Celebrity Nudity Rumors July 14

The nudity on Sunday’s season premiere of Ballers is from some random dancers. Nothing from Arielle Kebbel.

Believe the only nudity on Sunday’s Roadies is from guys or random strippers. Outside chance Jacqueline Byers is naked again.

And not sure if he’s seen all the episodes of The Night Of but according to mk:

Episode 4 – Racquel Bailey shows her breasts during a sex scene with John Turturro’s character and then is full frontal walking to the bathroom. Very dim lighting in both shots. She appears to be wearing a modesty patch in the latter.

Other episodes listed with nudity are mostly prison shower scenes with male extras showing their butts or dicks.

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Lela showed her ass for 3 sec... (walking out of bed)

In Power s03e01

Lucy Walters shows her nipple while having sex with tommy on sofa..


any caps yet of Sugar Lyn Beard in Mike and Dave?


Any chance of nudity in Stranger Things?


No nudity. Natalia Dyer makes out in her bra though.


Thanks for the information, even if it isn't quite what I had hoped.

Speaking of hope, I'm not getting my hopes up Arielle will show anything on "Ballers" this season. But you never know.


Any nudity from Riz Ahmed in The Night of?


So all in all, it's yet another lousy week. Thanks anyways Recapped and MK.


Do you Know if Arielle kebbel Will be topless in ballers season 2? Thanks


Thank you once again for the reporting. Is there any positive upcoming nudity news?


any nudity news for power?


It occurs to me that I don't say this often, so... thanks recapped and mk. Even if it's bad news.