Celebrity Nudity Rumors January 22

The entire The Girlfriend Experience TV series will be available in April on Starz. We got a sneak peak at the first episode ahead of it’s premiere Saturday at Sundance and there is only one nude scene. About 5 minutes in, Riley Keough says “I want you to watch me,” lowers her bra, puts her hand down her pants and starts masturbating as the scene fades out.


Anything on Vinyl?

We wrote a while back before the title change that Juno Temple has a naked sex scene in the first episode.

The Deuce got picked up to series. Surely a show about porn will have nudity?

Yes, but it probably won’t air until next year.

Will I ever see Katy Perry’s tits?

Probably not but Rita Ora is rumored to be topless in an upcoming issue of Lui.

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Is Katie Holmes getting naked in "Touched with fire"?

IMBb says: "Rated R for language, a disturbing image, brief sexuality and drug use"



She's beautiful.


and her girlfriends too.


DVD release date for Louder than Bombs with Rachie Brosnahan (in Norway) is April 4.


Secret Sharer was just released on VOD today!

Zhu Zhu from Marco Polo is nude in it! I can't find it anywhere though... Can anyone help?


WOW zara larsson topless with her friends


Holy Shit!! That literal who got naked?!?! Alert the media.


What's your problem with Zara? She's 18, cute and topless.

Nothing to complain about.


where is it from?


Togetherness season 2 premieres in a couple weeks. Any word on any female nudity in it?


Green band trailer for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates has part of Aubrey Plaza's ass in it.


Anything from katie Holmes in touched with fire?


Maisie Williams seems to be sexier in the red carpet !!!


News about today's SHAMELESS & BILLIONS nudity ?


after tonights episode of shameless, can someone please tell me if there was any nudity in it?


Pic of Sasha lying in bed in ep 1 on computer screens.


Hello ! Jeri Ryan nude scene in Bosch season 2 ???


We heard you the first time.


Charlotte best in skinford any news


mark my words. maisie williams or sophie or both of them will do nude scene. just wait and see. stay postive. and i have a six sense it usually works


Mark whose words? Some guy on the internet that didn't even bother to come up with a name?


My name is kozof

Christopher Robin

Mark my words we will not see either topless in GoT.


they didn't show sansa's nudity in the "rape" scene... so i think it won't be a better scene to show her. i would LOVE to see that happen but since the main female cast refused to show her body like 2 seasons ago, i highly doubt it.


it's filmed in july , so she was 18 !

Why everybody says impossible , no way for Maisie and Sophie , why everybody think it's impossible , when an actress has a nude scene a lot of guys said : "no way, no way ..."


Will not happen. Get over it.


Any info on deadpool


Morena shows us glimse of her brests, and some nude strippers


That's not much.


It's 108 minutes long.


any nudity of 'Sarah Wayne Callies' ? i have a dream to her nude after PRISON BREAK..


I just did a film called The Kaiser’s Last Kiss, and I knew I had to get naked for the first time.


Shameless? Black Sails?


Nothing in Black Sails this week.


Maisie Williams in GOT ?? In a book Arya is nude when she is blind !


Wont happen, sansa and arya will not be nude in GoT.


Let's wait and see....

I hope your wrong (I'm sure you hope your wrong too lol)


I hope you guys are wrong and Maisie surprises us this season.

I agree, it's unlikely but who knows? She might have taken one for the team. I wouldn't expect a sexual scene but maybe brief topless being bathed by someone. Again, I don't expect it to happen but it could.

As for Sophie, I see Maisie "rebelling" more (not that getting naked really is rebelling at all but in eyes of some it is)

Plus Maisie naked will at least get people talking, just like Rosabell did last year (so both Very positive and a little negative talk too)

Plus I just want to stop hearing "they'll never get naked on GoT" 😀 lol

Will it happen? ..... PROBABLY not

COULD it happen? Certainly, she could surprise us and get us talking


It ain't gonna happen. As sad and skeezy as it sounds, much of the nudity on TV is there because showrunners have leverage over the actresses during casting. It's easier to get work, the more you're willing to show. Maisie and Sophie aren't forced to audition for their parts every season. What incentive do they have to strip off? Even Emilia Clarke, stopped taking it off once she had some power to negotiate her contract.


It's amazing and really funny that you can imagine that these girls dream to appear nude once they're of legal age. Like it could be the only thing they can and want to do when they become 18. ^^;;;;;


You guys really think that either of those two will ever have any nudity on that show? They grew up on it, with all of the same people during production. No one is gonna ask them to do any kind of scene like that. It'd just be awkward all around. Cast and crew, working together for multiple years and the girls started as children.

No way you'll ever see them any kind of naked in Wsteros.

Some other project sure, but put your hopes for GoT nudity from Sophie or Maisie to rest right now.


0 chance for Maisie this season as she wouldnt have been 18 when the season was shot. Sansa we can only hope.


yes, way before, filming started in July


She turned 18 in April so no she was not 18 "way before filming started"


she was 18 way before season 6 started shooting, having said that, we're not going to see her nude in GOT ever, much like Sophie Turner


If she were to do a nude scene and if she in fact was 17 when they filmed 90% of this season, they could have waited until after her 18th birthday and gone back and shoot, especially since it's been a LONG wait between seasons.

Pure speculation, of course.


When did they shoot this season? She'll be 19 very soon, before the season even airs.


no chance. neither sophie nor maisie are getting nude in got


You never know. They COULD surprise us, especially rebellious Maisie.


Arya and Sansa are nude in the book why not in the tv show ?


The show has no problem making up its own story lines and you're surprised they can deviate from the books in something as inconsequential as nudity?


Hello ! Jeri Ryan nude scene in Bosch season 2 ???


I know its a long shot, but is there any chance of nudity from Zosia Mamet in this season of girls? The first 4 episodes are listed to have nudity.


Doubtful. Lena looks to have 2 scenes from the promos.


Thanks, Im always hopeful going into a new season that any of the others will be nude but its always lena, haha.


who the fuck cares about lena?


Just trying to explain the nudity rating for the episodes.


Surely the Cabin Fever remake has nudity?


Daddario nudity


Daddario the brother.


does he show pussy?


Does he have nice tits too?


They're remaking Cabin Fever? Holy hell, Hollywood. That movie's only like 10 years old.


What about Teresa Palmer in 999?


Only Ass .. no Tits ..

M dying for it anyway .. release date ??


Ass and Tits


Any info concerning Eva Green and the upcoming third season of "Penny Dreadful"?


No but at this point we've seen everything several times over


New angles can always be found.


I heard news from Sundance that Rachel Griffiths gets naked 4 times in her new movie "Mammal". Anyone got details on this?


Yvonne strahovski


Alison brie in how to be single...any chance?


Reese Witherspoon full frontal deleted scene from Wild?


I still wait for day of Jennifer Aniston Wanderlust deleted/censored scene release.... took like 15 years for that Kirstie Alley nude deleted scene to be released.


We're still hoping on Aniston in Wanderlust? I read she wore pasties during that scene and since The Change-Up showed them cheating with CGI boobs and nipples, Wanderlust could have easily done the same thing. You think that "shadow" in the Bizarro Cut is hiding her real nipples? You never think it's just a sick joke from the filmmakers to hide the fact that she never actually shows her boobs?


Natalie Portman in Closer is the holy grail of this for me.


Pretty sure that was fake.


I believe I read that the footage for those scenes was destroyed 🙁


No,I meant do you remember the article or interview where she said it?


Nope, that was real, confirmed by both Natalie herself and director Mike Nichols. Apparently she did the full monty.


Where did you hear it was full frontal?Any source?


The nude scenes have been removed. Some sources said Natalie did a full frontal nude scene. But unfortunately we will never see that.


Natalie Portman really did film nude scenes for Closer.


What do you mean?


Not full frontal, just topless - Vanity Fair 2006:

"she agreed to shoot a scene topless—only because she was working with Nichols, someone she’d come to trust"...

"he was like, ‘That stuff’s going to be burned if we don’t use it.’" Indeed, it was destroyed."


Wait what Kirstie alley scene lol


Blind Date before she did cheers, wasn't released until like DVD directors cut in like 2001 or something


Nothing is worse than deleted nude scenes, these film festival goers have all the fun!


I heard Britney Spears has some crazy stuff coming out soon, anyone have details?


What did you hear? Don't leave us hanging like this, dude.


If I had any details, I wouldn't be asking others if they had any details.

All I know is, she has a new album coming out. So I assume music videos, magazine photo spreads etc.


I would like to have more esquire 2003 outtakes. britneys bottomless photos are killing me.


Would love to see her re-do this photoshoot. Her ass is phenomenal.


what crazy stuff?sex tape?


what about kaley cuoco ? are we getting anything soon ?


Does anyone know of any movies in which ones wife or girlfriend is in an orgy? Partner can be present or not.

Thanks in advance.


So as it turns out Benicio de Toro helped tall the director into removing Emily blunts nude scebe from Sicarios. Way to go dick.


As much as I want Emily to get naked again, I can't for the life of me figure out where a naked scene would fit in that movie.


The context of the scene is nonsexual, Emily's tits are expose when her shirt is lifted up to check on broken ribs.


Nope I mean spread eagle naked.That is what the script read.You have not read the script,I have.


Yep .The script read this:

MACY’S back is against the Sheet metal, Ted pressed against

her. Bare legs wrapped around him. He thrusts deep inside


It is rapid, almost angry. She needs this. Release is coming,

she moans freely now, she’s so close--

We see something moving toward them in a blur.

Reggie’s fist slams the side of Ted’s face. It knocks him out

of frame, exposing Macy completely naked below the waist,

legs spread wide against the wall.


he means completely naked with legs spread apart to show the vagina, he's clearing making up shit


When you say spread eagle nudity, do you mean full frontal? Would like to know what could have been..


Ok, now I'm annoyed. This last minute nude scene removal crap has go to stop. Get a freaking actress that doesn't have a problem with nudity.


It was in the script.If you have seen the movie,there is a sex scene with Emily.She was supposed to be spread eagle naked having sex in an alley.


So, is there or not a sex scene involving Emily Blunt? How explicit is it?


he's now on my list


Good Evening. I would really like to know if we can expect anything at all from the upcoming season of Vikings. The series usually gives us something. Thanks you for your time.


What network does this air on


History channel in the U.S. (no nudity) BUT they do a European cut that usually has quite a bit of nudity

(Including full frontal on the creator's 20-something daughter Maude in season 1... Pervy lol)


does any one knows who is the double in emma watson new movie ?


aubrey in bad-grandpa thats it


I hate to bring back up Janina Fautz but is there any chance the sexy 20-year old German will be naked in anything anytime soon?


"sexy"? try plain jane x 10000


Also adorable is 18yo "Into the Badlands" star Ally Ioannides. Bushy eyebrows (hopefully) means bushy bush lol


I find her adorable.


Maybe Janina will get naked in "Kaltfront"

It's time Janina....


Yes, it's a tv movie but it's a German tv movie.

Janina better at least show her tits!


Don't get your hopes up too high on this one. The plot sounds everything but promising in regard to nudity and it looks like Janina only has a support role. However, we will find out soon, since the movie is set to air on TV on February 24, according to IMDb.


I'm also hoping Janina will snag a role on a show like (but not necessarily) "Game of Thrones" and pull a Rosabell and show her tits on there.

I also want to see her crotch but I won't hold my breath on that :p


I sure hope, if not in this, Janina will bare those German puppies really soon lol

It's time Janina....


Blue Mountain State the movie came out today,

no notable nudity but some extras show their breasts. There is a 3 way scene in a dream sequence with Lindsey Sporrer, Frankie Shaw and Darin Brooks. Sadly the girls are in lingerie. The movie had to be heavily edited because of too much nudity and apparently Lindsey Sporrer was topless many times throughout the movie but that is the case no more. If there is a directors cut released, hopefully there will be plenty more nudity.


I hope the graphic nudity in "Deadpool" is Brianna Hildebrand.

I doubt it but it makes a little sense. She's an almost complete unknown, she's hot and she seems the type to have more hair on her pussy than on her head.

Again, I doubt it but we can hope, right?

Girl is hot.


Sorry to disappoint, but she doesn't show any skin in the movie. The "graphic nudity" tag is from a scene where you can see Ryan's dong swinging while he is fighting Ajax.

There is some nudity from Morena Baccarin during the sex scene montage at the begining of the film. Also, there is a scene at the end where Gina Carano's character is fighting Colossus and her breast falls out of her costume, but most of it is blocked by Colossus hand.


Nudity from Morena? What do we see?


Define "most". Do we see any of Gina's breasts?


Nah. Don't get to see Gina's tit. Really disappointing and actually hurts the joke


So they go R-rated and they still hold back. How silly.


Let's at least hope Brianna Hildebrand shows her tits


Any idea about 'Get a Job'? it's finally getting released after 4 years in distribution hell, going straight to VOD and limited release on March 25th. Has Anna Kendrick and Alison Brie in it and rated R for nudity


I saw a test screening many years ago.

There was nothing from Anna, but Alison wears a very low-cut red dress near the end of the film. She spills out of it at least once. Other than that, the nudity comes from strippers.


Does Miles Teller get naked?


nice, this was filmed when she had a bit more meat on her bones too. bet it's boobtastic as hell


What do you mean by "spills out of it?" Are you just saying there is a lot of cleavage showing or actual nip?


alison brie maybe. Anna Kendrick nope


from what i remember from something i read a longass time ago, alison brie plays a pretty slutty character in the movie. i've been waiting for this movie for years and haven't heard anything about it so its pretty exciting to get news about it


Any truth to the Mr. Skin report on Imogen Poots in Frank and Lola?


Anyone know anything about the movie Eadweard ? I'm hoping that it will be the topless debut of Sara Canning from

The Vampire Diaries.


Regarding the bronze, the latest I am hearing is that Melissa Rauch shows her ass in the movie, however the rest of the nudity is a body double who shows the 3 b's.

I haven't seen the movie, but got it from a reliable source.

Let's hope this source is unreliable for once !!!!


what's your source? did he describe the scene in any detail? give us a bit more if you can


That's from Mr Skin


mr. skin initially said that she was full frontal at first but the body double does all the gymnast stunts during the sex scene, but then changed it and now it's unclear and has been forever


*one group of screenings, that is


@hipetty well it's only ever been shown at Sundance. There's only been the one screening, I don't know how it could have been changed so quickly between the first and second screenings at the same film fest


Apparently Melissa was nude in the first screening but that has been taken out since. For what reason I do not know.


Zooey Deschanel in The Driftless Area? Looks promising.


Rated R for language, some drug use and violence, so I doubt it.


Billions lied last night. Listed Nudity in the content ratings but nothing was shown in the ep. Just Melissa Errcole's back. smh


Finally, Imogen Poots makes a stunning full frontal debut in the new film Frank and Lola, baring boobs and bush while getting screwed by Michael Shannon during the film's opening scene!


She was hot as hell in Fright Night. Can't wait for this!


Well, hot damn! There's my most anticipated scene of 2016. Hope that film comes out soon. Bring on the Poots!


sweet. Someone should post the nudity review in detail"


Rachel Brosnahan

Rachel Brosnahan

You called?


yes, will you be showing your tits anytime soon?

Rachel Brosnahan

You have your answer, you naughty boy


Louder Than Bombs releases April 8.


Poppy Drayton in the upcoming episodes of Shannara?


I do not know why anybody would ask about a show on a network that does not show nudity


In the second episode you could briefly see her ass, so I'm hoping for more. If you don't know what I am talking about, please don't answer.


Tits or GTFO

jk, ass is good enough 😉


Emmy Rossum tonight?


Not soon but have a feeling she'll do it at some point of her career


Hannah New tits n ass on black sails ep2


body double?


Could be. I have to watch again.


k i've analyzed it and done research (past nude scenes, facial features, body marks/shape) and it is definitely her, even though the way it's filmed would imply body double but it's not


Did the same before i read this and came to the same conclusion!

Weird they keep avoiding a good look at her face and breasts in the same frame without movement.


Emmanuelle chriqui

Emmanuelle Chriqui



Folks in LA--keep an eye out at the Mark Taper Forum's production of The Mystery of Love and Sex by Bathsheba Doran. Mae Whitman is in it, and I'll be interested to see if the director cuts or somehow works around the lengthy full-frontal nude scene that character had in the New York production (Gayle Rankin played the role here).


I don't see any way to cut it. I saw the show in New York. It is indeed a lengthy scene. Now it can be staged in such a way that her time standing facing the audience fully naked is limited, and that most of the scene is spent lying down with a guy on top of her, or her hands over herself hiding some of the goods. But there's no way I can see to avoid letting the audience see her naked (& no reason to... after all, it's what the play is about.)

SOMEONE has to get in there between Feb 10th and early March (when it closes)... either with a camcorder or spy glasses or something so that we get the footage, like we've been lucky enough to get for the New York plays!!!


where are the clips of Gayle?!


What did the actress who did the nude scene in NY's pubes look like? Bush? Shaved? Trimmed? Landing strip? What color? Could you see lip? Was she an innie or an outie?


If she gets naked and we don't see it, I'm gonna strangle someone. I still rage when I remember how Rosamund Pike went all naked on stage and all we have of that is a crappy side pic scanned from print.


Ok my insider has just confirmed at least 1 scene in "White Girl" is unsimulated.

And there's a scene where Morgan snorts coke off of a real dick and yes you see his dick.

Hope this helps guys!

Looks like Morgan Saylor really took one for the team!


From Ain't It Cool News:

"WHITE GIRL may fool viewers with its tame opening minutes, but an afternoon at Leah’s magazine internship soon shows that Wood is not going to allow viewers a peaceful 90-minute viewing experience. After being called into her boss’s (Justin Bartha) office, Leah is offered a couple lines a coke, within seconds this gesture erupts into an on-screen blow job. Thus begins Leah’s feature-length journey of explicit sex and cocaine snorting."


somebody needs to step up their game and get screencaps


Is the bj scene onscreen? Or one of those typical tame bj scenes we usually get


I don't like to see penis unless its in morgan saylor mouth


or vagina, or anus


Who wants to see a cock? I just want to see naked girls.


yummy boobs > yucky penis


Thanks for the update. We can only hope that all the good stuff will survive the MPAA review and the film will be released as it was shown at the festival


That's what I worry about too.....


Still waiting to hear if Morgan Saylor's sex scenes in "White Girl" were unsimulated.

I'm hearing conflicting reports, people are being VERY coy.

Stay tuned.... I hope to know by the end of the day.


Kim Basinger cast in the upcoming 50 Shades sequel. Wonder if she'll do anything.


You're right, she'll probably won't even show up to the set.


Emmy Rossem on this Sunday's Shameless?


Anything on Taissa Farmiga ?


Rita Ora pics are out. Good call recapped.


yes.. I was Wishing for those tits from 2013...

Great n cute ..


I love big tits with small nipples and that's what Rita's got - lovely. Her ass shots are tremendous too. A few more shots that weren't in the magazine have come out. Bet we'll see Rita's pussy soon. I've heard Terry fucks like 60% of the women he photographs and takes explict shots for his personal collection. So when that crazy bastard croaks chances are we're gonna see some amazing shit, haha.


is the full pictorial already out ?


I only saw the cover


Those Rita pics are crazy- I thought we would maybe get a teasing, artistic pic, but no - full on tits


Probably breasts and butt, maybe even bush


Anyone have any idea when the Jon Knautz film Goddess of Love starring Alexis Kendra is coming out?

Or the Serbian film Panama?

Both apparently have some very energetic sex scenes.


Bronze releasing on the 18th March.


Anything on Katherine Heigl?


To people wondering when How to Plan a Small Town Orgy is gonna hit home media - its this spring.


Gemma Atkinson, Emma Rigby, talk to ne.


Isnt really any proper pics/vids of sofua vergara nips


You realize that's not a fake accent, right?


Sophia's Bush


Read this on a forum, just a rumor, but either Sofia Vergara or Alice Eve, not sure which one, has a topless scene in the movie The Brits are Coming. It's about gambling and apparently one of them is topless in a party scene when one of the two jumps into a pool wearing only panties.


Won't be Sofia. She has too many family friendly endorsements to do nudity.


we've seen both of them naked anyway


When has Sofia ever been nips out naked?


She's never been nips out naked...


Before she got famous and started doing that annoying, stereotypical accent.


any nudity spoiler for rest of the season in 'LUCIFER' aired on FOX yesterday ??


no nudity there


aired. On. FOX........


Melissa Raunch, The Bronze. Only a body double nude or some melissa raunch nude aswell?


I can't wait for the movie to be released so this question can finally stop.


Yeah seriously man smh


anything from Morgan Saylor in white girl?


And there are rumors going around that the sex scenes MIGHT be unsimulated. Nothing confirmed yet.

Ill try to keep you posted though I doubt it personally.


Supposedly a lot including brief bush on the toilet.


Maggie Siff in Billions?


I was about to ask the same. We know Akerman's probably not going to get nude, but what about Maggie Siff? she's beautiful. One can only hope.


one of the Billions ads has the briefest flash of ass (a few others have the same scene, but cut sooner,) no clue if we see more


How about Melissa Errico?


Melissa Errico posted a picture of her nudity agreement


Good call on the banging the editor. Nothing actually shown yet too.


Isn't she the woman in the clip for episode 3 titled "Just a story I wanted to tell" or is that another actress?


imdb only lists her in the pilot, hopefully it's as inaccurate as ever.


she posted it months ago and deleted it immediately

View post on imgur.com


Additionally, a review referenced a minor character who is publishing a book fucking her editor (I think) and I believe her character is the one writing a book about 9/11.


Posted it where? Just checked twitter. It's not there


yes she is in billions, good for you


Black Sails premier last night showed what I think was a vagina


They better not pull a Crying Game stunt


you think it was a vagina?


Yes it was very dark. No pun intended.


just checked, yes it is a vagina


It looked like it was sewn shut


could have just been a really ugly penis.


White girl was shown last night at Sundance, we've had a few sparodic comments on twitter so far such as this

Gregory Ellwood [email protected] 52m

I cannot begin to describe what Morgan Saylor does on screen in White Girl. #Sundance2016

12:45 AM - 24 Jan 2016

Retweets 1 1 like


so will the film and the ellen page one come out in cinema or dvd at some point or can they just say as festival films?


It'll probably be out on VOD after making the festival rounds. This doesn't sound like a theatrical release to me.


From mrskin

(0:01) Partial panties on India Menuez as they become visible under her shorts going up some stairs. Soon after we see Morgan Saylor in a bra and little white shorts and India Menuez in a bikini top.

(0:07) Bottom buns on Morgan Saylor as her panties are pulled down by Justin Bartha. Then she blows him hard. Brief panties when she fixes her skirt.

(0:16) Right breast then both breasts on Morgan Saylor screwing a guy on the roof.

(0:24) Breasts on Annabelle Dexter-Jones in bathroom when she gets help taking her dress down.

(0:25) Possible bush on Morgan Saylor sitting on the toilet. Then India Menuez is receiving oral while the guy squeezes her chest over her top.

(0:30) Flashes of breasts on Morgan Saylor having sex in the back of a taxi.

(0:41) Morgan Saylor flashes her left breast to her boyfriend in jail.

(0:50) Passed out in back of car, Morgan Saylor gives a quick pantiy flash as she knocks a guy’s hand away trying to wake her up.

(0:52) Morgan Saylor is having her right nipple pinched painfully hard by a drug dealer over her clothes.

(0:54) Quick flash of breasts on India Menuez riding a guy as Morgan Saylor walks in. It immediately cuts to Saylor lying on the bed in a little nightie.

(0:57) Great shot of Morgan Saylor riding Justin Bartha. Breasts, thrusting hips, no clothes.

(0:59) Morgan Saylor takes her top off on the dance floor showing her breasts and then goes up to the DJ booth to show everyone.

(1:02) We see panties on Morgan Saylor during this scene.

(1:05) Legs on Morgan Saylor on the couch as Chris Noth tries to wake her up by rubbing her thighs. Eventually he bends her over and has sex with her from behind.

(1:06) India Menuez and Morgan Saylor are naked and entwined in the shower on the floor. Don’t see the good stuff, but more of Menuez.

(1:09) Morgan Saylor in bed in her panties as a guy hugs and cries over her.


Wait so is this unsimuated sex like in The Brown Bunny?


Like I said I sincerely doubt Morgan will be SEEN sucking a dick, especially a REAL one but I could be (and hope I am) wrong.

We all want to Dana Brody sucking on the D, don't get me wrong lol

I just..... doubt it.


Anonymous, you may have gotten your wish. My insider confirmed at least 1 scene is unsimulated and there's a scene where Morgan snorts coke off a cock which you see.

Morgan took one for the team.


Oh yeah I'm sure she won't be, but it's nice to dream. Remember back to like 2003-2005 there was that boom of semi-mainstream movies that featured real blowjobs and/or sex? Brown Bunny, Lie With Me, Short Bus, Sex and Lucia, 9 Songs. There were others, too. And that TV show Tell Me You Love Me. They say it was CG and prostetics but it was still pretty good (penises shown ejaculating onto mainstream actresses, the women were fully nude, showing their actual vaginas not just crotch.) It was frequent for about 2 years then stopped all together. Wish we could go back to stuff like that. And if little Dana Brody stars in what turns out to be a movie like that it would be a glorious day, lol.


Highly doubtful but I haven't seen the film so I wouldn't know. Everybody's being vague in regard to the sex scenes but I really don't think Morgan would do unsimulated sex on camera.

If she did, awesome and great.

But don't get your hopes up.


I'm hearing mixed answers over whether the sex was unsimulated or not. People are being very coy.

I know a guy who saw the film and he's implying the sex is unsimulated but I haven't gotten an actual answer from him yet.

Stay tuned....

I sincerely hope the sex IS unsimulated but right now I still kinda doubt it until we hear for sure that Morgan really did do it.


As someone who watched Homeland from the start this is incredible news. Even if it's all simulated sex I'll be happy. It sounds like we get to see pretty much her entire body either way. But if we do get to see Dana Brody sucking dick I don't know if my brain will be able to process it. Especially because she was 20 when she filmed this and Justin Bartha was 37. ????


When does it come out


now if only Carly schroeder woud do something


so in other words i am praying this gets picked up and released


She looks like a preteen


Hollywood Reporter review -

"It’s explicit, yes, and some of the visuals and scenarios uncomfortably evoke cheap pornography. It’s also often a turn-on (like cheap pornography). Unlike porn actors, however, Saylor is never blank or predictable here."

I cannot cope with the fact that this film does not have an estimated release date yet.


Yes, another movie that's good to go but that will spend eternity floating around "film festivals."


Thanks dude, will keep an eye on the Twitter


Any news on whether we see Morgan Saylor's breasts in White Girl @Sundance?


Yes we do, a lot


Any know about the new season of the amazon show Mad Dogs, the pilot had 1 scene


I guess the film "Katie says goodbye" is premiered in the Sundance Film Festival.

I'd like to know if Olivia Cooke shows her bush on screen.


I can't find anything on it playing Sundance. Are you sure?


I don't think it is - doing a search, there's a single article predicting it *might* be at Sundance, but it looks like it didn't actually make it.


REGRESSION is out on bluray..there is a nude scene showing a glimpse of butt and side boob from the back side...


Oh look, Emma Watson did not get naked. Who saw that coming...


Yub body double. But soon i'm postive


Confirm-able as Emma Watson?


Nevermind, found a clip. Obscured nudity from what is almost certainly a body double. Ah well.


i m also thinking of body double coz the face can't be seen as light from back side & nudity scene shot from back side..


Will there be any nudity on the Hallmark channel soon?


How many nude scenes will be in Fuller House?


At least two per episode.


If your lying cut it out.


Alexandra Daddario or Kate Upton in The Layover?


Anything from German actress Janina Fautz soon?


Any details of Jewel Staite in How to Plan an Orgy?


Mr. Skin Nude Review:

[1] Some nice cleavage on Zoe Cleland as she talks to herself in the mirror. Then she comes out of the bathroom in her black bra and panties.

[2] Zoe Cleland gets out of bed in her bra and panties when some girls catch her in bed. She then has to go downstairs in her underwear, humiliated. Then she has to go outside to get back home in her bra and panties.

[3] To mortify her mom, Zoe Cleland takes off her cover, showing her bra and then removes it showing her breasts and running down the street in just her panties.

[4] Katharine Isabelle is standing up on the bed tied up in a bustier and long skirt as a guy's head is underneath her as her ex-husband walks in.

[5] Lauren Lee Smith is being screwed from behind on the bed but she is fully dressed.

[6] Jewel Staite comes out of the bathroom in her bra and panties as part of an adult recreation of the opening scene.

[7] Katharine Izabelle and Lauren Lee Smith strip down to their bra and panties. Izabelle is wearing gartes and stockings as well. Scene goes on for about four minutes.

[8] Katharine Isabelle rubs up on a guy displaying her right thigh and garter.

[9] Katharine Isabelle is in her bra and panties.

[10] Natalie Brown has her left thigh arched up over her head.

[11] Lauren Lee Smith has her legs picked up wheelbarrow style by a guy and we see her panties.

[13] On a website we see porn star BRITNEY showing her breasts. Then as the guy see more of the picture he see she has a penis and is named George.

[14] Tommie-Amber Pirie trying on various bra and panties in preparation for the orgy.

[15] Lauren Lee Smith in white lingerie passing out drinks.

[16] Jewel Staite gets her skirt stuck on a ladder. So she has to unzip it and loses it. So she enters the house in her panties.

[17] Tommie-Amber Pirie is riding a guy in bed. His hands are over her breasts.

[18] Lauren Lee Smith on her stomach in lingerie being screwed.

[19] Katharine Isabelle in her bra and panties dancing for a guy. Then from behind she takes off her bra and then begins to take down her panties showing partial buttcrack (but we don't see her face.) She then puts her legs and crotch right by the guy's face and falls into him.

[20] Jewel Staite is sitting on the bed in her panties,

[21] Tommie-Amber Pirie in being screwed in bed as a guy tries not to cum by saying names of concentration camps.

[22] Jewel Staite falls back on the bed with a guy. We nearly see her right breast.

[23] Katharine Isabelle is now being banged by a guy. His arm is in front of her right boob.

[24] Lauren Lee Smith bouncing boobs in lingerie as a guy bangs her from behind.

[25] As sex is finished it looks as if we see Jewel Staite's right breast sans the nipple.

[26] Now everyone begins to follow suit starting with Katharine Izabelle who takes off her shirt. She is wearing a bra just as she reaches the camera. The camera then blurs as we see buns on nearly everyone going out the door starting with Jewel Staite whose buns are the least blurry. Then following Ennis Esmer down the street we see Staite whose buns are in full view though we don't see her face. (She has a giant tattoo on her back though. It does appear to be this at a distance.

We then also see buns on Katharine Isabelle, Lauren Lee Smith and Natalie Brown. (No faces though.)


ROFL....called it. No real nudity in a movie called How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town. And the producers are going to wonder why their movie flopped.


10 years ago Lauren Lee Smith sucked a cock in a movie. Now she won't even show her boobs. Wtf?


No-one of interest got nude in that film, a few bits of strategic furniture placement and that is all.



don't get your hopes up


Haha I'm not believe me I just want to hear some details as I'm aware it was screened at a festival recently


Any nudity from Olivia Wilde in Vinyl? Hope so!!


her tits and ass are already stitched into my memory, so i hope this time she shows her puss-puss


"Puss-puss"? I bet you drive around elementary schools with your pants around your ankles.


yeah that's right, i'm weird


juno temple's body parts


What is something you would like to lick?


Good grief stop just typing in random names. If you have a legitimate question then ask it. But to post the same 3 names over and over is pointless


Who was the goth girl in Dead Like Me?


Anything from Black Sails this season? Thanks for your time. I appreciate all you do.


nothing from lead ones..only a black woman showing bush and tits


Thank you for the reply.


it's for the 1st episode...rest still unknown.


Outside shot, but anything good from Aubrey Plaza in Dirty Grandpa? (out today)


This is already on mrskin. Nothing from Audrey.


Unless Aubrey has a penis then unlikely, other people are reporting the nudity is old man frontal...


On Seth Meyers, she talked about mooning the producers during audition because that was a scene from the script. Could it be in the movie?


she also mentioned her bra popping off during a scene - could be in the bloopers on the DVD, but unlikely


unless she has a penis the answers no. Other sites reported that the nudity is old man full frontal...


any idea who gets nude in Joshy? premiering at sundance on sunday and apparently has some nudity in it. Aubrey Plaza and Alison Brie are both in it


Jessica Varley makes her nude debut at the one hour mark in Joshy, baring her breasts while giving a guy a lapdance!


And Alison Brie?


Jenny Slate is also in it, apparently playing a "free-spirited" woman.


Spoiler Alert

Alison play's Joshy's fiance, Rachel.

He comes home from the gym to find her

dead from suicide, naked in the bath.


Not Allison Brie


This is why I'm broke.


Any male nudity in Vinyl?

For those interested, no nudity in Mad Dogs.


Raymond has been talking about having a sex scene in episode 7 on the talk shows.


Are Michelle Williams and Kristen Stewart getting nude in "Certain Women"?


I don't think so. The review saying the closest Kristen Stewart gets to her costar (not Michelle, that's a different segment) is horseback riding.


Will Charlotte McKinney be nude anytime soon?


yeah probably gonna take a shower in a few hours


Stana katic the rendezvous


Ellen page any new news?


Thanks for the updates, mr. recapped.


Is Juno Temple's nude scene full frontal?


what do we see?


Scene opens and you see her butt as she's riding a punk dude.

She rolls off and spends the rest of the scene topless, sitting up in bed, talking with him. Great view, but nothing we haven't seen from her before.


still good


nothing you haven't seen before.


are you referring to women's body parts in general, or juno temple's body parts?


Aren't they one and the same?


isnt this a celeb nude rumor blog? So why dont you name the singer thats supposed to be naked in the magazine? this makes no sense...


Especially considering the monthly fee you pay to access this blog. Oh what's that? This site is free to access? Then I guess you just should just appreciate what is provided, be patient and just stfu.


Thanks for the update.


Will Malin Akerman be naked in Billions ?


from a post on Ain't it Cool News:

"Malin Ackerman has the best plotline in tonight’s strong third installment of “Billions.” Does Ackerman do a lot of movie nudity? Because in the “Billions” episode airing in two weeks she gets really naked. Maggie Siff not so much though, it saddens me to report."


Thanks for update, as always!


Gillian Jacobs in Love? It's an adult comedy about relationships and sex on netflix so there might be promise there


I already watched the whole season. No nudity. There's a scene where Gillian Jacobs sleeps with a guy and they use her vibrator and she's nude - but everythings covered by the sheets.


Damn, the trailer showed promise (Gillian braless and nipply through most of it, a bed scene where's she's clearly nude under the sheets).


(I probably have to add: I had access to screeners for the whole season)


why would they have screeners for a show that's not up for any nominations?


@moli are you gonna get screeners for unbreakable kimmy schmidt any time soon? i don't expect any nudity from it but i have a thing for ellie kemper and want to know if she wears any sexy outfits in the next season


It's not very common - but it happens sometimes for 30 minute-shows. We had all episodes available for Master of None and/or Transparent too.


Reviewers usually get some screeners, but I don't think they usually get the whole season.


As much as I'd like to see Gillian do nudity again, I'd be even more excited about Milana Vayntrub (who guest stars in a couple episodes of Love).


Zvereva - Just to clarify, is this a rumor or just a wish? Milana Vayntrub is a gorgeous beauty. And hilarious. That would make my decade. - Even more than Lana Del Rey being the popular singer in question although the "somewhat" pretty much squashes that possibility (she's huge in Europe).


Anonymous is correct -- the Milana comment was pure wishful thinking on my part. Nothing in the trailer suggests nudity from her or anyone else on Love. But no harm in keeping our fingers crossed! The entire first season comes out next month, so we'll know soon enough.


just a wish unfortunately; milana in a netflix sex comedy is pretty promising though


Is there any info regarding Jewel Staite in how to plan an orgy?


Brief butt at the end when the entire cast goes streaking


You havent seen the.movie.


Do you know the naelme of this rumored singer?


Its Rita Ora. Photographed a few week ago by Terry Richardson in NYC.


Yep, confirmed for Rita Ora.

Anybody know when that issues is out? I looked around Lui Magazines website and it seems they're released pretty sporadically.


Next thursday and Lui has 10 issues pro year.


Wishful thinking buddy.


... another somewhat popular singer is rumored to be topless in an upcoming issue of Lui."

I think Ariana mentioned the photog team who did Lara Stone's pictorial in Lui a while back on twitter.

Hope its not Miley again tho.


Thanks for all news. Any info about new season of Black Sails?


About this time of year that Game of Thrones rumours should start popping up?


Come back in April.