Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 17, 2018

On Sunday’s Westworld, Evan Rachel Wood has a sex scene. Don’t think Evan actually shows anything but we could be wrong as the scene is pretty dark.

And on Sunday’s Sweetbitter, Ella Purnell is in a bra and shows part of her butt from the side and behind as a guy performs oral sex on her. The next day, we see a bit of left sideboob as Ella gets dressed.

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I must say these mexican Girls are Keeping 2018 Alive..

Pauline, then Melissa Barrera and Now Mishel Prada ...

I hope Chelsea Rendon would show something tooo...


Anything in Succession or Sharp Objects? Both on HBO.


wish Madison Davenport had a scene in Sharp Objects.


According to HBO's tvma there's no nudity in first 5 episodes of Succession.


BTW watch Girl Lost .. some pretty good nudity..


Anything from Nell Tiger Free in Too Old to Young. They had a screening and some one recorded the trailer, Nell is shown taking off her clothes at around 1:14.


well there are no such thing as too old to die, but there is too young for nudity and too old for it 🙂


Taking off her dress but still got underwear to go - might just go that far, but hope for more. Very quick glimpses so I made a cap.


Don't think she is wearing anything underneath her top, kind of like AlexDD in True Detective. There was this pic too, which she posted herself and I believe this is a part of the scene

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you can see the black straps of her undies in the picture


Apologies, But i have to whine ( bcoz I hv got no other place to do so).

Saw the diablo gaurdian in 1080p again ... And it Amaforkingzing.. Pauline is Hot as Fork, speciially in the 1st Episode scene where she does her debut..
My complain is that in whole 10 episodes she doesnt show her bare ass (except that bed scene).. I m really irritated...
She should have ..she got an amzing Ass .. Hope she does in second season...

(Thank God we dont have downvotes ... Lmao )


I wanted a great bare ass shot too. I have a few complaints about the show, but I let it all slide because nudity from a woman as hot as Paulina is a godsend. I don't think this is the last time we see Paulina nude even if Diablo Guardian is done.


No complaints from me! Any of Paulina is perfectly fine.


As a 1000% buttlover I totally agree.


I thought the exact same thing. How the hells could they shoot all that skin and not get one look at her perfect tush? Lol.


well thank you


Any more info on Melissa Benoist in "Billy Boy"?


you absolute legend SKN!


Ella Purnell @ "Sweetbitter" s01e03



Melissa Barrera tits and ass on Vida. Tits looked weird.
Mishel Prada ass, maybe bush in a lesbian sex scene with Michelle Badillo (?) who shows everything.
And full frontal from Ser Anzoategui.


Thanks. I think her tits are weird cause of implants ?


screencap or gif ??


What about H Berry "Kings " movie ?? Not out Yet ??


It’s been out in US cinemas for a few weeks now