Celebrity Nudity Rumors January 15

This Sunday’s episode of Shameless features a topless selfie on a cell phone. It may be Nichole Bloom but most of her face is obscured. On episode 3, airing on January 25, Emma Greenwell is naked during a sex scene. There are also lots of other topless extras throughout the episode.

Meanwhile, episode 3 of House of Lies has some side boob from Mary McCormack at the beginning and Jenny Slate naked from behind at the end.

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is there any chance tha rhona mitra will be naked in the loft?or i any other film/series??


Any info over Kelly Brook in one big happy? The nudity in the trailer is blurred but will this be the case when it airs in a couple of months?


I'm pretty sure it's network television and since Ellen Degeneres did it that's pretty much a no.


hi, a poster on imdb asked if there was any nudity in The Loft. Another poster replied with

"I've seen it a couple of months ago, so I don't really know for sure anymore. But Isabel Lucas, Dora Madison Burge, Rachael Taylor and 1 other. But I do hope that's not your only reason to go watch the movie :p""


Wet have to wait for Kristen Wiig's Welcome to Me until May? That's forever from now. Anyone know the international release date?


Will ex machina have any nudity


Disappointed to report that the only nudity shown in Everly is Salma's butt and one shot of random man-butt. I've seen worse (or better, depending on how you think about it) on regular TV shows. The MPAA should have gave this a Brief Nudity rating at the most.


is it a long shot of Salma? Might still be hot.


It's not short, but it really isn't long either.


i heard melissa rauch had a sex scene or two in her movie 'the bronze' which premiered at sundance today. anyone have any inside info?


apparently there is a full frontal scene from her, lets hope it stays in


Never mind. Imagination can do the rest šŸ™‚

Somebody can describe the scene? Is it hilarious or dramatic? With music or only the moans? How is it long?


Seriosuly?!!! When will the scenes be released????


Melissa Rauch used body double it seems. Hopefully not for whole scene.



bring on everly and salma hayek butt!


Was Aubrey Plaza's nudity blurred out of Ned Rifle? I was surprised to not see anything about it on here.