Celebrity Nudity Rumors February 8, 2018

On Sunday’s Counterpart, Nazanin Boniadi and Sara Serraiocco might have a brief lesbian sex scene. Both Nazanin and Sara are topless but we’re not sure if Nazanin actually shows anything.

And Jessica Lu is naked during a sex scene on Sunday’s series premiere of Here and Now.

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Male fully uncensored nude fight scenes? Future Man, American Honey etc


Love Season 3? Tell me we're finally getting something from GIllian.


highly doubt it, if you are expecting any meaningful plot from apatow you are losing.


No nudity in Strike Back S06E08 and the potential love interest from Alin Sumarwata is out, next episode will be nudity. Maybe in the final because Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester have both guest appearances in Episode 9 and 10 🙂 so maybe then.

P.S.: Wil post the extended sex/nude scene from S06E03 on Saturday/Sunday 🙂


i'm pretty sure Stapleton will fuck somebody, hes a machine


Sorry i mean no nudity in S06E09.


Hi new to the site, so please forgive me if this has been asked before, is there any danger of Erin Karpluk getting naked in the near future please?


Dichen Lachman has confirmed she wore a merkin ("tiny little wig for your downstairs") in Altered Carbon


I wonder if Higareda wore one? I doubt it.

Why do American actresses cover their vaginas with fake vaginas? It's so funny and weird. Are they taught their vaginas a bad?

If you look up "merkin" on wikipedia.. the part about it being a female movie device, the first sentence opens up with.. "in Hollywood" ... as in... only in Hollywood.

I joked with a friend once that Male Hollywood actors should wear a jerkin.. a fake prosthetic penis over their real penis.. see how the ladies like that shit. For real.

I protest the Merkin! 😛


I'm sure that you did "joke" with a friend that actors should wear a jerkin. Way to out yourself as to being INCREDIBLY new to this aspect of movie-making. I suggest you look up "prosthetic" and "simulated sex" and Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, cuz, for those of us who have spent more than two minutes studying nudity, sex, and their place in movies... you're hilarious. Depressing, but hilarious.


They don't cover their vaginas with fake vaginas. They cover their vaginas with fake HAIR.
You honestly don't understand that some women don't want to show lips? Not all men wants to show their dick.


" They don't cover their vaginas with fake vaginas. They cover their vaginas with fake HAIR."
Which is even worse. Female full frontal is less explicit yet is commonly faked. They don't need to wear fake genitalia because you don't see such imagery, whether real or fake, in the first place.
"You honestly don't understand that some women don't want to show lips?" Of course they don't which is why you almost never see such a thing unlike male genitalia which is often shown. I don't expect to see actresses genitalia I'm just pointing out faulty logic.


I think she was the only one and it’s not surprising that she did honestly considering the nature of that scene. There is a difference between walking around naked and doing a fight scene naked. I’m just glad she did as much as she did. I’m definitely not pro merkin but you have to admit when there are times that it makes sense.


Yak@ but there are many fight scenes in movies with males completely nude and nobody uses any censorship in these scenes. I do not understand your argument.


Yonder, these comments ARE already moderated. It’s just that the mod deletes some useful posts and info, and leaves all the crap.


There are many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many things you do not understand.

Ugh... I'm feeing the trolls.

And *THIS* is why, if Recapped does a forum, it NEEDS to be moderated. Dave should have gotten a half dozen warnings by this point be forced to decide between a temporary ban or, y'know, behaving. If you do a forum I *PROMISE* you it will be toxic if unmoderated. Dave and his ilk will be the 3% ruining it with this kind of crap and, over the course of months and years, those of us who are normally reasonable and mature and blahblahblah will see the COMPLETE lack of moderation to be a blatant endorsement saying "yup, it's okay to be a troll" and respond in kind, trying to be the self-police of the forums, trying to say "hey, go away"... which Dave and his ilk will FEED upon. Most people will, after a few months, find the idea of clicking on the forum disgusting and nauseating because ALL you will see here is Dave and his ilk vs those who haven't gotten sick of them. It happens virtually everywhere and it WILL happen here... if unmoderated.

Look at Darkhorizons. They moderate with a VERY wide berth. They (usually) have a (comparatively) great comments section. It's pretty great. Same thing for Bluesnews. They have COMMUNITIES where friendships are made over years and there's an actual feeling of reprieve from the disgustingness of the average internet. We *HAD* that at ELMS, before Niclas abandoned it and I retired.

Forums are great... if moderated. And I couldn't find a better example than Dave.

He *THINKS* we can't stand him because of the points he brings up. He couldn't be more wrong, and there's no reason to try to explain things to him for the four hundred and eighty fifth time.

Don't like this response? It's what you'll get from an unmoderated forum... eventually. 100% of the time.


“There are many fight scenes in movies with males completely nude” Really? How many movies can you recall where the guy is naked and having his dick flop around throughout the scene? In most of those fight scenes you’re not going to see that. They’ll be naked but have a dick pouch keeping it contained. Obviously you have some obsession with how unfair it is that you don’t get to play gyno to every actress in the world, but that’s never going to happen. Just go watch porn if that’s what you want.


Uh, prosthetic penises are very common in movies


No they're not, certainly not as common as merkins. Prosthetic penises are usually used only for explicit sex acts or comedic reasons like a character having an abnormally small or large penis.


Downvoted for stating a fact, not surprising with the community on this site. Someone list some examples of fake penises being used that weren't for explicit sex acts or comedic reasons? I can't think of any, at most they may be a couple examples. Then think of all times merkins have been used for female nude scenes. Just look at the show Spartacus, all female frontal was fake all the male frontal was real.


I actually pitched this idea to the president of MrSkin. He's a buddy of mine who I hired back in 2000 when I worked there. I said the above idea would make a great video for them to promote. Make a fake prosthetic penis, call it a jerkin.. and have a guy walk in a room full of women naked wearing the jerkin over this cock and balls. See their reaction. Obviously they would find it ridiculous, weird and creepy.. like the merkin is!

They loved the idea and said they actually want to make the video but said it wasn't a priority.

Just thought I would share this. I really think this video should be made. If for no other reason then to shine a light on Hollywood's bizarre, childish fear of the vagina.


You’re so full of shit. Like, to the brim full of shit.


I realize my comment about working at MrSkin may have seemed like was trying to boast about it. For the record, not at all. Nothing to boast about, seriously.. it was just a gig. I was more interested in mentioning the merkin video.



I meant to say content guy, btw. I was officially called Skin Jr. when I was there. heh.


No it’s true. I started working for Mr. skin in 2000. They hired me as a contact guy. I worked there for six years. I actually hired the current president, Sam Rakowski, as one of the content guys. He is now president.




I think it's CG. Her head looks like it was put on another persons body. From the neck up, it looks very unnatural.


Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the first time inner labia has been shown in an american tv show (except maybe for one frame)? I love it.


Addison Timlin in Submission according to Mr Skin:

(0:49) Addison Timlin takes off her top stripping to her bra making out with Stanley Tucci. Then she takes it off exposing her breasts and standing in her panties. She then gets on top of him in bed and gently rides him. After Tucci cracks a tooth she gets off him and we may see some distant dark bush. She then gets off the bed and we see her buns. This is a nice long scene with Timlin spending the back half of it standing up naked.


Cracking a tooth during sex?



Cracks a tooth? Lol wut.


I remember there was a review of Ridley Scott's Newness that said Laia Costa is naked a lot, but does anybody know if Jessica Henwick has any sexy scenes in the film? She seems anti-nudity but a clothed sex scene would do for me.


Jessica Henwick got out of Game of Thrones without even showing her tits considering the Sand Snakes would have been prime nudity providers... such a shame though


Ridley Scott? Drake Doremus you meant to say.

Answering to your question, I don't remember clearly, but I'd say not. She has a minor role in the movie. Neither nude scene nor clothed sex scene.

Anyway, the movie was released on 3rd november last year. Feel you free to check it by yourself 😉


I could have sworn I remembered Ridley Scott being involved. Thanks anyway.


ridley's a producer on it


You can see her in a non-nude sex scene in Iron Fist on Netflix.


she also has a nipslip whilst in a sex scene with ironfist


screen cap?


Melissa Benoist in Juvenile ?


Any news on daisy ridly in ophelia?


Mrskin says 'no nudity'


It's a female-empowerment revisionist film. The spirits tell me no.


Ha. Got a giggle on that reply.


Lea Seydoux (Boobs) & Ewan McGregor (Butt) in Zoe.


Leaaaaaa... asF

release date ???