the most explicit scene any A-List actress has done in a long time.


does Crackle not allow nudity on their streaming service because i just watched the first 3 episodes of the Oath and it had one sex scene but no nudity what so ever


Crackle definitely has movies with nudity. They don't censor anything that I'm aware of. However, if it's their own original content, they may avoid nudity with that stuff, not sure. It's owned by Sony, whatever that might mean.


No nudity in the strike back final but it ends with a massiv cliffhanger so Season 7 will be coming (i hope so).

Waiting for Cinemax S06E05 (this week) and S06E06 next week 🙂


Probably unlikely, but with Amber Rose Revah and Ben Barnes going nude in The Punisher, is there a chance that/does anyone know if Krysten Ritter or anyone else does so in Jessica Jones Season 2?


wrong type of show.... none of the Marvel series on Netflix had real nudity , it was eider implied or shot annoyingly ....


anything from camille chen in Game night?


Nothing even remotely suggestive in Game Night. Funny movie though. Camille's role is also very small. She has two scenes.


Dang, I wish. Her scene in Californication is on my best-of-all-time list. Check it out if you haven’t already seen it!


Has anyone seen Open Wound the Ueber: Movie in a Festival? A German film with the awesome Leila Lowfire!


I second that! Leila Lowfire is one of my favorites.