Celebrity Nudity Rumors January 14, 2018

Stay tuned for a couple of reviews from Sundance in the next week or so. In the meantime, here’s the Q&A continued from the last two weeks:

Does Carice van Houten get naked in I Am Not a Bird as well?

Nope. And nothing from Kate Easton either.

Viena and the Fantomes coming out in 2018?

Apparently the producers finished the movie without the director recently and are shopping it around so it should be out this year.

Emma Stone in The Favourite? The MPAA rating description has me curious.


Does anyone else think this site should add a forum?

We’re open to adding a forum if there’s enough demand and people will actually use it.

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The Alienist starts Monday. Is there any chance we get to see Dakota Fanning topless?


Only from behind if she is.


@Recapped for your next Q&A Post :
1) My Days Of Mercy (Ellen Page, Kate Mara) was in some festival recently. Do you have news if it found a distributor or not ? if no, is it usual to take that much time or should we start to cry ?
2) 50 Shades Freed : I think it is evident Dakota Johnson will have some nude scenes.
But what about Arielle Kebbel ? do you have some news about her ?
thanks in advance


No nude scene for Arielle kebbel


I am hearing out of Sundance that Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevingy share a nude sex scene on a haystack. Is this true?


It's rated for nudity by MPAA not graphic nudity. So how they go fully nude? It will be only butt/boobs nude I guess.


Will Kelly Reilly be nude in any of the Britannia episodes?


You get the start of a sex scene with Kelly Reilly in ep 4. Nothing is shown. Only main cast member who shows skin is Annabel Scholey.


That's disappointing but I appreciate the response


Anything on Lia Marie Johnson in Louisiana Caviar?


Very nice tits! I think HD version will be interesting as regards the part "behind the curtain". However, she is an incredible actress, has a wonderful face and what a body!


Sophie Skelton @ Day of the Dead: Bloodline



Why post this here if she doesn't show anything?


I had read the book, and unfortunately, arrielle has no nude scene...


any nudity in the new gerard butler movie den of thieves?


Any nudity in "50 Shades Freed" besides Dakota Johnson?


Wish Arielle Kebbel would get nude in something one day, she'd in that


i'm waiting for her nude scene in 50 shades freed...wish that's true....


Hi, anything from Aiysha Hart in Collette, please? Would be more amazing than Eleanor Tomlinson & Keira Knightly for me!


Can someone refresh my memory on if Margot Robbie has anything in one or more of her upcoming projects? I know she plays a femme fatale in Terminal, but I feel like that’s been on the docket for a while that something would have come out by now.


Recapped, do you know if Dominique McElligott will get naked in Amazon's The Boys? What about Maya Hawke in Charlotte XVI?


Any news about "Ashley Greene" ?
Three movies coming out this year i.e Antiquities (completed) Snowblind (pre-production)
Accident Man (completed)


Annabel Scholey is topless in a sex scene in the first ep of Britannia. Probs need a pause button for the clear shots. Quality of sex/nudity akin to Vikings rather than GoT or Spartacus.


No other nudity? There was a circulating censored pic with her breast's shots some months ago. Is that shot in the TV Show?


That's from her only nude scene. She's riding a dude, but it's over her shoulder so not the best angle, then it cuts to a better shot but his and her arms cover a lot, plus there's a hanging see-thru ish fabric sheet in the way as well, which doesn't help with the visibility. She gets off him and covers up (the still is from right before she covers up). Then the guy has her up against the wall and we get a very good view of her left breast, the right obscured by the man.
Only other nudity comes from random topless extras in ep 1 and 5. Everyone else remains clothed. You get more sex/nudity in The Last Kingdom than this show.


Yes, I think that HD (UHD also should be available) caps can help us to recognize her body..


Would love to see Melissa Benoist out of her cape (again). Would also love a new topic too as this one is getting a bit long again.


They come on a weekly basis so we have to wait a few days.

That’s also why we’ve been asking for a forum.


Is it just me or someone else too is disappointed by both Bella Heathcote scene in professor marston and the wonder woman and blake lively scene in all i see is you.
What a beauty both are!!
The threesome scene was not hot and explict and blake lively had better scenes in savage.
What a bad luck!! two disappointments in a row...
Hope for the best in future.


PM&TWW was superb *IF* you like the tension, the relationships, and the interplay of the characters. And, obviously, if you have that particular fetish. If all you like was the standard lesbian/nudity stuff then yeah, you'll likely be disappointed. It's one reason I try to warn people about not reading too much into things. I remember reading that the main love scene in Marston took 8 hours to film. That doesn't mean a whole lot if you're experienced with movie-making (or even just with knowing how to parse what is said by people).

It's not fun to do, but it's best if you try to go in with a cynical viewpoint. If you read that "Alexandra Daddario has lots of nude scenes in I Am Not a Bird. Unlike her scenes in True Detective, Alex actually has sex scenes in this movie" then you're setting yourself up for disappointment if you allow yourself to expect to SEE lots of nudity, for example.

Try to wait for specifics. For example, I'm incredibly eagerly looking forward to Colette. I've been a Keira Knightley fan for a lil over 15 years and Eleanor Tomlinson debuted pretty damned high up on my list the instant I saw her. But, as much as I want to take "Eleanor Tomlinson and Keira Knightly are topless in Colette"... it's best if I don't. Tomlinson was topless in Alleycats, but we sure didn't see anything! In fact... if you pause at just the right place, you can see the breast-covers (I forget the actual term, apologies).

Now... the news about Disobedience, on the other hand, has some very definite specifics. "Lelio's script didn't dive into much detail about the six-minute sexcapade" tells us a lot. "McAdams does pull down Weisz's shirt near the start of the scene to suck on her breast, but Weisz's boob is covered by McAdams' hair" tells us even more.

Obviously I wanted more from Marston and Lively, but I try to keep myself pessimistic about specifics. That way I'm only disappointed by things like Neve Campbell in "When Will I Be Loved" when they're pretty damned misleading about what is shown on-screen.


Yeah, the Bella Heathcote scene was underwhelming. I didn't bother watching Blake Lively's All I See is You scenes since I've already read the descriptions and they were underwhelming as well.


Anything on "Dear Dictator"? The trailer was just released and there is a girl getting her thong ripped off.


Based on the trailer, I wouldn't count on it. Especially considering the girl getting her thong ripped off still has her pants on.


nudity from Odeya Rush would have been awesome.


Melissa Benoist in Waco ???


And speaking of Melissa Benoist, I think I missed if anything was said, but I remember being talk about Juvenile with Blake Jenner allegedly having explicit sex scenes between the two of them. That was confirmed to be a massive overexaggeration, right? Or is there actually nudity from her there?


Michelle Monaghan shows her ass in the Season 3 premiere of the Path


No, she doesn't, she shows a side view of her naked body through a shower curtain.


Wow!!! Ass!!! Such great and unusual nudity. American metoo style. LOL.


any screencap or gif ??


also the BDSM scene isn't very hot, its kinda wear and she doesn't show any nudity


A forum is a great idea if it's heavily moderated and controlled. A generic forum would quickly become idiotic and toxic and simply hijack that section of the site. The mods would have to be willing to ban people and cultivate the community so that it becomes what they want it to be.


Has anyone heard anything about Katie Cassidy in Cover Versions?


Is there any nudity of the Path season premiere tomorrow


Does anyone have/know where to find HQ screencaps of Blake Lively in All I See is You? The film wasn’t even released where I live lol


Would love if Maia Mitchell and/or Cami Morrone were naked in Never Goin' Back.
Premieres at Sundance on Monday.


Question for commenters only. I know that Recapped is an insider presumably with connections to producers and whatnot which allows him access to see scripts for nudity potential. Do those connections also get him access to see dailies on a project? It's the only way I can think of that he'd be able to confirm on I Am Not a Bird, a movie that wrapped production no more than a month ago, not just full blown nude/sex scenes from Alexandra Daddario, but also lack of nudity from Carice van Houten and Kate Easton.


someone should call the cops on this guy. He sounds like he's going to stalk AD.


Good lord. I was asking a technical question about how Recapped gets his info. And of course I’m going to use Alex DD as a reference point most of the time because it’s in my username.


Pretty easy to tell lack of nudity from Kate and Carice from just the script. Also they never described the level of nudity from Alex, just that there’d be some.


Recapped did say it was potentially the nude scenes of the year.


I’m hoping that Recapped has details of her nude scenes but he wasn’t really definitive with anything. He just said AD has lots of nude scenes (including sex scenes) in IANAB.

Usually he will detail what we will see but in this case he didn’t detail or hint at anything. There’s still a chance that she is nude but we don’t get to see anything.

As far as his comment of it being potentially the nude scene of the year, even if he has scene the nudity he still can’t call it the nude scene of the year. It’s only January so no telling what else might come out later this year. But if everything Recapped has reported this most likely is the nude scene of the year.


He does have a legitimate reason to not be definitive. It was only a summary of what to expect throughout the year in terms of overall nudity from any actress. When the time comes closer to release or when it has its festival berth which it's probably aiming for, he'll put up a post specific to IANAB providing more details as to what Alex DD's nudity is, and possibly other nudity which we now know, if there is any, won't be coming from Carice or Kate.


Except that if it’s by script only, wouldn’t that mean he’d say Alex DD *should* have lots of nude scenes, not Alex DD *has* lots of nude scenes? He said Emily Ratajkowski *should* have several nude scenes in Welcome Home.


Except everyone knew Emily was going to be naked in Welcome Home cause of the paparazzi pics and yet they still used 'should'


To be fair, just because scenes are filmed doesn't mean they're included in the movie. For example, *to my knowledge* they filmed the lesbian kissing scene between Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow for the express purpose of including it on the DVD. i.e. it *won't* be in the movie.


Alright, maybe that was a bad example. But still. If it’s by script only, then it’s not a definitive because how it’s filmed could be different, and therefore should only be a ‘should’.


A new trailer has landed for Season 2 of Genuis of Nat Geographic - this one features Picasso:

Lots of skin on show so what are the chances of some arty nudity??


Unlikely anything other than ass nudity.


Depends I think. If a channel like History, which one could argue is a contender at times with Nat Geo in terms of content, can show the type of nudity they do in Vikings, at least in the uncut versions, it could be a nice surprise. It's a long shot, but the trailer certainly seems to be indicating a heavy sex factor to the show. We'll just have to see.


That would be nice. Aisling Franciosi plays one of Pablo’s models and mistress. Others are played by Poppy Delevingne and Clemence Poesy.


I hope Aisling Franciosi gets nude. It would be a nice surprise.


I would have said it was unlikely, before Recapped’s info on The Nightingale. Now who knows.


Having a forum would be nice for selective topics/searching. I tried to use the search function here for 'strike back' to see if anyone had posted the season 6 nudes yet seeing as they have been released already, but couldn't find anything.


I'd like to see a forum here


I'm all in for a forum. Just a one-thread-per-movie/show kinda thing would help alot.


There are several movies screening at Sundance that look promising:

I Think We're Alone Now - Starring Peter Dinklage and Elle Fanning - A library custodian is doing just fine as the last person on earth, until a young woman shows up and ruins everything.
From a review I found: "Del was a custodian at the town library. He’s a man who appreciates order. And he’s about 75% of the way through making this town great again.

That is, until Grace shows up. Grace is 19 and wants one thing – to fuck! Surprisingly, Del doesn’t want to fuck Grace. In fact, he doesn’t want Grace at all. He wants everything the way it was. Him and this town. Del likes being the only sheriff in Dodge. But Grace gradually charms her way into Del’s good graces. And Del reluctantly allows her to help him finish cleaning the town."

Lizzie - Based on the 1892 murder of Lizzie Borden’s family in Fall River, MA, this tense psychological thriller lays bare the legend of Lizzie Borden to reveal the much more complex, poignant and truly terrifying woman within — and her intimate bond with the family’s young Irish housemaid, Bridget Sullivan.
Starring Chloë Sevigny as Lizzie and Kristen Stewart as Bridget.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post - Based on a book about a lesbian girl sent to conversion camp. Starring Chloe Grace Moretz as Cameron. In the book Cameron has multiple sex scenes with other girls.

Colette - recapped already mentioned that Eleanor Tomlinson and Keira Knightley are topless. The plot calls for them to have a lesbian relationship so hopefully we find out more about this one soon. I think that will be Eleanor's first topless scene.

Ophelia - Starring Daisy Ridley as Ophelia, this is supposed to be a "female empowerment" version of Hamlet.

Assassination Nation - Bella Thorne, Maude Apatow, and Suki Waterhouse star as four teenage girls in a small suburb who become the focus of unwanted, worldwide media attention after their personal information is leaked by an anonymous hacker.


Cameron Post completely slipped my mind. Now I'm curious.


In the book Chloe's character has at least two different sex scenes with two different girls. One is with the character played by Quinn Shephard, that one is really important to the plot. Sasha Lane is in the movie too, but I don't think her character gets naked in the book.


That is, until Grace shows up. Grace is 19 and wants one thing – to fuck! Surprisingly, Del doesn’t want to fuck Grace.

Del is insane. Just sayin'...


Elle Fanning nudity would be epic


So Emma Stone will not be nude in The Favourite? That's a lost opportunity


It's not exactly shocking.


Hi guys, just saying All I See is You is still listed as coming out on iTunes tomorrow and I doubt it'll change so expect HQ screencaps to be online tomorrow https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/all-i-see-is-you/id1294468131


Anything from Elizabeth Debicki or Gemma Arterton in Vita and Virginia?


It should be anything from Elizabeth Debicki *and* Gemma Arterton. 😉


Thanks for the info, Recapped.
Any rumors about Louisiana Caviar?


Yes, this and Above Suspicion. Both are in the grey in terms of when they are being released.


Anything from michelle monaghan in the path season 3?? It is primiering jan 17th.Any info would be highly appreciated.
She is gorgeous.I will never get bored of her.


I like The Path as a show but if we are to judge season 3 on season2,I doubt we will get much nudity wise.It is a shame cause Michelle Monaghan is hotter than a McDonalds apple pie and she makes my balls vibrate.I would love it if Recapped was to contradict me.Recapped?


And also there is some BDSM shots with MM in the trailer.So It had me curious!!


I think things would be a bit more organized, sortable and searchable with a forum, at a bare minimum. Now someone might ask a question that was answered in a comment from some posts back, but comments become inactive for the most part every time there is a new post. There will always be a certain low level of discourse present in any public forum let alone one dedicated to celebrity nudity, but it can be organized so there's subforums dedicated to news (maybe with threads dedicated to actresses), open discussion about the state of modern cinematic nudity, etc. Say if there was a male nudity subforum people into it could go there and people who aren't can steer clear, and there would be less of the bickering that takes place when all the comments are dropped into one place.


Why every female nudity site must be ruined by male nudity? I do not see female nudity subforums on male nudity sites. They don't care about female nudity lovers.


This is probably not worth discussing, but you crying about a suggestion that the discussions be kept separate to keep people from crying about having to see something they don't want to see proves my point.


Dave1993 is the perfect embodiment of my point above that a forum for this site would be great *ONLY* if it was heavily moderated. I've been following the site for years and just recently joined the conversation and even *I* know how much he actively contributes to legitimate discussion. I've had to run forums at numerous traffic-heavy sites before and it can be a massive headache dealing with people whose on-site lives revolve solely around being abrasive and intentionally derailing topics.

The best way for Recapped to do it would be to only let forum admins create threads and to have a few people dedicated to stomping out trolls while gently steering discussions back on-topic whenever they derail.


Honestly, even a forum that allows you to block/ignore the posts of certain users would help with the troll problem.


Nope you are just another politically correct guy/girl who want to ruin female nudity site.


I really like how you're answering some questions

Any news if Rachel Keller and Amber Midthunder on Legion has any nudity for Season 2?


Go ahead, slay me. I'll accept criticism for slashing people's dreams... sorry to say, she has.. "Odd Butt." I noticed it during the first season. This is why she, probably, doesn't show her full nude ass and probably never will. Doesn't mean she isn't hot, she is. But she's got... odd butt. So does Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mila Kunis, Kirsten Dunst and others, for example. Dunst actually showed hers and we saw... it's odd.
Wider hips, wider ass with boney outer thighs.



She has shown her ass, and Odd Butt isn't a thing, you seem to just not like wide hips.


Not her full naked ass. Any ass looks good from the side. I WANT to see her ass, trust me. Just a theory on why she doesn't show herself like this. Ever.


Well, if that's not an odd butt for a 30 year old movie/TV star, don't know what is.

I'm saying.. NO, she hasn't shown it, in full view, in movies and TVs.. probably because this is what it looks like. Every shot of her ass in Shameless is carefully shot at a slight angel. Every one, and for a reason, I assume. But hey.. to each their own. If you think that's a great ass then....OK. I don't want to try and change that for you. Really all I'm saying is, not every attractive actress has the right body for full nudity. It's just a movie/tv industry fact and this is actually the VERY REASON.. why casting agents often want to see a body before they cast the actor. Perfect example.


She has showed her full naked ass like 4 different times on Shameless, not to mention in her leaked set.


I will never get tired of seeing her nude. Hands down one of the hottest women on the planet, and the fact that she continues to give up the goods for eight years running is remarkable.


Any news on nudity in Handmaid's Tale?


I really hope Viera and the Fantomes comes out. It sounds like another White Girl. Did we ever get a nudity breakdown?


A forum is a terrible idea, we have enough problems with the quality of comments as it is.


Forums usually have a higher quality of discourse than comment sections.


A forum can isolate whatever problems you have with comments here.


Any word on nudity in A Simple Favor with Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively? Supposed to be this year's gone girl. Have screening passes might go to check it out.


A forum would be nice, if it had some moderation. I would use it.

Question: Is "Katie Says Goodbye" ever going to get any kind of release in the U.S.? IMDb says it's out in Sweden (of all places) next week and in the Netherlands in March.


I saw Katie Says Goodbye at a film festival in California in 2016.


Does she only show her breasts? She said there would be some full frontal nude scenes in the movie and she doesn't shave down there. But I guess there is nothing to see once again?


Only breasts. 2 scenes.


The trouble with adding a forum is that it runs the risk of just being like existing forums and therefore loses the somewhat uniqueness.
For me the ‘problems’ are twofold:
Comments are not sequential. i.e. you can reply within a topic rather than just two the topic, effectively creating sub-threads. I forever find myself using search by date to isolate the newest comments.
Secondly the threads go on far too long. There used to be 20-30 replies to a topic before there was a new one. That was manageable. Now 100-150+ seems to be the norm and that’s where it becomes hard to keep track. Perhaps more regular topics would help (but I appreciate that is a workload for recapped that may not be that feasible.
I like what we have (and Thank You for providing it) but it used to be a bit slicker and more regular in my opinion.


well said - the comments have become increasingly difficult to follow.


The forums itself can be unique to this site.

You can have forum topics on:
-Questions on potential future nudity which Recapped uses for these posts (better for Recapped to find)
-Actress discussions
-Movie/TV show discussions
-"Political" stuff that affects potential nudity for whoever feels so inclined
-Misc talk on any other subject

Probably requires someone else to help moderate, though.


Agree. The comments become impossible to follow because it has become about 10% nudity rumors/questions and 90% political trolling.


I'm for a forum as well to isolate discussions on specific actresses and projects.

My hopes for a naked Alex DD lesbian scene in I Am Not a Bird went down. Although he curiously neglects to mention Elisabeth Larena or whether the lack of nudity means no sex scenes from Carice or Kate (of course, I fully expect him to come back and say no nudity from her, along with no naked lesbian scene with Alex DD, lol).


I'm 100% in favor of adding a forum - as long as it is somewhat moderated.
It would definitely beat having to scroll through hundreds of past comments in order to find something. It should also decrease the odds 9f having the same question asked 30 times per post.