Celebrity Nudity Rumors March 12

Sunday’s Shameless features the very first nude scene ever from Sasha Alexander. Sasha, best known for her roles on NCIS and Rizzoli & Isles, shows her breasts and ass several times as she is lying in bed. Bojana Novakovic also does some naked streaking in this episode. The scene is distant and short so it may be a body double. However, that is unlikely since Bojana is no stranger to nudity and gets naked again in a future episode. As an added bonus, hottie Shani Atias is also topless briefly.

Another Game of Thrones rumor is that Tyene Sand (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers) will be getting naked while interacting with Bronn in prison.

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Does anyone know a good fanfic about Charlotte McKinney?


Fort Tilden, the movie where bride elliott goes fully nude, finally got a release date. July in theaters and on VOD.


Heard it was just topless


yeah its just topless also its August not july.


At least he got the name of the movie right


Haha it's also BRIDEY Elliott.


Anyone knows if we gonna have some important nudity at Entourage movie?


I'm an extra in that movie and I can let you know that I have a lengthy nude scene with my penis in full view for about 4 straight minutes. I touched myself before filming and had a semi threw the full thing. If you watch really close you'll notice it shrinks a bit over the course of the scene.


This site is getting too well known and shitbags are ruining these comment sections with bullshit. Used to find actual credible rumors in the comments.


^Lol at this loser. Looks like some people take masturbating a little too seriously.


Take what too seriously? Pointing out that something is annoying is just that... pointing it out. I'm no living and dying by it.

Die in a fire.


Unfortunately sitting in the front row with a magnifying glass isn't good for ones eyes.


Sorry! I think you dont get it the question. I ask about Entourage. Dont wanna know about The Smurfs 3.


Well I'm all in for that!


Not much this week.

Rated for Nudity

1.Eden - Rated R for drug use, language and some sexuality/nudity. (France film)


The life of a French DJ who's credited with inventing "French house" or the "French touch," a type of French electronic music that became popular in the 1990s.

Starring: Pauline Etienne, Zita Hanrot, Greta Gerwig, Léa Rougeron

2.My All American - Rated PG for thematic elements, language and brief partial nudity. (USA film)


College football star Freddie Steinmark is diagnosed with cancer after winning the national title in 1969.

Starring: Robin Tunney, Sarah Bolger, Mackenzie Meehan, Rebecca Chulew, Kristin McKenzie

Rated for "Sexual Content"/"Sexuality"/"Sexual Material"

1.Anderson's Cross - Rated R for sexual content and language. (2010 U.S film)


Nick Anderson, Kevin Daniels, and Tracey Green do everything together. They are the best of friends, and yet they couldn't be more different.

Starring: Joanna Cassidy, Heather Bergdahl

2.Destiny - Rated PG-13 for some sexuality and thematic

elements.(Jamaican film)


Add a Plot

Starring: Karian Sang, Sabrina Diana Colie, Kerstin Whittaker, Victoria Kucher

3.I'll See You In My Dreams - Rated PG-13 for sexual

material, drug use and brief strong language. (USA film)


arol, a widow in her 70's, is forced to confront her fears about love, family, and death. After her routine is rattled she decides to start dating again and falls into relationships with two very different men.

Starring: Malin Akerman, Ashley Spillers

4.Me And Earl And The Dying Girl - Rated PG-13 for sexual

content, drug material, language and some thematic

elements. (USA film)


A teenage filmmaker befriends a classmate with cancer.

Per Mr. Skin: Olivia Cooke "Sexy", Katherine C Hughes "Sexy"

5.Unfriended - Rated R for violent content, pervasive

language, some sexuality, and drug and alcohol use - all

involving teens. (USA film)


A group of online chat room friends find themselves haunted by a mysterious, supernatural force using the account of their dead friend.

Per Mr Skin: Courtney Halverson "Sexy" Shelley Hennig Underwear

Also rated this week

1.The Blood Lands - Rated R for violence, terror, and

language including some sexual references.

2.Frog Kingdom - Rated PG for mild rude humor, languagen and action.

3.Inside Out - Rated PG for mild thematic elements and some action.

4.Lava - G

5.The Legend Of Longwood - Rated PG for peril, thematic

elements and some mild language.

6.The Man On Carrion Road - Rated R for bloody violence

and language.

7.Mississippi Grind - Rated R for language

8.Mistress America - Rated R for language including some

sexual references.

9.Private Number - Rated R for violence, grisly images, and

language including a sexual reference.

10.Tomorrowland - Rated PG for sequences of sci-fi action

violence and peril, thematic elements, and language.

11.The Water Diviner - Rated R for war violence including

some disturbing images.


Well those Kode Magazine shots of Victoria Justice are out, and there's nothing revealing in them.

Can be found at egotastic.


Saw 'em. Meh!


can anyone confirm if nicole kidman is nude in strangerland?


she's definitely nude, it's just a matter if it's full frontal or not.


it screened at beograd film festival, but now new news.


Any more news on the Melissa Rauch sex scene in 'The Bronze'? Does she use the body double for the whole scene or just the gymnastics stuff?


No news since the original festival showing. Will be released in July though, so at least we know what the wait is


Has anyone heard any confirmation of Jewel Staite nude in How to plan an orgy in a small town?


I've been waiting for news about that too. You'd think one of the crowdsource donors that got a backstage access would post something about it. I guess we're not all horny pervs.


does anyone have any info on if kate winslet is nude in a little chaos?


Charlotte McKinney in Joe Dirt 2?


Nope, the movie is rated PG-13 so no nudity.