Celebrity Nudity Rumors February 8, 2018

On Sunday’s Counterpart, Nazanin Boniadi and Sara Serraiocco might have a brief lesbian sex scene. Both Nazanin and Sara are topless but we’re not sure if Nazanin actually shows anything.

And Jessica Lu is naked during a sex scene on Sunday’s series premiere of Here and Now.

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Male fully uncensored nude fight scenes? Future Man, American Honey etc


Love Season 3? Tell me we're finally getting something from GIllian.


highly doubt it, if you are expecting any meaningful plot from apatow you are losing.


No nudity in Strike Back S06E08 and the potential love interest from Alin Sumarwata is out, next episode will be nudity. Maybe in the final because Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester have both guest appearances in Episode 9 and 10 🙂 so maybe then.

P.S.: Wil post the extended sex/nude scene from S06E03 on Saturday/Sunday 🙂


i'm pretty sure Stapleton will fuck somebody, hes a machine


Sorry i mean no nudity in S06E09.


Hi new to the site, so please forgive me if this has been asked before, is there any danger of Erin Karpluk getting naked in the near future please?


Dichen Lachman has confirmed she wore a merkin ("tiny little wig for your downstairs") in Altered Carbon


I wonder if Higareda wore one? I doubt it.

Why do American actresses cover their vaginas with fake vaginas? It's so funny and weird. Are they taught their vaginas a bad?

If you look up "merkin" on wikipedia.. the part about it being a female movie device, the first sentence opens up with.. "in Hollywood" ... as in... only in Hollywood.

I joked with a friend once that Male Hollywood actors should wear a jerkin.. a fake prosthetic penis over their real penis.. see how the ladies like that shit. For real.

I protest the Merkin! 😛


I'm sure that you did "joke" with a friend that actors should wear a jerkin. Way to out yourself as to being INCREDIBLY new to this aspect of movie-making. I suggest you look up "prosthetic" and "simulated sex" and Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song, cuz, for those of us who have spent more than two minutes studying nudity, sex, and their place in movies... you're hilarious. Depressing, but hilarious.


They don't cover their vaginas with fake vaginas. They cover their vaginas with fake HAIR.
You honestly don't understand that some women don't want to show lips? Not all men wants to show their dick.


" They don't cover their vaginas with fake vaginas. They cover their vaginas with fake HAIR."
Which is even worse. Female full frontal is less explicit yet is commonly faked. They don't need to wear fake genitalia because you don't see such imagery, whether real or fake, in the first place.
"You honestly don't understand that some women don't want to show lips?" Of course they don't which is why you almost never see such a thing unlike male genitalia which is often shown. I don't expect to see actresses genitalia I'm just pointing out faulty logic.


I think she was the only one and it’s not surprising that she did honestly considering the nature of that scene. There is a difference between walking around naked and doing a fight scene naked. I’m just glad she did as much as she did. I’m definitely not pro merkin but you have to admit when there are times that it makes sense.


[email protected] but there are many fight scenes in movies with males completely nude and nobody uses any censorship in these scenes. I do not understand your argument.


Yonder, these comments ARE already moderated. It’s just that the mod deletes some useful posts and info, and leaves all the crap.


There are many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many things you do not understand.

Ugh... I'm feeing the trolls.

And *THIS* is why, if Recapped does a forum, it NEEDS to be moderated. Dave should have gotten a half dozen warnings by this point be forced to decide between a temporary ban or, y'know, behaving. If you do a forum I *PROMISE* you it will be toxic if unmoderated. Dave and his ilk will be the 3% ruining it with this kind of crap and, over the course of months and years, those of us who are normally reasonable and mature and blahblahblah will see the COMPLETE lack of moderation to be a blatant endorsement saying "yup, it's okay to be a troll" and respond in kind, trying to be the self-police of the forums, trying to say "hey, go away"... which Dave and his ilk will FEED upon. Most people will, after a few months, find the idea of clicking on the forum disgusting and nauseating because ALL you will see here is Dave and his ilk vs those who haven't gotten sick of them. It happens virtually everywhere and it WILL happen here... if unmoderated.

Look at Darkhorizons. They moderate with a VERY wide berth. They (usually) have a (comparatively) great comments section. It's pretty great. Same thing for Bluesnews. They have COMMUNITIES where friendships are made over years and there's an actual feeling of reprieve from the disgustingness of the average internet. We *HAD* that at ELMS, before Niclas abandoned it and I retired.

Forums are great... if moderated. And I couldn't find a better example than Dave.

He *THINKS* we can't stand him because of the points he brings up. He couldn't be more wrong, and there's no reason to try to explain things to him for the four hundred and eighty fifth time.

Don't like this response? It's what you'll get from an unmoderated forum... eventually. 100% of the time.


“There are many fight scenes in movies with males completely nude” Really? How many movies can you recall where the guy is naked and having his dick flop around throughout the scene? In most of those fight scenes you’re not going to see that. They’ll be naked but have a dick pouch keeping it contained. Obviously you have some obsession with how unfair it is that you don’t get to play gyno to every actress in the world, but that’s never going to happen. Just go watch porn if that’s what you want.


Uh, prosthetic penises are very common in movies


No they're not, certainly not as common as merkins. Prosthetic penises are usually used only for explicit sex acts or comedic reasons like a character having an abnormally small or large penis.


Downvoted for stating a fact, not surprising with the community on this site. Someone list some examples of fake penises being used that weren't for explicit sex acts or comedic reasons? I can't think of any, at most they may be a couple examples. Then think of all times merkins have been used for female nude scenes. Just look at the show Spartacus, all female frontal was fake all the male frontal was real.


I actually pitched this idea to the president of MrSkin. He's a buddy of mine who I hired back in 2000 when I worked there. I said the above idea would make a great video for them to promote. Make a fake prosthetic penis, call it a jerkin.. and have a guy walk in a room full of women naked wearing the jerkin over this cock and balls. See their reaction. Obviously they would find it ridiculous, weird and creepy.. like the merkin is!

They loved the idea and said they actually want to make the video but said it wasn't a priority.

Just thought I would share this. I really think this video should be made. If for no other reason then to shine a light on Hollywood's bizarre, childish fear of the vagina.


You’re so full of shit. Like, to the brim full of shit.


I realize my comment about working at MrSkin may have seemed like was trying to boast about it. For the record, not at all. Nothing to boast about, seriously.. it was just a gig. I was more interested in mentioning the merkin video.



I meant to say content guy, btw. I was officially called Skin Jr. when I was there. heh.


No it’s true. I started working for Mr. skin in 2000. They hired me as a contact guy. I worked there for six years. I actually hired the current president, Sam Rakowski, as one of the content guys. He is now president.




I think it's CG. Her head looks like it was put on another persons body. From the neck up, it looks very unnatural.


Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't this the first time inner labia has been shown in an american tv show (except maybe for one frame)? I love it.


Addison Timlin in Submission according to Mr Skin:

(0:49) Addison Timlin takes off her top stripping to her bra making out with Stanley Tucci. Then she takes it off exposing her breasts and standing in her panties. She then gets on top of him in bed and gently rides him. After Tucci cracks a tooth she gets off him and we may see some distant dark bush. She then gets off the bed and we see her buns. This is a nice long scene with Timlin spending the back half of it standing up naked.


Cracking a tooth during sex?



Cracks a tooth? Lol wut.


I remember there was a review of Ridley Scott's Newness that said Laia Costa is naked a lot, but does anybody know if Jessica Henwick has any sexy scenes in the film? She seems anti-nudity but a clothed sex scene would do for me.


Jessica Henwick got out of Game of Thrones without even showing her tits considering the Sand Snakes would have been prime nudity providers... such a shame though


Ridley Scott? Drake Doremus you meant to say.

Answering to your question, I don't remember clearly, but I'd say not. She has a minor role in the movie. Neither nude scene nor clothed sex scene.

Anyway, the movie was released on 3rd november last year. Feel you free to check it by yourself 😉


I could have sworn I remembered Ridley Scott being involved. Thanks anyway.


ridley's a producer on it


You can see her in a non-nude sex scene in Iron Fist on Netflix.


she also has a nipslip whilst in a sex scene with ironfist


screen cap?


Melissa Benoist in Juvenile ?


Any news on daisy ridly in ophelia?


Mrskin says 'no nudity'


It's a female-empowerment revisionist film. The spirits tell me no.


Ha. Got a giggle on that reply.


Lea Seydoux (Boobs) & Ewan McGregor (Butt) in Zoe.


Leaaaaaa... asF

release date ???


Any news on Sofia Vergara in Bent? Comes out in March and rated R for some sexuality/nudity.


According to the movie's IMDB trivia page, she said she gets naked in some interview, though they don't link the interview. The camera angles in the trailer seem to suggest it though.


'"Joe's like, 'F**k, you're going to be naked in everything now? Why?'" she says with a laugh, referencing a steamy shower scene in her upcoming spy thriller, Bent.'


'Poses completely nude' - This is a joke, right?

As for the actual movie, Sofia might have gotten naked but I highly doubt that she'll actually show something. She's just trying to promote her new movie.


She's 100% just promo'ing it, but, she might not be lying. Remember, what she's saying is SHE is nude. Doesn't mean what she's showing is anything worthwhile.


Huh? She's never done any real nudity in movie. What are they talking about...


Any nudity requirements for Elizabeth Olsen in her upcoming Facebook web series?


highly doubt it, facebook is like Disney and apple they not interested in r-rated material.


Before Facebook, Olsen and Co were trying to sell this series to Showtime, so it is definitely R rated.


Was it a finished product when they were trying to sell it or just the concept?

Like for example Forbidden Science is a skinemax sex series the creator at one point was trying to sell as a much more family friendly SyFy show.


But this is Facebook we're talking about. The thing known for it's puritanical stance on nudity.


Tmo jus sent something out. $4 Tix for red sparrow in a couple weeks. sure why not.


Looking forward to Novitiate's digital release. Need to see Margaret Qualley and Dianna Agron's scenes in HQ.


Both nude in that thing?


No, just very brief nudity from Margaret - someone posted cam clip couple weeks ago.


Any nudity in the netlix/ bbc series Troy: Fall of a city, reviews are hinting at lots of sex scenes?


The release date for my days of Mercy is around oct. 2018. I've gotten this from a very legit source.



The My Days of Mercy FB page started responding to questions, answering October 2018 for release date. Sounds good.


I don't think that's good. This means we'll have to wait another year to see the scenes in high quality, a pretty long wait still.




im hoping for a Netflix release for Europe....


What' s the real release date of Mektoub My Love in France? On imdb now there are two dates, 14 february and 21 May. Strange.


From french cinema site:
Sortie nationale le 21/03/2018


No actual nudity from Jessica Lu in Here and Now S01E01. You do see old man ass on top of her, though.


Wow, that's a rare mistake from Recapped. You don't see those very often.


any news on charlotte vega in the lodgers or provenance? or addison timlin in submission?


Hey guys,

I've said this before, that Hollywood is not going to be the place to find nudity anymore. Hell, I believe any top financed movie by the big Hollywood studios that even says they have "racy" scenes is just bullshit just to get people into the theaters. I mean, Fifty Shades of Grey should be rebuked, especially since you can find more racier stuff in the Emmanuelle series starring Marcela Wallerstein.

A couple of times, I go on imdb and under the keyword section, I look up female nudity, sex scene, sex, topless female nudity, full frontal female nudity, and there is a whole list of movies we don't even notice on there, that haven't been at Cannes, Sundance, Toronto, etc. that are filled with nudity, hot sex scenes where you see EVERYTHING. I think nowadays, with the MeToo movement and all, with Weinstein and co out, with Amazon and Netflix changing up their CEO's, theres gonna be a drought in Hollywood. So, its up to looking in foreign markets, because not everyone is on board with MeToo. Look up Catherine Deneuve on that.


Fifty Shades vs Emannuelle? You aren't comparing Apples and Oranges, you're comparing pencils and syrup. At least apples and oranges are both fruits.

You start with how Hollywood isn't the place to find nudity "anymore" but list a grand total of zero examples of how Hollywood USED to be. Um... Hollywood has ALWAYS been this way. There's plenty of nudity going around, just like there's always been. The best stuff is always foreign/indie, just like it's always been.

Please give some examples of Hollywood created stuff when talking about how it used to be and THEN we can have a discussion, but the way you're presenting things right now is completely antithetical to a legitimate discussion.


The only recent film with good plots was Personal Shopper.


There probably will be a cool down across the board over the net couple of years.. but it will be temporary. Features are dead. They've been dead for years in my opinion. Features largely suck!

Also, there is a HUGE uptick in male nudity.. is that going away? Doubt it. And given this, neither is female skin, obviously. Hollywood producers, in general, are wimps.. they will be the very FIRST to jump on an anti-sex bandwagon if they feel like it's a wise financial move. But they also know audiences like sex and skin! So they want to do it.. they are just going to be doing it with a bit less frequency, I assume?

Again, all hypothetical.

You're right, there are many foreign films with nudity that don't always get noticed or capped by people right away. Many of them are more obscure titles. There is a TON of movies in Asia with skin that NEVER get capped, anywhere. However, with the big four producers in Europe, Germany, Scandinavia (Netherlands), France and Spain, don't know if you can tell but for the past several years now they, too, have scaled back nudity, particularly when compared to the 90, early 2000s. Not sure what's causing that as they didn't have a Weinstein and it started BEFORE that whole debacle. My guess is, in general, producers over the past few years have simply felt some pressure to ease up on sex and particularly frequent, pointless female nudity. Have to admit.. in the 90s and early 2000s in Europe there was TONS of it.

It will work it's way back around again. This stuff comes and goes, ebs and flows. Thankfully there is the major platforms on web/TV and their insatiable need for more and more content that is diverse.

I still think the fact that Jennifer Lawrence described her nudity as empowering and amazing, is quite significant. As I've said before.. rewind to the 90s when it wasn't uncommon for actresses to do nudity only to more or less speak about it like they instantly regretted it. Awful attitude back then. That seems to have changed.. but will it change back, is the question.


"As I've said before.. rewind to the 90s when it wasn't uncommon for actresses to do nudity only to more or less speak about it like they instantly regretted it. Awful attitude back then."


You either haven't studied Weinstein and the concept of "Do nudity/sex or your career is 100% over" or you're a Weinstein-like monster.

Based on your history of posting I have a guess, but just like confirming that Dave is a troll, I want to confirm through multiple questions and actual dialogue what I'm guessing about you based on a few posts that could very easily be misinterpreted.


Just felt compelled to add, who the hell do you think you are saying I'm a "Weinstein Monster?" I'm a marketing guy from Chicago. WTF.

You see, this is what little children do. It's like monkey see, monkey do. You hear about something or see something than say to yourself.. oh, this is what it's all like? Without even thinking... learning.. understanding anything at all. Welcome to modern feminism! For real. Do you think everything is very simple? There are no complexities to anything? You think facts are irrelevant in an argument? LOL.

Are you so clueless that you think men shouldn't be allowed to make movies and TV shows of a sexual nature? Do you think ALL MEN should have their rights revoked because of a tiny hand-full of sleazy men in the industry? Guess what, genius.. there have been bad women in Hollywood, too. You think all women are angels and most men are monsters? Got news for you then, you either have very low IQ or you're a child. Which is it?


I really don’t want to get in a fight here. I’d rather this be a happy place.

I don’t know who you are or where you are from, but do yourself a big favor and stop educating yourself with social media and various news “blogs.” because if you don’t I assure you you will never learn a goddamn thing. You have somehow convinced yourself that most movie producers in the past have told women “do this nudity or your career is over.” That is complete nonsense my froend. They were offered rolls and they were/are free to except them. And by the way, nudity has always been handled carefully on movie sets for at least the last 25 years. no doubt there are a few exceptions. But grow up, there are exceptions to literally every fact. Neither you nor anyone else as far as I’m concerned has the right to use Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and a few others and brush a broad stroke with them across an entire industry and claim that they are what The movie industry past and present ... is.

so I would just like to suggest to you to get your information correct before you start criticizing other people here.


Well, lets be real on the male nudity front, it was Gay and Bi men that has put that out there, less so than female women. Ryan Murphy, Alan Ball and Michael Patrick King did more for putting male nudity on television. On that front, its not going away. Just like in porn, we will have to get use to seeing dingus, balls and man cheeks. Personally, I don't mind it, because its sex. Of course dude is gonna be naked. We can't prevent ourselves from seeing that. I also have an egalitarian view that there are more diverse horny eyes out there that deserve to have something to look at besides me. It doesn't entice me, but as long as there are a pair of tits in the room and female apple booty, that won't scare me away. But, I do believe its gonna cycle back, because as I said with Catherine Deneuve and the like, there is an actual feminist backlash to the MeToo movement brewing. I watched on Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday where Bari Weiss, the NYT writer was on and she said that the movement is not whole, but competing factions, and one side is doing everything it can to create a zero tolerance policy, while the other is going more moderate with it, going on case by case basis of sexual misconduct/assault. In other words, the trivial Aziz Ansari/Actresses that were once young and did a nude scene that they signed off on but got old, married, had kids and discovered it standing alone on the web regret it is being rightly sidelined, because thats derailing the true factors of sexual assault. Having someone jacking off in front of you when you came to an office meeting is different than going back to a stars place in the evening time, getting hot and heavy and not saying anything beforehand or even during that you're not into him like that.

So yeah, its gonna all come back around, and I bet some new age producers and directors, yes more egalitarian with men and women on the nudity front as well as practical when asking on the contract what they should and shouldn't do, will soon produce more.


You start out with the phrase "female women" and go downhill from there. I appreciate what you THINK you're saying by calling your views "egalitarian" but they're honestly pretty naive.

Don't wanna burst your "everyone is equal as in everyone is the same" bubble, but people are different. Some of those differences are shared. It's like a big-ass Venn Diagram.

*IN GENERAL* men like visuals more than women. And, since this is the internet and people are obscenely stupid, I have to explain that *IN GENERAL* means that not all women have no interest in visuals and that not all men absolutely love them and blahblahblahblahblah. I shouldn't have to dedicate three sentences to the concept of generalizations.

Now that that BS is out of the way... there's PLENTY of "gaze" for non-men. But... the market supports less of that than it supports of "gaze" directed towards the average man. There's a reason female porn stars are models are paid more than male porn stars and models. So forth and so on.

"On that front, its not going away. Just like in porn, we will have to get use to seeing dingus, balls and man cheeks" is naive because, as a consumer, I don't WANT to see that. I'm fine with it existing and everyone should be fine with me not wanting to see that. I don't MIND seeing it in certain situations, sure. But when it comes to sex, I'd prefer NOT to see it... *IN GENERAL*. And in that regards, I'm not unusual. If you understand basic economics, you'll understand what that means in terms of what gets produced for the mainstream (i.e. Hollywood long-run cinema productions).

And... ugh... your non-understanding of the depth of the #MeToo examples you're discussing is, I HOPE, an artifact of the horribly non-efficient method of discussion via text, but you sound incredibly ignorant.

WHICH IS FINE. It's not fine if you're wilfully ignorant and I have no way of measuring that.


Male nudity... and MORE female writers and directors.. will NOT make female nudity vanish. I'm guessing, ultimately, just the opposite! I've said it before.. it's a good thing.

We will soon be in a place where women (and female actors) will simply no longer be able to complain about sexuality at all. You can either do it or not, but no more criticism. Or much, much less critcism.

There is a backlash brewing, true ... and women are also realizing the excess and stupidity of some of what is happening. The big one being.. destroying men with zero due-process. NO MAN ANYWHERE should tolerate that. And we won't.

But the excess early on is to be expected. It's a major social movement for change and those ALWAYS tend to start out extreme and unreasonable until they work themselves out and it all calms down and goes back to normal.. which it will, no question.


A bunch of SJW/feminists downvoted you, guys.


Any recent movie with female nudity will usually end up on nudity forums and Mr. Skin so those who view those sites probably aren't missing much.


I site I'm a member of already put up Analeigh Tipton in Compulsion after it was only released in the UK so it won't be like stuff like that won't be available.


i didn't see any nudity besides from males having gay sex an another guy's ass on Here and Now. And i didn't know if y'all read the reviews but it seems like the worst show HBO has made in a while


HBO, the worst cable. Even Amazon has better female nudity.


Hey Recapped, I know it might be too soon to tell, but maybe you have any info / news / knowledge about Sarah Bolger in either "A Good Woman Is Hard to Find" or "Perfect Lover"? Thanks in advance:)


There is no nudity from Nazanin in the 4th episode of Counterpart. Just some kissing. But Sara is topless.
Hope that Nazanin shows something in the upcoming episodes..


If she goes out of her way to avoid nudity here, then I doubt it.


I can't find anything on release of My Days Of Mercy. Any clues on a release date? Kate Mara Nude debut. Maybe best nude scenes for Ellen Page...


I'm pretty sure Kate Mara said publicly her butt shot in House of Cards was in-fact her. Not a double. 😉


I've asked Mr skin and this is what they said
We are not positive on the release date of My Days of Mercy or on the release of the official movie trailer, but you can always check release dates by going onto http://www.imdb.com/.
I'm starting to think it will maybe be released at the end of the year or next year.


It was submitted to the MPAA and rated recently. That would only happen if it has a definite US release within the next few months.


I just watched "When We First Met." That reviewer that called it "raunchy" must have seen a different movie.

It's not good, but Alex looked hot as usual and Shelley was very cute.


What really frustrated me was how the movie really ended up undermining Alex.

At least this is the last of her DTV dated concept comedy nonsense. Thank goodness she has I Am Not a Bird putting her front and center without anyone to get in her way.


Hayley Kiyoko is clothed here.


She’s got a pretty ugly face tbh.


Does anybody else have problems seeing the gifs on this site lately? You see the comment indicating there might be some clips there, but there are no clips to be found. In order to see them you have to refresh the page for like 5 or 6 times.


Just saw the Fifty Shades Freed cam caps. God, terrible. I think she has three topless scenes. And it looks like that's about if fellas. Not saying it's not sexy or what not, but god, what a lame series of, supposedly, "erotic" films, imo. I think these movies are rated 15 throughout Europe, BTW. It makes me wonder why Hollywood even bothers making erotic films, when they know damn well, they can't... actually.... make ... erotic films. :/ .


I remember reading an article several years ago about the state of nudity in mainstream Hollywood movies. It basically stated that we were going to see Less and less of it, and would have to get our nudity fix from tv, foreign films and smaller, indie movies. When you think about it, unless it relevant to the plot (like 50 Shades), most nudity we’ve gotten lately from the big budget stuff is usually a random stripper in the background or a quick boob/butt flash. The last big Hollywood movie I remember having a “gratuitous” nude scene was American Reunion.
I guess the days of Basic Instinct are behind us...


You guys haven't even mentioned the worst part about the Fifty Shades series: that Dakota Johnson is the only one who showed something. If these are really erotic movies, how come the other actresses haven't showed something as well?


Denzel Washington seems to be the 'go to' guy for getting really hot actresses nude in his films - Eva Mendes, Paula Patton (twice), Nadine Velazquez - let's hope he keeps the flag flying!


Last American movie with great female nude scenes? The Neon Demon back in 2016. There are great nude scenes in Hollywood nowadays but mostly male.


Well Said...
I guess the days of Basic Instinct are behind us...
There are no A list actors like Sharon Stone anymore or Madonna for that matter....
Its been more thn two decades but still that Basic Instinct scene makes me hard and tops the list ...

also Spartacus was something.. I miss it more thn anything ...


Perfectly fine by me. I really have no problem with that.

The truth is Hollywood has never done sexuality, and particularly even erotic content, often or well. Comparing it to other countries in Europe or even countries like Japan, for example, it doesn’t even come anywhere close in terms of its overt nature and frequency. I’m just talking about major feature films here. But if some predictions are correct, the whole theatrical market is going to continue to constrict and shrink anyway. More and more stuff will be online focused. it has to be, that’s for the investments will be. They are saying there should be close to 600+ original series every year soon, with Apple getting on board next. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if many more a-listers are doing mostly TV/Web a few years from now.



Funny you say talk about how Europe and Japan do sexual/erotic content because the director of I Am Not a Bird is Swedish and the cinematographer is Japanese. 😉


I noticed Altered Carbon was created by a woman. The Clash by Night episode (with Lachman nude) and the episode with all the Martha Higareda nudity, were both also directed by a woman.

I'll add.. Altered Carbon, for example, in my opinion, is far more sexual and erotic and overt than what is supposed to be an "erotic" feature films series, with the Fifty Shades. Interesting. 50 Shades is supposed to be erotic.. Altered Carbon is really just a sex-ed up sci-fi series.
Illustrates the major difference in attitudes about what's sexual and what's erotic between features and TV/Web.


I meant the first part of the series fifty shades of grey.(not the 2nd part darker OR the 3rd part freed). directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson.



I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. Fifty Shades Freed does not have a full frontal from Johnson.. and it is not directed by a woman. It was directed by James Foley. It was written by a woman, though, if that's what you meant.


Fifty shades of grey also had good amount of nudity including a brief full frontal compared to other two parts, and was directed by a women.


Jessie Buckley in Beast maybe?


Anyone hear anything about Anchor and Hope with Oona Chaplin and Natalia Tena?


From recapped: "Anchor and Hope aka Tierra firme features some familiar names like former Game of Thrones stars Natalia Tena and Oona Chaplin playing lesbian lovers but the only nudity is from Charlotte Atkinson. About 95 minutes into the movie, Charlotte is shown sitting naked in bed. Charlotte’s right leg is blocking any bush from showing but you get a great view of her breasts."


Recapped posted review last year.


Here and now destroyed by reviewers.


Clips or pics from Becks? Was released today on VOD


Sorry for asking again, but is there any word on who gets naked in Tully? It's rated R for nudity/sexuality and stars MacKenzie Davis and Charlize Theron. Really hoping MacKenzie shows something.


Solid details on Red Sparrow? Love Season 3?


from the director:



That's not really solid details though. I'm hoping for scene descriptions, etc.


Read my comment on the last post


Any male nudity in Here and Now?


A lot of! It's modern HBO. Many male full nudity scenes and few partial (topless) female scenes.


Anything from Angela Kinsey or Stephanie Beatriz in "Half Magic?"


From mr.skin:

(0:01) Heather Graham is being screwed from behind against a window. She is full dressed so only see some legs. She hikes up her skirt a little as she adjusts herself after.

(0:19) Cleavage on Heather Graham leaning over to eat food from her plate without silverware.

(0:19) Stephanie Beatriz in her bra and panties in bed.

(0:27) Heather Graham is naked being screwed in bed. See some left leg and pressed left sideboob.

(0:34) Pressed right sideboob on Heather Graham making kove with a guy. The camera spins around them quickly. Might be a quick shot of buns but a very quick shot of her left breast from the right side and then another quick appearance from the left side.

(0:41) Left pokey on Angela Kinsey as a guy puts his head up her dress and goes down on her while she really enjoys it.

(0:44) Stephanie Beatriz in tight little shorts dancing around celebrating kicking a guy out. She moons him but we see it from the wrong end.

(0:47) Cleavage on Heather Graham.

(0:55) Stephanie Beatriz comes out in lingerie asking a guy to “lick it.”

(1:03) Stephanie Beatriz in lingerie and a robe.

(1:26) Heather Graham puts her legs up in the air trying to use a mirror to look at her vagina. Then cut to her on the bed in her panties and then her hand down the front rubbing. She tries different music while continuing to masturbate.

(1:28) Angela Kinsey takes off her robe. At first we just see her bare shoulders but then see her buns and left breast from the side.

(1:29) Stephanie Beatriz in tight little shorts jumping into the arms of her guy.

(1:31) Stephanie Beatriz in her bra in bed. Brief panties as she starts to get out.

(1:32) Heather Graham in a skimpy slip putting her hand down the front of her panties and begins masturbating


Nice! Looking forward to Angela. had a weird crush on her since The Office.


I was hoping for more...


I was expecting more from Heather Graham, but I'm surprised at Angela Kinsey.


Graham has been kind of tame since Killing Me Softly. As in several movies with erotic scenes or storylines but little to no actual nudity. She was in the last season of Californication and kept her clothes on the whole time.

A pity because she's one of the original female stars of Twin Peaks who still looks stunning 25 years later


I really hope that Nazanin will make her nude debut in this episode.


Nope. Nothing from her.


I doubt she'll ever do it.


Thank you so much for these news! Fingers crossed so hard Nazanin will deliver goods.

And I love Asian girls so can't wait for Jessica Lu too.