Celebrity Nudity Rumors February 5, 2018


Anything from Elizabeth Debicki or Gemma Arterton in Vita and Virginia?

Pretty sure Elizabeth Debicki is topless in a sex scene. Not sure about Gemma Arterton.

Anything on Lia Marie Johnson in Louisiana Caviar?

Lia Marie Johnson‘s character has some scenes involving a sex tape but her character is underage so doubtful there is any nudity.

Elizabeth Olsen in Kodachrome?


Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld season 2?


Is there any chance of Jodie Comer nudity in Killing Eve on BBC America?

So far, there is no nudity in the first two episodes.

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Gemma Arterton in The Escape?



A user on Reddit who works for a Theater saw Red Sparrow. Here's a quote from him:

She is naked a few times, but this isn't a romance or rom com movie. The first time you see her semi nude is when she is raped in a hotel room. And again in a classroom setting when she is forced to relive and reenact a moment where she was almost raped in the shower by another cadet. She manipulates and tries to humilate him in front of the other cadets. It can be uncomfortable. But it seems people just care whether she is naked in it, regardless of the negative context that it's in.


This is like some monkey paw shit. We finally get to see Jennifer Lawrence's tits on film but she's either getting the shit beaten out of her or she's being raped.


nude or semi nude? Which is it?


The review from Alberta, quoted by @Parzival says: "Frequent portrayals of sexual activity, some in a BDSM context – breast and buttock nudity, some detail.". So, will we have also sex scenes without violence?


But it seems people just care whether she is naked in it, regardless of the negative context that it's in.

No fucking shit. The negative context is make believe, her tits are not.


This ^
We stole her nudes, do you think we ultimately give that much of a fuck about the context?


You’ve already seen them though. Isn’t the whole reason to be hyped about this seeing them in a different context?


Unknown Actress Nude Strike Back S06E07 Sky One Version


Roxanne McKee Strike Back S06E06 Sky One Version Bonus Scene


Sorry forgot the rest of the Roxanne McKee scene the last time. As for E07 there is only a unknown girl at the beginning no idea who she is there is also another girl in a bra but you cannot see anything so i didn't cut upload it.

E08 will have no nudity and it seems like the love interest from Alin Sumarwata is pretty beaten up so i don't if E09
or the final will be better. But atleast next Friday/Saturday comes E03 on Cinemax so we can see an extended version. Oh and the next Episode on Sky One will air an hour later so maybe there will be more blood/gore.
of the sex scene in the biker club.


the girl who's nude in 7th episode,her name is Fanny Muller..


The other girl in the bra was Sai Bennett


Thank you both! 🙂


Becks is out on VOD Friday, supposed to be two nude scenes from Lena Hall


Lea Michelle Topless on spring awakening (stageplay)

Lea Michelle in Spring Awakening



Do you have a video of this?


May be old but the higher resolution is a nice find. Most of these clips have always been fuzzy and shot from the balcony.


This is very old


Any word on O Negocio Season 4? Premiere is in a month and only thing I've seen is this 20 second teaser.


Well, there will be nudity, of-course, if that's what you're asking. I hope they revisit the level of T&A they showed in season 1. It's a great series but each season has been getting more lame, particularly with the main cast. Guess we'll see.


Not precisely. Season 2 was just as great. And while nudity in season 3 has been toned down a bit, there was a great lesbian scene between Michelle Batista and Gabriela Cerqueira.
Honestly this is the very best show out there for nudity lovers.


True. But have to say, that first season was off the charts awesome.


Will Arielle Kebbel show something in Fifty Shades Freed?


I had read somewhere a few weeks back, don't recall where, that she is not naked at all. Not 100% sure on that, though.


Analeigh Tipton @ Compulsion


Dammit. Just when I wanted to see the gif, it won't show for me. 🙁


It doesn't work for me either. :-/ i have no idea how to embed it correctly. Fixed iframe seems to be the way, but it comes up blank. If someone can enlighten me.. No way to delete it either for some reason.


I've found a place to download the clips so I'm doing that right now.