Celebrity Nudity Rumors February 5, 2018


Anything from Elizabeth Debicki or Gemma Arterton in Vita and Virginia?

Pretty sure Elizabeth Debicki is topless in a sex scene. Not sure about Gemma Arterton.

Anything on Lia Marie Johnson in Louisiana Caviar?

Lia Marie Johnson‘s character has some scenes involving a sex tape but her character is underage so doubtful there is any nudity.

Elizabeth Olsen in Kodachrome?


Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld season 2?


Is there any chance of Jodie Comer nudity in Killing Eve on BBC America?

So far, there is no nudity in the first two episodes.

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Gemma Arterton in The Escape?



A user on Reddit who works for a Theater saw Red Sparrow. Here's a quote from him:

She is naked a few times, but this isn't a romance or rom com movie. The first time you see her semi nude is when she is raped in a hotel room. And again in a classroom setting when she is forced to relive and reenact a moment where she was almost raped in the shower by another cadet. She manipulates and tries to humilate him in front of the other cadets. It can be uncomfortable. But it seems people just care whether she is naked in it, regardless of the negative context that it's in.


This is like some monkey paw shit. We finally get to see Jennifer Lawrence's tits on film but she's either getting the shit beaten out of her or she's being raped.


nude or semi nude? Which is it?


The review from Alberta, quoted by @Parzival says: "Frequent portrayals of sexual activity, some in a BDSM context – breast and buttock nudity, some detail.". So, will we have also sex scenes without violence?


But it seems people just care whether she is naked in it, regardless of the negative context that it's in.

No fucking shit. The negative context is make believe, her tits are not.


This ^
We stole her nudes, do you think we ultimately give that much of a fuck about the context?


You’ve already seen them though. Isn’t the whole reason to be hyped about this seeing them in a different context?


Unknown Actress Nude Strike Back S06E07 Sky One Version


Roxanne McKee Strike Back S06E06 Sky One Version Bonus Scene


Sorry forgot the rest of the Roxanne McKee scene the last time. As for E07 there is only a unknown girl at the beginning no idea who she is there is also another girl in a bra but you cannot see anything so i didn't cut upload it.

E08 will have no nudity and it seems like the love interest from Alin Sumarwata is pretty beaten up so i don't if E09
or the final will be better. But atleast next Friday/Saturday comes E03 on Cinemax so we can see an extended version. Oh and the next Episode on Sky One will air an hour later so maybe there will be more blood/gore.
of the sex scene in the biker club.


the girl who's nude in 7th episode,her name is Fanny Muller..


The other girl in the bra was Sai Bennett


Thank you both! 🙂


Becks is out on VOD Friday, supposed to be two nude scenes from Lena Hall


Lea Michelle Topless on spring awakening (stageplay)

Lea Michelle in Spring Awakening



Do you have a video of this?


May be old but the higher resolution is a nice find. Most of these clips have always been fuzzy and shot from the balcony.


This is very old


Any word on O Negocio Season 4? Premiere is in a month and only thing I've seen is this 20 second teaser.


Well, there will be nudity, of-course, if that's what you're asking. I hope they revisit the level of T&A they showed in season 1. It's a great series but each season has been getting more lame, particularly with the main cast. Guess we'll see.


Not precisely. Season 2 was just as great. And while nudity in season 3 has been toned down a bit, there was a great lesbian scene between Michelle Batista and Gabriela Cerqueira.
Honestly this is the very best show out there for nudity lovers.


True. But have to say, that first season was off the charts awesome.


Will Arielle Kebbel show something in Fifty Shades Freed?


I had read somewhere a few weeks back, don't recall where, that she is not naked at all. Not 100% sure on that, though.


Analeigh Tipton @ Compulsion


Dammit. Just when I wanted to see the gif, it won't show for me. 🙁


It doesn't work for me either. :-/ i have no idea how to embed it correctly. Fixed iframe seems to be the way, but it comes up blank. If someone can enlighten me.. No way to delete it either for some reason.


I've found a place to download the clips so I'm doing that right now.


Just saw that Tully with Mackenzie Davis and Charlize Theron is rated R for sexuality/nudity. And chance Mackenzie shows something?


I love her attitude, that she felt empowered and "amazing." from being nude. If only all other young American actresses would read this! Emma Watson, are you listening!? Nudity can empower you!

She's not listening, I know.


Every time an actress tells how liberating it is to bare it all, they never show anything on screen. The only people that have the opportunity to see them naked is the crew.
Olivia Cooke, for instance, said there would be some full frontal nude scenes in her movie and "it was so freeing" and "everybody should be naked all the time" and "blah blah blah", but she only shows her breasts. It's a fraud.
I don't trust what actresses say anymore. They alway exaggerate so people go watch their movies.


What movie are you talking about? The only released Olivia Cooke movie that I'm aware of that she's been nude in is The Quiet Ones. And that was before she started talking about a full frontal scene, so if there's been another one, please let me know. Otherwise, I think your anger over her comments are due to a misunderstanding on your own part.


she’s probably not listening because she’s not American


Not sure I understand your point. What do you mean?


You were calling out American actresses to read the empowerment statement and specifically Emma Watson who is *not* American. It was just a dig.


Huh... I was leaning on the side of no nudity until now, this essentially being an action flick and all, but this sounds promising.


from one of the Canadian ratings boards:

“Frequent portrayals of sexual violence – breast and buttock nudity, some blood and detail.
Frequent portrayals of sexual activity, some in a BDSM context – breast and buttock nudity, some detail.
Infrequent breast and male frontal nudity in a non-sexual context”



Lawrence's own comment on her nude scene seem to strongly suggest she strips down nude in front of prison guards or what not. And maybe some shower nudity. That's what I'm getting from this.


It sounds like the bit in the trailers when Charlotte Rampling tells Jen (and a male recruit - penis alert!!!) to strip (I think that scene is in the novel). This bit:



Yep. I'm going with that scene where we get breasts and buns from Lawrence. And I think she has a shower scene, too.


I called it. The "graphic nudity" is a penis


Male frontal nudity. I'm not surprised.
"One of the stronger sexual scenes in the film includes one of a naked couple who are seated but embraced in a sexual position, accompanied by some thrusting motions. The scene is brief as they are subsequently attacked by a woman. Another scene shows a clothed couple engaging in sex on a sofa with thrusting motion visible.
The film also features some nudity. These include some quick shots of female upper body nudity and a brief scene featuring a fully naked man.
There are some verbal sexual references."


"Male frontal nudity" fucking surprise surprise


Don't you think it will be another dissapointment? Brief, quick etc. Doesn't sound good.


"Don't you think it will be another dissapointment? Brief, quick etc. Doesn't sound good."

You're not getting downvoted because you're wrong you're being downvoted because you're probably right but we'd rather not accept it


“Empowered” lol, whatever she has to tell herself.


All women should feel empowered to show us their tits


You seem pleasantly awful.


Hoping for some further nudity from Antje Traue in Spielmacher (2018). Trailer -

If we are really lucky maybe some Lesbian scenes in Dark Season 2.
Collage of her previous nude & sex scenes -


Going in to 2018, I was looking forward to three nude scenes above all others - Imogen Poots in Mobile Homes, Alexandra Daddario in I Am Not a Bird and the long awaited nude debut of Kate Mara in My Days of Mercy (with an honorable mention of J. Law in Red Sparrow).

After seeing the pics from Compulsion, I can say is that those other actresses are going to need to bring it. Analeigh Tipton has long been one of my favourites, and seeing her full on nude on screen is going to be tough to beat. Up until now, all we had her leaks and her butt shot in that movie last year. She is absolutely gorgeous, and I cannot wait for the actual clips to hit. Most likely nude scenes of the year for me.


Like I said before, I’m surprised Recapped didn’t get wind of this sooner. This is potentially what he meant when he said Alex DD was the likely frontrunner for nude scene of the year: the potential for glorious surprises like Tipton.


You can't expect Recapped to know everything.


I think that every one of the scenes you mentioned is going to blow this one out of the water - and this is a good scene!


If the upcoming scenes from Alex were her first ones, I'd say of course they'd be the best of the year, but it will be VERY hard to top her scene from True Decective. Tipton is a personal favorite of mine, so an unexpected surprise like this (especially from someone I like so much) will always be tops for me


She could have put back on some weight to play someone who's living an unhealthy lifestyle.


There's no way the scene will top True Detective, simply because her weight loss has deflated those magnificent boobs 🙂


I can agree with you potentially on Imogen in Mobile Homes. The description we got, i.e. similar to Frank and Lola but with better lighting, doesn’t sound as enticing as what we got from Tipton here. But we know Kate and Ellen are getting it on together in My Days of Mercy. It remains to be seen if Alex DD gets similar action in I Am Not a Bird. We know it won’t be from Carice or Easton, but Elisabeth Larena was not mentioned. I also saw from Larena’s Instagram that she shot scenes where they filmed the love hotel scenes and she said all of her scenes are with Alex DD. Might be something or nothing, but I’m keeping an eye on that. (Don’t answer about Elisabeth Larena, Recapped 😉 )


Any word on Alexandra Daddario in When We First Met?


Mr Skin:
(0:44) Alexandra Daddario gets out of bed in her pink panties.
(1:22) Shelley Hennig showing some nice cleavage in a black dress.


Damn, maybe one day Shelley will get nude in something


Between BFFs Britt Robertson and potentially Phoebe Tonkin getting nude, perhaps Shelley will follow suit one day.


I wouldn’t count on it.


Without sounding like i'm bugging (as i've asked this in a handful of posts now), but 'Newly Single's' trailer hinted at a possible sexy scene for Molly Quinn.... any word on if she's one of the nude chicks in that movie?


I'm hoping to hear more about this one also. While I doubt she will be nude or if so, poorly lit or camera angled to not show anything, one can always hope!


it definitely looked like she was in her underwear in one scene and the shot of the dude's head in some chick's crotch looked like a similar lighting level to that... so who knows. Just have to wait and see... and ask every couple of posts just in case some news pops up...


Can you confirm whether Elizabeth Debicki is nude in Breath? That should be released before Vita and Virginia.


Analeigh Tipton


Whoever posts the first clips should get some sort of award


Been in a dull-as-hell meeting all morning, and just popped out and checked this. Yes.


If I Am Not a Bird doesn’t come out this year or Alex DD underdelivers in the movie, this could be my top nude scene of the year.

Guess Recapped wasn’t in the know with Compulsion like he is with I Am Not a Bird.


Here's a gallery, courtesy of Crackpot.


Funny there's a "mark" on the mirror conveniently positioned to obscure her bush in that scene where some guy is taking off her dress. lol


Oh dear god..this is Spectacular..wow!! So much more than I expected. Tiptoned.


Damn. Clips can’t come soon enough.


Seems kind of ridiculous that we have screen caps and no clips when it's been streaming online for two days now...


Any info about movie “Cadaver” with shay mitchell and stana katic, is out this Summer 23 august?


I just read what I think is the first review for "When We First Met." The reviewer calls it an "R-rated, raunchy comedy." I was not excepting that. A long shot, I know, but possible Alexandra Daddario and/or Shelley Hennig nudity?


Netflix page says it’s tv-14 (or a 12 in the UK)


Probably not, then.


Any nudity from Shannon Woodward in Westworld Season 2?

That possibility is pretty much the only reason I would watch


Well you don't have to watch, since it is not a possibility...


There are rumors that her character is alive


I keep trying to post a response I got from a nude clip website regarding Analeigh Tipton in Compulsion but the comment never sticks. I don't understand what's going on.


Any word on Anna Kendrick or Blake Lively in A Simple Favor? Apparently the book it's based off of has some sex scenes


With Paul Feig at the helm, I doubt there will be any real nudity.


Mobile Homes release date? We've been waiting for a long time and no answer by now 🙁


It’s screening at the Glasgow Film Festival in about 3 weeks if any Scots want to see it - Imogen will be attending, as a little bonus. Due for a UK spring release but no specific date.



It will be good to see Imogen naked again but i am just distrought she was full frontal naked on West End and we only found out 2-3 days before the final show so no one had time to go cap it anymore 🙁 I assume Mobile Homes will be 'just boobs'


Thanks bro! Release in spring, eh? Wll, well... There's no much time less to enjoy with Imogen sex scene in all her glory.


I'm hoping for some nudity from Talulah Riley and Angela Sarafyan in the new season of Westworld.


I'm here for the TR. Hoping Recapped can provide more details. April 22nd and the following weeks after are so far away.


Ingrid Bolsø Berdal in Westworld S02? 🙂


" Gemma Arterton is my favorite"


Anna Sophia Berglund - Living Among Us (2018)


May be you saw this but still m sharing it.
Adèle Exarchopoulos - Le Fidèle


u can post a clip?


isn't that a Great Bod ...