Celebrity Nudity Rumors March 27

There are a bunch of unknowns naked on tonight’s Vinyl.

On Friday’s final season premiere of Banshee, Casey LaBow has her first ever nude scene. And Lili Simmons “might” also be naked in another scene.

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Does anyone have any solid info on a film called 'Too late' staring Crystal reed? its apparently released, according to its website... was wondering if anyone had seen it and can confirm Crystal reed topless in it?


sorry no nudity


No nudity in which movie? "Too Late"? Do you mean no nudity by Crystal Reed or no nudity by any of the stars? This review of the film makes it sound as if there is nudity in the movie.

LA Film Fest 2015 Review


"Another excellent performance as another stripper comes from Dichen Lachman. This points to a troubling trend in Too Late: a treatment of the female characters that is even more "classic" than the old timey medium on which the images are captured. Most of the women are relatively helpless, they rarely have much, if any, clothing, and they mostly seem to exist to service the sexual desires of the men in the story. Still, Hauck succeeds in making the nudity sexual without being sexy and while the decisions may be questionable, they do stop a hair short of being exploitative."


yes i meant by no nudity by crystal reed


What about Natalie Zea?


Anything from Dichen Lachman?


I am desperate for info on this too! Apparently it is only showing in selected 35mm theatres around the US. I live in the UK so it's a bit far to travel.


if you can tell the release date in theaters i can confirm nude or not



This links to a site that lists the release date of each cinema that is showing the movie. The first release that wasn't at a festival was 1 April in New York.

The movie features strippers so I'm sure there is nudity, but I don't know if that includes Crystal Reed or Dichen Lachman. Thanks.


Comments need to get approved now, it was probably in the moderation queue.


That's weird. I swear to God xcddf's post wasn't there when I wrote mine.


Looks like it's doing a very slow rollout. Currently it's showing in Austin, LA, and NYC. Here's the full list of when it releases where: http://www.toolatemovie.com/


Mariana Ximenes nude in Zoom


WOW!!! Been waiting a long time to see Rachel Brosnahan's tits. Very nice!!!


I don't know why you were waiting, she has been topless before.


Louder Than Bombs is out on Itunes in some countries. Rachel Brosnahan has very nice boobs ???? ????


Like I said, they're some of the best in the business...



man she really got nice pair of tits..i really made my day!!!

any news of she showing her ass in this or any upcoming movies ?


What was the nudity in Girls and Togetherness?


Lena pulled a Basic Instinct but her thighs were too fat to really see anything.


Steve Howey's ass on Shameless. That's it.


Any info on HBO's Westworld? Nudity/release date/ or reasons for the delay? I heard there is a major sex scene in Episode 5.

Any nudity or release date on The Young Pope or Ringside (both on HBO as well)?


Lili Simmons joined the cast


"Westworld" has had major production problems that delayed its release several times. Originally, it was going to start airing at the end of 2015, but now it looks like it might not air until the fall of this year.


They are filming again since March 21, so there is a good chance they will air in Summer - if not HBO will be without any 1h drama this summer.


they have their 8 episode drama miniseries "The Night Of" airing in the Summer. I expect Westworld in the Fall time slot


Anything from Sophie Skelton in Outlander?Anything on tonight's Vinyl?


Unless they make some changes, I doubt Ms. Skelton will have any nude scenes in Outlander season 2. I read the books a few years ago and her character didn't get naked until the fourth book.

However, the author said a few months ago that they ARE changing some things, so all hope is not yet lost.

This season, expect Balfe. Rosie Day and Claire Sermonne are also possibilities. Probably a few extras thrown in there too.


There is no nudity in tonight episode of Vinyl. From all these last 3 episodes only next week one will have nudity.


Anything from Mary Lynn Rajskub or Riley Keough in The Girlfriend Experience?


Riley Keogh has already been confirmed.


Any news on Lindsey Shaw? She was teasing pretty hard on 'Temps' and Her and 'History'