Celebrity Nudity Rumors March 5

A source tells us that Ivana Milicevic has a sex scene in the next episode of Banshee, and Clara Paget has a sex scene in the next episode of Black Sails.


Had my eye on Abigail Klein for a while, that’s pleasant news.

Unfortunately, Abigail has been replaced by Christine Donlon in the Entourage movie.

Have you heard if the Ruth Wilson nudity uses a body double? She’s been very vocally anti-nudity before.

It may be a body double for some shots but it is definitely Ruth for some others.

Oh my Britt Robertson, when can I see you naked?

Pretty soon. Undiscovered Gyrl is apparently coming out this summer.

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Yeah. I found this thread b/c I noticed how 'small' Eva's breasts looked in the 300 film. I thought she had work done. I prefer the pre surgery look. But she is still hot. I think some men do notice the smaller details(no pun intended)...I know I do.


I would like to inform you guys that Eva's boobs were not quite natural in "Dreamers" either... Sorry to disappoint you, but as a woman, I can see this in a second... Wish we could find some photographs when she was natural 100%


Be interested to know if casting for Keke Palmer in Masters of Sex Season 2 required nudity


Nudity rundown in S4 of GOT?

Dr. Steve Brule

I don't get the excitement for Eva green showing her tits in the new 300 movie. Did you guys never see The Dreamers? You even get to see her tits before she butchered them with cosmetic surgery, too. She also showed them post-surgery on Camelot. She's hot, yeah, but the prior nudity and the cosmetic surgery just dampens all my excitement for any new Eva green nudity.


What surgery are you talking about? She hasn't had any.


her nipples are siginificantly smaller and the shape also seems to be altered. She had some work done it seems.


In this era of CGI and photoshop, it's funny to see that some people can think of "cosmetic surgery" at the slightiest difference in a woman's body.

And the way her breast looks in this movie, I can't consider that "butchered" anyway....


I'm late to this conversation, but I can say without question that Eva Green DID have work done on her breasts - it's called a peri-areolar lift.

It's when you get a breast lift and areolar reduction by cutting a ring out from around the areolas and cinching the whole breast in from there. I had the same procedure; my breasts looked just like hers before, and look just like hers now.

If that rains on your parade, then I hate to open your eyes to the fact that every single woman in Hollywood has had some kind of work done, men don't notice the minute details or know about the advanced procedures available for every tiny imperfection. She went from French breasts to Hollywood breasts because surely the studios suggested she do so. In Hollywood perkiness is in, not womanly-ness.


Since Eva was naked quite a bit in The Dreamers, you can see that hear breast appears to be different in a few scenes – sometimes she appeared perky other not and there were slight differences in the size. Now she is clearly heavier that she was in the dreamers and it looks like it has been added all over.


This is idiotic. Apparently these guys live in a world where a woman's body always stays exactly the same no matter how many years pass by and no matter in what lighting she is photographed in! 'Jennifer Connelly didn't get older and lose weight! She had a breast reduction!' These people have obviously never been in a long-term relationship with a woman. No, Eva has not had any work done. We're excited because she's fucking hot. And of course "The Dreamers" is one of the greatest nude scenes of all-time. That means she stops being an incredibly sexy woman from that point on? Give me a break.


Compare the size of her areola from The Dreamers to her nude scenes in Camelot and now this movie. That's easy enough to spot. You might need to use a couple extra brain cells to notice she had a lift/augmentation as well. compare her breast shape & sag in The Dreamers to how they looked in Camelot and 300. Take your head out of the sand, she had work done. It doesn't make you a monster for liking how she looks post-surgery, just accept the fact that some of us preferred how she looked before she let a Hollywood surgeon convinced her that she could look better.


amen brother


any for MEW in Faults?


Clara shows nothing in her scene in Black Sails.



I fucking blew my load!

Here is the good and the bad of it - there are five or six shots of Eva Green's stunning breasts! The bad part is that all of the shots are VERY short. Meaning they will make AMAZING screen-caps but flash by quite quickly in real-time.

First shot of her breasts: she is fully clothed and about to get fucked doggy-style. The guy rips off her dress revealing her tits. In this shot we have a medium shot of Eva mostly bent over looking in the camera's direction with a decent shot of her tits.

Then she is on top. CLOSE-UP of her tits! For a split nano-second only - and then his hands immediately cover them up. Then when they get off each other violently some brief back and/or side boob.

She grabs a sword and they trade insults. Medium shot, Eva looking almost straight at camera. With a sword in her right hand pointing to the side so it doesn't cover her breasts. Two short cuts away and back to - conversation reaction shots. Her lover/adversary is escorted away by guards and then we get the final shot. It lasts a bit longer (3 seconds) and is amazing. Her beautiful long hair SLIGHTLY covers some of her breasts but there she is. In a skirt, sword in hand but completely topless.

I will remember that last shot for a long time to come.


The film itself: 2.5 out of 5. Dumb but very entertaining whenever Eva is one. Not just because she's gorgeous and naked but man is she a great actress. The woman is my dream Lady Macbeth. It has to happen - whether on stage or on the big screen. The idiot casting director who would prefer Natalie Portman or Marion Cottillard in the role just have to have their head examined.


Emma rigby? still nothing recapped?


The BBFC released the details about the rating for Plastic. Whilst there is most likely a sex scene from Rigby, it's shot in a way to conceal nudity. However, the trailer indicates a scene with Rigby as a stripper and implied topless. Now whether it's shot in such a way we again don't see anything, I don't know. But it doesn't sound promising.


Thankyou sir, lets hope we get what we are looking for.


Britt Robertson I doubt will do a nude scene is this been confirmed?


Finallyyy some confirmation on nude Britt Robertson! Hope recapped is not just getting our hopes up! Details?


Britt Robertson is getting naked? I don't believe that.


Are you able to find a clip of Eva Green's sex scene from the new 300?


Thank You so much for Banshee info, hope You will have something about the last episode too, in next week.

A little question: in final season of True Blood there is supposed to be french new love interest to Eric. Do You maybe know if this role have been cast or will be in some near future?


And Abigail Klein news has left me depressed... hopefully you guys have something on Gage Golightly in Backmask, Danielle Dallacco in Jersey Shore Massacre or Gabriella Wilde in Squatters to give me something to look forward to again.