Celebrity Nudity Rumors June 19

On the Ballers premiere, Taylor Cole shows a bit of side boob and ass while sleeping. Michelle Vargas is topless while having sex in a bathroom and Christine Bently is naked while having sex in a bed.


Any info about Sarah Silverman in “I Smile Back?”

Sarah Silverman checks out her naked breasts out in the mirror near the beginning of I Smile Back. Sarah is naked a couple of minutes later during a sex scene but you don’t really see much.

What are the chances of nude Isabelle Fuhrman on “Masters of Sex”?

Isabelle Fuhrman is topless in the Masters of Sex season 3 premiere but doesn’t show anything.

Any news on the Untitled HBO Rock ‘N’ Roll Project?

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Juno Temple is naked while having sex in the first episode of the Untitled HBO Rock ‘N’ Roll Project.

Surprised by the nudity in the Mr. Robot premiere. Anything in future episodes?

No idea but the actress who showed a bit of her ass in the premiere, Frankie Shaw, has several nude scenes (including brief bush) in the short SMILF.

Heard Anya Taylor-Joy gets naked in The Witch. True?

Anya Taylor-Joy does get naked near the end of The Witch. The scene is dark, shot from afar, and is most likely performed by a body double. Anya’s character walks into the woods naked and we see her ass and some side boob but not a clear shot of her face.

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Hilary swank nude ?


just a heads up, apparently emilia clarke shows her ass in terminator genisys


Yep. That no-nudity clause stuff is BS. She said she'd get naked again when it was right to, just not as often and not as prominently. Which is evidenced by her not wearing pasties in GoT s5 and showing us a bit of nip for a second. If she had a no-nudity clause and cared that much about never being seen again, I'm sure she'd have worn pasties.


I hate how this story has a life of its own.

It was Sibel Kekilli... End of it. NOT Emilia.

The story played before S3 and she was topless in that...

it was rather unrealistic of her to cover up like that which fit with a disappointing season nudity wise (with the expection of Rosabell and Charlotte...). They should have just picked another setting for the scene if Emilia didnt want to show boobs without much of a plot point present.


Sophia bush nude ?


Sophia went nude and shows both breasts with nipples in a print promo pictorial for a fragrance range she is launching later this summer. Expect teasers on her sm accounts beforehand


Where'd you hear this from? I really hope this happens, she's so hot. I've always had a thing for her sexy husky voice in OTH and let's not forget her amazing bod.


Anna torv nude ?


hope this happens. A sort of younger cate blanchett. sexy lady.


Elena satine nude ?


i'm curious about the untitled HBO rock n roll project. you already have nudity info but I haven't seen any premiere date info as yet. any news on that front?


call me thick but, is this the actual name of the series or has it just not got a name yet??


Anything on Alison Brie in Sleeping With Other People ?


What Headland's film is notable for is its total lack of nudity despite the provocative subject matter.

"I personally don't like nudity," Headland explained during the post-screening discussion at the Eccles.

"It was Leslye's choice," Brie added. "It especially speaks to her innovation and creativity to create sex scenes that are about intimacy and connection and not about nudity — and can still be risqué. It's not about nipples. I mean, pmy nipples were hard, but you didn't have to see them."



Heard at Sundance she goes topless as well as several sex scenes.

Rusty Shackleford

Not this shit again.


Well I heard her in an interview she was sick the night before she had a nude sex scene, and was concerned she was not looking her best.


There's a review on Indiewire from back in January that says the film is notable for its sex scenes and, because of that, its lack of nudity.

Sorry. No dice.


Any chance of some Maribeth Monroe nudity in The Brink?


Well True Detective news seems scant... the first three episodes were available to the press for viewing so you'd assume anything in those three episodes would have been known at this point. I'm hoping for something from Adria Arjona...


Olivia Wilde in the Untitled HBO Rock ‘N’ Roll Project?