Celebrity Nudity Rumors March 21, 2018

Been a while since we’ve had a Q&A so without further ado:

Any skin from Summer Bishil in Under the Silver Lake?

No, Summer Bishil is barely in the movie.

Leven Rambin is in the new Motley Crue biopic which seems like the typical sex, drugs, rock ‘n roll flick. She’s playing the wife of the lead singer. Any nudity in the script from her if you’ve read it?

No nudity from Leven Rambin or Rebekah Graf‘s characters in the script for The Dirt.

Any word on Alexandra Daddario’s other upcoming movies We Have Always Lived in the Castle or Nomis?

Unfortunately, Alexandra Daddario is fully clothed throughout We Have Always Lived in the Castle. Sorry, no clue about Nomis.

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Claire Danes showed her ass during a very dark sex scene on Homeland last night. Not much, but anything from her is unexpected and welcome.


Guys ,, sorry for this Broken Record..

But Any Update on A. Timlin's Submission .. VOD or wide Release date ... ???

Anything .. ??


No news at this point sadly. Although the movie is completely out of theaters now so a home release should be coming very soon.


Mektoub My Love. I speak/read french fluently so I checked lot of reviews in french movies-websites. here is a summary of information collected.
About the movie itself : For some people the movie is too long and boring (3 hours). Nothing really happens and the scenario...dosn't exist. Every simple scene is long and stretched to its maximum. For some other people that simplicity and that extended scenes makes it a good movie because it looks like very realistic.
The movie shows the desire and the love inside a group of young people. they met at the beach for holidays, they goes to a bar, then a disco, ... and that's it. With or without nudity, most of the scenes are hot.
Many people was complaining about the sexism of the movie, as the desire was shown from men POV with some voyeurism.
About what interests you the most guys, the nudity :
- there is a very hot (and long!) doggystyle scene at the beginning of the movie with Ophélie Bau and a guy. great view of both bodies. the scene looks like very realistic in terms of love, desire, and pleasure.
- during many scenes at the beach, we have great looks or zooms at butts of all the actress. Actually many reviews was complaining that the movie spend too many minutes showing nothing else than asses.
- It looks like we see many tits during the movie of different actresses. I didn't find more details.
- It looks like there is a scene where 2 girls did some lesbian actions to increase desire of a men. I don't know if Ophélie is one of them.


According to a source of mine, there might be an upskirt pussy shot of Hafsia Herzi.


Thanks for all informations! As a pure ass-man, I'm looking forward to see this film.


Anything from Alia Shawkat in Duck Butter?


Not sure, but it sounds likely. The plot is centered around lesbian sex:

“Duck Butter” follows a one-night stand between two women (Shawkat and Laia Costa) that turns into a sexual experiment to have sex every hour for 24 hours. What begins as a whirlwind, endorphin-fueled sex haze turns into something more challenging than they could have predicted.

It premieres at Tribeca on April 20th and then is on Netflix May 1st.


This one sounds very promising! Anyone heard more info? Alia full frontal would be amazing!


Incase anyone interested, Bella dayne is topless in episode 6 of TROY:FALL OF A CITY..


No idea why my other gfycat with her topless scenes merged isn't allowed to be posted.


how we can find it?


Anything from the second episode of O Negocio Season 4????


it airs on Sundays, so... btw, this is the final season.


Yeah. Really liked this series. Waiting for episode 2..


Is Sarah Goldberg nude in Barry?