Celebrity Nudity Rumors January 14, 2018

Stay tuned for a couple of reviews from Sundance in the next week or so. In the meantime, here’s the Q&A continued from the last two weeks:

Does Carice van Houten get naked in I Am Not a Bird as well?

Nope. And nothing from Kate Easton either.

Viena and the Fantomes coming out in 2018?

Apparently the producers finished the movie without the director recently and are shopping it around so it should be out this year.

Emma Stone in The Favourite? The MPAA rating description has me curious.


Does anyone else think this site should add a forum?

We’re open to adding a forum if there’s enough demand and people will actually use it.

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The Alienist starts Monday. Is there any chance we get to see Dakota Fanning topless?


Only from behind if she is.


@Recapped for your next Q&A Post :
1) My Days Of Mercy (Ellen Page, Kate Mara) was in some festival recently. Do you have news if it found a distributor or not ? if no, is it usual to take that much time or should we start to cry ?
2) 50 Shades Freed : I think it is evident Dakota Johnson will have some nude scenes.
But what about Arielle Kebbel ? do you have some news about her ?
thanks in advance


No nude scene for Arielle kebbel


I am hearing out of Sundance that Kristen Stewart and Chloe Sevingy share a nude sex scene on a haystack. Is this true?


It's rated for nudity by MPAA not graphic nudity. So how they go fully nude? It will be only butt/boobs nude I guess.


Will Kelly Reilly be nude in any of the Britannia episodes?


You get the start of a sex scene with Kelly Reilly in ep 4. Nothing is shown. Only main cast member who shows skin is Annabel Scholey.


That's disappointing but I appreciate the response


Anything on Lia Marie Johnson in Louisiana Caviar?


Very nice tits! I think HD version will be interesting as regards the part "behind the curtain". However, she is an incredible actress, has a wonderful face and what a body!


Sophie Skelton @ Day of the Dead: Bloodline



Why post this here if she doesn't show anything?


I had read the book, and unfortunately, arrielle has no nude scene...


any nudity in the new gerard butler movie den of thieves?


Any nudity in "50 Shades Freed" besides Dakota Johnson?


Wish Arielle Kebbel would get nude in something one day, she'd in that


i'm waiting for her nude scene in 50 shades freed...wish that's true....