Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 28, 2018

Happy Memorial Day! Some roles have been cast on Euphoria but they’re all somewhat unknown names. One you may know since she is the daughter of another actress but that role doesn’t require nudity. The Disney actress in the main lead role is close but still not finalized. We’ll wait for that and post all the names at the same time.

Good news is we’re hearing that another former Disney actress, Kelli Berglund, has been cast in Gregg Araki’s Now Apocalypse. Nicole LaLiberte and Roxane Mesquida have also been cast. We’ll have more details soon.

Also, Sunday’s Sweetbitter has Ella Purnell in a bra and there’s nothing on Sunday’s Westworld.

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does anybody know when Shailene Woodley shows boob in Adrift?


From mrskin:
(0:04) Massive Shailene Woodley pokeys climbing on deck.
(0:08) Shailene Woodley in a bikini on a surfboard.
(0:09) Shailene Woodley in bed in her panties.
(0:10) Slight right pokey on Shailene Woodley then double pokeys talking to Sam Claflin.
(0:17) Nice shot of Shailene Woodley climbing up a hill. Then double pokeys through the top of her bathing suit. She takes down her shorts and cliff dives.
(0:19) Shailene Woodley in a bikini half on the beach, half in the water.
(0:25) Shailene Woodley lying on boat in a bikini.
(0:26) Double pokeys on Shailene Woodley.
(0:27) More pokeys on Shailene Woodley.
(0:42) Right pokey on Shailene Woodley.
(0:48) Bikini bottoms on Shailene Woodley.
(0:56) Bikini bottoms on Shailene Woodley fishing underwater.
(0:57) Shailene Woodley meditating naked on the boat. We see a hint of buttcrack. Then it begins to rain and as she lies back there is a shot of her breasts from her head on down a little bit away. Nearly see bush too.
(1:23) Panties visible on Shailene Woodley as she pumps.
(1:25) Shailene Woodley stands in her panties on deck trying to get the attention of a boat.
(1:28) Pokeys on Shailene Woodley opening hatch. Then she is in a bathing suit underwater fishing.
(1:30) Pokeys on Shailene Woodley.


Annoying news via Hollywood Reporter - Under the Silver Lake was set to hit theaters in three weeks, but distributor A24 has pushed the film from its June 22 release back six months to December.


When was that VOD date for Addison Timlin in 'Submission' ?


July 3rd for bluray and VOD in USA


Just because they are not known doesn't mean they are not known we can google or IG them so please give us the names foe euphoria


"Mary Queen of Scots" is supposed to have a fair amount of raunchy sex scenes, but I don't know about actual nudity from Saoirse Ronan or Margot Robbie?


I cant believe I'm saying this but after seeing a pic of how Margot is made up for this film, I'm not really desperate to see a sex scene with her like that. Also,with her playing Elizabeth The First,there is not really any potential for one, Saoirse though would be fucking amazing and there is plenty opportunity historically speaking for Mary Queen of Scots to have lots and lots of naked sex scenes.You here that nudity gods?Lots and lots.


You know Elizabeth being the Virgin Queen is just a name, right? Gal got her fukk on like any rich white woman.


Any nudity from the special finale of sense8?? Expecially from italian actress Valeria Bilello??


i would most want to see a Tina Desai nude scene, doubtful though.


Impossible to have any nudity for finale.It will be high paced action if anything.
And as for her character,I think she will die


Seriously? Like 75% of Sense8 is just graphic sex. I don't see why the finale would be any different.


Finale is not meant for graphic sex and orgy.It was added to complete the story in case you watched the show beyond nudity


And now, thanks to nude callendar, we know there will indeed be some nudity.


Anything on Tania Raymonde for Goliath season 2?


Recapped said probably in the annual update. There does seem to be something from the trailer. Looks like it could be a better-lit and higher-res scene.


Nothing on the series finale of The Americans. Pretty disappointing season (nudity-wise), though I'm thankful for that show for giving us such great Keri Russell scenes


it's not like the show was really big on nudity so far...


No, but every season gave at least one scene of Keri's ass except this one.


Any caps of Charlize Theron from Tully?


Question for everyone...

Have you ever been disappointed by an actual nude scene? I don't mean one where you expected to see something and nothing was shown, but where you got to see nudity and it wasn't what you expected.
For me the one I can think of was Teri Hatcher in Heaven's Prisoners. I wanted to see her so badly and I was not impressed


What scene surprised you the most in a positive way? For me it's Julia Benson in the Masters Of Horror episode "Right to Die." She's certainly not a big name but you just don't see boobs that big and that perfect on screen very often. Given the fact that they're natural made it even harder to believe. I remember watching that scene the first time and being shocked that she actually went topless.


It's a great scene.


According to mrskin, Julia's tits are fake.


I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with Mr. Skin. In that scene she starts off laying back in the tub and her boobs are laying back against her chest. They aren't falling into her armpits like hangers but they aren't sitting up, full and round, like fake boobs do when shes laying on her back. That said, thanks for giving me a reason to watch that scene again. And on the very slim chance they are fake, her surgeon is an artist.


I just watched that scene you're talking about. Something seemed off about it to me.

I did obviously have that feeling you described with Alexandra Daddario.


I was the same way with Alexandra, but everyone knew that scene was coming and I knew she wouldn't disappoint. And of course, she didn't. All of which means "I Am Not A Bird" can't get here fast enough.


Even when we got the Recapped report on her, nothing could prepare us for how she actually looked. Part of me wishes they weren't leaked before the episode aired, though.

Part of me wants to keep expectations in check for I Am Not a Bird.


The blu ray extra features have a segment where they show the making of that scene. Takes a minute long scene and turns into five minutes with plenty of slow-mo and close ups. I was even more surprised she signed off on that, if in fact, she had any say.


Is there extra footage not seen in the original scene or does it just add slow mo to the original scene with close ups? I'm referring to Masters of Horror not True Detective.


Oh that explains it. Do you mind making a gfycat of some of it?

Also why aren't there reply buttons for some of our comments?


Sorry, I was referring to the Masters of Horror Blu Ray not True Detective. Though I've certainly watched Alexandra's TD scene on slow mo several times.


I just checked all the season 1 blu-ray extras/features, inside the episodes, making of, and I there was no such scenes.


Which feature?


ScarJo in Under the Skin is the all-timer of nudity letdowns. Her body changed, plus the scenes themselves were dark and weren’t very sexy.

I’ve also been let down by all of Laia Costa’s nude scenes. I think she’s hot but her nude scenes, especially in Newness, are quick and dark.


You should have rented The Cool Surface like me. Terrible movie, but she looked fantastic.


It would've been nice to see her breasts pre-Black Widow weight loss (though I think she often had them pushed up at premieres and things, so I don't think they shrank as much as some people think). But then those workouts improved her ass a great deal imo, so there was an upside to it. And between that ass and the frontal shot, I still rank that scene as an all-timer.


She had them pushed up but they didn’t need much help. Along with working out more for action roles she might have decided to do breast reduction surgery if they were becoming a problem.


I'm pretty sure it was just weight loss. Their shape isn't all that different now and they didn't shrink that drastically really. Plus there's no scar on them now. And now that she's had a kid, who knows, they could be pretty well restored.


Scarlett Johansson Under the Skin. I'll put it down to weight loss because otherwise the way her puppies sat in braless dresses was pure manipulation.


My only problem with Scarlett Johansson in Under the Skin was the terrible wig they made her wear.


Alison Brie in GLOW for the same reason plus bad angles.


The best example I know is Neve Campbell in When Will I Be Loved.


Turns out they were real, but far from spectacular.


For sure. Anytime a body looks better clothed than bare. Makes you wonder how many actresses avoid nudity, not because they're against it in principal or think it would harm their careers, but because they know that without push-up bras and whatever else they don't quite cut the mustard.


A lot of the actresses wouldn't be half as interesting after you saw them naked ....


I'd say it's body issues for 90% of the ones who won't get naked.


It was Emilia clarke in GOT Session 7 finale episode ?


Aubrey Plaza showed her ass on Legion last night during a lesbian hookup


Nomis with Alexandra Daddario had its first screenings recently. Any word?


AD said this about it in an interview: "It’s a more adult role than I’ve played," she says. "I’m basically in an interrogation room with the bad guy the entire time and the scenes are very dark and very strange." "This character is dealing with something that... I’ve never had a character deal with something like this before in a film. It’s fun. I love doing heavy stuff."


On that basis alone, it would seem unlikely, but the director has pics on his Instagram showing her not in an interrogation room.


They're just now screening that thing?




That poster's up on the director's instagram as well, so I'd say things are finally coming along.


It's made by an indie production company. They made Nightcrawler, Shot Caller and No Escape and co-produced Neon Demon, Whiplash, Stronger and the upcoming Colette. Seeing as it's not awards bait, and more along the lines of Shot Caller (a thriller with a cast better known for high profile TV shows than mega hit movies), I imagine it'll get a limited release or dumped onto VOD around September/October time. Clarke should have wrapped GOT by then and so would be free to do any promotional stuff (if they really want to push it).


6 months I say minimum


I skimmed through The Last Witness (2018) with Talulah Riley and I did not see anything interesting.


This site and MrSkin both agreed there was no nudity in Maia Mitchell’s new film “Never Goin’ Back”, but the MPAA think they’ve found some - “Rated R for crude sexual content and language throughout, drug use and brief nudity - all involving teens.”


Nudity ratings are not only for female nude scenes. It will obviously be brief male nudity.


It'd be really fun if you could share something about the ones cast, say age and/or hair color for example. We'd not be able to guess anything from that because thousand of actresses share those same attributes, but each one of us would be able to check if our favorite ones are at least a possibility and keep excited.


I never thought she was wearing one, but I know others did. Here is Thandie Newton talking about her full frontal nudity in Westworld via Mr Skin: "Westworld star Thandie Newton is no stranger to nudity. She appears nude a lot in the skin-filled HBO show, but we were delighted to hear her confirm on The Graham Norton Show that she goes all natural on the show. Thandie explained that she declined a merkin because she didn't want to add the time of applying and removing it every day. She also said she didn't need one. "One of the reasons why they provided them is that a lot of women do things to alter what's going on down there, so I didn't need the merkin because I didn't alter anything."


She declined merkin because she has thick natural pubes. The same effect. "Brave" woman lol.


You're just cranky about everything, aren't you.


Duh, it doesn't count unless the woman is shaved completely bare, spreading her legs, and pulling her labia so far apart you can her kidneys. Everyone knows that!


Any news on Blake Lively?? Any future films of her requiring nudity??


Thanks for the update!


And here I thought the words I wanted to hear most were "Selena Gomez has been cast in Euphoria and will get naked." Well, that's still definitely what I want most, but right behind that is "Kelli Berglund's part requires a lot of nudity."


It’s a half hour comedy on Starz - don’t get your hopes up too much for a lot of Kelli.


Weren't Weeds and Califonication both half hour comedy shows with some A+ nudity?


And the show is from Gregg Araki who doesn't shy away from nudity when given the chance (Kaboom, White Bird in a Blizzard, The Doom Generation). Plus this show sounds a lot like Kaboom.


I really wanted it to be Selena Gomez or Stefanie Scott.


Very lukewarm update 🙁


Melissa Benoist in "Billy Boy"? There's confirmed full frontal male nudity.


This doesn't confirm anything, but this clip does have Melissa only wearing a dressing gown and presumably follows a sex scene


Any news about Emma Roberts / Sophie Turner / Emilia clarke / Kate Mara / Chloe Moretz / Sophie Cookson?


For Kate Mara, she goes nude in 'My Days of Mercy' (targeting an October release) and Sophie Cookson is nude in the fully nude in the play 'Killer Joe', but no images have surfaced 🙁

(You might have known that information already but thought I might offer a helping hand :D)


It seems like a long shot, but is anyone here going to see Sophie in 'Killer Joe' in London?


do it for the team!


Don't forget we're waiting to see if Emilia Clarke does anything in Above Suspicion.


Somehow still no release date yet, though. These fucking movies come out like 3 years after they are shot...


It’s baffling to me. I can’t think of any other product that takes this long to get to market. I’d think that these producers would want to make their money back.


Thanks for the update. Can't wait till we start getting the casting info from Euphoria.

I'll keep my usual questions short and sweet. Any nudity info on Pimp or Summertime? Also do you have any casting info on the rebooted L Word show?


Season 2 of Westworld = Disappointment


Are you saying it's disappointing because of the lack of nudity or the quality of the show?


I'm disappointed in the lack of nudity, but I'm still really enjoying the show. I just personally think it's bad taste to attract viewers by using nudity and then seizing to have even a 1/3rd of the amount the next season.


I think the show is garbage too, and not because there's zero nudity. It's might be the worst expensive show ever made.


I'm enjoying Westworld a lot.




They will eider do it in S3 or get cancelled like True Detective after S2 ...


Except True Detective hasn't been cancelled. They're working on S3 now.


Lol Westworld is never gonna get cancel and they haven't cancelled True Detective. They're currently working on season 3.


Yeah definitely. But what has happened with the plot made it pretty obvious there wouldn’t really be nudity this year. Last year it was all while they were being worked on in the lab, so...


Even the "dead" naked hosts have been mostly all male and shot from afar.


I figured there would be a lot less but I didn't think they would basically eliminate it from the show.


Thanks for the update! Anything on Vida? Thanks