Celebrity Nudity Rumors March 26, 2018

Holly Hunter might be naked on next week’s Here and Now.

And here’s a list of the other SXSW films we saw with no significant nudity and the actresses in them:

Fast Color – Gugu Mbatha-Raw
Most Likely to Murder – major pokies from Julia Goldani Telles wearing a blue tank top near the beginning
A Vigilante – Olivia Wilde
Wild Nights With Emily – Dana Melanie, Sasha Frolova
You Can Choose Your Family – Danielle Campbell bikini, and slight pokies from Isabelle Phillips near the end

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So Submission's pre-order date for online stores is April 20th. This means the date the movie is released on VOD/Blu-Ray should be shortly after (sometime in May). I don't know this for sure but this is usually how it works. Basically Addison Timlin nude pics and vids should be out some point in May or maybe even late April if we're lucky.


I just found out that Drew Barrymore posed nude for Interview Magazine in 1992 when she was only 17. Things have changed so much. The internet would explode with SJWs if a 17 year old posed nude today


There actually was some controversy with it when it came out. They actually had to sell that issue with plastic around it and treat it like Playboy which wasn’t typical for Interview. But there is some level of controversy anytime someone underage is nude even if it’s not illegal. A big deal was made of Brooke Shields being nude when she was like 12 in Pretty Baby back in the 70s. Thora Birch was 17 for her scene in American Beauty but that seemed to go basically overlooked. If some starlet did that today the outrage wouldn’t be exclusive to SJWs though. There would be plenty of people on the other side saying that liberal Hollywood was trying to peddle child porn. There are people who want to freak out about literally anything.


Wasn't Keira Knightley like 15-16 when she was topless in The Hole?


Yeah something like that. Definitely under 18


Any nudity from korean films in 2018? Korean girls are hot!


Is Elle Fanning nude in How to Talk to Girls at Parties? Who is nude, is it some random strippers and how much sex? Movie is Rated R for sexual content and nudity.


All of the reviews that came out when it was premiered said no nudity by Elle. The sex was also more implied than shown. Any nudity/sex was said to be by extras.


It was filmed when Elle was 17, so not her.


Hey ADFan, what's the update on I Am Not A Bird. Can't wait for Phoebe Tonkins, My Days of Mercy, Disobedience, and Addison Timlin


Make that two of Us ..


Why are you asking me? I’m not in the know and Recapped already revealed all I want to know right now.


Anything about Sun Dogs ? It premieres on Friday in Netflix and Melissa Benoist is on it.


Who is Xander?


Nevermind. I see he/she is a user here.


Blockers, only male nudity (including penis), no female nudity... female director. You guys still have faith in female directors???


Blame the 2 guys who wrote the movie.


isn’t Gina Gershon topless in that film?


Yes, and also shows her ass in a brief flash.. or could be nude colored panties, according to MrSkin.


White Girl was directed by a female... just saying ...


Why don't you get this? Why? Does your brain really tell you that if a female director makes a movie with just male nudity.. that's just wrong?! Does this ONE movie (or a few movies) you're referring to sum up the whole entire movie making landscape for you? Lol. Does it tell you that female nudity is over? Or ending? Why don't you people realize that if the trend, post Weinstein, of mostly women only nudity continued all it would do is create more animosity, rejection and negativity. Think, people.. think!

And to confirm, in just the past 2 years there have been numerous, numerous movies and TV shows written and directed by women with mostly female nudity. And there will be more. There will be many more to come.


Blockers was a "female aimed" teen sex comedy. Deal with it, dudes. Telling you, it only makes female nudity that more acceptable. Can't for the life of get it why this doesn't make sense to you all.


But Xander still talking how male nudity is absent in movies/TV shows. In April there's also premiere of Super Troopers 2. Guess what? Male frontal nudity again.


Did Holly Hunter get naked on Here and Now?


No, she had a sex scene but was strategically covered. The only nudity was some dong in a different scene.


she is like 80 years old no one really wants to see her anymore


Magnificent skin on O Negocio this week. Beautiful blonde, Aline Jones, walking into a bedroom nude and some more lesbian stuff with Batista. Very nice. Ruffah has capped it so the vids are making the rounds.


Any male nudity in Westworld this season or all female again?


Again? First Westworld was packed with male nudity. And when you look on nowadays HBO I'm sure second season will be graphic male nudity festival. I'm not sure about female one...


Right, I remember all the penises from the male leads, and no nudity by Evan or Angela and tons of nudity by Thandie Newton, with her even being naked in all her scenes in 2 episodes of season 1.
Can I have your Westworld version and you get mine? Then we both win.


Leads? Westworld = nudity of extras. You SJW are the big hypocrites. Every week there is male nudity on TV shows. Last weekend Here and Now (male frontal), two weeks ago Game over man( male frontal and even erect). Three weeks ago Amazons Sneaky Pete (Male frontal nudity) What's your point? You want male full nudity to appear every second or something?


Peterka31: actually Thandie Newton was indeed full frontal naked - that was her bush, she said that in one interview.


darkstar: I can't recall female full frontal in Westworld. What you call 'full frontal' is topless, with thick 5cm carpet merkin bottom. (yes, i would consider real bush full frontal. this was not that) + rear nudity. All female nudity was like that. There was only male full frontal, and female topless.


If you are going to pick a show to lie about for your weird agenda, you shouldn’t pick one where 95% of the female cast was nude and the only nude men were extras ina dark warehouse.


The two female leads were Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton. Wood was nude in literally the first scene and Newton was full frontal in nearly every episode. Please find somewhere else to troll. This is so old.


Are we getting another April 1 post like last year’s Alison Brie edition?


There's no point is asking it on April's fool, is there? If he did answer it with a "yes", then it could be an April's fool prank and we got nothing. If he answered "no" we could still assume it was a prank and would hope for some news until the end of the day. "Maybe" is useless. Now, you may think the only resolution to this conundrum would be if he actually posted something. But even then there's no way we'd know if he was taking part in this infamous day tradition, or if it were actually true stuff, like last year was.
This is all speculative, of course. Recapped might be a "he", or a "she", or even a "they". So I might've got my pronouns all wrong.


anything on Aubrey Peeples in Locating Silver Lake?


This isn't new nudity news. Some people were asking about this so I'm just sharing an example color correction and grading. Here's Scarlet. This one was pretty tough to do, which is why I chose it.


Dude, it's bad enough that you leave dozens of threaded walls-of-text that lack any self-awareness throughout every thread. And I get that part of the problem is that an entire community is stuffed into the comments of about 1 blog post a week. But could you not—could. you. not.—start taking requests to brighten scenes from years ago? It's bad enough scrolling through all the BS to find relevant new information without pages of huge image embeds and a bunch of requests that you won't have time fulfill anyway.


Who the hell made you a moderator here? Jesus with all these guys trying to backseat mod, you people are 10 times more annoying than the "walls of text".


I will not take more requests here and I hadn't planned on posting this stuff often. Somebody was asking about it. Why are comment turned on for this website? I don't get it. Why doesn't recapped just make posts with no comments, then? Everyone gets pissed when people have "discussions." Well, It's a blog with comments. I'm commenting. What am I missing? How about someone post rules so we all know what this place is about. I still don't, apparently. All posters do here is complain. It's bizarre.


Lack self awareness? What a stupid ass comment.


For instance a person with a _reasonable_ amount of self-awareness might pause before clicking submit on a several-hundred word blog comment. They might ask themselves does anybody really want to read my Deep Thoughts on celeb nudes? Or is this so much drivel that not only will nobody be interested but they probably won't even finish the run-on paragraph.

You apparently lack that ability to see yourself the way everybody else does. Not only do you click submit but you double or triple down replying to your own comments several times.


What a tool. Ignore the noise JayD


Everybody else? Stop cryin'


I will edit the complete scene and export a vid, but you'll have to give me some time. I'll post it for download asap.


Hi JayD, just wondering if you were going to post it here, or maybe offline. Thank you


Take your time, really appreciate as that scene is hard as hell to get the lighting right. I tried myself but turned out badly. If you don't want to post here, perhaps off line. Cheers.


You're awesome, thank you!


Thanks JayD, much appreciated on the vid. 🙂


post the Scarjo color corrected compliation in dropbox. Thanks in advance.


I'd be thankful too, great work on the corrected images. A vid of this scene would be awesome. A difficult one with the lighting


Thank you JayD for sharing, it must have taken some time to get that Scarlet shot right. Amazing. I've always loved that first scene but was bothered by the silhouette lighting conditions. Were you able to lighten that first scene (the clip) where she takes off the clothes of the victim? I know you don't take much requests, but would love to download your treatment of that entire scene in the lightened version, and another other photos you have. Outstanding job.
Thanks again.


my reply landed way below your awesome pics of Scarlet, but I think you know I'd love your lightened treatment of the first Scarlet nude scene in the film. Cheers


second that and agreed.


Awesome! You should do more, the Emilia Clarke one was the best


Nice work.


Did you do anymore scenes from this movie ?


I did not, actually.


That looks nice! Do you take requests?


Which scene?


I'd take a brief look at Emilia Clarke in Voice from the Stone. She's probably wearing nude panties, but there's a very obviously darkened full-frontal shot when she's lying her side.


Looks like she's wearing a modesty patch. You can see it briefly around the 29-30 second mark. Partly visible


so opinions????? do y'all think she showed bush?


Just FYI.. I can't take requests often. I don't have the time. I will post more stuff in the future, though.

Not much I can do with this scene as it was most likely shot a bit dark, and the color is hard to deal with. Best anyone can do with this.



Just to give another idea of how it can get it to work well with some TV scenes... 😉


Second this


Is there any nudity in The Titan which released on Netflix this week? It stars Nathalie Emmanuel. Also its rated TV-MA..


Unfortunately nothing!!


Handmaid's Tale nudity?


Christina Toth nude in “Taste”.
The first scene is pretty good. She is nude in a scene at the end; it’s pretty hard to watch as it involves a sexual assault so I didn’t include that one but I took a cap that’s the only good shot from it anyway.


Link to full movie



Any news on Margot Robbie in 'Terminal'? Had a few sexy scenes in the trailer


Look at this funny article. Equal nudity? I thought that I saw the same amount of male and female nudity in Altered Carbon. LOL. Why nobody is outraged after Netflix's Game Over Man premiere where there's male explicit nudity and complete lack of female nudity? http://www.indiewire.com/2018/02/altered-carbon-season-2-wishlist-netflix-1201928869/


Wow that was what, maybe two weeks without you bitching about this? I guess all good things must come to an end.


Atleast Dave seems to be the only one here with balls enough to critize the female-male nude double standard, while you are standing side-by-side with the feminists and gays who just want more and more male nudity but no female nudity. Perfect example a couple of days ago in britain, full monty women and men, the men had to get fully nude - the women didn't. Imagine for a while if it were switched, imagine the outrage. Or just look at every freaking comedy movie nowadays, naked men all the time, maybe a toppless unknown actress in a stripclub best case scenario. And male nudity in movies are way more sexualized than female nudity. Female nudity in movies just seems to just be like the old boring standing in the shower, or riding a guy or changing clothes. How about they make a scene with a woman getting locked out naked (instead of a man) or getting naked in an embarrassing situation and having to cover up - which is the type of scene that is much sexier than the ordiniary nudity women only do.

So Yak, stop fishing for upvotes just cuz it's become a thing that people here hate dave - while he seems to me to just speak what many men feel.


I also joined to quite a few conversations about this topic, and i shared the same view as Dave. Except I did not just simply complain about it, but proved my point with evidences, and logic. My comments ended up being censored cause I guess i was not simply flaming, and someone couldn't accept I was right.


I would also point out that you seem to have a very specific fetish that isn’t going to come around all that often but you can definitely find a bunch of embarrassed nude female scenes out there. Just to show there’s no hard feelings here’s a sub reddit for it:
And here’s a scene that I’m sure you’ve already watched a bunch since it was one of the top google searches:
I assume you’re hoping for one of these kind of scenes to be featured in at least one movie or show each month. I certainly won’t complain about that happening but complaining that it isn’t happening doesn’t change anything


Am I able to redeem these votes for new nude scenes? Because if so then I will definitely go fishing for them. However they don’t seem to do that right now so I won’t worry about them. I will however point out that everyone understands the situation and knows Dave’s feelings on it because he tells us ad nauseam. He’s spoken his peace and now it’s just annoying debate. This is a blog to notify people of upcoming nudity. Bitching about stuff here isn’t going to magically change what scenes are coming up. If you would prefer you and Dave can put together a monthly “I’ve got beef” newsletter and send it to the heads of various producers and studio heads. It’s unlikely to change things but it’s got a better chance than complaining here does.


I would not complain about male nudity. The more it exists, the more justified female nudity becomes, finally. Besides, women should get to see male actors nude if that's what they want and the producers want it. It's absurd to think female nudity is somehow going away because of it. It actually might be dialed down a little for a while given the current attitudes. But probably not for long. Most of the audience would rather see nude women, anyway. Women like female nudity. That's why so few have really actually complained about it over the years. And female filmmakers are being given projects like never before and I can assure you, they like female nudity, too. Many of them. Add to that the fact that female actresses will be much more likely to do the type of nudity you're referring to, much more likely it will be more non-sexual nudity, but more bold nudity. Kind of in your face, style. Telling you, it's all been seen before. The French have had many female filmmakers in their country for years. Many of them are known for getting "women" naked.


I was thinking more about this. The UK might be unique. You currently have got some cold young actresses over there. Emma Watson? Nothing sexy a bout her. Nothing at all. You'd easily get the impression that she thinks being sexy means acting like a man at all times, or something. Seems the very last thing a young British actress wants is to be is "sexy." I couldn't count on two hands the numbers of recent quotes from young British actresses denouncing nudity completely. The US had this same crap in the 90s. Now in the US there is a newer generation of liberal women who have given way to a bit more positive, accepting attitudes about it all. The opposite seems to be happening in Europe. Sorry, mate. So I agree with you to some extent regarding Europe. As I say, it's just a trend.


I'm sorry but you are mistaken yourself. It doesn't matter how much male nudity there is - female nudity won't be justified. They always use the same argument: Male nudity is funny, female nudity is sexy, that mentality will never change. And the feminists and the gays are not looking for fairness btw. And i'm not saying that female nudity is going away, i'm just saying that it's quality sucks compared to male nudity and there is a lot of male a-list actors doing naked scenes while on the female a-list it's pretty unusual. Just take magic-mike for an example.
You are also mistaking yourself when it comes to female directors. They will make everything even worse. If you don't believe - check out the script of Rough night, so many female nude scenes including Scarlett Johansons character but none of them ended up in the movie (big suprise!). Check out very good girls (female director also), two girls go skinny dipping yet no nudity. I can't think of any comedy movies with female directors the last 2 years that have had any female nudity, but on the other hand they've had plenty of male nudity.
Female directors will only film lena dunham kind of nudity. They will never film anything sexy.


What is "full monty women and men?" Is this a TV show?


Downonthecorner, but aren't you trying to make a sweeping assessment based on a relatively small number of instances of something? The Real Full Monty just sounds stupid. Why would show producers do that? Are they angry that Harvey Weinstein happened? Are they "sticking it to the men of the world?" Why? So I'm saying that mentality, if that's what it was/is, is a joke, dude. I'm saying, it won't last. You think the entire movie and TV industry in the western world is going to shift into "only male-sexy nudity".. but not with women? C'mon. That's silly, imo. At the moment, this all new found territory for women, in a way. But men are men.. and they will still make stuff the way they want. We are 50% of the audience and women like it to. And, Below Her Mouth, Altered Carbon, Smilf, even this new web series, Doomsady, created by Sonja O Hara, is an example of female-led, driven stuff. There a lot more examples of women created, directed projects that feature a lot of female skin. I'm not going to take the time to find them and post them all here. There are many in the past two or so years.


It's called Real Full Monty, last year there were only men stripping naked - but this year they were including women. So the men did their stripping, got fully naked everyone show butt and some flashed their penises. Then it was the womens turn, they keep panties on and only got toppless, but if that wasn't bad enough the camera even cuts away so no boobs were seen. So you got to see absolutely zero nudity from the women while the men showed everything.


Only because there's only been one post by RC in those two weeks. He only had one reply to the March 21st update and two on the 15th (where he was whining about Red Sparrow). It was a nice break though.

And, of course, he's going to complain about being persecuted.


What is it with you surveilling people and policing what they say? Who do you think you are?


It's only been done a whole of twice, once when you pretended that you don't troll often and this time when Yak expressed that it had been about two weeks.

Someone doesn't like being held accountable, does he?

As for who I am... an equal member of the community, nothing more, nothing less.


Co-sign this x 1000000


Because no one thinks about nude men more than you.


On "this season on The Americans" it shows Holly Taylor kissing a guy and in bed with him later...probably too much to hope for butt nudity, but hoping for a sex scene or maybe a nice shot in panties...


hopefully she shows more when she guest stars on the affair


damn this got my hopes up ....


New trailer for WestWorld Season 2 hints at possible nudity from Tallulah Riley as she is seen nude from behind sitting on a bed after what looks like an orgy...then turns to the camera with an over the shoulder look with a bra on...should get some nudity from Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton again.


all i'm hoping for is more Sarkeesian.


Same here, though I'd love some Sarkeesian nudity, too 😉


Sarafyan* jeez thats the worst autocorrect of all time


any updates on sasha pieterse? I thought she had a new movie coming out.


The Honor List (previously known as Honored) comes out on Digital May 11 and DVD May 15. Trailer will premiere next week.



Catherine Reitman from Working Moms


Does anyone have screenshots of ophelie bau in mektoub my love. Which released last week.


Looks good! Not available in Canada though 🙁

If someone could cap this it would be greatly appreciated by your northern brothers


Why are the caps I took from Doomsday downvoted? I have an Amazon Prime membership, saw a request for caps from an Amazon Prime series, and so spent a few minutes putting them together for everyone. Geez.


I can't speak for others, but 1) it's a rando that nobody knows or cares about, 2) it's a bunch of separate images that you have scroll through to get to the posts you do want to see.


Wow, I can’t believe I inflicted such an atrocity on the community...images of a hot actress having sex, requested by users. I can only imagine the horror of having to scroll past them for less than a second. Never again will I be so cruel.


Just so you (TK2012) know.. there are a couple of other scenes of nudity in the first two episodes of Doomsday. One with a red head chick (not O'Hara) by a lake and another where the 3 girls (O'Hara and two other cute blonde actresses) dance around nude in the dark. At the end of that scene they are shown all laying in the grass naked.


This was about doomsday sorry


Surprised this hasn't been capped anywhere online yet that I've seen, but there is a new web series created by Sonja O'Hara called Doomsday. There are supposed to be 4 episodes. Two episodes are currently available on Amazon Prime. Features a brief nude sex scene with O'Hara herself and another scene where the girls are "frolicking around nude" outside at night, as she puts it. The girls who are nude are very attractive.

Just FYI.



I'mstill bummed we never got pictures of Mae Whitman nude from that play she was in.


What is she funny or something?


Yeah same here


My post went from +21 to +3 since eastman started whining. Imagine being so triggered by a 3 letter post that you take the time to periodically vote it down.


Her? Is there a pic I can’t see?


You just ruined it.


Nah it's been ruined by overuse for years. Try to find even a single mention of her on the internet where some dude doesn't come along thinking he's being clever with that reference. I loved AD as much as everybody else but it's like quoting Austin Powers or Borat at this point.


Haven't seen any comments about it for a while but does anybody have any updates on Above Suspicion? It seems odd to me we haven't heard anything about it when its supposed to be out May-August


I linked this here back in December.


Around thirteen minutes in the co-star here talks about a nude scene with her. And he's far from the romantic lead in the picture. So if he's got one with her, I wouldn't be surprised if there's more in it still.


I am not Dave1993. Stop downvoting me for no reason.


This made me laugh more than you'll ever realize. I <3 u now.


hahahaha this is awesome from the community


You daves all look the same to me.


Why do you even care about downvotes? You should be proud that you are politically incorrect person 🙂


shhhhh....the downvotes arent real


I don't watch the show, is there any reason to hold out hope for Maggie Siff in Billions or did her body double scene basically erase all hope?


I watch it and no I'm not holding out hope. She has the occasional sexy scene in some lingerie or something (like last week's episode), but I'm not expecting anything more than that. The show doesn't actually have much nudity. A few Malin Akerman scenes and that's about it.


Anyone else get the impression that she just can’t wait to get naked? 🙂


If you can't tell she is going to be one of those forever teasing actresses


really? I get the opposite impression. she seems like she’s got balls, doesn’t give a shit what anyone would think. I would also assume she’s looking to do something artful. she also seems a bit more mature than someone her age. hence, this scene. She would do it for a female director, at least, I believe.


Having her bounce around sure is exciting. If you pause it just right at around the 20 second mark, you can see underboob when she bends down, so she's clearly braless.


Having her bounce around is what keeps the tectonic plates going.


she sure loves showing her ass (not a complaint)


Rachel Keller is seen taking off her clothes in a promo for the upcoming season of Legion. Do you have any info?


Yes, the info is that it's on FX so the most you'll see is her ass like last season.


http://www.papermag.com/alia-shawkat-sex-scenes-2503005900.html Interview with Alia shawkat about duck butter. She talks about filming nude scenes. Any other news about this?


She seems to have the attitude that men should no longer be allowed to produce something with a woman that is sexualized. Whatever. But I’m all for more nonsexual female nudity. To me that tells me the nudity itself will be a bit more revealing and overt. It’s the men of Hollywood who have always screwed up female nudity. They would rather see a woman getting agressively fucked/raped without nudity than show a beautiful woman walking across the room nude. Bring on the female perspective.


Her father owns a strip club, I wonder how her views are going over with him?


For real? Her attitude about nudity are great. She actually was quoted as saying "People forget... women like sex too." I find it funny, though, that she doesn't want a male director to direct a sex scene with her in it, meanwhile, Amber Tamblyn directed her walking down a public subway tunnel totally naked in high heels in the movie Paint It Black.


Interesting Dutch movie on the horizon. Nice nude poster. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6671244/?mode=desktop&ref_=m_ft_dsk


Plenty of male full nudity (rather explicit content) and no female nudity in Game Over, Man.


anything on Joey King in Summer 03?


Not the type of girl who would do nude scenes


guess you haven't watched Smartass (2017)


What are you talking about? Joey didn't show anything in Smartass.


Any possible nudity in short movie “we are here” starring troian bellissario? Is out tomorrow and trailer it seems that there’s a sex scene... finger crossed!


any news i can't see it, but is out...


does not look very promising


Can u share the link for the trailer plz...


How about the "Mektoub, My Love: Canto Uno". Came to know there is a graphic scene involving ophele bau. Any screens ?. Its currently playing in venice film festival !


Any information on Taissa Farmiga in "We Have Always Lived in a Castle"?


Damn, Hollywood nudity is getting so lame that recapped has to resort to blog posts about what nudity we are not going to be seeing.


Hey Recapped, did you see Vida? Premiered there also. Wondering if there was any nudity? Thanks


Holy Hunter is 60. I don't know how I feel about her getting naked.


I wouldn't put anything past her. I think she still looks great for her age and she may even still look good naked --who knows? Only time will tell, I suppose. If she DOES, well, kudos to her for still doing it when so many seem to stop after a certain age . . . unless you're Helen Mirren who kept doing it till she was about 65.


Wait.. is this her? If so, damn. It's pretty explicit. Possibility of some cgi involved, can't tell, though. Well done if so. I brightened it and I was like.. whoa!

Anyone who wants the brightened clip, here's the link. Might be slow, it's dropbox.



Thanks JayD, wonderful share


First of alll.... Great work Jay by brightening it... (Teach me how to do it )..

Second i'l go with you .. its the patch thing ..not her Butt.. its way explicit for her ...
If that would have been morgan saylor i wud have said that's real... but it ain't.. claire can't

I'll go with you ...


Many interior scenes are shot brighter than what we see in the end. They are often color graded and darkened in post production. When this is the case, there is a plugin in Adobe Premiere called "Phantom Rec 709". This preset basically reverses the darkening and removes shadows and jacks up black levels in footage. Doesn't always work great. Just depends. I then use the Neat Video denoiser effect to get rid of some of the noise artifacts that are created when it's brightened like this.


well she def is wearing something over her boobs, if you pause the clip at about 10 seconds in you can clearly see them. But nice view of her ass.


The view of her ass is most definitely nice!

But yeah, she's definitely got a modesty patch on and I don't see anything that would make this clip fall into the classic definition of "explicit". If she's wearing a modesty patch (which she is) you can pretty much guarantee that prosthetics and merkins and the like were used (though not cgi... there's literally no reason that they'd insist on cgi... this ain't Jessica Alba).


Sorry JayD, I was simply agreeing with darkstar and, based on the downvotes, at least half a dozen other people who frequent the site, not sure why I'm the only one you choose to respond to. As for the rest of your post... the length of time you've been coming here is completely irrelevant to whether or not you know how nudity works. It's the fact that you claim to see what most of us don't and don't see what most of us do that makes *us* think you don't know. And the silly conclusions "she has panties on in one shot and doesn't in the other so obviously they CGI'd one shot and.............................. didn't the other shot." Heck if I know why you came to the conclusion, it makes no sense. Ask darkstar, he's the one I was agreeing with.


Yonder, it’s rather astonishing to me that you read my comments and conclude that I have no idea how nudity works in Hollywood. God that’s weird. If you think about it, you’d think you’d get the opposiye impression, which is infact the case. And that I’m just a troll. Been coming here for years. Just offering comments like we all do. You don’t have to insult me because CGi nudity is used in Hollywood and I discuss this fact.


I don't know, dudes. She has nude panties on in the front.. so she took them off to shoot the explicit rear/butt shot? I'm going with CGI for this scene. Easily could have been done and it doesn't seem like she would be like.. OK, I'll get fully nude for you so you can shoot this explicit rear shot of my ass, when she clearly has cover on the other takes.


I don't see a modesty patch anywhere. Where do you see a modesty patch in this scene? I see breast patches and nude underwear in one shot.

I really don't know for sure what it is, but interior scenes are almost always shot much brighter than what we see in the finished product. So this room was NOT really dark during shooting. That's done in post. Do you realize this? So just sharing my opinion that, if you look at the start of the scene, if she is fully nude, she's allowing the director and whatever crew to see her labia, butthole, etc.. sticking her ass in the air. C'mon. Why would she do that for this scene, this show and for what would be a very dark, brief scene? And then add to it the fact there is nude panties and breast patches seen elsewhere in the scene, and add to this the fact it would be quite easy to make the nude undies disappear with CGI. Even I could make that happen in this scene. Would take me a while. Just doesn't make sense she would do it fully nude for one take and, as I say, basically put her pussy and asshole in the air? It's possible, but doesn't make sense to me.. most likely CGI was "probably" used. Again, just my opinion and on other forums where this is posted there are others who agree.


I think CGI nudity should be called out. It's just a stupid, pointless practice, imo. It's fine if people have a choice of doing nudity or not. Right. Of-course. But it's very unique to the American producer/director to fake nudity. It's unnecessary and really dumb, imo. If the actor won't go nude, don't shoot nudity. Grow up and shoot it another way. What's the point of faking it? It's actually rather fraudulent. How can someone feel that nudity is so important they are willing to fake it? Why is it in the script then? It's like double the stupidity.

I, for one, know that nudity is very rarely necessary to tell a story. It's always been there because audiences like beautiful naked people. Period. It's only American actresses who feel the odd need to always justify it.. even when it's pointless, which it always is. It's silly.

But if you're going to fake it, I'm going to call it out for what it is.. bullshit, stupid and unnecessary. Just imagine how dumb our industry would be if all nudity were faked? Just think about how stupid that would be. Pathetic. Absurd.

Once again.. just my opinion.


re: darkstar - Dude doesn't even understand the realities of nudity in Hollywood or how not to be a troll, you think he understands modesty patches?


It is a modesty patch. Do you understand what that is?


Me's thinking she has those nude panties on through some and maybe the beginning. You can kind of see a brief flash of what looks like panties in the front shot. I mean, if she is totally naked riding that guy like that, than that's some bravado on her behalf. It's a great example of where cgi might be used, too. Not saying it was.


this is definitely a silly debate, kind of pointless.

That being said, all I’m trying to say is, I believe this is an example of CGI usage. It’s possible it’s used more than you realize. It gas a lot of applictions. Stuff like face close ups in movies, tv, commercial work, for example. Make someone 15 years younger. It will continue to be a part of the process. For me, I’m fine with it. But I am honestly not OK if “authentic sexuality” ceases to exist in the marketplace. bad idea. At least at this point in time. If the young millenials want that, have at it but only once the previous, sane generation (most of us, I assume) is gone.


Think about this, just a hypothetical, what if years from now the majority of on screen nudity was in fact fake? But you could argue now that some would still do it in the real, authentic way. Well, what would it matter? Why do it authentically if most people would assume it’s fake? They would literally have to promote that they are doing it authentically, thus, actually promoting nudity. -eh?


She's of course wearing a modesty patch in front. But I see no reason to suspect CGI otherwise. She's shown her ass before.


I would see no reason why she would agree to put her naked ass up in the air with her legs spread for a brief dark scene when she's covered for the rest. Quite certain she has nude/flesh thong panties on through it all and GGI took over.


Body double?