Celebrity Nudity Rumors March 13, 2016

Rumor is Juno Temple is naked on tonight’s Vinyl. Emily Tremaine and Olivia Wilde might be getting naked next week.

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Charlotte McKinney nude in The Late Bloomer. She plays a sex addict patient and the doctor consults her. It then flashes to a scene of her and the doctor in bed. She walks out of the bed, topless, and then it cuts to the doctor in the bed. We then see her topless a second time, when a the star of the movie looks at her, and has a dream sequence about her.


Anything on Vinyl tonight?


There is nudity on tonight's Vinyl, Shameless and Togetherness. Don't know who will be providing the nudity though


hope it'll be Emily Tremaine in vinyl.


she already showed her boob last episode

also, ray romano has a nude scene in tonight's episode (don't think he shows dick tho) but since it's a sex scene, 99.99% chance we'll see some tits


if she is fully naked, she'll just be wearing a 70s merkin anyway


only right boob i not enough

we have to see her fully naked or atleast ass..


Thanks for the reply!


So Get a Job comes out tomorrow on VOD and limited release. We'll finally get a good idea if Alison Brie had a nip slip or not


no nudity from Alison Brie..

still waiting for her nude debut!!!


Nice topless apperance by Cameron Richardson though. Playing a stripper who actually strips.


Anyone catch the new episode of Underground last night? Jessica DeGouw retweeted someone talking about the show this morning. They both used the hashtag #boobsforfreedom. Makes me wonder if she had a nude scene or something.


No nudity, just plenty of cleavage.


Season 3 of Rogue starts tonight. Ashley Greene is the new love interest. Will almost certainly be disappointed but there's a tiny tiny tiny chance...


I commented about this a few days ago.

There's definitely at least 1 sex scene from Ashley. Most likely non-nude. But you never know. Thandie Newton did bare it all while she was on the show as a regular. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for something decent enough.


No SXSW screening of The Layover? If not, any info on its release plans?


New record?? XD jk, is there any nudity in the rest of Shameless?


episode 11 & 12 contain nudity


LOL all the comments have dried up since Recapped made registration mandatory to post a comment!

No more "xxx comments, i think that’s a new record" comments.

I think those really pushed recappeds' buttons.


i agree with you. its got out of hand. instead of thanking recapped for his work. they type stupid comments


On Batman v. Superman:

'BvS is also rated PG-13 for some sensuality. What's the sensuality?

We see Amy Adams (Lois Lane) naked in a tub with blurred-out nipples. It's the new Kirsten Dunst in the rain.'

Considering there's an R-rated cut coming out on Blu-ray, should we get our hopes up for some non-blurred nipples?


It'd be nice, but I doubt we'll see any nudity in a mainstream superhero film. I believe they also stated that the R rating was for violence.

I'd love to be wrong though.


Deadpool is a mainstream superhero film 😉


There will be no nudity in the R-rated cut of Batman v Superman. Zack Snyder had an interview where he talked about it. He talks about how it will be half an hour longer but he expressly says there will be no nudity. "Just a bit more violence to tip the scale"