Celebrity Nudity Rumors June 13

On tomorrow’s episode of Power, Lela Loren gets naked for the first of many times on the show. Naturi Naughton also gets naked again in this episode. Lucy Walters, the subway girl from Shame, does her first nude scene in episode 4.

On the season 7 premiere episode of True Blood next week, Anna Paquin is topless getting into bed and having sex. Karolina Wydra is also topless and shows part of her ass during a sex scene.

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I sure hope she does and I hope she's rockin a cute landing strip!


Any chance Bailey Noble will go full frontal on True Blood for the final season?


Yeah I also wonder too


Any chance to see something from Jordan Hinson soon?


Any further news about Emma Watson's possible nude scenes in "Regression"?


Hey recapped, do you have any info on the movie x/y which is currently on the festival circit? I'm hoping America Ferrera finnally shows something.


this blog does a great service to mankind and i am going to petition the queen to have you knighted recapped.lucy walters , how excited should i get? is it long lusty scene or is it one of those cop outs when you get a brief shot of breast that is too fleeting to even raise a semi and has us all reaching for the pause button?i'm just obsessed, this girl is sex on legs, she can act a bit too.a big bit.


we shall see soon enough!


Hell yeah, hell yeah, hell yeah.magnificent.


Any word on Witherspoon's nude scenes in Wild?


That's affirmative. Apparently there was a screening in early May of the movie and someone wrote a review for the movie on their blog (which is called Ancient Chinese Secret).

Here's a quote from the review:

"But, for Wild, she (Witherspoon) deglams, she has multiple sex partners in risky situations, she's nude, she does heroin, she gets pregnant..."

So I guess we get to see all of Reese again. It should be interesting.


Any chance to see something from Tamzin Merchant in Salem?


Slight chance of butt I guess. That's all you'll get on basic cable 🙁


Three clips have already started hitting a few celeb forums. Here are the ones that I saw:





Where is the "major video update" involving Scarjo?


Yeah we are waiting ^^