Celebrity Nudity Rumors January 8, 2018

Lots of questions on our last post. We’ll try and answer some here and save the rest for another time:

Bummed about the lack of Talulah Riley in Westworld.

Believe Talulah shows some skin in a flashback.

Whats missing here is Ella Purnell (+ co stars) in Sweetbitter.

Not so sure this is happening this season as it is relatively short. Hopefully we’re wrong.

Any rumors on the female brain with Sofia Vergara and Whitney Cummings?

No nudity.

I got a screening invite to Hot Summer Nights which costars Maika Monroe. Was anything from Maika Monroe in this movie mentioned before?

No nudity.

I hope that Sasha Pieterse‘s nude butt scene is not a body double and that Nazanin Boniadi will get naked in Counterpart.

Possibly not a body double from Sasha Pieterse in Honored. Also get to see a lot of her left side boob from behind. And Nazanin Boniadi might be getting naked in Counterpart as her character has several sex scenes with men and women.

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Any news on Kate Mara's My days of mercy ? Supposed to be out 11.01.18


That was the date it screened at the Palm Springs festival. The film still has no announced distribution deal or release schedule.


What ever happened to that Manson Girls movie where Tania Raymonde was supposed to have a full frontal scene? Wasn't it shot like 3 years ago?


Susanna Lo is a con artist and that movie is never going to be made. Last I checked the now defunct imdb forums people who funded the movie and were scammed were suing her or something.


Kate Beckinsale in the Widow ?


Hell yeah, any info about Kate and The Widow and anything else she's in would be greatly appreciated.
Also want to ask about Sarah Bolger and if there is any chance of nudity from her in Counterpart or any other work she has coming out.Thanks .


Any news Christa Theret in Broers and Gaspard va au mariage ???


I saw Christa in broers. She shows nipple for literally 1 or 2 frames so it isnt much.
There IS male full frontal though for all our male nudity fans (??) by Niels i forgot his last name.
you get plenty of dude ass too in the skinny dipping scene while they keep christa out of frame sadly 🙁


Is it me just noticing it now or is the number of lesbians on screen and lesbian movies have vastly increased in the past year or so? I dread the day when same thing thing happens with gay men


Totally.. and not just in America. Big time in Europe. No surprise, I suppose.


2017 lesbian scenes:

Below Her Mouth - Erika Linder/Natalie Krill
Atomic Blonde - Charlize Theron/Sofia Boutella
The Girlfriend Experience - Anna Friel/Louisa Krause
She's Gotta Have It - DeWanda Wise/Ilfenesh Hadera
Gypsy - Naomi Watts/Sophie Cookson

Those were just off the top of my head that featured nudity. Any others I missed?


Just thought I'd post this. Hope it's new to you all. Very hot young actress, Veronica la Very, in a super sexy short.



Just another tattooed bimbo doll. 🙁


And directed by a woman, btw.


Dude.. trust me, it's a good thing that it's directed by a woman. Supports my whole point about things potentially getting better when women-driven stuff gets made.


Depends on what you mean by better. It would be better if both men and women can feature such content without getting criticized like it used to be. In a culture where male filmmakers are often criticized for such things therefore increasingly shy away from it then yes, more female filmmakers will be better for nudity.


I hear you. And yes that’s basically what I’m saying. Female filmmakers who wish to explore sexual themes will not have any problems showing female nudity. I honestly believe most of them love it. Add to that the fact that when more female directors and producers become more prominent, the criticism against male director/producers will finally go away. Maybe not entirely but no doubt it will be very significantly reduced and hopefully then they will have more freedom themselves. That’s what I’m trying to say. I’m not stating this like a fact, obviously. All speculation. But I would argue it’s probably good speculation. So I think it’s very possible that a few years from now there could actually be way more sex and skin than ever before.


Now that's a sex-positive, empowered woman!


Britannia starts on next Thursday. In this article they say: "This is not to say that Britannia doesn’t cleave occasionally to ye olde traditions of histoporn: nothing says costume drama like a topless woman bouncing cheerfully atop her second husband as her first one looks on. " So, it could be interesting..


that’s the Annabel Scholey scene in the first episode


Yes, it's her scene... I hope it will be a clear frontal topless. 😀


Unless there is an alternate version we should not expect any real nudity from the Alienist going by this review-

"The show’s somewhat rote attacks on corset culture might go over better if its creators weren’t also so fascinated by cleavage and teasing near nudity. The first two episodes offer two scenes of Fanning’s character on display in her underthings, worrying over her clothes. You know how, while watching a new movie, you can see where basic cable would put in commercials? The Alienist is basic cable where you can see where premium cable executives would insist on adding nipples."

And once again critics whining about any hint of female skin being shown.


Did this critic see the whole show or just a few episodes?


I don't care anymore. You can't change the world written by establishment.


Sounds more like the dude just wanted an excuse to talk about the girls on the show so he pretended to be disproving...all the while speculating about how there could've been some nipple shown. Almost like grade school kids pretending to hate the girl they've got a crush on.


Hope makers don't get affected by these stupid critics. There are also viewers who don't have any problem with nudity rather enjoys it.


This one looks interesting. Looks like Carice van Houten and Hanna Alstrom will play lovers.


"'The Glass Room' is a love story about the relationship between two women set in an iconic modernist house in Czechoslovakia built by celebrity architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe."


Great news. Her taking this role makes it all the more likely that she'll also be nekkid in I Am Not A Bird. Carice will continue her great legacy. 😀


I do expect Carice will get nekkid in I Am Not a Bird, but I don't think taking on this role means it's more likely she'll get nekkid in I Am Not a Bird. The way I would look at it is if Carice does in fact get nekkid in I Am Not a Bird, then that makes it more likely she'll get nekkid for the Glass Room. Because her getting nekkid for a movie that doesn't require it as much increases the likelihood that she'll do it for a movie that requires it more. Same reason I'm hoping Alexandra Daddario gets nekkid in either We Have Always Lived in the Castle and/or Nomis.

I am curious, though, if Carice whetted her sapphic appetite with Daddario in I Am Not a Bird before taking this.


Sweetbitter will premiere May 6th on Starz - hopefully we will have an answer before then.


Anything from Lauren Lapkus or Jamie Lee in season 2 of Crashing?


Does anyone know why it was shut down? I miss the community and discussion there.

I was a member for a long time before it went private, lots of great friendly members who I loved talking to but Scott himself was kind of a fruitcake and banned me for wrongthink a few years ago.


As far as I know, Scott has health issues and can't run the site anymore. But I do believe the shutdown down happened unexpectedly early...


I don't know if I accidentally deleted my last reply or not (I'm new here). But was just saying that makes sense about Scott as I think he had some mental health issues which were getting worse over the years.

I would like to see a forum started here like someone else suggested.


So, what's the deal with The Alienist?


Looks like CTop forum is down 🙁
Does anyone else think this site should add a forum?
These long comment posts are tough to read through.


It's back in business.


Sorry if this is a noob question, but what is (was) CTop?


Albundy69 CTop was "Celeb Top" a celebrity nude scene forum which had been around for a long time and had quite a large active community. Registration for it had been closed for a while though so you had to know somebody to get in it be approached on another forum you were contributing to


poor ctop, gone so early, before it’s time


Gone before I really knew of its existence.



ehh...they closed registrations like 5 years ago. Used to visit the forum mostly for upcoming nudity news but realized the stuff posted there (news and pics) is no different than the stuff posted on other forums.


Recapped has his own insider so it shouldn't affect how we get info here.


The majority of the stuff was the same but it was better moderated and had a good community so it was still something special in its heyday. I don't know about the last couple of years though


This is incorrect. The site usually had news, pics and vid posted a while before anywhere else due to its quality members. The site shut down pretty abruptly today and, whether you realize it or not, it's going to have an effect on the quality and timetable of nudity info and releases... RIP. You'll see soon enough.


Anything from Molly Shannon in Divorce on HBO?


Any more episodes of Stella Blomkvist with Heida Reed leak out yet?


A question for a future update, recapped -- do we get more Tessa Thompson nudity in Westworld S2 or any of her upcoming movies?


She usually has no problem showing her arse.


I'll take more ass shots or anything else. She's got a movie with Lily James. They can both show off their bums.


Pretty sure he wants to know if there’s more she’ll show.

Hard to know for sure because she’s a hardcore feminist. Although Rachel Brosnahan refers to herself as a feminist and she’s had no problem getting nude on more than one occasion.


It's almost like a woman being a feminist doesn't inherently mean she won't do nudity... It's almost like women are PEOPLE and not things... Crazy deep thoughts for someone like you, I know.


If someone is not comfortable in doing nudity she/he should not take up that part and that part should be given to someone who is comfortable with it. Demanding a change in the script and performing the way she/he want wants to OR complaining afterwards is wrong.
There are lot of talented people out there who don't get a chance to be in the industry (as an actor), so if you are an actor and making money and enjoying stardom, you got to be comfortable with lot lot of things.


The modern feminist views on this stuff are quite convoluted. Many feminists will flaunt their naked body or use female nudity in their "art" and label it in empowering. However most of these same feminists will still condemn things like "male gaze" and "objectification", for example- Caitlin Stasey. The issue is when men use naked women or any type of feminine sex appeal in their "art". It is not a pro-sex anti-sex thing, criticism for this stuff has become a very mainstream liberal view and you would be surprised that the people complaining about such things would never consider themselves "sex negative".
The concept of sex positive or negative feminism comes from the issues of porn and other sex work. Back in the 70's-80's there was strong feminist backlash against the porn industry. These feminists were not focused on nude scenes in Hollywood. Today it is the opposite. If you notice the rise of this progressive puritanism is focused almost exclusively on the entertainment industry not porn. The true "sex negative" anti porn feminists are a small minority today. Those who whine about male gaze and female nudity in movies/tv are sadly not a small minority, especially not in regards to critics and cultural commentators in the media.


Fwiw I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Emmy’s idea here. I want everyone who does nudity to be comfortable doing it. It’s the Andrea Dworkin school of feminism I despise


I find it hilarious that dudes who frequent a female-nudity website are such white knights for feminists.

Also, as Lord of the Flies pointed out, there are different stripes of feminism. There are sex-positive and sex-negative feminists. The latter is unquestionably the more powerful: they're the ones who bitch loudly on the Internet about "the male gaze" and what not. And if you don't think that their bitching is leading to "political correctness" in terms of female nudity...are you even watching?


Well hf, there are different shades of feminists. Some are obsessed with the “male gaze” and think virtually all female nudity on film is exploitation of some sort.
Look, I don’t mind people shitting on Dave1993 on here, but there’s an equally annoying faction who get pissy whenever someone criticizes feminism.


Professor Marston and the Wonder Women is now available. Threesome scene (with Rebecca Hall nudity and Bella Heathcote see-thru) starts around the 46 minute mark.


Another movie has been affected: American Heiress, the story of Patty Hearst. Was to be produced by Fox. Starred Elle Fanning. James Mangold was the director. Now cancelled.



That's all political, no? Don't think it has anything to do with female body parts or sex.


I agree. It's really just posturing. Guys, I've worked in the industry... this is what I can tell you.. the overwhelming majority of ALL nude and sex scenes were, for the most part, already being handled this very way.

But it's great. Sure.

I honestly believe that as more women become directors and producers, which they will.. female sexuality will in-fact not vanish (although it will cool down for a bit here because they are corporations after all) but actually it will most likely lead to BETTER sex scenes and better depictions of nude women. Look at SMILF. You can criticize all the male nudity.. but look at her two sex scenes she wrote and shot. Those scenes are very explicit and hot. One includes here shaking her ass as she pulls her pussy off the guys cock. You think a man would have directed that? No chance. He wouldn't even come close to having the thought or the balls to do to.

See what I mean?

Ultimately, imo, it's all going to get BETTER! Don't know about you but I'm so fucking sick of strip club scenes, use of porn stars and stupid pointless shower scenes, which are the primary ways men in Hollywood think about female sexuality. It really is pathetic. Can't wait for that to change.

How do you like all that?


I'll add.. some of the most sex-positive people in culture, not just in the US, but everywhere.. are female filmmakers. And most of them like "female" sexuality, perhaps as much if not even more, than men! I know enough female filmmakers and have watched enough of their films to this is really, seriously a true statement.


Emmy Rossum is clearly not anti-nudity. In fact she directed her most recent nude scene. This seems more about making sure there are better standards in place to make people more comfortable shooting nude scenes and that actors with less negotiating power about such things have a little more say in how it all goes down. We'll see how it pans out but her intent at least isn't some puritanical thing.


but she needs to show her bush someday ^^


If anything, making nude scenes safer to audition for and film should encourage actors to do more of them.


PR feminist bullshit that will probably make Hollywood sex scenes even more puritanical and boring. "Safety" at this point is a buzzword.


This is why I hate Unions. Corrupt motherfuckers!


Margaret Qualley - Novitiate


sorry if this is a dumb question but I hadnt seen the movie. Is it shot all 'artsy' like this and is naturally not great quality? or are these just non hd clips of the scene?


It’s mostly like that, but will look fine once there is a decent bluray remux - I believe these are from a screener


Works well for me, thanks! Here's the zippy mirror:


Doesn't work


Hollywood Reporter piece on the softening on sexual content in movies in the near future:


Says A Star is Born is being re-edited into something more chaste, though there are rumors not mentioned in the article that the editing has a good amount to do with Lady Gaga's acting.

It does specify that it's only the larger studio films that are likely to soften up on extreme sexual content and that it's likely to stay in indie films as well as premium TV/streaming content. So I Am Not a Bird should be safe.

Something of note: Someone on the Phun forums who works in entertainment in LA said he heard from someone at a Golden Globe party over the weekend that Alex has some lesbian action in I Am Not a Bird, but said to take it with a massive grain of salt.


Almost all the sexy stuff comes from indie movies and premium cable/streaming anyway. Major studio movies rarely even have nudity let alone strong sexual content but still not a good sign.

Also for those who got pissed at JayD for his post about the French actresses because they think it is irrelevant to this site I would say articles like this perfectly highlight why feminist hysteria in Hollywood is very much relevant to a celeb nude site.


Isn't it incredible that the French intellectual women are 100% correct. The EXACT thing they say would happen is happening, that is, a punishment of female sexuality and an appeasing of theocratic, religious fake feminists. Radicals.

They were 100% right. And what's insane is, this is MEN.. who are again deicing what will happen with female sexuality and when. I can't imagine how angry some of the real feminist female artists and filmmakers must be. Having to see, once again, a reversal of the gains made by second wave feminism.. once again telling women what they should and should not do. It's really just incredible. Only in America can women clamor for female empowerment and then applaud when their own self is demonized.... again. Applaud while taking sexual rights away from their own selves!!! Just... utterly.. insane.


Thanks, James. 🙂


You think it's gonna have a big impact on indies and premium TV/streaming content as well?

I think the premium TV/streaming content had already started to be a little more chaste and having minimal nudity requirements, even before this movement.


Yea, there was already lots criticism from critics and social commentators being directed at that sort of content prior to the "#metoo" stuff that I believe already had an effect. I'm not sure what the effects will be but I think the "#metoo" will die down but the pc puritanism has been prominent and influential for around 5 years now and I don't see that going away anytime soon even when the "#metoo" hysteria dies down.


It's possible that she got coerced and felt pressure to sign a contract, which is what the conversation should really be about. Those coerced, pressured and manipulated can be separated from those who give it thought without pressure and ultimately agree. It's also an issue of the extent of the nudity being clearly defined in the contract.


Also relevant right now is what is going on with James Franco. One of the women the media continues to promote as a victim has condemned him for using female nudity in his movies and claims she was exploited by doing nudity in his film despite the fact that she signed a contract prior to filming them. The fact that a woman can sign a contract to film nudity then afterwards claim to have felt exploited and the media will happily promote her as a victim is not good. This could make Hollywood executives and creatives even more hesitant to include such content.


We've still gotten some great nudity from the indie circuit and I don't think that's gonna change.


Skimmed through the first two eps of workin moms season 2. It’s on CBC in Canada. Last season had nudity from all main cast members. In the first two eps I caught nudity from Catherine reitman (Maureen from IASIP) in ep 2. Boobs butt and and hint of bush in the shower. And boobs from a fat lesbian in bed. I skimmed so maybe I missed more nudity.


more maureen ponderosa boobs? share!


Speaking of CBC, anyone know anything on Burden of Truth starring Kristin Kreuk, if anyone shows anything on that show?


Shape of Water


Has anybody read "Object of Beauty" by Steve Martin? Amy Adams signed on a long time ago to play the lead role in the feature film. It was dead for a while but just picked up a screenwriter. Based on what I read, Amy Adam's character sleeps her way to the top of the art world. Apparently the sex scenes in the book are graphic in nature.

Othermovies with potential:
Galveston - Elle Fanning plays the lead and her character is supposed to engage in several sexual acts
Zelda - Jennifer Lawrence - Long shot but Zelda Fitzgerald is said to of had affairs with both men and women. Directed by Ron Howard though so who knows.
The Pretenders - Jane Levy

Finally, I've been collecting a list of upcoming lesbian-themed movies:
Compulsion (Sadie) - Analeigh Tipton and Marta Gastini
Cocaine Grandmother - Catherine Zeta Jones - On Lifetime so won't be much
The Favourite - Emma Stone/Olivia Coleman and Rachel Weisz/Olivia Coleman
Tell it to the Bees - Anna Paquin and Holliday Grainger
Anchor and Hope (Tierra Firma) - Oona Chaplin and Natalie Tana
The Perfection -Allison Williams and Logan Browning
Colette - Keira Knightley, Elenor Tomlinson, and Denise Gough
The Miseducation of Cameron Post - Chloe Grace Moretz and Sasha Lane
Novitiate - Margaret Qualley and Rebecca Dayan - I think they kiss
Pimp - Keke Palmer and Haley Ramm
Vita and Virginia - Elizabeth Debecki and Gemma Arterton
Based on a True Story - Eva Green and Emmanuelle Seigner
Becks - Lena Hall and Mena Suvari
Mercy - Kate Mara and Ellen Page
Disobedience - Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz
Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman - Bella Heathcote and Rebecca Hall
A Worthy Companion - Evan Rachel Wood and Julia Sarah Stone
Lizzie - Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart


How far back did Amy Adams sign onto Object of Beauty?


probably back around when the book was released in 2010--she's about fifteen years too old for the role now.


When I read the synopsis, I also thought Amy Adams was too old for that role now.

I was kinda thinking this could be like another scenario where an actress wanted to produce a starring vehicle for herself by adapting provocative source material.

Over 10 years ago, Kate Bosworth wanted to produce an adaptation of Lost Girls & Love Hotels as a starring vehicle for herself. She bought the rights to the book around the time it was released but it took a while to find filmmakers to get involved until a few years later when she found a writer and got Jean-Marc Vallée to direct. The project never made it to production.

Then, about midway last year, the movie rights to the book were bought from another production company and hired the book's author to adapt. Care to guess what that movie is? 😉

(I'm sure you can Google what the answer is, lol)

It would be funny if the same actress in this Lost Girls and Love Hotels adaptation ended up doing Object of Beauty as well (she happens to be a big fan of Steve Martin).


I mean, I know what movie it is because I read Lost Girls and Love Hotels back when it came out. 😉

(It was okay. An Object of Beauty, though, is excellent.)


any details on Pimp? I am hoping nudity from Keke and Haley.


Definitely hoping that we get more info on Pimp. At least the trailer shows a possible nude scene for Haley and Keke. Also really hoping for nudity from Vanessa Morgan.

Along with Pimp, most looking forward to Mercy with Kate and Ellen. Hopefully that gets a distribution deal asap and gets released soon.


Thanks for the list, this website has one similar you might be interested in.


"Funny Story" may have potential. Promo image has Emily Bett Rickards in the bath with Jana Winternitz. Premieres at Slamdance Film Festival, indie version of Sundance, on the 21st.

Anyone know anything about it?


Thanks for that list! I've always wanted to find a convenient list like that, but w/o much luck so decided to just build one myself. Duck Butter sounds awesome.


Did Zhu Zhu get nude any last year? She was in a couple movies that had promise but it's hard to find since they're foreign.


Emma Stone in The Favourite? The MPAA rating description has me curious.


I doubt it.


It’s a lesbian drama where the main character Queen Anne (played by Olivia Colman) has affairs with both Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone. Weisz herself said it has lots of sex scenes so she’ll definitely be naked, but it might just be implied with Emma. Fingers crossed


"Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity and language"

Very curious indeed.


Famous and some powerful French FEMALE artists, writers and actresses condemning #metoo and modern feminism. They literally say, “we want no part of it.”



"As women we do not recognize ourselves in this feminism, which beyond denouncing the abuse of power, takes on a hatred of men and of sexuality."

And they are smart enough to know.. what you take away from men you take away from women.


While I think the base idea behind the movement is a good one, it is something that has the potential to be abused, and we've already seen some people turning it into a revenge against all men. I felt bad for Guillermo Del Toro after he won, right after Natalie Portman complained about all the nominees being male. Yeah, it's unfortunate that more women aren't nominated, but the people who WERE nominated here should not be made to feel embarrassed for that nomination. They didn't ask to be put in a pool of only male nominees, so her timing was poor. Good idea in concept, but makes the wrong people feel guilty for something they had nothing to do with. That's just one example but I see many examples of women taking revenge on men in general, most of which are not examples of guys like Weinstein & such, and I also see some likely false abuse claims being put out, and that's going to grow as long as the media treats every claim as absolute fact. While abuse victims absolutely should be heard, we need to treat both sides of the situation as innocent until more information can be obtained.


Several times the issue of whether modern-day puritanical feminism, as well as all the sexual harassment in the news, is having any effect on female nudity. It does indeed seem to have had an effect, not just in cinema but even on premium networks.

There’s also constant bitching about American “prude” sexuality, at least as far as censorship goes, as opposed to more “enlightened” European sexuality.

For these two reasons alone, I think this is a perfectly valid thing to post here. It certainly is more interesting than yet another question about Dakota Fanning in the Alienist or Jennifer Lawrence in Red Sparrow.


No, Red Sparrow Jlaw is definitely more interesting


what does this have to do with ANYTHING on this site? jesus christ...post this somewhere else


"As women we do not recognize ourselves in this feminism, which beyond denouncing the abuse of power, takes on a hatred of men and of sexuality."

Would Streep or Witherspoon, etc ever utter such a thing? Not possible. No actress could.. at least no right now. That's really sad, guys. It really is.


This isn't a political board. Get out of here.


She's discussing female sexuality.. what this board is about. And I thought it was relevant and interesting.

Excuse me, dudes. Don't get your panties in a bunch.


The format of these comments only gives you an hour to either edit or delete your comment once you've initially posted it.


I would delete it if I could. Don't know how to.


'panties in a bunch' would actually be a more relevant post here...


Any chance Ingrid Bolsø Berdal will show more skin on "Westworld"?


Came to ask this.
Also if you or anyone else is a fan of her as a actress regardless of nudity, check out her in the slasher films Cold Prey 1 & 2 were she is the lead and Flukt/Escape (2012) In which she is the villain.


I wonder if they added a lesbian sex scene in I Am Not a Bird? I think the book just had some undertones.


In the book, Carice van Houten's character makes a pass at Daddario, who is about to give in before resisting because she's insecure about hooking up with a woman.

It's conceivable, since the book was written over ten years ago, that Daddario's character could be rewritten to be bisexual as a means to update it to more modern LGBTQ-friendly times. I'm still skeptical that she's going to hook up with Carice in the movie. I think if she's gonna hook up with another girl, it'll be Kate Easton, who plays "a student who connects with [Daddario's character] through her love of words".


And recapped said she has lots of nude scenes which sounds like even more than the book.


If she covers a lot of nude ground in the movie (i.e. standard 3B shots plus same shot boobs/bush/face, laying on her back nude, bare bouncing boobs during sex, nude doggystyle, nude masturbation, nude girl on girl, etc.), I'll be satisfied for a good few years. 😛


till when? till Gemma does another nude scene?


I love her ....


anything on HBO's Sharp Objects?


What episode does Nazanin Boiniadi in Counterpart have a sex scene with a woman?


I think recapped is holding info on red sparrow. Maybe there is good news.


The latest trailer for "Red Sparrow" just dropped and it looks good (once you come to terms with the fact that the movie will be full of awful, awful accents). Very exciting and intense. Any news on potential nudity in this film? The trailer looks suggestive.


They must just not know. People have been asking and speculating about it in the comments for a while now and they haven't acknowledged it despite being more interactive with us recently.


Shane Black's Predator movie has begun test screenings and Black has said it's going to carry an R rating. Olivia Munn and Yvonne Strahovski are the two biggest names in it.

Restating questions that have been asked almost every week, that hopefully should have answers soon:

- Emilia Clarke in Above Suspicion
- Handmaids Tale S2 (this premieres in April)
- Addison Timlin in Submission
- Alice Eve
- Red Sparrow

Daddario and Shameless used to be on that list, but you answered the former last week and Shameless is practically over, so I'm not including those.


If you don't mind me asking, which projects from Alice Eve are you curious about?


For Alice Eve there's Untogether and The Brits Are Coming.


Not sure if we should expect nudity from her in either of those.


Thanks for putting it all into one comment. Hopefully recapped will see this!


Wait... I looked it up and this is a remake of Predator?! In what universe could they possibly top Arnie running around the jungle trying to get to the choppa? And what roles are Munn and Strahovski supposed to have in this? What are they gonna play, the trees?
What the fuck, Hollywood...


Don't confuse reboot with remake.


It's not a re-make.


You sure? imdb says it is.


It's supposedly set at some point in time after Predator 2.


Not technically a remake but set in the same universe as the previous films. The films set in a different location to the original with different characters.

Munn is supposed to be playing a scientist by all accounts and apparently Yvonne is playing the ex-wife and mother of the main character and his child(apparently another key character) at least based on the leaked script but apparently that was an early draft. I'd predict no nudity from either at most maybe extras.

Munn should have a reasonable amount of screen time but I'd expect they're won't be enough Yvonne screen time as I suspect the role was a condolence prize for Edge not getting picked up by Amazon.


Anything on Molly Quinn in Newly Single? The director was quoted saying he went nude since he had a few nude woman in his film


Judging by the trailer and the plot description, Molly is probably the least likely to get naked (she plays the lead’s ex) - more likely something from Anna Jacoby-Heron, Marguerite Moreau or Jasmin Savoy Brown.


For the best I couldn't make the Hot Summer Nights screening, not to mention the money saved from not travelling into the city to see it.


if you are insisting on keeping this " +/-" rating system on comments, how about you make it so that we can all see who is the ones that are voting. People downvote comments for literally no reason. If they want to vote make it so that they aren't doing it anonymously


Can we not? There is enough drama in the comments as it is. I just want to read about upcoming nudity, not petty little vote vendettas.


thats why the stupid votes just should be gone in the first place. whats the point of them?


Shut up, dude. They are votes on a comment board of a celeb nudity rumor site. No need to cry on multiple posts because you are sad people don't want to hear you complain.


My goodness this info about Nazanin is just wonderful! Can't wait!


This is horrific news. Absolutely terrible. Now i wish you hadnt got our hopes up so much 🙁
So often nudity is called for in some script and they shamelessly cut it all. (Think White Princess another Starz show that turned into an intense disappointment nudity wise)
So you really have no info at all yet and it might still happen? It DID call for nudity originally....
Also this is the most 'i just did nudity for the first time' post i have ever seen without saying it

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The past few days have been crazy and overwhelming and liberating and hilarious and important and I’m finishing this week feelin like a whooole new person // very grateful to be surrounded by such beautiful & caring people who accept, inspire and encourage me to push boundaries and be who I am and CHALLENGE myself - words can’t describe how it feels to be expressing myself as creative, flawed, real life me. I’ve learnt so much the past few weeks and feel surprisingly proud (???) of myself; no matter the outcome everything was worth it. Life is scary and putting yourself out there is scary and the world is big and sometimes it makes me feel small but every day I am thankful that I’m doing what I love with people that I love doing it with 🌈

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The Writer SM Danler seems narrowly involved in the project and judging by her instagram (and insta stories) she likes the naked (female) body too....
I think we all hope you are wrong but you rarely are 🙁


"Horrific" and "terrible" is kind of a dramatic reaction to someone saying they are "not sure" don't you think? Hell it's kind of dramatic even if they were saying they were sure there would be no nudity, which they weren't.


I don't get what you're meaning here. You're saying her warhol quote post means she isn't doing nudity? Don't get your concern.


I think you were seeing what you wanted to in that IG post


Possibly. And yet see how many standard terms she throws out there you often hear just after someone shot their first nude scene. There is the Quote by Andy. Liberating, Pushing Boundaries, Challenge Myself, Putting yourself out there, grateful to be surrounded by supportive people.
You are right i could be reading into it but thats a lot of checkmarks?
@RWood: she is my number 1 girl at the moment. Honestly i d give up all the other nudity this year personally for a good well lit nude scene myself! Very disappointing might be a more suitable term..


You are that disappointed that they are not sure if she will be nude in a shortened first season?


Thanks for all the info! But the woman that interests me most in Westworld is Ingrid Bolsø Berdal. Any possibility that we’ll see something from her? Please just yes or no...


I agree, very beautiful actress. Although, I wish she wasn't wearing full body tattoos in that great scene she had at the end of the 1st season.. not complaining!

I would think the chances are very high she will be nude again.


So there's hope with Talulah, thank you for that! But I do hope you're wrong about Ella P