Celebrity Nudity Rumors June 16

With the summer TV season officially under way, here’s some quick tidbits on upcoming summer and fall TV.

First up, cable TV. Showtime released the Roadies pilot early on Youtube and other sites Monday. As we mentioned last week, no nudity from Imogen Poots or Carla Gugino. Jacqueline Byers and Cissy Ly do have nude scenes though. We’ve also seen the I’m Dying Up Here pilot and there is no nudity. On HBO, we’ve been told that Westworld has tons of female and male nudity. Apparently, all of the AI are naked when we see them in the real world. And there may be a new player for cable nudity. Keep an eye out for Graves coming to Epix this fall.

Network TV rarely has nudity so we only skimmed through some of the upcoming fall network pilots. Cruel Intentions does have full on male ass though so perhaps they’ll release an uncensored version of the show to other markets if the show gets picked up.

On international TV, Miriam Leone is topless in the first episode of Medici: Masters of Florence. The scene is very dark though so it may be a body double.

Lastly on SVOD, Netflix is releasing season 4 of Orange is the New Black tomorrow. They may also decide to release it a day early like they did last year. And Amazon will have their new pilots of The Last Tycoon and The Interestings up tomorrow too.

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Any news on Alia Shawkat nude in Paint it Black?


TO see Ellen Page ..

check Recapped's twitter account...


she has the cutest Nipples 😉 :p (Finally)


any news on amanda schull's nudity in MURDER IN THE FIRST ? i m waiting for her nude debut..


Where are the Ellen Page caps, i can't find any anywhere? surely someone would have capped it by now.


Recapped's twitter feed


Any Ellen Page caps from Into the Forest out there yet? VOD release is today!!


if anyone watching INTO THE FOREST,add some snaps or gif of page's nudity..


i thibk it will be some random whore or some toples dothrakis.

If there is a sex scene between LF and Sansa won't see anything (maybe LF's ass).

I hope we are wrong...


Apparently there is a sex scene in GOT between Sansa and Littlefinger or at least something of sexual content. No mention if there is any nudity in that scene but the episode is listed with nudity so there's hope


Need Recapped to confirm it..


let's pray or something lol


They'll probably just show Petyr Baelish's littlefinger.

Or his ass.

Best case scenario? Lesbian scene with Yara and Dany.


Where did you find info on that scene or is that just a guess based off the season finale promo?


There's no controversial scene between Sansa and Littlefinger in the upcoming book. He's still trying to get her to marry the next heir of the Eyrie, not bed her himself. The show is obviously quite different, though.


I believe there is a controversial scene with Sansa and Littlefinger in one of the pre-released chapters of The Winds of Winter. But as much as i wish to see Sophie naked, I don't think it will happen.


It seems like Into the Forest is now streaming on DirecTV. Hasn't anyone captured footage yet?



Game Of Thrones S06E10 has been listed as having nudity in it. Any news on that??


i wish it's Sophie, but i bet it will be a random whore lol