Celebrity Nudity Rumors January 13: Girls & Undiscovered Gyrl

Tonight is the season premiere of HBO’s Girls. From a very trusted source, Lena Dunham will be naked at the beginning and ending of the episode. Lena is actually nude in most of the episodes this season and spends about half of episode 5 in various states of nakedness including full frontal. Allison Williams will also be topless in the premiere but her hair and later her arms cover her nipples. In episode 3, Allison shows part of her ass as she is lying flat down on a bed with a guy on top of her. And in episode 4, there may be a hint of nipple from Jemima Kirke as she steps into the bath.

Shiri Appleby makes her first appearance in episode 8 and saves the show for those of you who aren’t fans of Lena. In episode 9, we see Shiri’s ass from the side as some guy eats her out from behind and then has sex with her. He cums on Shiri’s chest and we see Shiri’s boobs as he moves away and then cleans up the mess. In episode 10, we get a longer, more bouncy look at Shiri’s tits as she is having sex in the missionary position.

And on a somewhat related note, we’re hearing that Shiri’s “daughter” from Life Unexpected, Britt Robertson will not be nude in the upcoming movie Undiscovered Gyrl.

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I believe the premier for Undiscovered gyrl was last night, so is the finally any news on any Britt Robertson nudity?


Looking at the schedules, and assuming someone records the on demand episode which is 1 ahead of the tv broadcast, we should see Shiri first on Sunday 3rd March, see the quick boobs on the 10th, and then the longer sex scene on the 17th March.


I don't watch Girls, but I like Shiri Appleby, and if she's getting down and dirty, then awesome. Probably won't watch the show, I'll just check out those sex scenes. They sound quite explicit. Many celeb sex scenes get uploaded on porn sites, so I'll catch it out on there !!!!!


not bad very nice


very interesting


If there IS cum, its probably the fake stuff. There is some kind of oil that they use for these scenes.


I am not one to believe everything I read on the Internet. So I don't want to get to excited just yet. However Shiri did a pod cast over the summer and mentioned that she indeed gets naked in girls. She said it was her 1st time and it was liberating. She's not to clear as to what we will or won't see. She mentioned something about a couple of sex scenes and naked bench pressing with some dude in bed. I have been dreaming of this day for what seems like forever. Shes always been for the most part completely wholesome and PG13. I've been waiting for her to she'd her girl next door image. At the very least I get to see Shiri on TV. I just hope that someone is not making this up.


I what you're saying about shiri appleby is true, WOW. I'm a bit skeptical however...

You're saying "He cums on Shiri’s chest": how is that possible, do we actually see anything ?!