Celebrity Nudity Rumors July 15

It seems most of you want to know if Deborah Ann Woll will finally get naked on True Blood this season. Well the answer is ‘sort of’. On the next episode of True Blood, Deborah Ann Woll is topless while having sex. Deborah shows almost her entire left breast from the side but you can’t really see nipple. Is she wearing pasties? Is it CG? Or does our source just have bad eyesight? You be the judge when it airs Sunday night.

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So, is it too early for any nudity scoop about Dakota in 50 shades of grey?


No....she is hot and the trailer looks promising 🙂


Hopefully details will emerge soon.


Any info on the next episode (3) of Masters of Sex? Does Lizzy Caplan get naked?


Elena satine nude ?


Any info on Yana Novikova in "The Tribe"? Did the director persuade her to give an unsimulated blowjob?


Well, at this point, I think we will not have a clear topless shot of Deborah Ann Woll this season either. And since it's the last.


Anything on Nina Dobrev?


Any word on when Katie Cassidy will be out in the Scribbler? Thought I heard it had released in the UK earlier in the year?


Do you know if Betsy Brandt or Sarah Silverman will be getting naked in Masters of Sex this season?


In trailer for next episode of True Blood, it looks like Bailey Noble have a sex scene, so can we expected something from her?


ep 6 says 'brief nudity' unfortunately. Maybe brief nipple if we are lucky? Episode 7 has nudity and strong sexual content so i'd have preferred her to have sex in two weeks...

episode 5 had nudity but where was that? Deborah wasnt really naked...


Bill showed his ass, but yeah for me it should be brief nudity since DAW show only side boob and Bill's ass was visible for like 2 seconds.


more like half a second


Seen the preview shot...

Looks like a sex scene without boobs to me unfortunately.

furthermore i am 99% sure her character dies next episode based on that preview (shot of Jason's girlfriend calling her out in the treehouse + shot of Jessica crying?)

I hope i am wrong but if not she at least gives us a topless scene. The brief nudity might be from Jason's girlfriend as she 'has sex' with him...


Hope it will be no spoiler but...

... Bailey is in description for ep 7.

And more, in comment section for preview there is someone who was extra on set and wrote lots of (even some majors) spoilers about show.


This is a long shot but I am wondering if there's any chance we'll be seeing anything from the stunning Gretchen Mol or Patricia Arquette in the upcoming final season of "Boardwalk Empire"? There would be no better way of ending the series than with a double blast of those two beauties!


Any chance Mia Maestro will get naked in "The Strain"? Decon showers are always handy in a disease show.


Her and the other doctor, Ephraim do sleep together in the book and comic book. In the comics it's dark and shadowy so that's probably how they'll do it on the show, but she's nude.


there's nothing even close to a nude scene in the books, and it's very doubtful they'd make it up for the show


Anything about Jordan Hinson ?


who is nude in the leftovers episode 4? thanks.


there is said to be nudity in the episode.


Sadly it always could be male nudity 🙁


Anna torv nude ?


A read a review that stated Julianna Guill is nude in "Mine Games aka The Evil Within". Does anyone know if this is true?


Well shit... Maybe there is an unrated version?

I saw that movie like a year ago and there is just sexy bikini stuff. Major missed chance i said back then. She turned 27 this week, clock is ticking...


Have you not seen the Friday the 13th remake? She shows them in that and they're amazing


Of course! I want more, though, lol.


The reviewer just said she provided the movie's nudity.

It was such a surprise. I hadn't heard anything about it. Plus, I'm a big fan of her. It just caused my stomach to react.


The reviewer just said she provided the movuie's nudity.

It was such a surprise. I hadn't heard anything about it. Plus, I'm a big fan of her. It just caused my stomach to react.


Tnx for answering


seen it. no nudity sadly


I wonder if that reviewer was paid off by the filmmakers?


My stomach did backflips when I read that part in the review. Then I was like "Why in the hell haven't I heard about this before!?"

Turns out he was bullshitting.


Y was your stomach doing backflips?

What exactly did he said or write?


any news on alison brie's upcoming projects? like 'sleeping with other people' and 'get hard'?


i doubt alison would get nude, but probably a lot of sexual content


Liana liberato has a sex scene in The Best of Me apparently from the trailer, any good news there?

Also seconding true blood news!


Any info on Ashley Greene in Staten Island Summer. On twitter, it’s said to be screened for some people but no detailed information. Do you have any info on this?


maybe since its the last season DAW will surprise us


What about Lily Collins in Love, Rosie? Some skin?


Hey, what about Brie Larson. I want to see her boobs. Do you have any info about her?


Apparently Kristen Wigg has a new a nude scene in the movie "Welcome to Me". I read an article where she claimed there was a scene in the script that required her to be fully nude, and the movie is rated R for graphic nudity. I don't know if we will actually see her naked in the movie but she claims that she did it


That's a great news... well sort of.

Hope there will be one more nude scene for her, but yeah I doubt it.

But if Bailey and Amelia and Ashley and Nathalie (and Karolina one more time) will go naked I will be satisfied.


The same thing happened in season 4, boobs without nipples. I hate this.


Any info on Amelia Rose Blaire on the final season of trueblood?


+1 for Amelia Rose Blair Info


Carrie preston nude true blood ?


She showed her whole boob lying on her back two seasons ago but same thing, you couldn't see a nipple.


Maybe she's got the Lohan ghost areola...


you mean just "ghost nipples", which Lohan happens to have...


What's the news on Cameron Diaz in Sex Tape? Is it legit full frontal?


From what I've heard, she definitely shows her ass a bunch and sideboob a bunch... No full frontal.


from what i've heard she doesnt even show ass!


Then you need to get your ears checked.


Has anyone found a screencap of her butt online yet?


been waiting for daw for a long time

lets hope its a good scene


oh thanks at last