Celebrity Nudity Rumors July 16

On Sunday’s Ballers, Jazmyn Simon shows part of her ass. Zashia Monique Santiago maybe shows part of her ass too.

Sunday’s Ray Donovan has Krystal Harris naked briefly. Then the week after, Christy Williams is topless.

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Frankie Shaw's short SMILF is on YouTube:

Some really nice bouncing boobs from her. A peak at her bush from a side angle.


yeeah! it's awesome! i've been waiting for a long time this boobs. thank you so much mr.Ron Leidner!!


Emmanuelle Chriqui nude in next episode of MURDER IN THE FIRST ?


Nope, she's a lost cause.


Just watched the Red Band trailer for "Deadpool". Morena Baccarin is seen wearing a bra and no panties (side butt) as Reynolds slams her against a wall to keep doing her. Since its a hard R film, maybe we'll get some Homeland level nudity from her? The trailer scene is promising.


Emmanuelle Chriqui has hot sex scene today on the Murder series. No nudity but good!


Rated for nudity

1.Nerdist Presents The Hive - Rated R for violence/disturbing images, language, sexual references and brief nudity. (USA film)


A young man suffering from amnesia must dig deep into the far reaches of his mind to remember who he is and save the love of his life before a virus that has infected him takes over.

Starring: Mary Elizabeth Boylan, Velinda Godfrey, Alexandra Grossi, Madelaine Petsch, Aurelia Scheppers, Kathryn Prescott, Julia Tilden, Gabrielle Walsh

2.Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse - Rated R for zombie violence and gore, sexual material, graphic nudity, and language throughout. (USA film)


Three scouts, on the eve of their last camp-out, discover the true meaning of friendship when they attempt to save their town from a zombie outbreak.

Starring: Halston Sage, Sara Malakul Lane, Jesica Ahlberg, Becktoria (as 'hot party girl'), Elle Evans, Arielle Raycene (as 'hot girl'), Yana Trofimova (as 'hot party girl'), Morgan Womack (as 'party girl'), Sarah Dumont, Courtney Cooper

Rated for 'sensuality'/'brief sexuality'

1.Incarnate - Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of horror violence, terror, disturbing images, brief strong language, sensuality and thematic elements.


A wheelchair-bound exorcist is able to enter the subconscious minds of the possessed.

Starring: Carice van Houten, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Karolina Wydra, Breanne Hill, Emily Jackson, Petra Sprecher, Vera Miao

2.Wolf Totem - Rated PG-13 for disturbing images and violence involving animals, and for brief sexuality. (China/France film)


In 1967, a young Beijing student, Chen Zhen, is sent to live among the nomadic herdsmen of Inner Mongolia. Caught between the advance of civilization from the south and the nomads' ..

Starring: Ankhnyam Ragchaa,

Also Rated This Week

1.Bridge Of Spies - Rated PG-13 for some violence and brief strong language.

2.The Challenger - Rated PG-13 for some sports violence.

3.Concussion - Rated PG-13 for thematic material including some disturbing images, and language.

4.The Confirmation - Rated PG-13 for some mature thematic elements.

5.Daughter Of God - Rated R for violence including a sexual assault, and for language.

6.Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials - Rated PG-13 for extended sequences of violence and action, some thematic elements, substance use and language.

7.Mr. Right - Rated R for violence and language throughout.

8.Room - Rated R for language.


Hoping for a Katie Holmes sex scene in any upcoming episodes.


I think she'll have some sort of scene where they manage to just barely no show anything.


Anything on Alyssa Diaz in Ray Donovan? Previews loom promising but of course when they tease potential nude scenes usually means they don't show shit in the ep


Any news on the 3rd season of O Negocio on HBO Brasil? Should be premiering in the fall, no?


Season 3? Didn't season 2 just premiere recently?


the next episode better start off with that sex scene the last episode left off with and she better be butt ass naked


No actress is entitled to get naked because you want them to and no show has to include nudity because it is on a premium network. They aren't forcing you to watch them either.


this guy's funny.

>comes to a website dedicated to female tv/movie nudity

>lectures people for being bummed when celebs are not naked.

>is total piece of shit.


this guy's funny.... but he's right.

You can appreciate celebrity nudity without sounding like a whiny, entitled child. Just because we're on the same site doesn't mean we share the same maturity level.


Fuck you man! I was replying to this asshole who thinks he's entitled to see this actress naked and he's not. If you're watching a show just for the nudity that just screams pathetic to me. Get out of your parent's basement and find a real girl to see naked whether that's a girlfriend or a stripper.


You criticize others for appreciating celebrity nudity like a lot of people do, yet you are on the same site. Hypocrite much?


Or what? You're going to boycott HBO? What're you gonna do about it if the creatives behind the show got something in mind instead of appeasing your adolescent lizard brain?


Take a look at the site you're on. Lol these holier than thou posters on a site for nudity rumors crack me up.


Probably not. Even nudity issues aside this season has been lackluster.


Any caps of Sabina Gadecki in entourage?


Digital HD with UltraViolet of Entourage will arrive on August 25, so I guess nothing before that date.


I really hope rachel mcadams shows some nudity in tonight's episode of True Detective, someone please report as soon as the episode finishes airing ๐Ÿ™‚


I would be happy even with a non-nude sex scene..which could happen apparently according to a dude who has guaranteed it above. but i wouldn't count on it. going in with zero expectations.


This is so bad, I'm not even watching for the (non existent) nudity anymore. It's so not intrigueing.


There is no nudity in tonight's rating. So probably no nudity in the episode.

I honestly don't think she will be naked on the show.


why not? she's already shown her tits in 'my name is tanino (2002)', 'the notebook (2004)', 'to the wonder (2012)', and her ass in 'the time traveler's wife (2009)'


It doesn't matter where she was naked before or that she was.

There are only 2 episodes left and no nudity tonight.

So that leaves one episode which is the finale, where everything needs to be resolved.

My bet is, she won't be naked in True Detective.


That's no problem, she has already been naked before.

Broke my cock off thinking of your sister

I would love to see Hunter and Joe King naked.


I venture to guess older sis Hunter will get naked within the next 2 or three years, with younger sis Joey (who is still underage) following before her 21st birthday.

Sucked and Fucked a Cat

How about Chelsea Kane? She must want to show off her plastic tits as much as she shows off her plastic face.

Pop'd a zit on my dick

How about Saoirse Ronan? She is a total screen virgin.


Any info on Emma Dumont from Aquarius?

Is she naked in the uncut version?


Any insight on Power tonight?


Lol, dude, post above you is about it, not to mention you can see sex gifs of Lela scene already.


where are the sex gifs. Thanks


With nearly every tv show being a nudity letdown in 2015, great that Power keeps delivering. Another softcore-porn like scene from Lela Loren tonight.


A lot of disappointments lately. But I just wanna thank recapped for doing what he or she is doing. Seems like a thankless task, so here I am, saying thank you.


I wanna also send out my thanks for the awesome job that you do here.


Agreed. Many thanks to Recapped. Keep up the great work!


Quit feeding the troll, who only comes here to piss you off, and he might go away.


entourage censored online. Bittersweet.


I'm dying to see Sabina already.


Melissa McCarthy full frontal in Michelle Darnell?




Supposedly Taylor Rose is topless in Jason Bateman's

"The Family Fang". She plays the 18-year old version of Nicole Kidman's character. The film is playing at tiff.


Any release date of indian flick 'kamsutra 3d'?

Waiting it for a long time..


Waiting for that tooo .. any update


Does anyone know if Julie Ann Emery will be naked on Masters of Sex? She's guest starring in the next 2 episodes and they've each been rated for 'Brief nudity'.


who lnows, she said this on her twitter:

Julie Ann Emery [email protected] Jul 29

Find out who I'm in bed with this Sunday on @SHO_Masters ๐Ÿ˜‰


Kelly overton nude ?


Rated for 'Sexual Material" "Sexual Content"

1.Ashby - Rated R for language, some sexual material and violence. (USA film)


High-school student Ed Wallis enters into a friendship with his neighbor, Ashby, a retired CIA assassin who only has a few months left to live.

Starring: Emma Roberts, Sarah Silverman

2.Ride Along 2 - Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence,

sexual content, language and some drug material. (USA film)


The plot is unknown at this time

Starring: Olivia Munn, Tika Sumpter, Rebecca Olejniczak, Sherri Shepherd, Michelle Rose Domb, Hunter Denoyelles

3.The Silent Storm - Rated R for some violent and sexual

content. (UK film)


An enigmatic outsider living on a remote Scottish island finds herself caught between her minister husband and the delinquent who is sent to live with them.

Starring: Kate Dickie, Andrea Riseborough (Andrea was really good in a short lived British T.V show about a Member of Parliament and her staff called "Party Animals")

Also rated this week

1.Jem And The Holograms - Rated PG for thematic material

including reckless behavior, brief suggestive content and

some language.

2.Murder In The Dark - Rated R for some violence including

bloody images.

3.Shut In - Rated R for violence and language.

4.Twinsters - Rated PG-13 for brief strong language.


You've got a casting notice, I've got the actual scene. You're starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist now.

As for Lena it was painfully obvious that wasn't her. No sane person still thinks it was her.


Any info on Elle fanning in three generations?


The film "Three Generations" is now known as "About Ray" and the rumors that Elle goes full frontal in the film are close to being confirmed, though the scene could still get cut before the film's premiere in September.


Rumor is she's full frontal looking at her body in a mirror. Which is all the craze these days for some reason. Scarlett Johansson did it, Emily Browning did it, that girl in Diary of a Teenage Girl did it. I hope this really happens. There's always a chance it could be CG, though.


Does anybody know anything about this movie The Diary of a Teenage Girl? 23 year old actress Bel Powley plays a 15 year old who starts fucking her mom's 40 year old boyfriend. Kristin Wiig plays the mom and Alexander Skarsgard plays the boyfriend. Apparently Bel does a ton of "graphic" full frontal nudity (which is surprising because it's an American movie and her character is 15) and like half the movie is pretty realistic sex scenes. It hits select theaters this Friday so anybody who lives near where it's playing, get in there with a camera and show us what it's all about!


I think Skarsgard shows his dick and that's the "graphic nudity" the MPAA is referring to. But from what I've read Bel spends at least 45 minutes of the movie topless, including like a 5 minute scene of her standing in front of a mirror, touching her breasts. She also shows her ass a few times.


Despite only showing one scene of full frontal nudity, in which Minnie is standing alone in front of a mirror, the film has been given an 18 rating due to scenes of โ€œstrong sexโ€ and a storyline that involves underage sex with a minor.



The Horror!

Underage sex! OH NO! why am i not surprised this is an issue again in the new conservative puritan victorian Britain? Pretty sure we wont see Bel naked in sex scenes cause of all those retarded laws they came up with over there.

In Germany none of this would have been an issue at all. You can have sex at 14 there... And there are no retarded laws about depicting it either... This just shows how arbitrary all thsese shit laws are....

At least we get a good look at her topless at the mirror!


It has been at festivals before.

She is topless as well as one other girl if i remember correctly.

supposedly it should have a (VOD?) release in a month or so.


LOL at all the crying over True Detective. Like you clowns are entitled to see some celebs tatas. You should all be happy for the Alexandra Daddario scene last year.


Amen! Exactly! Actresses don't have to get naked because these assholes want them to.

This guy sucks

Um please tell me what the point of this website is? Oh right, it's to find out so is getting naked. How shocking that people are disappointed when they find out something written on this website doesn't come to fruition.

Please stop pretending that you are better than everyone here. Idiot.


There was never any indications that Rachel McAdams was gonna get naked. There was only hope from these losers that she would and that dumb fan fiction but now there's all this crying that she didn't get naked. Gee what a surprise! I never expected her to get naked.


i never expected her to get naked either, im not bitching that she didnt get naked. But how that entire scene played out is just stupid and horrible writing. Everyone else is naked and fucking, she's high as fuck and doesnt know whats going on from the drugs, yet she manages to walk around never even coming close to having to engage in anything while everyone else is doing shit, and on top of that she comes out of it enough to find her missing person?? yeah ok... and lets not even mention how she slices up 2 guys at the party with a serving knife she found. The fact that she wasn't naked was the least unlikely thing in that entire ridiculous scene


And her tatas aren't even that great (as seen in her movie debut). They're not as bad as Wiig's tatas but not much better. And she's almost 40. There are a lot better (and much bigger) tatas in Hollywood so I don't understand the obsession with her tatas.

The Real Truth

Rachel McAdams can still pass for late 20's, and I believe she's 36 that's hardly almost 40. But beautiful woman regardless.( I'm not one of the crying dudes, I just think you can't deny a gorgeous woman, especially an all natural gorgeous woman, not those Kardashion/Jenner freak shows.


Cool post bro. I'm sure you reached many with it.


Good chance I reached the clowns griping above. Did not have flightier expectations than that.


'Read' & 'reached' are 2 very different things. I'm sure most of them read it yet still don't give a shit lol.


Yes I'm sure people are legitimately "angry" over a non nude scene lol.


Actually you know what? I am above throwing a tantrum because a celeb doesn't get naked on camera or a producer or director doesn't force them to. I'm not above enjoying it when they do, or ea ting to know when they do. If you're not above knowing the difference, well, congrats to you guy.


i find it incredibly hypocritical that a guy who, as you say, was the only worthwhile poster when it comes to giving scoops, wants to bash people on this website about anything at all. Who is he trying to kid with that bullshit, when he obviously goes out of his way to find out asap what celebs are getting naked in what, and in as much detail as he can. Give me a break. Tired of the high and mighty assholes, you are here for a reason, stop acting like you're above it


And I don't give a shit that they don't give a shit. The only worthwhile poster here who provided reliable scoops already stated he's not posting any more because of the insipid tone of so many of these posters, so if there's anyone willing to give a shit about this particular topic, perhaps they should give a shit about that.


I just saw there is an uncut version of Autumn Blood with Sophie Lowe. Does anyone know if there is more nudity in the uncut version? Nudity guru's might not have checked.


Where did you see it?


just write in autumn blood uncut and you will see german edition blu rays and dvd releassed this june. IDK if there is anything added, but it is 4 minutes longer.


Ahh, I see it, but seems like it's not online yet.


this is almost definitly it. Yeah, it's the same i'm affraid.


There is an Encounters release online. I grabbed it Its 1h40m26s. I didnt see any new nudity. Not sure if it was the unrated version with extra material? I would say so.. Never saw the original so not sure if there were other extended scenes. If you want to know for sure looks like you ll have to buy the unrated version or verify the Encounters release is indeed the right one.

There was also a DVD9 release. Only extras were a brief Making Of and BTS.

Hope you can research further and we will see more one day.


it's four minutes longer so maybe


Arielle kebbel nude ?


I just want Adria to show something. I don't care at all for Rachel. That was the best episode of the season, however.


bullshit i cant believe she did not show anything


It was the fappenning. Too much of a good thing last year. Now the balance is all f*cked up and this year's nudity is pretty much shit.


fuck fuck fuck..

TD ruined my all plan..

all that wait for nothing.. cant believe


Rachel didn't show a thing. But apparently she still has a sex scene in the next episode.


man, nic is so losing his job. THis is horrible on all fronts.


Looks like it's the end of the world. Well....


Does the orgy scene carry over into the next episode? Or is that all done with?


you should just watch this show, its pretty good




Wow...pretty lame True Detective....pretty lame


What happened?


just a lot of extras nudity


Absolutely nothing......


Anything on Emma Rigby and Amy Jackson ???


What upcoming nudity do we have to look forward to this year? Anything big?


Alot of maybes....


Gage Golighty probably goes topless on Red Oaks from Amazon

Camilla Belle has a couple of unreleased nude scees

Maybe Emma Watson ?

Melissa Rauch topless at least (huge tits)

That's it I think, if all pan out it won't be too bad


Camilla Belle nude scenes are a big lie. She's a devout Catholic virgin


Maybe Yvonne strahovski and jewel staite.


This year is beyond salvation.


Well, we're still waiting for Diana Agron, but her tits are nothing to write about.


Victoria Justice doing Playboy? They followed her on twitter not too long ago. If you have any info please share


keep dreaming Playboy is dead former child stars would rather go for some hipster mag if anything


Here's some info: I'm a nobody and a dude and you'll be seeing me nude in Playboy before you see Victoria Justice there.

She's a former Nickelodeon star. Not happening.


Which is exactly why she might do it...

If she wants to wrestle free from that image!

Now i dont think she will honestly.

She might also do a non nude shoot / interview for Playboy of course.


Any update with emily kinney? In master o sex?


Anything on " Kamasutra 3D" .. release date or something ??


Anything on Power tomorrow?


Rachel Annette Helson, Kaitlin Mesh and Naturi Naughton are naked. Lela Loren is also naked but scene is slightly blurred.


Emma Watson in regression? Supposedly a topless scene


Where did you hear that?


any nude news about abc tv series 'Quantico'?


It's ABC show so no, there's no way for that.


Does anyone know what happened to the upcoming nudity forum on nudesman.com? That was a good forum for discussion of upcoming nude scenes but seems to have changed format.


Wasn't that the site that was copy-pasting comments from other sites like this one and pretending to have forum members?


If so, that's not cool. I didn't realize they were doing that.


Yes! That's the one i have seen some on my comments both her and on batty's blog posted there under random names! Really odd...


Any chance of katie holmes in ray donovan?


There's more of a chance of Ray Donovan in Katie Holmes.


anything on true detective?


Rachel McAdams apparently shows her tits in the next episode. Not confirmed


any nudity in Queen of Earth?


Well, Elisabeth Moss and Katherine Waterston have both done full frontal in other movies, so hopefully something!


Looks like 'I Smile Back' starring Sarah Silverman will finally be released on October 23rd!


Some kind of beautiful trailer hinted nudity from godess Salma Hayek.Does anybody know something?


Saw a gif on a website and you can see her butt when she jumps into a pool. Not sure if body double.


It's not a body double but CGI like Jessica Alba in Sin City.


Everyone's a CGI expert these days. Kirsten Wiig goes full frontal, someone thinks it's CGI. Nicole Kidman goes full frontal, someone thinks it's CGI. Salma shows her butt, someone thinks it's CGI.

I am looking forward to the next celeb nude scene to hit the net where we will undoubtedly have - you guessed it - someone who thinks it's CGI.


I don't see anything as she swims away.


Just downloaded the rip that leaked. She's wearing flesh colored panties:

1) When she gets out of bed, you can clearly see her underwear.

2) When she then goes outside and jumps in the pool, her underwear can still be faintly seen.

3) In the pool, when she swims away after talking to Alba, you can clearly see the underwear again.

There is no actual nudity. Download the rip if you don't believe me.


Specifically look in the pool scene when she's in the water. When she gets done talking to Alba, she swims away and you can see her underwear that they forgot to remove via CGI.

This is why in the scene just before this (when she's running "naked" and jumping into the pool), her waist is blurry. They removed her underwear with CGI.


It's CGI. Look at her waist. It's blurred. Her thong has been CGI'ed out.


They mostly use CGI when the nude scene has to be shot in crowd or in public because its not easy to be nude infront of so many people.


during the scene where they hug her and cover her up, yes!. The nude scene was not shot there. And it's so her body and her fake tits,

those scenes were definitly not shot at the same time.


Do a Google image search of Nicole Kidman + Strangerland. You'll see that she was wearing flesh-toned underwear during that scene.


Wiig is a CGI body double. Someone already posted the casting notice for her body double. Why are people acting like this doesn't happen? It happens all the time now and is the new reality. The CGI body double was very obvious in GoT and there were still people claiming it was really Lena's body, even after the body double publicly came out.


so far, there is absolutely no reason to say it's not her butt.


why would you say that? It seems it's her booty and it's hot. Salma has no problem taking her clothes off.


Her underwear has been removed via CGI like Alba. If you want to believe it's real, be my guest. Obvious CGI is very obvious.


It's not a body double. There's a shot where she turns around (her front's covered) while talking to a gardener and walks away and we see her face and then ass in the same shot.


Which website?


link please! I love salma and would love to see it.


I watched it full screen and the nudity looks strange. There seems to be some kind of CGI going on. It looks like she was wearing underwear and they removed with CGI.


very, very nice. Love that booty. thanks for the link and the gif. Hope there is even more nudity and sex.


There isn't. That's it.


nice!! sure hope there's tit scenes too


The MPAA ratings says there is nudity and it is available On Demand for Direct TV already. Hopefully someone has some details soon.


it doesnt work for me anymore...


If so it'll probably be brief dark & lame. She hasn't done good nudity since Desperado


Not true. Frida had nice tit views with pretty nipples and courageous areolas.


false. her areola basically blended into her tit. could barely make them out


The Layover (2016) has been called a sex comedy in articles. I wonder if anyone has read the script or casting calls? Exactly how raunchy it is, if at all?


That awful movie with Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate from over a decade ago was a "sex comedy" and it completely lacked tits. I don't expect either girl to show any nudity in it.


Breasts would be a bonus. I'm at least hoping for hot scenes and dialogue.


Christina had a mastectomy so I don't think you would ever see her nude. She said in a interview that she took alot of pictures of herself topless before she had the surgery.


The crappy movie with Cameron Diaz was long before her breast cancer. In fact, she was practically a nobody at the time after she disappeared following her failed NBC sitcom. Cameron Diaz was already a megastar so nudity from her wasn't going to happen, but prior to release there was at least an inkling of hope that Applegate might show tits for a comedic scene since she had pretty much nothing to lose and desperately needed to jumpstart her sagging career. Unfortunately she never did and a few years later re-emerged in Anchorman and got another shot at stardom.

As for The Layover, I really don't see any nudity from Daddario or Upton. In today's Hollywood you rarely have a popular leading lady continually doing nudity, instead actresses kind of "pay their dues" by dropping kit in an early role, preferably one where they showcase their acting chops and not just their body, and then ride that momentum to more/better roles where they don't have to do nudity and can instead get paid for their acting instead of their tits. In this sense, Daddario "paid her dues" with the True Detective nudity. It got a lot of attention and people also praised her (limited) acting in her (limited) role. Now she's getting more acting roles where she doesn't have to try and garner attention with her tits.

Upton is a somewhat different story, as she's escaping modeling so she doesn't have to show her (naked) tits in hopes that she can make money acting instead. Her background isn't the conventional actress' background, but again, she landed this role and took it so she wouldn't have to do a topless or nude photoshoot in order to stay relevant as a model.

I would put good money on this movie not having any nudity from Daddario and Upton and would parlay that with them being in swimsuits at some point to fulfill the "sex appeal" clause of their contracts. Any nudity will be done by random extras/strippers, but I have the feeling that this movie is just going to have swearing and toilet humor to give it an R-rating that will sucker in men thinking they're going to see either leading lady's tits.


1..Moonwalkers - Rated R for strong bloody violence, graphic nudity, plentiful drug use and language. (France film)


Nudity per Mr Skin: breasts (and sometimes more) from various anonymous.

Nudity in a film called Moonwalkers? That's ignorant.

2.Queen Of Carthage - Rated R for language, some bloody

violence, sexual content/nudity and brief drug use. (New Zealand film)


An American Drifter discovers a New Zealand Singer and develops and obsession for him.

Starring: Keisha Castle-Hughes, Astra McLaren

Films rated for 'Sexuality'

1.The Adderall Diaries - Rated R for language throughout, drug use, sexuality, and some aberrant and disturbing content. (USA film)


As a writer stymied by past success, writers block, substance abuse, relationship problems and a serious set of father issues, Elliott's cracked-out chronicle of a bizarre murder trial

From IMDB Parent's Guide:Two characters have sex a few times. No nudity.

One character is into S&M. We see this a few times.

Starring: Amber Heard Depp (I've Heard Amber is out of her Depp in this movie), Cynthia Nixon, Tonya Glanz, Jessica Leccia, Gabriela Fresquez

2.Eden - Rated R for violence, language and some sexuality. (Spain/Malaysia movie)


When a US soccer team gets stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash they must face difficult choices to survive. Modern day Lord of the Flies.

Starring: Jessica Lowndes, Tracy Ryerson

3.Forever - Rated R for language, some violence and sexual content. (USA film)


Alice is a young investigative reporter. She suffers a sorrowful loss but finds an enigmatic commune where she starts to find her will to live and love again.

Starring: Deborah Ann Wall, Jill Larson, Shanola Hampton, Courtney Halverson, Marianna Palka, Rain Phoenix, Diane Salinger

4.The Turning - Rated R for language, violence including a rape, some sexual content and drug use.

Can't find this on IMDB. Distributor: ARC Entertainment.

5.The Wicked Within - Rated R for bloody horror violence, language and some sexual content. (USA film)


After a year passes since the sudden death of a child, a family gathering takes place whilst peculiar unexplainable events occur. Tension over peculiar circumstances cracks the veneer of ...

Starring: Sienna Guillory, Michelle Hicks, Karen Austin, Sonja Kinski, Sarah Lassez, Melanie Avalon, Sabrina Carmichael, Cynthia Richards

Also rated this week

1.A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story - Rated PG-13 for thematic elements involving bullying, and for brief

strong language.

2.Fantastic Four - Rated PG-13 for sci-fi action violence, and language.

3.Finders Keepers - Rated R for language.

4.Monday At 11:01 A.M. - Rated R for some bloody violence,

and language throughout including sexual references.

5.Unbranded - Rated PG-13 for some language and unsettling images.

6.Victor Frankenstein - Rated PG-13 for macabre images,

violence and a sequence of destruction.


yah there shit thanks tho


What ever happened to those pictures of Dianna Agron that were teased a year ago and never came out?


Only her and photographer knows that.


also, when will we get videos from Bare ?

some pictures came out a few weeks ago but that's about it


well at least we kinda know now what we can expect from it.


Bare so far was only at Tribeca Film Festiwal and besides that had one or two special screenings so there won't be any videos before film will gets normal release date.


Where are these pic then? I've looked but can't find them. There's non on ancensored!



https://twitter.com/lesbchele/status/615522504648605696 it's the only ones and the just cam quality.

Rusty Shackleford

A few pictures from the movie were posted on twitter, but they were extremely blurry. Supposedly the movie is getting a wider release in not too long, but who knows.





I've heard some people say that Leven Rambin won't nudity because she's deeply religious. She can't be that deeply religious with some of the video/photo shoots she does. Plus, saying stuff like "I'd fuck Alexandra Daddario".


Also she had topless pics in the Fappening. Of course those were supposed to be private (and sent to a guy she wasn't married to yet - in fact she broke up his previous marriage.) A lot of Christian girls are more than willing to get dirty behind closed doors - they just don't want their judgmental families finding out haha.


Exactly. Its that holier than though stance a lot have. But a lot of them are just acting that role in public. She has an image to think about. Major shame really. I wonder if this extreme religiousness in America might be a reason why so many European actressses end up doing roles with nudity nowadays. Surely there must be tons of American actresses who dont let their lives get influenced too much. I think, as you say, the reaction of loved ones is at least as important. More so if they are religious... The entire concept is mind boggling to me but its the way things still work in the world somehow sadly.


I dated a Christian girl for a little while. Both her grandfathers were Baptist preachers and she was practically raised in the church. Still, she gave me head on our 3rd date. She was down for pretty much anything. But she obviously knew I wouldn't tell her super religious family what she was into. In fact we would have to cook up stories about what we did that night in case they asked her what we did. (usually we'd say we went to a movie and dinner when we were actually fucking around for hours.) Keep in mind, she was in her early 20s but they treated her like she was 12. Anyway, what I'm reiterating is Levin Rambin has to keep up appreances for her family (though I wonder how she explained sending pictures of her tits to a guy she wasn't married to.) Many of these Midwestern/Southern actresses have to keep up appreances and it's likely the main reason they don't do nudity. Of course I'm sure some actresses just don't want to do it anyway, and that's fine. But it's sad to think about all the American girls willing to show their tits but we'll never see them because of their parents.


Anything on Emily Kinney in Masters of Sex ????


Bridget regan nude ?


Supposedly someone gets raped next week on masters of sex. I'm gonna guess it's Tessa.....


I was right. Tessa got mouth-raped in a pretty gross, intense scene with no nudity but - spoilers - looks like she's going to be dating the guy who raped her so there's a chance for nudity still. Don't give up hope.


Sincerely hoping we get a legitimate nude scene from Isabelle Fuhrman on masters of sex. First episode was hopefully just the appetizer. The season just began so....

There's a chance right?


Isn't her character like 16 on the show??? I highly doubt anything is shown because of that.


well one character got pregnant and had the baby all in one episode, so time flies... on the shoe... regardless of who it is though, I just prefer any nudity not to be in rape form though so kinda hoping it's not her just yet


yes time does fly... its been like 6 years between season 2 and season 3 and the only characters that got any older are the kids, lol


does sophia bush really have topless photos for her fragrance??


Where did you hear that?


On one of the previous posts


Hilary swank nude ?


This season of Murder in the First has had no girl butts, what the hell! The first season had heaps, very disappointing



I wish Its true... :p


Found on another forum:

Got a sneak peak at the rest of the season of true detective today. Some minor nudity by extras in a few episodes but one episode will blow your mind and no doubt be the most talked about nude scene of the year. . Maybe the decade. This is the "colossal orgy" that you may have heard about. I don't want to spoil the plot of the series but suffice it to say the investigation leads the team into the heart of the high priced escort world. Rachel MacAdams goes undercover as an escort to try to identify one of the Johns they have a unique description of from one of the call girls (I won't give away what that is).

She gets sent to one of these parties up north you may have heard referenced in an earlier episode. First thing to talk about is how she's dressed. She shows up in this incredibly sexy dress with no back, the top is the size of a sports bra with her midriff bare. It's connected on the sides to the bottom which is cut low on her pelvis with slits up each side to her waist. It's breathtaking and she looks incredible. She's obviously in amazing shape and not wearing underwear or a bra.

She walks into this mansion and there are people fucking everywhere. Puts eyes wide shut to shame. I recognized one porn star Amia Miley who appeared to be having real sex but you couldn't be sure because the camera angle hid penetration.

Rachel is nervous and worried she's in over her head because she doesn't have a weapon or a wire or any surveillance because (SPOILER) she's been officially booted off the case. She doesn't realize that Colin Farrell has followed her there. She's worried she's going to be outed as a cop and she's sure she'll be killed if that happens.

A guys in a suit walks up to her and she thinks it might be the John but she needs to confirm it. He is with another girl - knockout brunette who I didn't recognize. He tells her he wants to watch them play for a bit before he joins in. You get the sense that he knows she's a cop.

The brunette takes them over to a couch, pulls off her top and starts to kiss Rachel who is hesitant at first. Brunette whispers "come on honey you're going to get us both in trouble" "I've never been with a woman before" "relax you'll enjoy it" They resume kissing and the camera zooms on their faces. Incredibly hot tongue action and you can see Rachel give in. Brunette undoes the neck of Rachel's dress and reveals her amazing tits. Her nipples are hard as rocks and really long, standing high on her breasts. Brunette leans down and sucks one of her nipples into her mouth as Rachel moans. Had to rewind that part a few times.

Next, cut to the John who is naked with his back and bare ass to the camera. He comes over to the couch and positions Rachel on her back with the brunette by her head. He sits down on the couch, angle preventing a view of his junk while the brunette resumes kissing Rachel. His fingers hook the bottom of her dress, you see a look of stress on her face but she lifts her hips off the couch. I kept expecting the camera to cut away as you see him pull the dress down with her back arched and her hips in the air. But it didn't and they reveal the most erotic shot of her shaved pussy. Bald as can be, not a single hair. You don't quite make out her labia because of the shadow. I don't know if it was digitally darkened or what but what you do see will leave your jaw on the floor.

He tossed the dress on the floor and she's now completely naked except for her heels. He leans over her and jams his tongue in her mouth as he grabs her tit hard and squeezes a nipple. She says ow and pulls back but he slaps her face and says "I like it rough." What follows is the most intense sex scene I've ever scene with a mainstream actress. He inserts himself and then pounds her missionary, squeezing her ass hard and licking her nipple. Hands roaming over every inch of her body as he rams into her. I couldn't believe Rachel agreed to be used like this. He was leaving red marks on her pale skin.

Then he leans back with the camera shot over his shoulder and moves his hand slowly from her breast down her abs. She looks vulnerable like she's trying to fight back tears. The way the camera angle is you can see her full frontal shaved again and he moves his hand down until it's cupping her snatch. Then he roughly flips her over into a doggie position. Her ass looks unbelievable like this. You can almost see her asshole but it's just out of view. Then he inserts himself again. They cut to a side view where he is just railing the shit out of her. He's pounding into her hard and you see her tits hanging down and swaying with the force. With each thrust she lets out a gasp. The brunette is on the floor by the couch facing the John, legs spread and masturbating but you just see her side boob. Cut to a close up of Rachel's face and she's biting her lip and trying to get through being used. At this point the scene cuts away to Colin who is outside trying to get a vantage point without being caught by the guards. Without a doubt the hottest sex scene I've ever seen outside of porn.


I hope this is true. Getting ready to fap anyways.


I hope the Rachel McAdams lesbian kissing scene is true at least.


She is wearing the black dress as discussed above. And shes done nudity before. Im sure most of it is embellished, but ill put money on a quick boobs flash at the very least


Keep us posted!


Welp here we go boys! Let's hope for the best


Id be happy even with a non nude sex scene.


Not true Sceptic. She showed her tits in the Notebook and To the Wonder and butt in The Time Traveler's Wife.


Rachel McAdams last real nudity was 13 tears ago in My Name is Tanino. It's very unlikely she's going to do a scene like this. We will be lucky if we get a boob or butt flash.


I actually remember a 4chan review a while back that said she had a brief topless scene. Who knows.


I want to believe


as great as it sounds, it's obviously BS.



Is it Really Gona Happen.. or what..

Finger Crossed ๐Ÿ˜‰


the story's told with facts and lies

I have a name but...


Well... She will clearly be attending the orgy / party next week! Though i doubt we ll see this...


The preview for next weeks episode actually lines up with that story to an extent. They showed her alone in line for the party in a black dress. Hopefully there is some truth to that fan fiction afterall


yeah, but I think all of it is hyperbole. Just see the bare middriff, there is some skin in that dress though it's not what you would call bare midriff.


what a load of bollocks


This is fake.

The OP himself mentioned that he made it up at the very end which you conveniently left out.


Is this someone's fan fiction?


Yeah, as if reading that stuff wasn't enough on the first site... I expect this and-then-I-woke-up nonsense on 4chan, not the sites that I visit for (mostly) trustworthy information.


Episode Number ??


That's not gonna Happen ....

Fake Hope


I'm calling bullshit.


Could have done w/o this clogging up the comment section.


This is just fantasy scenario as author wrote at the end in that "forum".


Any update on new NBC series "Aquarius" ..


Where can I find Aquarius Uncut/Uncensored? The ones on Kickass are censored. ๐Ÿ™

Fat Fag Dick In Your Mothers Ass

Guess no one is willing to share. Fucking bitches.


Yo man all the nude scenes are already out there on sites.


Are there any nude scenes .... ??



couple of nude scenes in the uncut version


Any news on spike series 'TUT' ??


What about Power, specifically Lela Loren and Naturi Naughton.


Naturi Noughton has a topless scene in tonight's episode. Now available on-demand.


Any update on nudity in How to Plan an Orgy? Thanks!


Some websites speculate that Emily Kinney ("Beth" on The Walking Dead) might do some nude scenes in "Masters of Sex" and in "The Knick".

What do you think?

Has she ever talked about her ambition of getting naked for a role in a movie?


Wont happen tbh, but the idea is nice.


In some interviews Olivia Cooke (the cute girl on Bates Motel) affirms that she is naked in her latest movie, โ€œKaties says goodbyeโ€. Apparently it would be full frontal nudity.

Storyline : โ€œA kindhearted seventeen-year-old (played by Olivia Cooke) in the American Southwest turns to prostitution to fulfill her dream of a new life in San Francisco. โ€

Do you guys have any info about her nude scenes? Is it actual or implied nudity?


Do you know in which episodes of Ray Donovan Stephanie Erb will appear. Any chance she'll show anything?


any chance of nudity by Julie Ann Emery and Betsy Brandt in Masters of Sex ?

also hoping for Abigail Spencer in TD but I think it is pretty unlikely


Any Sophia bush or Yvonne strahovski ??


wait..what the hell ?!?!? i thought rachel mcadams had a topless sex scene in episode 5 or 6 of true detective. I was really counting on that after the carla gugino disappointment. If that doesn't happen it'll truly ruin my whole month.


If someone not getting naked is ruining your whole month you need to shift your priorities.


If having boobies as your top priority is wrong, I don't want to be right.


Buy this guy ^ a beer


well some1 sure likes to take things literally. ๐Ÿ˜


For whatever reason, Recapped doesn't get True Detective scoop now.


i thought that too..Om

And this news is completely ruining It..


Episode 6 has nudity and strong sexual content in its rating. I am sure that will be the topless episode. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Yep. Episode 6 is the last hope.

I also hope that the genius that gave us this news in the last post didn't confuse kelly's scene w/ vince with rachel and colin. then it would be all for nothing.


Keep cool and be patient. he didn't say that there is a topless scene in the next episode, he said in episode 5 or 6. Episode 6 is next week. And the show has 10 episodes. There is still time.


*8 episodes, we're running out of time


Any nudity from Elizabeth Gillies on Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll?


No, but a number of skimpy outfits.


Really Heart Braking News..

I thought

Rachel McAdams,Arielle Kebbel will be topless this Sunday..

really Disappointing News,,

and Also Nothing from #TheBrink


No Maribeth Monroe nudity in The Brink makes me sad. ๐Ÿ™


Yvonne strahovski nude 2015 ?


I too am eagerly awaiting an update on Manhattan Nocturne in which she is likely to have some degree of nudity.


Lol who are these people? This is pretty lame news.

Rusty Shackleford

Should just be thankful for any news they give.


Anyone know if one time in ballers Arielle Kebbel will ne topless??! I Hope so...


Thanks for news. I got one question: will Anabelle Acosta be naked in Ballers?


Has anyone seen shelter? Reviews say Jennifer pulls down her underwear and exposes her pubic hair. How much do you see, and is she shaved/trimmed, or fully bushy and natural (like gaby Hoffmann).

Anyone know when is it coming out?

Any update appreciated.



i also would like to know the release date of shelter...

She spposed has a facial... not kidding!!


Anybody got the deets on this one?


So nothing on Masters of Sex or True Detectiveor have you not seen this weeks episodes of those shows?


There is no nudity in this week MOS episode.


A nudity-free episode of a show called "Masters of Sex" on Showtime seems like a signal of the End of Days.


In previously seasons there were also episodes without nudity.