Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 31

On tomorrow’s Game of Thrones, Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) and some other women are naked in a stream. Missandei is shown bathing from behind when she senses someone watching her, turns around, then covers up. Still unconfirmed whether or not Nathalie shows anything but there are no sex scenes with her character like some are speculating.

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a little sad they didnt show emilia nude having sex with daario


Grey Worm is obviously going to bang Nathalie. Not sure about how he was cut talk. They never confirmed it was his genitals, but ovbiously something will happen with them. I expect more next season if she shows nothing more this season. I'm using common sense. I knew she'd be nude sooner or later. C'mon now, if your an actress and your not a name, you get casted on GOT's, your going to be naked and plowed. I don't see the show cutting down on nudity or sex. The season just didn't seem to mesh out that way, but were still able to have something here and there like Nathalie.


Hey, since we have wait till new True Blood will premiere, for some nudity, maybe some tease about new season/first episode? I think Karolina Wydra will be naked in premiere, but how about Amelia Rose Blaire? Also according to tvline: "This same-sex hookup, between two non-gay characters, goes down in Episode 2", so could it be between DAW and Bailey Noble? That would be awesome.


Any nudity upcoming in Power?


Any Specifics on new season of True Blood. Almost two weeks away already. Hoping for something from Deborah Ann Woll in final season or Amelia Rose Blaire.


DAW would be cool


lol keep dreaming


Hey rec,

Are there any good nude scenes on the horizon that no one is talking about yet? Any surprises or nude debuts that you're excited about?


Madeleine Martin is returning to "Californication" soon for the show's final 2 episodes. Any chance we'll get some nudity from her? She's 21 now so.....

Hopefully either topless riding a guy or full frontal changing clothes (gets caught by Levon?) 😉


any nudity from emilia last 2 episodes


Just like in last year, there is no nudity in last two episodes.


there is nothing from ashley rickards in behaving badly


Nothing from Selena either (not that we were really expecting:))


Anything in the rumor mill about the new season of Orange is the New Black?


Laura Prepon is not naked.




Cry all you want, but her days of nudity are over.


Like Nathalie Emmanuel was not going to be nude ? :p


Nathalie's gorgeous curves has been one of the highlights of 2014 so far. While not quite AlexDD, ScarlettJ or Gaia Weiss of "Vikings" fame she is definitely giving Eva Green, Carolina Guerra ("Da Vinci's Demons") and Lili Simmons a run for their money.

So will next Sunday be as giving with Eva Green on "Penny Dreadful"? Episode 5 is rumored to contain her only nude scene this season. Is there anyone here in-the-know?


IMDB commenter mentions she has a sex scene in episode 6, so it may be then. Who knows.


She has a sex scene, and is topless in another scene in ep 5.


Next year we must get Sansa nude scenes, actress finaly 18))


I agree, but I have this terrible feeling that she will have very, very disappointing tits - so the actress may resist the call to bare all... what are they going to do, recast the role?



Well i would love to see those disappointing tits...

They most certainly dont look disappointing to me... It's much more important that her character still is under 16 probably (unless they simply say 'she is 16 now) which means she cant even show them even if Sophie was 30...

I dont think they will go there because of potential onslaught. MAYBE in S7 (final season) because there is no next season anymore... I have the feeling Sophie isnt shy at all and realistically her S5 story line might include nudity (littlefinger peeping at her for example) but that doesnt mean we'll get it.


It depends on actor age not the character he/she plays - in first season Dany was 15 years old (13 in books) and yet have nude/sex scenes - and now Sophie is adult. The only problem might be that she was teenager when she was filming first seasons, so creators might be too bound with her. But I think she isn't shy too, and would be ok with some non sexual nudity in S5, the more from all main actresses she and Lena, are the only one who are still alive and haven't done any nudity.


I'm pretty sure that goofy UK law you are talking about applies to sex scenes, not nudity in general. If not, showing a babies behind on film would be illegal. I've seen nude babies in UK programs. There have also been nudist films produced out of the UK that feature sexually developed young teens nude as well. So a simple nude scene is perfectly fine. Where you might have to move the shooting location to America or someplace more enlightened than the UK would come in if they wanted to shoot a scene with Sansa is nude and having sex with Littlefinger (or even pleasuring herself all alone).


where i said CAN i meant CANT of course at the start of my post there...

Finally the SPOILERS part is merely theory. It hasnt happened yet. We have just heard about Harry and 'Stage 1' of Littlefingers plan = the marriage


Wrong. Even George said it...

'Apparently you can have an 18 year old play a 15 year old in the UK so instead we had a 20 something play an 18 year old'.

It's a UK law. It does not exist in the US... Unfortunately the are shooting in Northern Ireland. Of course they could easily decide to shoot Sophie's nude scene elsewhere (Iceland for example) if they are going into the Vale as seems to be case. Dany's S3 nudity was actually shot on site in a built set in Morocco rather than in NI indoors like i thought...

Of course there are lots of ways around this law...

First and foremost... It's Westeros not Earth.

They can simply say years last longer and Sansa is in fact 18 by Earth Standards...

Secondly they could simply go with '1 year per season' which would mean she'd be 16 in S5 (wouldnt make sense since she was 13 in S1 as she told Cersei in pilot)...

Finally they could play the non sexual card. It mind boggles me that we got to see Gilly's babies penis in S3 while a young woman like Sophie isnt allowed to make the conscious choice to appear naked or not. World upside down. That baby cant decide that while Sophie or any other 16/17 year old easily can of course... (there is no lightbulb on your 18th birthday... or 21st... unlike what lawmakers want people to believe).

Sophie bathing (with an introduced Mya Stone / Myranda Royce perhaps?! We might get Myranda!! dont think we'll see Mya...) while Littlefinger watches... Something like that.

I do NOT believe they will have sex... Dont get me wrong we are nearly out of book material here so i am in the blue but i believe Sansa is destined to remain virginal till the very end. (like Elizabeth and Idunn) She represents the virginal queen / goddess of youthfulness and beauty in Martin's stories.

Personally... I would really really love a passionate affair between them and them creating disarray and terror together toppling Lannisters, Tyrells and who else is in the way on the way!


I wonder if we'll get Harry the Heir. I guess so... He is proposed by Littlefinger as the one to marry for Sansa.

She gets preggers with his child. Littlefinger kills Robert / Robin. Harry heirs the Vale. Next they kill Harry. Littlefinger marries Sansa and they both rule the Vale through Sansa's daughter (and more, The North?!) happily ever after... If that's not a Princess story i dont know what is!


Her wedding night.


Was hoping for emilia and nathalie nudity but its ok

any possible nude scenes from emilia in season 5?


I knew this could happen.

Nathalie said in an interview that she was ok with nudity and that it was necessary for the show to have lots of sex and violence.

We'll probably see more of her next season, hope another paparazzi will be there during the shooting 🙂


She goes full frontal in season 5 when she gets buggered by one of the dragons, apparently

in the future

in the future we must doubt all scenes we get this lucky again


I wonder if those are real nipples or CGI nipples seeing as she was wearing pasties when they shot the scene.



Pasties on during the scene where you see her ass from behind - she is naked but doesn't need her tits exposed as you only see her from behind... hence the pasties.

From the front, different camera set-up - probably shot an hour or longer apart - 100% convinced they are her real tits - no CGI. : )


That MUST have been between takes after all right?

HBO hates using body doubles so i dont think they'd be too enthousiastic about CGI nipples either.

Besides... 99% of the people wouldnt know. To them it were Nathalie's nipples. If she didnt want to do the toplessness we'd have had different camera angles!

Nice to get positively surprised for once!


Mmmmm... dem tits and dat ass


My faith in all things topless has been restored!


oh ye of little faith... Nathalie... wow...


well that was a pleasant surprise!


Anyone know if theres any other potential nude scenes

in the final two episodes?


Shouldn't there be nudity in episode 10.... if you know what's coming.


Unfortunately there will be no nudity in last two episodes.

Over all, this season was the weakest one in nudity case, happily Nathalie saved it with her scene where, in contrast for some opinion here, she showed both breasts and ass.


just fast forward on hbo go... she shows tits


Tits and ass !

"she won't show anything" !!!!!! LMAO !!!


GoT is still an adaptation , and there's only so much gratuitous nudity the producers can add that isn't in the source material. A lot of characters aren't having any sex at this point in their stories, so in the show it's more or less the same. Without wanting to spoil anything, it might turn around for some characters, and others might be gone. It happens...


Nathalie has shown her ass on British show Misfits so she might again for GoT, doubt she'll show anything else though, a bit like Tatiana Maslany in Orphan Black.

As for the Emilia Clarke no more nudity rumour it is incorrect. Former star Oona Chaplin said that one star (who she didn't name), who had done a lot of nudity in first TWO seasons (Clarke only did a lot in first season) had refused to do any more nudity for season 3. Clarke did nudity in season 3, the actress who did a lot of nudity then suddenly kept her clothes on in season 3(despite her character being a prostitute) was Esme Blanco whose character was then unceremoniously killed off-screen, we only saw her corpse.


I think they unnamed actress is Sibel Kekilli. She is ashamed of her past and even sued newspapers that printed pictures from her old "movies". She also had no nude scenes after season 2.

As for Esme Blanco, wasn't her "corpse" half naked?


She was half-naked "half" being the operative word in that phrase, what she was wearing strategically covered specific areas, a point that doesn't fit with the narrative of how she was killed. Joffrey was a bastard (literally) who would have made her suffer in a very undignified way, and certainly wouldn't have given her dignity in death by arranging her rags like that, if anything he'd have made a point of exposing her.


But Sibel Kikelli didn't do a lot of nude scenes in the first two seasons, only one brief scene in season 1. it's Esme Bianco.


Yes, shows tend to tone down the nudity once they get settled. Homeland is another show that seemed to have a lot more nudity in Season 1 and less nudity in later seasons.


I feel like when they go out of their way to cover up nudity it looks so staged.


why has GoT toned down the nudity? It used to be a staple for GoT.


Cause of all the articles by prudes and conservatives. Also it's normal for shows to tone it down a bit once settled. So far this year we've just had Carice, Charlotte (featured extra) and extras as far name nudity goes. And still the prudes are whining...

99,99% you wont see anything now from Nathalie. She DOES not wear those pasties for nothing. Actresses wear a robe between takes so there is no reason for pasties as wel... She is another shy girl... Such a shame.


What I want to know is why would they watch if they're a prude? It's a medieval show on a premium channel......you know there's going to be boobs and blood everywhere yet they're still surprised and freak out because of their own stupidity so they ruin it for the rest of us. Just stick em in a room with PBS and let us watch our shows in peace.


where are these imaginary prudes i keep reading about lol?

every popular american show is only popular because of nudity. this is an ultra left wing country


What? The Walking Dead is really popular and has zero nudity.


I agree, no chance of any boobs tonight, will be an ass shot and thats ur lot for the season.


It seems some other shows have as well.


Cuz the show is more legit now?


Not convinced we will see any nipple from nathalie neither after seeing the pastie photos


not a chance


You're so funny !


Oh look, I was right! We got tits!


It's possible she took the pasties off for the scene and just used them between takes.


No, you won't be seeing anything.


We've seen a lot !


I didn't say it was likely, just possible. 🙂


not possible


Damn I was really hoping for Emilia to be there bathing with Nathalie. But either way, thanks for information:)


That was disappointing but was coming since this "off-screen sex scene" 🙁


The Emilia won't do any more nudity is still a bullshit rumor that people have been saying since season 2. It wasn't true in season 2 and it still isn't true now just because she didn't have a nude scene in season 4. She will get naked again in future episodes.


Exactly !! This was just a stupid rumor a lot of people thought to be true just because she wasn't nude in season 2. And even after the nude scene from season 3, this is still going on. When people will understand that it's just bullshit, an hoax ?