Celebrity Nudity Rumors July 3

On Sunday’s True Blood, Gabriella Wright is naked in two scenes. There is also a naked extra getting eaten out. On next week’s episode, Stacy Haiduk is shown in a somewhat see-through bra and a thong.

Lela Loren and Leslie Lopez are both rumored to be getting naked on the next episode of Power. Unfortunately that episode doesn’t air until July 12.

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I wonder what's the dirtiest thing Reese says in "Wild"?


What about Lily Collins in Love, Rosie? Some skin?


This may be a long shot considering the season won't premiere until September but any possibility there will be something from the beautiful Gretchen Mol and Patricia Arquette on "Boardwalk Empire"?


Carrie preston nude true blood season 7


Is that a question, or do you know that she is getting nude this season?


It's a question from someone with one hand on the keyboard and the other on his penis.


can we see deborah ann wool nude in true blood season 7


keep dreaming


In a quick preview shot for next episode it looks she and Jason (!) make out... (still clothed)

It's the longest of long shots but if the ep has nudity. You never know.

Remember it's season 7 and contracts last 6 years in the tv business so they might have renegotiated.


Any news on what the nudity is in the next three episodes of True Blood? They are all listed as having nudity.


yeah any rumor ?


Just heard that final season of Boardwalk Empire will start September 7th and will have only 8th episodes. Maybe You have some nudity scoops on it? For example, that naked girl from first trailer?


Early Review Suggests Reese Witherspoon Nude in "Wild"



"My final prognosis is that Reese Witherspoon will be nominated for Actress. I’d put her in the Top 3, easy, along with Amy Adams/Rosamund Pike, though I have doubts she could win (unless it’s a critical/commercial juggernaut that I couldn’t foresee), particularly because she’s a previous winner from a year that was one of the weakest on record. But, for Wild, she deglams, she has multiple sex partners in risky situations, she’s nude, she does heroin, she gets pregnant (I don’t remember the abortion being shown, but it’s alluded to), she cries for her dead mother, confronts a guy who may or may not want to rape her, etc. She isn’t always weepy, but strong, yet vulnerable sometimes. She erases all traces of her persona and lives within the role. The content is there, as well as the performance. The reviews should follow. It isn’t a slam-dunk performance as far as Oscar-winners go, but she nails the role. Have no doubts: she’s happening. The fact that she is also producing and has Gone Girl and Inherent Vice should compound that narrative."

I wished for this. The stars seems like they might have been aligned right but it still seems like a long long shot but this may be it.


I saw the film when they showed it and...

We not only see Reese Witherspoon nude in WILD, she does a full frontal nude scene. It comes in the scene, which was shown in the trailer, where she had just had sex with some guy and her husband comes in and sees her there. She rises out of bed as her husband enters, and she is fully nude. He gets angry and leaves and she chases after him in the complete buff. We see all of her in this scene.

That's the only scene I remember with her being nude. She has several sex partners in the film, but most shots are very short and we see only flashes of her having sex and usually with clothes on.

We see another shot of her doing heroin and it's obvious she and the guy had just had sex. She's wearing a top but no bottoms on. But we don't really see anything, just a quick shot of her bare ass when she rises to put on her underwear.

The only other extended sex scene was near the end where she is in a tent and we see her receiving oral sex from some guy she just met. She goes through all the motions and stuff, but she's wearing a bra.


Holy crap!!! Saw it, where did you "see it"? How good of a look do you get at her ass? Full womanly bush or not? Thanks so much for sharing! Reese Witherspoon full-frontal could be the nudity upset of the year!


Is the scene where she is sleeping with the dude and gets caught by her husband - is this the same guy she is looking at in the bar from the Trailer? Does she pick him up in a bar and then have sex with him at her place? And do we see them actually having sex? Or just getting caught afterward?


I saw it in LA, early May. They had a test screening. So it's been a couple of months and it was only a test screening so scenes might change.

As I said, most sex scenes were short and were in the context of flashbacks with her doing a voice over. Most of them she had some type of clothing on.

There are really three scenes of note:

1. The scene where she does heroin where you can see she has no bottoms on. But it's shot in a way where you don't really see anything. She rises up and the camera turns to the guy and we see her bare butt for less than a second. Real short.

2. The scene in the tent, which has this whole build up but she keeps her bra on the entire time. We see the guy pull off her underwear, but we don't actually see her bush here. Then he performs oral sex on her and there is a close up of her face as she's squirming around.

3. The full frontal scene. This was the longest of all of them. I'll describe the scene. The night before we see Cheryl (Reese) pick up some guy and the story picks up the next morning when she's in bed naked with him. At first she rises up slowly, embarrassed about having gone to bed with him. She sits on the edge of the bed, buck naked, and seems upset. At this point we see her tits very well. Just then her husband comes in and confronts her. She's naked the whole time. She rises up from the bed where we see her fully naked, including her pussy. It's mostly shaved in the scene. They have an argument and he leaves, she follows after him and we see her naked. There were a couple of shots of her full body.

I'm pretty sure there is a good look at her ass in this scene as well.


Awesome! Truly Amazing! Thank you SO much, 'Saw It'!

I just have to ask you, did you see her pussy lips?.. Like for example in Helen Hunt's full frontal ?...


Thanks so much, Saw It, for the additional info! I cannot wait for this film. So her tits have gotten bigger since the last time we saw them, huh? You are a lucky man to have seen their glory before the rest of us. 🙂 Now my list of confirmed must-see nude scenes of 2014 include Eva Green in "Sin City 2," Jessica Chastain in "Salome"/"Wilde Salome" and now Reese Witherspoon in "Wild"!


I didn't really compare her two nude scenes, so it's hard to say.

She has this cool tattoo that really works for the character. I don't think she had a tattoo in 1998 (or whenever twilight came out). I know she has one in real life, but they may have changed it. Not sure.

Her breasts are deceptively full now. Without clothes her body looks different than with clothes. I think her breasts were more "perky" in Twilight. They're a little droopier now, but still very nice. Her body looks more womanly now compared with when she was young, but that's probably to be expected. Her body was pretty tight, so I don't remember seeing any flab or anything.

Her character in WILD gives off a real sexy vibe compared to any performance i've seen her in, including Twilight. The nude/sex scenes are better in WILD. In addition to the sex scenes, she talks very explicitly about sex with people she meets and in voice overs.

You know the last "voice over" in the trailer? Where she says, "what if I forgive myself? What if all these mistakes led me here?" Or something to that effect. Well, that was in the movie too, during the last sex scene where she gets her pussy eaten out and right after. During that voice over she also says, "what if I wanted to fuck all those men..." At another point, earlier on, when first explaining why she and her husband broke up, she talks about all the men she had "fucked and sucked off." That's how she talks sometimes in the movie.

Her pussy was more a "manicured" type. I was very impressed with it. She had a small amount of hair there, but it wasn't full on bushy. SO i'm guessing no merkin. It was more "designed." The scene in question takes place during the flashbacks and the scene is what ultimately leads to the break up, so I can't see them removing it. This means there will be at least some Reese nudity in the film. But I can see them keeping the whole thing in. It occurs at a time when her character is really falling apart and can't seem to get it together. So she went out looking for someone to have sex with, so she was made up accordingly.

It's a scene, and the subsequent break up, where you feel exasperated with her, but also some pity for the poor decisions she makes.


Oh, wow, amazing review, Saw it! Thank you so much! On a more subjective note, how do you think her body compared to what we see of her in "Twilight" back in 1998? If it's even half as good we are in for a major treat!


Can't wait for full frontal Reese.


Oww... test screening. Focus groups are going to cost us Reese her pussy. I called it now...

They might show her topless if we are lucky but likely it's completely gone...


"She has several sex partners in the film, but most shots are very short and we see only flashes of her having sex and usually with clothes on."

Bluff.... Any sex scene which worth it? Can we see Rise riding a guy?


too late, she is too old


So long as all her holes haven't healed up, she's not too old...


Any news if Bailey Noble is indeed going full frontal on True Blood?


Where did you hear that?

I would be happy with a repeat topless scene (preferable with better lighting and longer) hopefully with Deborah or failing that Ashley Hinshaw. Full frontal would be amazing though!


The nudity blogs have been predicting that Bailey will go full frontal. I sure hope they are right.


is there any hope on seeing liv tyler nude in the leftovers


Games of Thrones season 5 nudity 🙂

According to a posting over at BGAFD by Masie Dee (UK porn actress who has guest starred on GoT), the casting director is currently looking for 16 nude females and 1 nude male for the next season. (These would be nude extras).

Applicants may not have boob jobs or other body modifications, but tattoos may be ok. They may also have to grow their pubic hair. No Merkins! 😉



for those who read the books, is there anything sexual or nudity-related with Meera Reed ? (Ellie Kendrick)


in an interview she said she was happy to play a girl in GOT who doesn't get naked or die... yet. 🙂

it's unlikely but I wouldn't say impossible, this is GOT after all.

hope they'll figure something out like having her taking a bath or something 🙂


Might just ask her tomorrow or Sunday when I see her at the London Film & Comic Con...


LOL That's going to be awkward! Good luck with that! 🙂

Since she hasnt had the script for S5 yet (due in couple weeks) she can only tell you she'd A) never do nudity B) is open to it for the right role C) you are a pervert 🙂

Let's hope shes goes with B.


Ellie doesnt seem like the kind of girl to take off her clothes of to me. More importantly i just dont see it fit in the storyline. For all i know they could kill her off like her brother (who is either still alive or just died off screen at the very end of book 5) I doubt that though. But there wont be much to do for her there.


Nope, sorry. Not at all.


Wow! That sounds like a good start.

It's not Sophie Turner naked yet but 16 naked females... wow! I wonder what its for?!

Has to be a brothel scene right?

The Water Gardens also come to mind but it's all naked children (boys and girls) playing there. I imagine they'll show them in underwear (or what it is on the show) instead. Also we would have had a call for Latin / Hispanic / Indian / Arab etc. looks.

For next season i really hope we get Hannah Murray naked. Lena Headey is practically a given. And i believe they'll show her full frontal naked since it's so very important plotwise.


Read an interview of Lena Headey where she says she will not go nunde again. If it's true, they still can make this particular scene with a body double, and close ups to Lena's head.


I remember reading an interview saying she will only do nude scenes if they are important to the character, and hers is very important.


I have read the books, and I still don't see any good reason for this "good impact", sorry. I don't see how not showing her whoring would have more impact on her "humiliation scene".

I think it's just that Lena doesn't want to go nude again, and since she's well known now, she could negociate this.


If you had read the books you'd know why.

If they had shown Cersei's 'whoring around' fucking Taeana , Osney and Moonboy for all i know that scene would have lost so much impact... If they show it as they should it's been a good choice otherwise they have simply been trolling us!


I don't see how not showing her nude for now will have bigger impact with this scene. I really don't. If so, why don't they do the same to others roles ? Obviously they don't. I'm not of those guys who say "we'll never see her nude" and who are eventually wrong, I just don't understand this reasoning of "better impact".


Exactly. She knows it's coming and she is going for it. She has said so in interviews. The only question is if we'll see her full frontal or not. And what they'll do with the bush in that case? Will she have her natural bush dyed?

The reason she hasnt been naked yet (like in S4) was because of the upcoming scene. It will have more impact.


I am pretty sure she said they chose not to show Cersei nude so it has bigger impact when the time is right


Any adult scenes for sophie turner next season?

or natalie dormer?


Sophie is 18 so it's possible.

Her material will go ahead of the books so we cant really know. Realistically: no way as much as we'd like.

Natalie might have a scene where an old lady takes a look at her pussy (we will not see anything i imagine)

We might also see her involved in an orgy... Wait a minute? Maybe that's what the girls are for? I doubt it though? Margaery being lesbian (bi?) is only implied in the books as it is on the show but i am convinced she is (remember her conversation with Sansa... some like pretty girls) Being a pragmatist of course she did want to have sex with Renly. We might just see her get it on (we do not in the books but that might have to do with POV structure. We easily could here)


If they follow the books closely, there's no chance to see Sansa nude for now, until maybe next book. And since the actress was minor when she signed up for the role, I don't think they can make her to go nude unless changing the contract with her consent.


No merkins is good.


Any chance to see something from Jordan Hinson soon?


Laura Ramsey, "Are You Here" and Eva Green, "Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For" are both being release on 8/22. Both stunning ladies! What do we know about the nude scenes? 🙂


Laura Ramsey is supposed to show right breast and ass in Are You Here. At least, that is what she showed in the original, film festival cut, according to reports.


Obviously Eva Green gets naked. See trailer.


Thanks for all nudity news Recapped.

I have one question - can we expect something in new Cinemax series The Knick?


what happened to battyfornudity?


sarah silverman on masters of sex ?


anything on lucy walters in power and what ca we expect from the leftovers


does caitlin fitzgerald get naked this season


Anything from Keke Palmer in this upcoming season of Masters of Sex?


Would love any info on Sarah Silverman as soon as anyone has it!


Masters of Sex season 2 update.

Episode 1: Lizzy Caplan shows her breasts during two different sex scenes.

Allison Janney shows breasts during a sex scene.


Thanks MK. Good news!

Any details on the Lizzy Caplan sex scenes? As in long/short, clear/blurry, Lizzy on top/bottom?


Check "True Blood" my friend. 🙂


Thanks MK:)

Do You have maybe some nudity scoop on Ray Donovan too?


The Lizzy Caplan scenes are both pretty brief and weirdly edited unfortunately. You don't see much or for very long.

Re: Ray Donovan

Paula Malcomson appears in some low cut tops and skimpy lingerie in the first few episodes, but that's about it.


Does Cameron Diaz ACTUALLY get naked in Sex Tape?


LOL.....no. She and the producers are trying to sucker people into seeing the crappy movie.


Frequent use of the sexual expletive and variations, many in a sexual context; frequent use of scatological slang; frequent use of detailed sexual language and references, some in a context of online pornography

Frequent, detailed portrayals of sexual activity - no nudity

Buttock nudity in a non-sexual context

Infrequent, detailed portrayals of illegal drug use


Well perhaps we'll see her butt then. I'll take it if that's the case.


Pretty sure it's going to be Jason Segal's butt; he loves showing it off.


Excellent! I'll take it! I appreciate the info!


Saw Sex Tape tonight. Really funny movie. Cameron does show a lot of ass shots (definitely her, couple shots with face in them as well) and tons of sideboob and see through/no bra in one scene.

Sadly no full naked but she has a great body!

Also, yes, Jason Segel does show his ass quite a bit too...


The movie was rated to only have sexual content...so I don't think so.


Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)

Rated R for strong sexual content, nudity, language and some drug use

That's from IMDB, now the nudity could be (or I'm expecting it to be) Jason Segal, but there is definitely nudity in the movie.