Celebrity Nudity Rumors July 2

This week’s Roadies has no female nudity. If Showtime makes the next episode available for early viewing again, Taylor Marie Frey is supposed to be naked in episode 3.

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Any reports about "American Honey"? looks like a movie that's bound to have a ton of nudity.



Full review soon


Taylor Marie Frey is hot. Too bad the scene was so short and kinda dark. Looked like full frontal maybe.


Any idea when either Morgan saylor caps might show up




i'm shocked neither being charlie or white girl are on kodi yet


I thought White Girl was coming out in August


Limited release in NYC on Aug. 26, LA on Sept. 2, then full release on September 9. When Netflix acquired the distribution rights, I thought there was a chance it would get out early, but then it got sold to another company for a theatrical release and all hope was lost. The amount of time that passes between film festivals and actual releases seems excessive.


any info on the season 3 premiere of power?


It starts next Sunday


i know it starts next sunday. any nudity info?


don't know if it's been covered but is there anything in the HBO series the night of and does anyone have any info on quarry yet?


Nudity will be from 3rd episode...


And only in episodes 3, 4 & 5.


The Night Of episode 4 - Racquel Bailey shows her breasts during a sex scene with John Turturro's character and then is full frontal walking to the bathroom. Very dim lighting in both shots. She appears to be wearing a modesty patch in the latter.

Other episodes listed with nudity are mostly prison shower scenes with male extras showing their butts or dicks.


Just have to ask, any nudity from the lead, Riz Ahmed?


Dissappointing but thanks for the heads up. I read that they didn't send out the finale, is that true? If so, there's hope for Sofia Black-D'Elia since they may flash back and show what really happened.


So as reported, Ellen Page is topless while having sex with a guy in a van about two minutes into Tallulah.

First shot is brief, but she's on top and it's well lit. Nude, both breasts visible, nearly full frontal if not for the framing.

Second shot is also brief. She's on her back making out with the guy, right breast comes into frame as he goes down her. Much moaning.

That is all the info I have.


Any pics of Naomi Harris nude in Our Kind of Traitor? She bares boobs and butt 7 minutes in.


Any official word on "Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates"? I heard Aubrey Plaza shows her ass a few times, a full frontal scene (with bush!) from Stephanie Beard, and a topless scene from Alice Wetterlund, or whoever is playing the lesbian cousin that Aubrey hooks up with, but as of right now this is all hearsay.


Aubrey Plaza's character shows her ass at the very end while fucking Adam Devine, it was a super clear shot but really quick and I couldn't tell if it was a body double, but it's possible

Sadly the bit of her mooning on the beach we saw I the trailers wasn't in the movie

The gay cousin has a quick single boob shot but likely a body double as its cut together awkwardly

Stephanie Beard however, wow, not only do you see her ass a fair bit in the massage scene, but she does have a full frontal scene (alongside Anna Kendrick's ass double), it's very overdone fake bush as part of a joke but you get some very good looks at her boobs, can't wait for screen grabs to end up online


Why are Stephanie Beard and "Anna" naked together??




Are Sugar Lyn Beard's ass shots during the massage just side views like in the trailer, or do we get to see it fully from the back?


Mostly side shots, but you get some decent looks

Might've been a clear view in her full nude scene, not sure, was distracted by her boobs


Any thing from today's SEX&DRUGS&ROCK&ROLL ?


No real nudity (despite a nudity advisory popping up after every commercial break) but two pretty sexy girl/girl scenes. Elizabeth Gillies making out with Rebecca Naomi Jones and Elaine Hendrix having a threesome with Tara Westwood. Liz and Rebecca fully clothed; Elaine in bra and panties; Tara showing bare back in skimpy panties. For what it's worth, Liz said in a radio interview that her character is "a lesbian half the season," so we can look forward to more of that storyline.


If anyone is interested, in episode 6 of Casual Britt Robertson have sex scene but is in her bra. Tara Lynne Barr and Dylan Gelula are also in their bras when they are taking sexy photos and later start kissing.


Anyone know about any nudity in the movie sundown all i know is camilla belle and sara paxton are in it probably 0 for 2 on that but any info on anyone appreciated


Sundown used to be I Brake for Gringos. Just random strippers naked when we saw this two years ago: http://www.recapped.com/celebrity-nudity-rumors-may-10-2014


IMDB review says nudity rating is for 'breasts and penis' scenes, but doesn't say from whom. Hopefully something from the leading gals.

Unless it's the dick, of course. Then we'd have to start calling them Sara Packin' and Camilla Bellend.


Any news on Alia Shawkat in Paint It Black? How naked does she get? Does she have a bush?


Anyone post abt if today's episode of MURDER IN THE FIRST contains nudity or not ?

If yes then from whom?