Celebrity Nudity Rumors March 28

Sasha Alexander has another nude scene on tomorrow’s Shameless. Sasha shows her ass and breasts during a sex scene. Bojana Novakovic shows part of her ass during a sex scene and later shows her breasts as she is getting changed. Shanola Hampton also shows her breasts during a sex scene. Finally, Emily Bergl is topless during a scene but it may be the work of some special effects since there are booster cables clamped on her nipples.

Our next Game of Thrones rumor is that Gilly (Hannah Murray) will indeed have a sex scene with Samwell in episode 7. No word on whether or not there’s nudity.

Lastly, Mr. Skin has their SXSW nudity report up but their reviewer may have blinked when Nora Zehetner gets out of bed naked around 37 minutes into Creative Control. Nora flashes her ass, boobs and maybe some bush as she runs off screen.

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What about Orange is the New Black season 3?


The second season of "Penny Dreadful" premieres less than a month from now. Anyone know when might we find out if Eva Green does another nude scene this season?


Ex Machina!!! Is it coming VOD in april???


Game of Thrones Nudity Report Part 2

Episode 3

Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) is naked under a blanket after a wedding night romp with King Tommen. Maybe a flash of her right breast as the blanket moves at one point (doubtful) and a view of her naked back when she gets up to put on a robe - no butt!

Also a lot of random full frontal nudity at Littlefinger's brothel in this episode.

There's whore dressed like Daenerys who shows off her butt quite a bit in a brothel visited by Tyrion.

Episode 4

Carice Van Houten (Melisandre) opens her dress for Jon Snow, revealing her breasts. It's very cold at the Wall.

More random prostitute nudity at Littlefinger's brothel.


Thanks for the reviews, MK!


Just curious for us bisexuals, but does Kit Harington finally show his butt in the scene with Carice?


Only Melisandre is unclothed in the scene.


thanks for the update

will you manage to see the whole season ?

please let us know when you have more info


I wonder how can there be so much nudity at Littlefinger's brothel if the man isn't even there. And even if it's under new management, there's probably not so many scenes happening there this season.


Thanks for all GOT nudity news MK. Hopefully more and better ones will be in the rest of the season.


Don't think so...


Well we know one of the Sand Snakes will be naked and possible Gilly too, so this is at least something in terms of nudecomers. Plus according too one of trailers Charlotte Hope will be naked too - hopefully without weird editing like in last season.


any chance on some Sansa skin?


Britt Robertson is supposed to be naked in The Longest Ride.


Implied nudity with arms and stuff in the way of the good stuff. Close up of top half of her ass. Naked from the side during sex/shower. Then a very dark scene where she is naked from the side again while riding a guy.


Wow. You almost never see a girl riding a guy in a PG-13 movie. Hot Shots Part Deux is the only one I can think of.


Its rated PG13


You can have nudity in a PG-13 movie.

In an interview, she said she's naked in the shower scene. Plus, the MPAA rating says "parial nudity".


What she experiences when she films the scene isn't always what we see in the shot.


Apparently Alison Brie has a new movie called "No Stranger Than Love" premiering at Newport Beach Film Festival on the 30th. Plot apparently includes a one night stand/romance subplot. I hope she finally gets naked


It's already been previewed in Toronto. There is no nudity from anyone in “No Stranger Than Love”.


I don't see any info about "Stranger Than Love" playing at Toronto. You may be thinking of "Sleeping wirh Other People" premiering at Sundance.


check this site : blogto com/events/free-movie-screening/

This turned out to be “No Stranger Than Love”.


Oops, I forgot to put the "No" in the title. Still, no info about it playing at the Toronto Film Festival.


Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 Nudity Report:

In one of the first scenes, a nameless Unsullied travels to a brothel in Dany's new capital. Several extras show their breasts as he enters the building. The woman he ends up with strips completely nude before covering up with a sarong , ending up only topless. Things get unpleasant after that.

For the ladies and/or gents, Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones) has a lengthy post sex scene with the blonde prostitute dude Oberyn was shagging last season. Jones doesn't show anything, but we see the other dude's butt a lot.

Later in the episode Emilia Clarke is seen nude in bed post-coitus, but sadly she's covered by a blanket and offers up just a hint of side boob. There's a lot of Daario (Michael Huisman) butt in this scene.

This scene is different than the one in the trailer where Dany's seen laying on her stomach in bed though, so perhaps there's hope for later in the season.


The trend continuous. Emilia keeps doing less and less nudity.


Thanks for the info. Looking forward to the next episodes.


I'm confused. I saw Ex-Machina back in January and Alicia Vikander was showing full frontal for lengthy period. However, the SXSW report says she only shows her breasts and her ass.

Please say they haven't cut it. I've been waiting to see it again for ages!


There is no way to cut that scene. No way. Look at Alicia VIkander at mr.skin and see that it is breast, butt bush.

I just hope we get a decent copy soon. It's been a month since i've seen it.