Celebrity Nudity Rumors March 26, 2018

Holly Hunter might be naked on next week’s Here and Now.

And here’s a list of the other SXSW films we saw with no significant nudity and the actresses in them:

Fast Color – Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Most Likely to Murder – major pokies from Julia Goldani Telles wearing a blue tank top near the beginning
A Vigilante – Olivia Wilde
Wild Nights With Emily – Dana Melanie, Sasha Frolova
You Can Choose Your Family – Danielle Campbell bikini, and slight pokies from Isabelle Phillips near the end

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So Submission's pre-order date for online stores is April 20th. This means the date the movie is released on VOD/Blu-Ray should be shortly after (sometime in May). I don't know this for sure but this is usually how it works. Basically Addison Timlin nude pics and vids should be out some point in May or maybe even late April if we're lucky.


I just found out that Drew Barrymore posed nude for Interview Magazine in 1992 when she was only 17. Things have changed so much. The internet would explode with SJWs if a 17 year old posed nude today


There actually was some controversy with it when it came out. They actually had to sell that issue with plastic around it and treat it like Playboy which wasn’t typical for Interview. But there is some level of controversy anytime someone underage is nude even if it’s not illegal. A big deal was made of Brooke Shields being nude when she was like 12 in Pretty Baby back in the 70s. Thora Birch was 17 for her scene in American Beauty but that seemed to go basically overlooked. If some starlet did that today the outrage wouldn’t be exclusive to SJWs though. There would be plenty of people on the other side saying that liberal Hollywood was trying to peddle child porn. There are people who want to freak out about literally anything.


Wasn't Keira Knightley like 15-16 when she was topless in The Hole?


Yeah something like that. Definitely under 18


Any nudity from korean films in 2018? Korean girls are hot!


Is Elle Fanning nude in How to Talk to Girls at Parties? Who is nude, is it some random strippers and how much sex? Movie is Rated R for sexual content and nudity.


All of the reviews that came out when it was premiered said no nudity by Elle. The sex was also more implied than shown. Any nudity/sex was said to be by extras.


It was filmed when Elle was 17, so not her.


Hey ADFan, what's the update on I Am Not A Bird. Can't wait for Phoebe Tonkins, My Days of Mercy, Disobedience, and Addison Timlin


Make that two of Us ..


Why are you asking me? I’m not in the know and Recapped already revealed all I want to know right now.


Anything about Sun Dogs ? It premieres on Friday in Netflix and Melissa Benoist is on it.


Who is Xander?


Nevermind. I see he/she is a user here.


Blockers, only male nudity (including penis), no female nudity... female director. You guys still have faith in female directors???


Blame the 2 guys who wrote the movie.


isn’t Gina Gershon topless in that film?


Yes, and also shows her ass in a brief flash.. or could be nude colored panties, according to MrSkin.


White Girl was directed by a female... just saying ...


Why don't you get this? Why? Does your brain really tell you that if a female director makes a movie with just male nudity.. that's just wrong?! Does this ONE movie (or a few movies) you're referring to sum up the whole entire movie making landscape for you? Lol. Does it tell you that female nudity is over? Or ending? Why don't you people realize that if the trend, post Weinstein, of mostly women only nudity continued all it would do is create more animosity, rejection and negativity. Think, people.. think!

And to confirm, in just the past 2 years there have been numerous, numerous movies and TV shows written and directed by women with mostly female nudity. And there will be more. There will be many more to come.


Blockers was a "female aimed" teen sex comedy. Deal with it, dudes. Telling you, it only makes female nudity that more acceptable. Can't for the life of get it why this doesn't make sense to you all.


But Xander still talking how male nudity is absent in movies/TV shows. In April there's also premiere of Super Troopers 2. Guess what? Male frontal nudity again.


Did Holly Hunter get naked on Here and Now?


No, she had a sex scene but was strategically covered. The only nudity was some dong in a different scene.


she is like 80 years old no one really wants to see her anymore


Magnificent skin on O Negocio this week. Beautiful blonde, Aline Jones, walking into a bedroom nude and some more lesbian stuff with Batista. Very nice. Ruffah has capped it so the vids are making the rounds.