Celebrity Nudity Rumors June 1, 2018

The Euphoria pilot started shooting today. Zendaya is rumored to be the main lead role. Also cast are Alexa Demie and Barbie Ferreira. Maude Apatow, the daughter of Leslie Mann, is also confirmed but the role doesn’t require nudity. And unconfirmed, but will surely make some of you happy if it turns out to be true is Sydney Sweeney as one of the other leads. This role apparently has several nude scenes in the pilot. Again, this show only has a pilot order so it may never see the light of day so temper your expectations.

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Re: The Emilia Clarke/Above Suspicion nudity: The film should be 15-20 minutes longer than that link shows. My guess is that the Turkish links edited out sex and nudity. There is supposed to be a horny sex scene inside a car and that was also missing from the film.


So if someone sees I Am Not a Bird on a Turkish link, do NOT bother posting. ;P


Where did you hear about the car scene? In the link he shared here, there was a short scene of a car rocking from the outside but it did kind of seem like an awkward cut to that.


From an article or two I read. I saw the car rocking but I highly doubt they'd make a reference to car sex as being a three second far distance shot of a car rocking.


Now that is what I like to hear. Had hopes up, hopes shattered, and now hopes back up again in one day. What a rollercoaster of emotions.


Any one can brighten up the sex scene of Emilia Clarke?


Shocked that the new HBO show succession is debuting tonight and there is no sex/nudity for first 5 episodes. what is going on?


Re: The Emilia Clarke/Above Suspicion nudity -- didn't that guy (Daniel R. Hill) in the podcast say he had a nude/sex scene with her? Cos that guy isn't in those screen grabs, seems to just be Jack Huston. So either that got cut or there is a different cut for US/Europe.


I thoroughly skimmed through the movie and I didn't see Daniel Hill in any scenes with Emilia. Its possible the Turkish Version is different. Wonder if the version Recapped saw was any different in terms of scenes.


Could be but then when film itself is struggling for release,don't think there will be multiple versions.Though I could be wrong and wouldn't mindind being wrong here.But I guess this is what we will see


Whichever company buys the distribution rights of a movie for a certain region or country, can usually edit or censor (or make the requests) as they please.


Very disappointing Ms.Clarke very disappointing , u have broke my heart again as u did in GOT 7 finale epi ?


Good news everyone. I found Above Suspicion... but with Turkish dub, unfortunately. And I don't know if it has nudity. I'll watch it. If I find any nudity, I'll share with y'all.


I think Turkey has become very conservative about nudity in movies and may have demanded a cut without nudity. Not guaranteed though.


Oh god, the movie was really bad, the other bad news is that I couldn't find any nudity. There is a couple sex scenes, but no nudity if I am not wrong.
Here is a link for the movie (Turkish dub + awful website): https://filmakinesi.org/suphe-otesi-izle-2018.html
Here is a couple bad caps (the quality isn't high, unfortunately):

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Bro can you find Submission Too.. Addison timlin


How can he find about Submission when date of release has been known??


Above Suspicion.. Release date is still unknown ... isn't it ???


Such a great find..well done man. No nudity unfortunately.


Doesn't seem like any nudity. The one sex scene where there's potential was almost blacked out. Dude, great find, thanks.


Thanks a lot dude. Sucks if there is no nudity.


Dude, share that source.


Where did you find it if you don't mind me asking?


Mind sharing the link to us?


English version we saw had nudity from Emilia Clarke but it looked like she was wearing pasties.


Did the film show her ass at least?


You been holding out on us, rc.


Nudity with pasties? Well, that isn’t nudity at all...


Do you have any link?


I had kept a little ray of hope that we would see her full frontal. Welp, looks like its going to a long time.


To be honest I didn't expect any nudity in Sense8 finale, Surprising to see it in nude scene calendar.
Would still be interested in knowing who it is.
My pick would be a backstory involving Daryl Hannah who plays Angelica


No nudity on Vida.
Mishel Prada bottomless while using a vibrator but can't see anything really.
And Melissa Barrera in panties later.
One episode left.


Thanks. That sucks. Still holding out for Chelsea Rendon.


Too bad that Maude Apatow won't be showing anything - she's cute. Zendaya is pretty hot too, so any nudity from her should be great. No clue who any of the others are, but after googling them I can say that Sydney Sweeney nudity will be awesome. I hope this goes to series


Alright, just saw the calendar update - please tell us what you know about Condor, Westworld, and Sense8 🙂