Celebrity Nudity Rumors January 25, 2018

Here’s a list of Sundance films and the main actresses in them we’ve seen so far that have no significant nudity:

Beirut – Rosamund Pike
Blaze – Alia Shawkat
The Blazing World – Carlson Young
Burden – Andrea Riseborough
Come Sunday – Condola Rashad
Damsel – Mia Wasikowska
Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot – Rooney Mara
An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn – Aubrey Plaza
Hereditary – Toni Collette
Night Comes On – Dominique Fishback
What They Had – Taissa Farmiga

There are some naked extras in Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot, and Kirsten Krieg is naked in An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn but you probably don’t want to see that. We may have some more reviews to post in the coming weeks.

Additionally, Olivia Williams is supposed to be topless during a sex scene on Sunday’s Counterpart. Sara Serraiocco may also be topless during another scene.

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This might be the least amount of nudity Sundance Film Festival ever had.


Recapped, is there any chance of Jodie Comer nudity in Killing Eve on BBC America?


the one on the left is from new teaser posted today on movie’s IG & twitter accounts


It could be a costume change.


WTF? I hope this doesn't mean they plan on cutting nudity in the film.


Hopefully it’s just marketing bullshit. I’ve seen stuff like this happen before.


I've seen trailers get censored for TV but not for something as tame as cleavage.


Molly Parker in Lost in Space ?


Jenna Coleman in The Cry ?


Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld season 2 ?


Amy Adams in Sharp Objects ?


Claire Foy in The Girl in the Spider's Web ?


Paul Verhoeven Blessed Virgin with Belgium actress Virginie Efira


Mr Skin - From what we are hearing from people in the know that Alex will be naked a lot and there will be graphic sex scenes.
at 36:15 - http://www.mrskinpodcast.com/episodes/ep-81-sundance-reports-new-alexandra-daddario-nudity/


Do we know he’s not just referencing Recapped? Because his words mirror what Recapped said for his annual preview.


Yea, I remember listening to a Mr Skin podcast about upcoming nude scenes and he just repeated stuff from recapped. He surprisingly doesn't seem to get any inside info about upcoming nude scenes.


Maybe, did not thought it that way. But if not, there is a great chance we will get the best nude scene from Alexandra this year.


even though it received a nudity credit, Shameless did not have any nudity in the season finale3


I've always wondered if they have the nudity each episode because in their opening they have that one moment with the guy's ass showing.


They’ve had brief nudity in their rating descriptions before.


They probably counted that blonde Russian spreading her legs in panties as nudity. What a joke.


Sara Serraiocco is briefly topless while changing top in Counterpart ep2.Olivia Williams maybe topless but nothing is shown as her breasts are obscured by arms. I don't mind saying that that really put a spanner in the works of my Sunday wank plans.


Hold out hope for Nazanin Boniadi.


Shailene Woodley has a sex scene early in Adrift, but nothing is shown.


Can you describe the sex scene, please?


Who are the three retards who downvoted me?


first rule about downvotes, dont talk about downvotes.


Any news on Breath 2017 starring Elizabeth Debicki. the movie seems to have died


The handmaids tale nudity?


I honestly can't understand most of these movies, they eider don't get picked up and are never shown outside of festivals ... or someone buys them and they die in storage....


Anything from Sky Ferreira in Lords of Chaos?


Hi Recapped,
Is there any more info on Eleanor Tomlinson's topless scene in Colette? Did we get a good view of her breasts? Or are they covered up in some way?


like 2 posts down he gave a full in detail description of the scenes.


I just wanted to know if she was shown from a distance or whether the lighting was dark. Or if anything else got in the way of a good shot. I am guessing not....


Didn’t this come out a year ago?


Netflix bought it and has not released it yet, although obviously there are clips out there.


It doesn't matter, I saw Lucy Hale tits I upvoted.


Compulsion with Analeigh Tipton comes out on VOD on February 5. The film received 18+ from BBFC, and according to their insight which was published today "there are prolonged sex scenes featuring breast and buttock nudity". Analeigh has a sex scene in the trailer.


do you have a link to said trailer? I cant seem to find it anywhere.


Nice! I hope it is her breasts and buttocks, shes one of my favorites, her leaks were wonderful


Anyone on Recapped live where this will be released?


I’m sure there’s a few Brits lurking about


Hey recapped, is there any male nudity in HBO's new show Here and Now?


Hoping for Daniel Zovatto, I know he showed butt in The Deleted but would love to see more.


I'm sorry that I hurt feelings of some lads here. You want me to be banned but seriously why I should be banned? We have freedom of speech. I'm not insulting anyone. I'm only real man who want to see females fully naked. I'm not interested in partial (breast) nudity at all. It's good for teenagers. I know that western world is full of white knights and gay men but I'm from Eastern Europe and here Men are Men and Women are Women. Here is the cap from movie called "April's daughter".


It's not always the content on what you say, it's that you claim prosecution when really, many of us are just sick of the repetitiveness and the "woe is me"
You've never been censored and you aren't banned. Quit pretending to be prosecuted.
If you were banned, it would be because you won't stop posting the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. And literally anyone who doesn't agree with you 100% is a white knight or gay or trying to censor you.

Not only is it annoying, it's incredibly disrespectful, and that's the real problem.


Breasts are not considered "partial nudity," that term refers to just butt generally or occasionally very brief nipple


A "real man" learns to handle his emotional shit and doesn't goes to a place that clearly doesn't want him around to complain about the same exact thing again and again and again. It has zero to do with your "opinions." If you came in here complaining about the weather in Moldova, Trollsylvania or where the fuck you're from and kept doing it again and again and again, we'd all get sick of that shit too. Take a fucking hint!


Freedom of speech does not apply to the comment section of a privately owned website.
Everyone gets that you really want to see all females naked all the time. Fine. But it's just very tiring to read you complaining. What do you expect to gain from it? What exactly do you want us here to do about it?


not insulting anyone - except those who are happy with just tits - they are not real men, jusy gay teenage western SJWS


yeah many guys are happy with just tits cause we love women and breasts. And "men are men and "women are women in my country" is kinda racist/sexist. Reminds me what Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said: “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country.”


me love boobies


Eastern Europe gets pretty friggin backwater in some places, so it's not that surprising. I once worked with a guy who came from Moldova. Peeps in his hometown had an active fear of *witches.

Apparently some of these progressive folks now have access to the internet.


She turned me into a newt!


Recapped only listed the movies that doesn't have nudity. *anxiously waits for the next recapped post*


Yeah, hopefully Recapped will have some better news for us in their next review.


Exactly what i was thinking


What About "" Submission ""

Addison Timlin --- "" BIG FAN ""


Any news on Tully staring Charlize Theron and Mackenzie Davis? The MPAA rating indicates nudity.


Does anyone have any info on The Scent of Rain & Lightning (2017)? Maggie grace has a brief nude scene in it.


Jeff Robison, one of the writers of the film, said on Twitter that they have official news about the release at the end of this month. So i guess next week we'll have an official announcement.


anything on Emily Robinson?


Really hope Condola Rashad does get naked eventually.


Elizabeth Olsen in Kodachrome?


Cautiously optimistic about Ophelia now


Strike Back will finally return on January 31 and the homepage says:

"New & Exclusive. Locked, loaded and set to resume their high-stakes mission, Section 20 are back. And they've got a big problem on their hands. Contains sexual scenes. (S6, ep 6)"

So maybe not only Alin Sumarwata is nude maybe Roxanne McKee too because here in this clip:

You can see her only with a shirt. So it looks promising because the "Next Time" footage had that scenes too (only wihtout her face).

Whats very funny that the homepages explicit says "sexual scenes" on the other episodes not (but there was nudity) so yeah we will see.

P.S.: The cinemax uncut version will maybe more explicit so yeah we will see.


Ill watch anyway because i liked the other versions, but i really hope she does, been wanting a better view of her breasts ever since a mostly hair covered game of thrones scene


In terms of Sundance what about Assassination Nation with Bella Thorne and Suki Waterhouse etc?


Recapped: “...and Kirsten Krieg is naked in An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn but you probably don’t want to see that”

AlBundy69: Who are you to tell me who I do and do not want to see naked?
*looks up Kirsten Krieg on imdb*
Thank you for the warning!


My dyslexia eyeballs read Kristin Kreuk... So I was double disappointed.


I read kristin wig and was like shes not 'that' bad, but recapped knows us all too well lol


Lol... that’s what I read at first too.


TBH, i'm more interested in things like 'Newly Single' and the lesbian movie with Emily Bett Rickards atm.... i know the latter was shown off recently at a festival... has there been any information about either movies?

Thanks for the Sundance no nudity list... can strike a few movies off my watch lists now