Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 12

Emilia Clarke has a hot nude scene on Sunday’s Game of Thrones. Yes, for realsies apparently, unlike last week.

And as an added bonus, Ana Ayora is topless on tomorrow’s Banshee.

There are also some naked randoms on both shows.

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Seen The Nice Guys. Lots of boob shots (including in the opening scene), but all from random unknown actresses.


I was afraid of that. Thanks for the update.


First reviews for Personal Shopper are pouring in, and apparently Kristen Stewart 'gets extensively topless' in it.

Another tweet goes: 'There's more to Olivier Assayas's Personal Shopper than the scenes with Kristen Stewart getting semi-naked and masturbating'.


I was always invested in this movie and was intrigued on what Kris would do. But now I am so definitely in.


Nice. On The Road scenes were too brief. An October release... time to play the waiting game again.


are Minka Kelly nude caps out yet?


I think Emila's scene is CGI, might no be her


She filmed her nude scene in a studio. Her body was added to the fire scene in post. That's why it didn't look quite right. But if you crop everything out you can see it's a legit nude scene.


Anything from A Bigger Splash?


Eh, it wasn't anything special.


I'm happy with it. Not her best scene, but still good.


Can you describe how much nudity Emilia shows? I can't find a link to vidcaps yet.


Jessica Barden is topless again in tonight's episode of Penny Dreadful. There might be even brief boob/nip from Billie Piper. Don't want to spoil anything but it's cool scene, but will need lot's of screencaps to see every part of it.


Does anyone know if Yvonne Zima is nude in The Nice Guys?


Rachel Griffiths nude a number of times in new movie 'Mammal' - any clips about

Morgan Saylor nude in 'White Girl' - film seems to have been released but no pics/clips doing the rounds


White girl comes out at the end of summer i thought.


Yeah White Girl's end of summer. Your thinking of Being Charlie, where she shows bum and a small amount of right tit, but no screencaps are out - possibly there won't be any til it's VOD release, whenever that will be.


Minka Kelly nude caps anyone??? I'm dying to see her tits.