Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 24, 2018

We mentioned before that Sarah Gadon had a film coming out with nudity and today the Octavio Is Dead! trailer was released. Rumors suggest that there at least two nude scenes with Sarah, the first was a well-lit scene with her crouched naked and using a garden hose to wash herself. And in the other scene, Sarah strips off her clothes and jumps into bed with a guy. The scene is pretty dark but Sarah might be full frontal nude. There are also a couple of scenes with her wearing a white top that is somewhat see through.

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Ari Graynor @ "I'm Dying Up Here" s02e04


Xosha Roquemore & Ashley Romans @ "I'm Dying Up Here" s02e04



Holy crap, wasn't expecting either of those - time to watch this episode!


Second time Ari Graynor gives us only a brief nipple flash being topless in a sex scene without patches. When will she finally let us see them properly?


Xosha Roquemore was nude in i'm dying up here tonight


Anything on Vida the week? It’s available on the App now.


Butts in thongs is all I saw. I'm quite a fan of the butt in a thong, but what we saw was very tame even by butt in thong standards.


If nothing showed up on cappers sites then I assume there was nothing.


This isn't a movie or TV show, but I thought I might as well tell you that apparently Sophie Cookson (from 'Gypsy' and the 'Kingsman' movies) goes full-frontal and Neve McIntosh bares her butt and bush in the new play 'Killer Joe'

Source: https://reddit.com/r/NudityReviews/comments/8miez2/killer_joe_play_nudity_question/ (do take with a grain of salt though because the person could be lying)


Is this something we'd actually be able to see without going to see the play? I know we got pretty decent vids of amanda seifrieds stage nudity, hopefully we get something like that for cookson


Someone released pics of Orlando Bloom in the play, so one can only hope the same happens for Sophie


He's telling the truth. The nudity in that play is written into the script, any production of the play has to include it.


Someone MUST go see this and sneak some pics / videos for the rest of us!


Also since it is apparently true does anyone know where there may be pics? Cos Orlando bloom’s nude scene from the play leaked


She's playing the role Juno Temple played in the film adaptation of the same play, and she did show it all. The role Neve McIntosh plays is the one played by Gina Gershon, and she did also went bottomless. Fairly sure the nudity is essential to this play, so I'm guessing the post is right.


Gina Gershon much better than Neve McIntosh. Totally unnecesary remake.


It is not a remake. It is a stage play.


Ups, my fault. I didn't know it. Anyway, in that case, we'll only get a bad record such as of that Amanda Seyfriend in The Way We Get By.


The report is accurate


Historically there has been nudity in this play as a matter of fact before she ever went nude on the screen Michelle Williams went nude on stage off broadway in this very play


Are there any known photos of Michelle Williams nude in the play in 1999?


When will EMMANUELLE CHRIQUI & Hayley Atwell gonna get proper nude.
Can anyone have any info about upcoming projects. Both teasing us long time.
Love a.


The second trailer for Hayley Atwell's next movie dropped the other day. It's a drama with Ewan McGregor. The trailer showed a few of the characters walking around without clothes on, or at least bottomless. Here's hoping she gets in on the action. Then she's got a UK set comedy musical from the director of Bend it like Beckham -- wouldn't expect anything from that.


The Winnie the Pooh movie Christopher Robin? That’s PG.


Strange because Winnie is bottomless in the trailer and Tigger goes fully nude.


Yeah, took me a little bit to catch on. lol


Any news on a release date for Above Suspicion? And have there been any other reports on the nudity from Emilia Clarke other than that co star saying he was in a nude scene with her during a podcast?


So who is nude in Halle Berry's Kings?


What about that upcoming Natalie Portman indie movie "Vox Lux?" I heard it's supposed to be Lars von Trier-esque.


Romy Louise Lauwers in Het leven is vurrukkulluk (2018)



I've seen that Aisling Franciosi plays the character of Fernande Olivier in "Genius: Picasso". Any chance to see her naked?


In Genius: Picasso - no, but as "Celebrity Nudity Rumors 2018" post says, she might be naked in The Nightingale.