Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 31, 2015

On tonight’s Penny Dreadful, Nicole O’Neill and Olivia Chenery are naked in their Nightcomer get up again. We also see Billie Piper‘s body double’s breasts.


Any news on the film “Strefa Nagosci”?
Please tell me Sammy Boonstra and Imaan Hammam both go full frontal and not just topless
Please please please!

No. The scene that they released for Nude Area is basically all the nudity Sammy Boonstra and Imaan Hammam show. The scene is slightly longer in the movie and there is an extra zoomed in shot of Sammy’s right breast near the end but the movie is also missing the first shot with Sammy topless with her eyes closed. Right after, we see most of Sammy’s ass and a lot of side boob as she is sitting naked on a bench. They also show a similar shot earlier in the movie. And of course there are lots of naked extras during the many shower and locker room scenes.

Does Louise Bourgoin show full frontal in I Am A Soldier?

Yes, Louise Bourgoin does show the full monty in Je suis un soldat. Exactly as Anonym described in his reply. Around 85 minutes into the movie, Louise strips outside someone’s house and then knocks on the door. We see Louise full frontal for a few seconds before she covers her bush with her hands. They hug and kiss, and then we see more of Louise naked as they walk inside.

Louise Bourgoin’s right nipple also makes an appearance at the beginning of her english language debut Mojave. This is despite the film, which just played at Tribeca, not being rated for nudity.

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Carla gugino nude ?


Carla Gugino was on The Late Late Show last night and said she had a nude sex scene in the new HBO series The Brink, which starts June 21. She mentioned that her co-star in the scene is a 25 year old actor and that he wears a huge prosthetic penis to "add to the comedic element" of the situation. Carla mentioned at the start of the story that she had to "handle a prop" in the scene, so I assume that means she might be shown giving a handjob to the fake dick, which is not unheard of on HBO. 2007's Tell Me You Love Me showed an actress jerking off a prosthetic penis and it even came on her hand. Most importantly Carla said she was almost completely nude while filming, wearing only a modesty patch. So hopefully this scene is as good as it sounds - I don't know when the specific episode airs, but the series starts this Sunday.


I'm always wary to trust the actresses talking about their scenes. But, there does appear to be nudity in the ratings for The Brink & Ballers.


Brooklyn-based model/actress India Salvor Menuez is full frontal underwater with Petra Collins in a photo shoot by Cass Bird. You can see little bits of both their titus and pussies though more (especially pussy-wise) is visable on Petra than India.

Looks like they have nice sissies though hehe.


Correction: pussies not sissies


Also correction tits not Titus


Anything on emma rigby? =)


I read an interview a while back saying she was up for nudity if it was right for the role she was playing. Hopefully that role will be A Hundred Streets later in the year


Rachel mcadams in true detective?


are there any caps of nude Dianna Agron? Seems like nothing surfaced till now...


Does anyone know if Julie Ann Emery gets naked in the upcoming season of Masters of Sex?


Is there any chance we get a naked Ashley Benson in Ratter? Because that'd be THE shit!


The Layover speculation:

On twitter, Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario have tweeted jokes about playing dinosaurs with big tits in a Jurassic World/San Andreas mashup.

Both pretty much know what's up. I wonder if that means they'll show the goods in The Layover?


Any news about Emmanuelle chriqui nude in next episodes of murder in first ??


It's basic cable so no


they've shown girl asses on the show before, so there's a chance she'll show her ass


hope I could see her full frontal nudity...what a sexy body she got..