Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 10

On the next episode of Game of Thrones, Myranda (Charlotte Hope) has a sex scene with Ramsay Snow and there are a bunch of naked women at a bath house. On the episode after that, Melisandre (Carice van Houten) is naked in and out of the bath.

UPDATE (5/16): For those asking, Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and Daario do have sex in ep 7 but apparently they only show the before with Daario naked and then skip ahead to the next day.

Also, it seems two blonde actresses are reuniting for the final season of True Blood. No word on how big their roles are or if they get naked or not. Although this wouldn’t be the first time for either of them. Hint: one of them is featured on this site while the other was on a show that was just canceled.


Yeah man anything on Camilla Belle can you share with us?

She’s not naked in I Brake for Gringos which was rumored a while back.

I saw the new trailer for Leftovers. Any news regarding this show?

Believe the first episode only has that bra scene from Margaret Qualley.

How do you know Tipton shows ass and sideboob in Two Night Stand? Also, could you describe the scene?

Because a source has seen it. Analeigh does a striptease and stands there naked but we only see her ass from behind. Then there’s a heavily edited sex scene where Analeigh’s breasts are mostly covered.

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Danielle Panabaker would be unbelievable.


anything upcoming for Zoey Deutch, Sara Paxton or Danielle Panabaker?


Hey guys - I saw this movie called Happy Christmas recently and you might be interested in checking it out because Anna Kendrick shows a surprising amount of her body in it. She's not actually naked, but it's like one step down from full blown nudity. There's a pretty good shot of her ass in a thong - it's basically her entire bare ass except a bit at the top because she's wearing a shirt. Later there's a pretty intense sex scene where her tits are visible in a see-thru bra. The lighting's not great, but there was definitely some nipple showing. It's similar to the Amy Adams scene in The Fighter, but not as well lit. Melanie Lynskey also has a topless scene, but it's brief. She changes shirts while talking to her husband and her big tits are out for like 5 seconds. Lena Dunham's in the movie too, and she surprisingly (thankfully?) doesn't get naked. 


It's online now, but I can't seem to find these scenes, might be fake.

Random Passerby

Recapped tweeted on Jan 19 that there's no nudity from Anna, Melanie, or Lena in Happy Christmas...



Hey, thanks for a info, now I must see that movie. Hope Anna will get naked in some near future:)


Hello! Any news about nudity in Night Moves starthing this weekend in USA? Dakota Fanning will have nude scene? Or some other? There is "female nudity" tag on IMDB page of the movie and "nudity" in "Ratet R" description. Has anyone seen the movie? or plan see it this weekend?)


I saw the movie long time ago in a festival. Snore-fest, mediocre movie without any nudity from Fanning.


Any chance to see something from Christa B. Allen soon?


Anything on Hayden Panettiere ?


She's pregnant and married to a guy that beats people up for a living. She won't do a nude scene ever.


Does anyone think Lena Headey will go naked in Season 5? [spoiler]Cersei is supposed to be stripped naked and shaved then forced to walk through the city in her birthday suit?[/spoiler] Headey has done nudity before but never on Thrones. That would be one hell of a first scene.


Dear God, please kill all of those people that are so proud of being able to read that they must go around spoiling the TV series for those who don't know what happens in the books. And while you're at it, please make Nathalie Emmanuel do as many full frontal nude scenes as possible. Amen.


hell, I didn't even read the books. I read Wikis cause I was curious what was coming. They haven't done everything the books did though so who knows.

But come on, will Lena go nude? What do you think?


What an asshole...


Spoilers, please. Jesus...


Considering you are on a blog that posts spoilers just in terms of nudity and sex scenes, I'm pretty sure the spoiler alert tag is to be applied to all post and comments.


Not at all. Knowing that Nathalie was going to be nude did not indicate anything about where the story was going to go, where as what got written about Lena spoils the journey of her character for us and also clearly tells us what will happen in the plot.


Anything from Amelia Rose Blair on True Blood or Caitlin Fitzgerald and Keke Palmer in Masters of Sex?


Man, give me an episode on GOT of Nathalie Emmanuel getting fully naked and plowed and I will retire.


wont happen she will not be getting nude


There are leaked pictures of her bum and wearing nipple tape. I can only imagine it's from GOT


yes you are right if you are content with seeing nathalies bottom you will have a great season!


Maybe not content, but gives me hope.



I feel like hbo has toned down the nudity this year, am i right?

I thought it it was a standard for GoT to have lots of nudity.


The movie "Wild" starring Reese Witherspoon was given its official rating by the MPAA and it was rated R for sexual content, nudity, drug use and language.

The book is filled with sex. Reese plays Cheryl Strayed who has many sexual escapades in the book.

So, i'm guessing, Reese does a nude/sex scene or more in this movie.


As soon as I heard about the MPAA rating I began to wonder the same thing. The movie began filming about six months after her arrest so it would make sense. It would also show her commitment to the character and the story after a time when film goers and critics have begun to wonder about whether she cared more about the pay-check than the work. If anyone has seen her in that pink dress she wore recently, you know that her body is still tight! I am hopeful. But then I am also the guy who thought there was a good chance of a Jennifer Connelly nude scene in "Aloft." So who knows. I'm 50/50 right now.


Ever since she had kids in early 20s she has denounced nude scenes and acted like she never even did the one in twilight. So who knows what to expect from her on second marriage post-arrest with baby number 3 a couple of years old


Her career definitely slagged off as of late, so it makes sense she might go nude to bring it back. I'd be surprised if she showed anything though given her husband is her agent. We've been surprised before though, and she has done nudity before. Let's hope for the best.


I think she and her husband were the ones who wanted to do this. People change. Reese seemed to want to make a move to jump start her career. I guess she chose to do a sexual type of character.

Having read the book, I thought there might be nudity in it given the character. But many were skeptical that Reese would go nude again. This rating all but proves to me that she does in fact do a nude/sex scene of some type.