Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 19

On the next Penny Dreadful, Sarah Greene, Nicole O’Neill, and Olivia Chenery are kinda naked in their Nightcomer get up. And again, there may be nudity from Hannah Murray, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, and Emilia Clarke on the next Game of Thrones.

Onto the Q&A:

Hopefully Hannah Murray doesn’t disappoint us this week. Any word if she gets naked in Bridgend? The trailer shows skinny-dipping.”

Hannah Murray removes her hospital gown revealing her entire naked back and slowly walks away from the camera in Bridgend. Hannah also turns and peeks at the camera so we know that it’s her ass and not a body double’s. There is some nudity in other skinny-dipping scenes, but don’t think Hannah shows anything (she only takes part in the 2nd one). Elinor Crawley is topless during the first scene.

And my finale question is about Entourage movie. Can we expected anything besides naked extras at parties, etc?

Sabina Gadecki and Christine Donlon are naked during sex scenes in Entourage. Then there are topless extras on a boat, at a screening party, and two prostitutes in a hotel room.

I would also like to hear if Leven Rambin shows skin in True Detective Season 2. She seems due for some onscreen nudity.

Leven Rambin plays a webcam girl that did a lot more in the past in True Detective. Apparently every scene Leven has is with Rachel McAdams so it’s unlikely she gets naked.

I saw some pics of Aubrey Plaza in a bikini filming some robert de niro’s movie. What about that? There’s also Zoey Deutch in that film.

No idea about Dirty Grandpa but apparently Zoey Deutch shows some sideboob while riding a guy in the upcoming Vincent-N-Roxxy.

Any word on Ballers? Taylor Cole?

The shot you see in the trailer for Ballers where Taylor Cole is kinda naked from the side while lying in bed is it since she’s only in the first ep. Michelle Vargas and Christine Bently are also topless in the pilot.

Any early news to share on Ray Donovan, Rogue, Quarry, or the Starz series based on The Girlfriend Experience?

Expect Banshee season 1 quality nudity from Quarry.

Lyndsy Fonseca in escort?


What about Codes of Conduct?

Helena Bonham Carter is supposedly quite naked in the first ep of Codes of Conduct.

I know it’s NBC, but what about Aquarius and Blindspot?

Early on in Blindspot, Jaimie Alexander surrenders and raises her arms and they show her entire body from the front. Of course there’s a very bright spotlight behind her shining into the camera, and there are tattoos over most of her chest so you can’t really make out anything. It is likely a skin suit anyway as you can see what looks like unnatural folds or ripples during one scene.

Anything from Emma Watson in regression or colonia?

The trailer for Colonia hints at nudity for Emma Watson.

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Freema Agyeman is naked in the first episode of Sense8, topless at least (haven't had time to check all of it out yet).


Lela loren full frontal power ?


Constance zimmer nude unreal ?


Does Louise Bourgoin show full frontal in I Am A Soldier?


And a very lovely one, near the end of the movie.

She strips naked and you have a very beautiful full frontal (with a bush) for a few seconds of her standing in front of a door, in clear daylight. And she is gorgeous. No butt though.

You then see her in a white bikini swimming in the sea with nipple see trough.


any idea when the more graphic streaming version of aquarius will be available?


Paget brewster nude ?


anyone know if amber heard is nude in the upcoming magic mike movie?


any idea on when quarry might be premiering?


If I had to guess I would say next year January together with new Banshee season or right after it in March/April as they have no show in Spring time.


Kate beckinsale in the face of angel?


Melanie Kannokada in the Brink?


Jessica marais nude ?


Any other Elinor Crawley nudity from Bridgend?


Films rated for nudity

1.Blue Mountain State: The Rise Of Thadland - Rated R for strong crude and sexual content, drug use and language throughout, and some graphic nudity. (USA film)


When Thad goes pro into the NFL, he has a clean slate in life to start a new one.

Starring: Frances Shaw, Kelly Kruger, Stephanie May,

2.Diary Of A Teenage Girl - Rated R for strong sexual content including dialogue, graphic nudity, drug use, language and drinking-all involving teens. (USA film)


Nudity per Mr Skin: Bel Powley, breasts, also Margarita Levieva and Madeleine Waters 'sexy'

Films rated for 'sexual content'

1.Boulevard - Rated R for language and sexual content. (USA film)


I guess that's the right film.

A devoted husband in a marriage of convenience is forced to confront his secret life.

Starring: Kathy Baker, Eleonore Hendricks, J. Karen Thomas

2.Hell & Back - Rated R for pervasive strong crude and sexual content, language and some drug use.

But, it's an animated film.

3.The Suicide Theory - Rated R for strong violence, language and some sexual content. (Australia film)


A suicidal man hires a demented killer to assist him in suicide, but for some reason, miraculously survives each attempt on his life.

Nudity per Mr Skin: Erin Connor, brief breast flashes

Films also rated this week

1.Backcountry - Rated R for language and some gruesome creature violence.

2.Creep - Rated R for brief violence and language.

3.Harbinger Down - Rated R for language and creature violence.

4.A Lego Brickumentary - G

5.Tiger House - Rated R for language and violence.


Get them TD season 2 news out! 🙂


Any News on Strike Back Final Season? Michelle Lukes or Tereza Srbova nude Scenes maybe?


I hope Michelle Luke Is Nude in every Ep 😛 😉



i hope that too but almost the teaser shows a scene between tereza srbovs and one of the maincast (maybe the guy who plays scott but its very short and not very clear).


@Hansie Where can i find the Teaser ??


No nude Scene from Michelle Lukes :/ and no more in the whole Series.



Youtube: Strike Back Season 4: Official Tease (Cinemax)


here 🙂


Any Game Of Thrones nudity update from last few episodes?


Nope. She's only nineteen. And eighteen when it was shot. 😉


Rosabell Laurenti Sellers...wow..has she been nude anywhere else


Any word on whether Isabelle Fuhrman is definitely going topless on "Masters of Sex", making 2015 the year of the tv teen nude scene? Lol

That could easily beat Rosabell's nude scene especially if she goes more than topless or if it's a sex scene (which is possible, considering the show)


Since Rosabell had a scene, any chance Jessica Henwick (Nymeria) will have a nude scene?


Sadly, she said in interview she will not.


Sad. I really thought she was going to. Is it her in this scene? It's from the 1st season 5 trailer and it takes place in Dorne apparently.

View post on imgur.com



That's the girl who will kill the the Bolton guy.


It's actually Ollie Kram, a model, who will show up in episode 509 as a Braavosi prostitute.


It's not her. There is a theory I read about who this girl is, but that would be spoiler (if it's true).


actually, just read the theory and it has nothing to do with the one I was thinking haha thanks man


I didn't read the theory but I guess I know what you mean (considering the books).


Lara pulver nude ?


Yvonne strahovski nude ?


In the book her character is naked all the time. I don't know if the fact that YS is one the stingiest celebs when it comes to nudity that I've ever seen (leaks aside) cancels that out or not. We'll see I guess.


I've read the book, hence why i'm asking. However i wouldn't go so far as to call her the stingiest in terms of nudity. She has done plenty of near nudity... more than her fair share (if you compare to other female celebs). True she still hasn;t done real nudity, but still... wouldn't call her stingy about it.


Doesn't every B-list or better actress do some near nudity? Until last year Yvonne never had so much as a slip or anything. Not saying I totally agree with the OP but that and how she dodged around the multiple Dexter nude scenes doesn't make me hopeful.


No news on that front.


Does anyone have news regarding the footage shown at Cannes of Manhattan Nocturne? Any news would be appreciated. There is a very severe lack of news coming for that feature... No interviews, no photos, no trailers... it's weird...


Is there any chance of hannah murray nudiy from the last episode of got?


Nope. Fully clothed.


sorry,i tried to say is there any chance of her nudity in future in episode 10


Not from anything from the books, but they could deviate. After last night's episode it wouldn't make much sense though.


Hannah Murrays sex scene.... disappointing would be an understatement!!!


Well, to be fair, if you were going to have sex in the freezing stone rooms of Castle Black you'd keep as many clothes on as possible.

Emilia's bed scene on the other hand was a disgrace. One moment she's fine letting a stranger in while she's having a bath, the next she's shy after she just had sex with him. I mean, seriously.... what?


Agreed. That doesn't make sense to do that, that way.


Hey, at least she didn't have pasties on...we got a nipple. Briefly only but still. See my postimg above. 😉


Any nudity from hannah murray?


Rosabell's a goddess. Also brief nippage from Emilia and great Sophie cleavage.


The Emelia scene was blatantly shot to show as little as possible tho!!


Thanks fellas. Youre all doing gods work!


Nope. Clothed sex scene.

But Rosabell (Tyene) went topless and was the scene of the season so far


18yo Rosabell totally made up for it though.


Any nudity on last few episodes of Game Of Thrones?


Rosabell Laurenti Sellers made tonight's game of thrones awesome. That topless scene, those tits..... and she was only 18!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm in love lol


Lucy Walters, Power season2? Any news is good news. Apart from 'no she is barely in it.'


Any news about Indian movie known as ‘kamasutra 3D’ ??

rumors that too much skin show in that movie…


Sarah lancaster nude ?


anyone know if emilia clarke is nude in game of thrones this season?


She said she'd never do another nude scene or they could fire her years ago . She's never getting nude again.


One of the other actresses on GOT said that a show regular said she wasn't doing any more nude scenes. The media assumed it was Emilia, even after other entertainment outlets reported that it was not her who said that. To my knowledge the only thing Emilia said was that she's not looking to do any 50 Shades type films, after having been nude a few times in plays and in GOT. One of those things where the initial headline was linked all over the place, but the correction never really got much attention. At the time, there were a few actresses on the show who could have made the comment the media assumed came from Emilia. Could have been Dormer, or the wilding who was with Bran, or the girl who played Rob's wife. That story hit 2 years ago, so it could have been a lot of actresses.


Dude it was Sibel Kekilli (Shae). That's common knowledge. Worst actress on the show and she didnt even get naked safe for her opening scene... In my mind that was NOT Shae at all.


link to where she supposely said that ?


You see her nip briefly in the latest episode actually.


It was only a brief cameo. But a welcome one.




she has a similar scene to the one in the first episode this season, that's all


shiri appleby nude unreal ?


Yeah. It's on Lifetime but she's full frontal giving double bjs.


who will be nude In the entourage movie?


Porn star extras probably


Any news on when Zipper (with Alex Breckinridge) will be released?


Any on for about Ashley Williams in bad hurt?


I want to know this as well


I completely second this one!!!!


Alana de la garza nude ?


she was naked in the movie Are You Here....


Or he want s to know about upcoming scenes?


More details of Mia Wasikowska in Madame Bovary?


I wonder if she shows anything in Crimsion Peak. There is a bath scene in the trailer and it's rated for nudity.


Bridget regan nude ?


I was kinda disappointed from D&D last week.

That controversial rape scene needed nudity and they decided to go the other way..


The rape scene "needed" nudity?

You guys sometimes make me laugh.


It creeps me so much when someone claims a rape scene "needs" nudity.


"The rape scene needed nudity"

Hahaha no wonder you guys are on here. I hope for their sakes no women ever meet you again.


Technically it wasnt rape neither! And the only shocking part was having to look at alfie allens face!!


Future or current rapist right here.


Technically it was definitely rape.... She did NOT want it...


That's not what happened, you moronic piece of shit.


Really? So for instance when a woman gets attacked by a man and willingly gives into it so that he won't hurt her more, which has been known to happen often, does that mean it's no longer rape? Fuckin tard.


She is willingly doing something she doesn't want in order to get something. THAT AIN'T RAPE

Jonathan Andrew Sheen

A whore doesn’t want to fuck her disgusting client and its not rape, this was the same.

Are you seriously that far out of your mind? Any woman, under any circumstances, doesn't want to fuck any man, and he fucks her, THAT IS RAPE.


A whore doesn't want to fuck her disgusting client and its not rape, this was the same.


Any news on Cut Snake....

waiting for Jessica De Gouw for too Long Nowww...


On their facebook they said it's in cinemas in September, haven't said anything about VOD. Quite the wait :/


any news about Indian movie known as ‘kamasutra 3D’ ??

rumors that too much skin show in that movie…


Any news on the film "Strefa Nago?ci"?

Please tell me Sammy Boonstra and Imaan Hammam both go full frontal and not just topless

Please please please!


Strefa Nago?ci is also known as "Nude Area" FYI


Lela loren nude ?


we will see emma watson in a nude scene in colonia ? please can you post the link of the trailer !!!!!!


Will we see Sophie turner nude in last few episodes of GoT? Also, any news about Lena's walk of shame?


When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, when the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves.

Well as far as Game of Thrones is concerned. At this point any nudity we get is a bonus. Showrunners have turned prudish. So common for lots of shows but i thought they were above it.

With the news of Hannah from Bridgend i would rate the chande of her being topless <50%.

lena used a body double despite having done full frontal nudity in the past. Probably cause it was in public.

Now it is possible we get topless (or even full frontal) shots of her inside so they could avoid that.


Since Sophie showed nothing neither in the rape scene, nor the shower scene, there is very few chances to see her nude in the near future...


She had great cleavage in the latest episode. Even some underboob action.


Emmanuelle Chriqui has some “make out” scenes in the trailer of Murder in the first. Any news or precisions about that ?

She showed some skin in the Borgias, so let's hope.


any news about Indian movie known as 'kamasutra 3D' ??

rumors that too much skin show in that movie...


anyone know about release date?


Emma Watson nude?

Don't make me laugh.


I agree. It's going to be covered nudity at the most. I can't believe there are people who actually think she's going to get naked.


The golden rule of predicting skin in movies: When a trailer hints at nudity using a PG-13 scene where nothing is shown: you can safely assume you've seen everything the movie will have to offer. Colonia will be a disappointment.


Helena Bonham Carter is supposedly quite naked in the first ep of Codes of Conduct.

Where is that rumor from?


Where trailer of Colonia? Why you do it 🙁

Want want want moreee


You Could Be More Clear

Are We Gonna See Jaimie Alexander Nude Or Not?


Still Hope They Make An Exception


it's not NYPD Blue


Any news on Rachel McAdams, Ashley Hinshaw, Abigail Spencer in True Detective?

Jonathan Andrew Sheen

Is the actual trailer itself for "Colonia" available anywhere?


Elizabeth Gillies in Vacation?


I saw an early screening. Elizabeth Gillies is not naked, but she is wearing shorts and a bikini top and her body looks spectacular. The only nudity in the movie comes from extras.


Does she get any dirty/foul mouthed dialogue?


Weird question. I think you might need therapy.


It's probably since she was on Nick and he has a thing about Nick and/or kid show girls having foul language....maybe?


Is the trailer out? Where did these caps come from?


Where did you get the trailer for colonia?I cant find it!


Great news about Hannah Murray, thanks. Hopefully we'll get the front side in GOT


And what about Kelly Reilly in True Detective Season 2? Any nude or sex scene?


No matter what happens in TD Season 2, nothing will ever top Alexandra Daddario. And that makes me sad.


Any news on Dianna Agron in the McQueen play in London? It is flagged as having nudity


According to fansites, there is no nudity. Just a scene where she takes her shirt off, but she is wearing a bra underneath.


Anything with Amanda Crew in Silicon Valley or otherwise?


any confirm nudity news regarding sophie turner in GOT ??


after last week is pretty obvious there is not going to be any


"Leven Rambin plays a webcam girl that did a lot more in the past in True Detective. Apparently every scene Leven has is with Rachel McAdams so it’s unlikely she gets naked."

I am so heart-broken right now. 🙁 I guess a commenter on the last post was on to something.


>Expect Banshee season 1 quality nudity from Quarry.

Don't tease me like this.

Meanwhile, too bad about Taylor Cole in "Ballers." But Zoey Deutch sideboob? Nice.