Celebrity Nudity Rumors June 18: Two Night Stand

On the next Magic City, there are a couple of topless extras around the pool. Kelly Lynch shows her butt and possibly her left breast as she is swimming. Finally, there is a six girl naked orgy near the end. One of the girls somewhat looks like Jessica Marais but it isn’t her. We already wrote about the nudity on next week’s True Blood here.

On to the questions from Twitter:

Sorry, no details on Dexter. Deborah Ann Woll has a sex scene in an upcoming episode but she wears a bra the entire time. You might be able to see a bit of the side of Deborah’s butt.

Doubtful since Anna’s fully clothed during her first sex scene this season. The other Anna does get naked later this season though.

No nudity from Ahna in As I Lay Dying but we’re hearing that she is in talks to play a stripper in an upcoming film. They may decide to go for a bigger name though. Analeigh shows her ass and some sideboob in Two Night Stand.

Again, we must reiterate that these are all rumors and we are wrong quite often. If you have more questions regarding any upcoming nude scenes, leave a comment below and we may answer them in our column next week.

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anything about rutina wesley or kristin bauer van straten in this season of true blood?


Any word on the release of Hell Baby (riki lindhome) yet ?


Why hire an actress who doesn't do nudity in a role that requires it?


I have no idea, it would seem counter-instinctive. But some wait until her scene comes around and then says NO. That normally has a fatal effect on her career.

I do wonder if A.D. will do a nude? She has come close and I get the impression that she would with the right part and price. But it will probably have to wait until the " Percy" series is finished.


"Drinking Buddies" got rated R for language throughout so has Olivia Wilde's skinny-dipping scene been cut?


The scene is in the trailer so I guess they only cut the nudity? Hope not 🙁


Yvonne nude dexter


Any early word on how much (if anything) Jennifer Lawrence shows in "Serena"? Or Margot Robbie in "The Wolf of Wall Street"?

Season 2 of "Banshee" is currently filming -- any rumors on that yet? I hear they hired a body double for Odette Annable, but I've still got my fingers crossed for Trieste Kelly Dunn nudity.

Last, but far from least, any details about Britt Robertson in "Undiscovered Gyrl"? I realize it's subject to change, but hints about the best case scenario would be greatly appreciated!


As DAW's character in TB is permanently 17 it's very unlikely we'll get any proper nudity from her, even if she does rescind the rumored contract clause.

Would love to see Lucy Griffiths but that seems unlikely as she has had only one sex scene and stayed covered in it.


I know it maybe too soon, but any info about upcoming HBO miniseries "True Detective" would be great. Especially about Lili Simmons (after all she play a prostitute), Alexandra Daddario and Michelle Monaghan.



Any information of nudity in Orange is the Black especially about Laura Prepon? Also anything on Lexi Ainsworth role in Masters of Sex?