Celebrity Nudity Rumors January 8, 2018

Lots of questions on our last post. We’ll try and answer some here and save the rest for another time:

Bummed about the lack of Talulah Riley in Westworld.

Believe Talulah shows some skin in a flashback.

Whats missing here is Ella Purnell (+ co stars) in Sweetbitter.

Not so sure this is happening this season as it is relatively short. Hopefully we’re wrong.

Any rumors on the female brain with Sofia Vergara and Whitney Cummings?

No nudity.

I got a screening invite to Hot Summer Nights which costars Maika Monroe. Was anything from Maika Monroe in this movie mentioned before?

No nudity.

I hope that Sasha Pieterse‘s nude butt scene is not a body double and that Nazanin Boniadi will get naked in Counterpart.

Possibly not a body double from Sasha Pieterse in Honored. Also get to see a lot of her left side boob from behind. And Nazanin Boniadi might be getting naked in Counterpart as her character has several sex scenes with men and women.

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Any news on Kate Mara's My days of mercy ? Supposed to be out 11.01.18


That was the date it screened at the Palm Springs festival. The film still has no announced distribution deal or release schedule.


What ever happened to that Manson Girls movie where Tania Raymonde was supposed to have a full frontal scene? Wasn't it shot like 3 years ago?


Susanna Lo is a con artist and that movie is never going to be made. Last I checked the now defunct imdb forums people who funded the movie and were scammed were suing her or something.


Kate Beckinsale in the Widow ?


Hell yeah, any info about Kate and The Widow and anything else she's in would be greatly appreciated.
Also want to ask about Sarah Bolger and if there is any chance of nudity from her in Counterpart or any other work she has coming out.Thanks .


Any news Christa Theret in Broers and Gaspard va au mariage ???


I saw Christa in broers. She shows nipple for literally 1 or 2 frames so it isnt much.
There IS male full frontal though for all our male nudity fans (??) by Niels i forgot his last name.
you get plenty of dude ass too in the skinny dipping scene while they keep christa out of frame sadly 🙁


Is it me just noticing it now or is the number of lesbians on screen and lesbian movies have vastly increased in the past year or so? I dread the day when same thing thing happens with gay men


Totally.. and not just in America. Big time in Europe. No surprise, I suppose.


2017 lesbian scenes:

Below Her Mouth - Erika Linder/Natalie Krill
Atomic Blonde - Charlize Theron/Sofia Boutella
The Girlfriend Experience - Anna Friel/Louisa Krause
She's Gotta Have It - DeWanda Wise/Ilfenesh Hadera
Gypsy - Naomi Watts/Sophie Cookson

Those were just off the top of my head that featured nudity. Any others I missed?


Just thought I'd post this. Hope it's new to you all. Very hot young actress, Veronica la Very, in a super sexy short.



Just another tattooed bimbo doll. 🙁


And directed by a woman, btw.


Dude.. trust me, it's a good thing that it's directed by a woman. Supports my whole point about things potentially getting better when women-driven stuff gets made.


Depends on what you mean by better. It would be better if both men and women can feature such content without getting criticized like it used to be. In a culture where male filmmakers are often criticized for such things therefore increasingly shy away from it then yes, more female filmmakers will be better for nudity.


I hear you. And yes that’s basically what I’m saying. Female filmmakers who wish to explore sexual themes will not have any problems showing female nudity. I honestly believe most of them love it. Add to that the fact that when more female directors and producers become more prominent, the criticism against male director/producers will finally go away. Maybe not entirely but no doubt it will be very significantly reduced and hopefully then they will have more freedom themselves. That’s what I’m trying to say. I’m not stating this like a fact, obviously. All speculation. But I would argue it’s probably good speculation. So I think it’s very possible that a few years from now there could actually be way more sex and skin than ever before.


Now that's a sex-positive, empowered woman!


Britannia starts on next Thursday. In this article they say: "This is not to say that Britannia doesn’t cleave occasionally to ye olde traditions of histoporn: nothing says costume drama like a topless woman bouncing cheerfully atop her second husband as her first one looks on. " So, it could be interesting..


that’s the Annabel Scholey scene in the first episode


Yes, it's her scene... I hope it will be a clear frontal topless. 😀


Unless there is an alternate version we should not expect any real nudity from the Alienist going by this review-

"The show’s somewhat rote attacks on corset culture might go over better if its creators weren’t also so fascinated by cleavage and teasing near nudity. The first two episodes offer two scenes of Fanning’s character on display in her underthings, worrying over her clothes. You know how, while watching a new movie, you can see where basic cable would put in commercials? The Alienist is basic cable where you can see where premium cable executives would insist on adding nipples."

And once again critics whining about any hint of female skin being shown.


Did this critic see the whole show or just a few episodes?


I don't care anymore. You can't change the world written by establishment.


Sounds more like the dude just wanted an excuse to talk about the girls on the show so he pretended to be disproving...all the while speculating about how there could've been some nipple shown. Almost like grade school kids pretending to hate the girl they've got a crush on.


Hope makers don't get affected by these stupid critics. There are also viewers who don't have any problem with nudity rather enjoys it.


This one looks interesting. Looks like Carice van Houten and Hanna Alstrom will play lovers.


"'The Glass Room' is a love story about the relationship between two women set in an iconic modernist house in Czechoslovakia built by celebrity architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe."


Great news. Her taking this role makes it all the more likely that she'll also be nekkid in I Am Not A Bird. Carice will continue her great legacy. 😀


I do expect Carice will get nekkid in I Am Not a Bird, but I don't think taking on this role means it's more likely she'll get nekkid in I Am Not a Bird. The way I would look at it is if Carice does in fact get nekkid in I Am Not a Bird, then that makes it more likely she'll get nekkid for the Glass Room. Because her getting nekkid for a movie that doesn't require it as much increases the likelihood that she'll do it for a movie that requires it more. Same reason I'm hoping Alexandra Daddario gets nekkid in either We Have Always Lived in the Castle and/or Nomis.

I am curious, though, if Carice whetted her sapphic appetite with Daddario in I Am Not a Bird before taking this.


Sweetbitter will premiere May 6th on Starz - hopefully we will have an answer before then.