Celebrity Nudity Rumors July 9: The Green Inferno

On the next episode of Magic City, the elevator operator Catalina Rodriguez shows her ass. And on the next True Blood, Jessica Clark is fully naked with the bad merkin on again. At least she’s not covered in blood this time. Come back next week to find out who does au naturel full frontal nudity in the episode after this one.

Q&A time:

Late in The Green Inferno, Lorenza Izzo is naked while some women apply white makeup all over her body. There are a few peeks at Lorenza’s breasts and part of her ass. There are also lots of half-naked natives throughout the film.


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Anything on the next season of American Horror Story, especially Emma Roberts?


Any nudity from Eleanor Tomlinson in Starz's The White Queen?


Thanks for the new vids, but you planning on answering the questions posed in the comments section of your last post?


Would you guys be able to post videos/download links for Rosario Dawson's nude scenes in Trance?