Celebrity Nudity Rumors June 22

As expected, the nudity on the Game of Thrones finale is supposedly from a random prostitute.

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There's upcoming nudity in 'American Pastoral'. If its true to the book then both Jennifer Connelly & Dakota Fanning's characters have nude scenes, 2 in Dakota's case. Its R-Rated for strong sexual material, nudity, language and brief violent images.


any chance that amanda schull 'll make her nude debut on 2nd episode of murder in the first as 2nd ep rated as TV-14(LSV) ?


any word on Alia Shawkat doing a nude scene in Paint it Black!


1 boob from Paula Malcomson in ep 1 of Ray Donovan


Can we expect anything from Tara Lynn Barr or Michaela Watkins in the rest of Casual S2?


I think nudity from the leads might be a long shot - especially seeing as Barr is playing a teenager - but I'm holding out some hope that we might see something from Britt Lower. Given that her role in the show (and general status) is similar to that of Eliza Coupe, who got naked a few times last season, it seems possible.


I'm really curious about Tara too.


9/10 lesbian scene on O Negocio yesterday. Seriously, if this show isn't on your nudity radar than you're missing out. Those brazilians do tv right.


Male nudity in Roadies Episode 2


Any info regarding Elle Fannings see-through scenes? Do they show any nipples? I know she was underage while filming, but her and her parents could have signed off on the nudity.


I just saw Neon Demon. Elle Fanning wore some sexy outfits but nothing I would call close to see-through, just some dresses that had thin material, but still no nipple to speak of.

The other 3 female leads all showed boobs though.


Thank you kind sir


LOL @HBO, they give full nudity, not brief nudity, for that?


I haven't caught the episode yet, but HBO has become notorious for that. True Blood gave full nudity ratings to episodes that only featured nipple-less wonder Deborah Ann Woll in supposed naked sex scenes. Banshee, from HBO's sister channel did the same thing for one of Ivana's sex scenes in the third season that qualified as nudity even though she had her clothes on.


So weird. They did the same with Vinyl. It had Nudity, not Brief Nudity. And all we saw was a very quick shot of ONE of Olivia Wilde's breasts.

And the nudity in GoT was butt and one side boob from that prostitute. And when she was lying down, we didn't really see anything.

Yet the Hound getting his (prosthetic) dick out to take a piss gets Brief Nudity? Weird!


Maika Monroe has like six or seven different indie project in production right now. Any news on any of those?


Any luck with Ellen Pages videos in Into the Forest?


Look at two messages above 😉


Any news on Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates? It's already been confirmed that Anna Kendrick used a body double, but did Aubrey Plaza legitimately show her butt or is she still being a cocktease?


A poster on IMDB's message has mentioned in a couple of posts that Sugar Lyn Beard is naked (maybe full frontal), but I tend to take IMDB posters with a grain of salt. Besides that, he only mentioned Anna Kendrick's character's (already confirmed to be a double's) butt being partially shown. No word either way on Aubrey Plazaand whether or not we see her actually moon the camera.


I'll be glad when "Game of Thrones" is no longer in production so posts like these aren't filled with people bitching about it.

Meanwhile: Any news on shows like "Power" or "Ballers" or HBO's new series "The Night Of"?


I've seen GIFs of Ellen's other nude scenes but no clips of her or Evan-Rachel Wood so far. Shouldn't they be out by now? Can someone provide a link, please?


Others GIFs of Ellen Page? Where? Could you post the links, please?


Found them here: http://furiousgibbon.tumblr.com/

What I don't understand: When GIFs exist, clips have to exist as well, right? Yet I cannot find them anywhere.


Here's the clip with sound:



I'm confused. It was supposed to be a riding sex scene, wasn't it?


THE NIGHT OF-ep 3,4&5 'll have nudity..


Starz doesnt release the TVMA until the episode airs or midnight the day it airs if you have OnDemand


BALLERS season 2 ep 1 will have nudity.don't know the rest..


Lol. Thanks for the updat!


Something more from the film "Malgré la nuit (2015)?

looks nice trailer.


Damn, was hoping it's gonna be Loras.

Btw, and in all honesty, in what storyline does a prostitute even fit in? GoT really always finds a way for random nudity.^^


I don't think this site care much about male nudity to report it


I know, I know. But still won't happen. 😀


The quality of nudity has been disappointing in the last few Seasons of Game Of Thrones


That is it.I am not watching game of thrones any more.


Were you really only watching GoT for the nudity?

In any case, the series is slowly coming to an end and the actresses in it have very little to gain any more from taking their clothes off. It was nice while it lasted.


Sophie Turner Ass and back for the final episode !


Been a brutal season. The quality of nudity has really plummeted.


Like the quality of the show


Lol you're just mad that you didn't get to see Sansa's tits. This season has been amazing.


Why would i be mad? They made very clear she was not going to be nude in the show some time ago.

If you believe this last season is amazing, i think you're easily amazed.


Are you a fan of the books? If not I don't know what you couldn't have liked of this season. Also it's at least better than the mess that was the last one


Nah. The show has been great this season. How good a show is doesn't directly tie into the amount of nudity in it.


Exactly... But somehow some people think this has been a great season.

Nudity this season has been shit.


Spoilers below!

[spoiler]Are you kidding me? This has gotta be one of the most memorable seasons with House Stark finally starting to get some major payback. Especially last week with Ramsey Bolton getting what he deserved. That episode also happens to be the highest rated TV episode ever on IMDB. Not to mention all the other story lines finally getting some sort of resolution.[/spoiler]