Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 4

Happy May the 4th! Two long awaited and speculated ‘nude’ scenes are happening this weekend.

On Friday’s Banshee, Eliza Dushku shows her ass and some sideboob as she removes her towel. Eliza shows some more sideboob during another scene later on. Casey LaBow also shows part of her ass during a sex scene.

On Sunday’s Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke may only show some very brief sideboob as she is forced to change her clothes. There might also be some random naked Dothrakis roaming the streets.

Well, that was a huge letdown you say? Be sure to check back next week for some good news.

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I hope it's somebody unexpected (I'm not really a Game of Thrones fan even though Emilia Clarke is cute). Unfortunately, announcements like these are almost always a let down. Not because the nudity is bad but because of the rampant hype and unrealistic expectations.


Not sure why everyone thinks Yvonne is likely.

She's an extreme never-nude that hasn't had even a candid slip of nudity her entire career (Fappening aside, lol) and even covers up in body paint shoots. I can't think of anyone else that's done that.

She's also working with a first time director doing a forgettable low budget thriller film that is filled with plenty of sexual stuff not done by her character (and barely made it to a narrow theater release) .

I would be shocked if we got anything of value, but I'd be happy to be wrong.


Call it gut feeling. It could be right. It could be wrong. Why are you protesting this do much?!? Even you want it. What's wrong with a lil wishful thinking really?!?


I'm tired of people hyping up extreme long shots like this only to have eventual backlash when (surprise) it doesn't happen.

All I'm saying is if you have reasons/information to think differently then share them. Otherwise treat it like what it is.


This is not me hyping it up. Thus is me expressing my right to freedom of speech. You seriously need to chill out. No reason to make a mountain out of a molehill. It's not that big a deal. If you don't like what you're reading, then ignore it.


As much as I'd love to see Emilia Clarke or Lili Simmons nude again, I hope it's a newcomer. Give me Yvonne, Sophie Turner, Maiseie Williams or Sarah Carter.


We might get Yvonne or Sophie. But Maisie is 'no way in hell' and Sarah is a long shot.


Lol where is everyone getting this we might get Sophie business? Someone mentioned it here in comments randomly and people keep running with it. No legit rumors from those in the know have even mentioned this as an upcoming possibility.


People enjoy inventing rumors. It's the same bullshit every year, since the second season. Obviously it won't happen. All of the involved have stated so.


I'm guessing that the big news will be Yvonne in Manhattan Night... seems very likely


I don't know what I'll do if that actually happens. Excited.


keri russell bottomless in THE AMERICANS


Sex scene? Scene context?


no sex scene.just sleeping on bed back side not covered in bedsheet


Ashley Greene was naked again on tonight's Rogue. IMO, it was a better scene than last time. No ass, but good shots of her breasts.


This is quite the surprise though. I really didn't expect her to go nude again. Happy days.


nice! wish wasn't so dark though


Sex scene or just a normal nude?!?


update plz


I can only imagine what it'll be. Recapped hyped it pretty hard so it sounds real promising.


Any Update on Movie Parched ????


Her photographer friend posted a bunch of photos on her website.



Kind of hilarious that the "huge letdown" weekend ended up giving us great first-time nudity from Jessica Barden, long overdue and FAR from disappointing looks at Eliza Dushku from behind and Emmanuelle Chriqui from the front, and (for those who saw it on the big screen) Morgan Saylor showing more skin than she ever did on Homeland.


Full frontal debut by Nathalie Kelley was also pretty nice. 😉


where did that happen?


Pic from a photoshoot


Jessica Barden full frontal nudity while being tied to her hands


please post the image


Just wathced GOT. Nothing, not at all ...


It was blatantly obvious tonight that Emila Clarke does not want to do nudity.


I agree. The preview for next week made it look like Cersei is pushing for Margaery to take a "Walk of Shame". *IF* it happens, that'd be pretty nice. As long as Dormer doesn't ask for a double.


I think that is highly unlikely. They foreshadowed Cersei wanting to manufacture a Trial By Combat so that McGregor can kill the High Sparow. Queen of Thornes says walk of shame "can not happen" and Cersei says "I agree" implying it is all just a ruse to get said Trial By Combat to occur. But it looks like the Daenerys in Vaes Dothrak IS going to be resolved next week and the only way I see that ending is with Drogon burning everything which would mean the spoilers about her emerging from the fire nude again may in fact be true.


Jessica Barden was nude on tonight's Penny Dreadful.


Yep. Full frontal too. Likely a merkin though.


Almost certainly a merkin. Still a nice surprise, though. Hoping she'll show more in the future.


Just curious haven't heard much from this season of Shameless. Emmy Rossum only had that scene in the first episode this time around huh?


She was also briefly naked in episode 2 & 7, both times showing breasts.


Emmanuelle Chriqui finally nude with a great frontal topless pic from a photo shoot by Randall Slavin.


i meant smoothing out the original pics with photo editor. just like roger said


Those Tits are of Goddess ?? 🙂


She's got the body of a goddam pornstar. Wonderful.


photoshots are photoshopped sadly


source that is photoshoppd?


the people who makes the photoshot edit it they always do


You can see that she's naked in the original pic. Just lower the brightness on the image to make it clearer. No need to photoshop anything.


That came out of nowhere! What a great surprise! It's a nice shot too!


They have been edited in Photoshop by users because the original photos were shot so that you can't see them. I think it was some kind of "Emperor Has No Clothes" experiment by Slavin in which he'd take pictures where you literally "can't see shit" and see if Hollywood hipsters and art critics would still kiss his ass. If you play around with the contrast, color, tone, and exposure you can edit the pic in to something almost worth looking at. That is using "photoshop" but not what we traditionally mean when we say something has been "photoshopped"


Any update on Morgan Saylor in Being Charlie?


The ass shot is a close-up and then kind of an over shot from her face down her body. I think you see most, but not all, of her right nipple as she lies on top of the guy. ©


Forgot to quote Mr. Skin first. 🙁

Morgan Saylor is stripped to her bra as she begins to have sex with a guy. Her pants are pulled down just enough to see her panties. Then we cut to after sex as she lies on top of him naked. Great shot of her buns. Then her right breast is visible on him. ©

My previous quote elaborates on that.


Major disappoint for me this week was casey's ass show news but didn't get to see a damn thing..just sex scene


Nothing from Outlander tonight.


Gifs please for Eliza Dushku


Never mind guys.. Got the video.. Thnks anyways. Eliza looked glorious..even in the non-nude sex scene. To summarize it in 1 line :

Oh that dush has got such a tush


Does Eliza have a sex scene and is Casey's sex scene with her husband or his brother again?


Eliza does have a sex scene, but just shows side boob. Earlier in the episode she shows her butt.


Banshee secene descriptions anyone?


Just like Recapped said - Eliza removes her towel and shows her butt, great light and not short scene. Casey shows ass from side but it's very quick.

But judging from trailer for next episode there is still chance for some Ana Ayora nudity.


nice ass by eliza


Hoping Being Charlie screencaps won't take long to come out - "with it's odd use of brief gratuitous nudity" from a TIFF review to compound the 'Brody's daughters nips' from the Uproxx review.


Any news on the new season of "Penny Dreadful"?


Jenny Mollen tweeted today "Might have shown my boobs in this." with a link to the upcoming film Amateur Night.

I don't know if she's serious or not and I haven't watched the trailer yet.


Is "Good News" related to Game Of Thrones?

Hope we get a Sophie Turner nude scene.


The trailer for "Urge" is out and it seems like Nudity Galore. Some S&M stuff from Ashley Greene. She could go nude again.


Motion Picture Rating (MPAA)

Rated R for disturbing violent and sexual behavior, drug use, and language throughout




I don't know



This other blog is badmouthing this site pretty hard so I just wanted to post and say thank you for all that you do and fingers crossed for Sophie Turner next week.


What other blog?


any news on Alison Brie nude debut ?


is there a conform of her debut ?


no confirmation.i am wondering if anyone know as 2 to 3 movies of her coming this year..


Alexandra Daddario or Kate Upton in The Layover ?

Alexandra Daddario in Baywatch?

Stefanie Scott in I.T.?

Selena Gomez in anything?


I'm optimistic about Emilia Clarke's nude scene on Sunday.

I was pleasantly surprised by her bathtub scene when rumors were she was going to not show anything. Hoping for a big surprise from Emilia on Sunday, it's been quite a while.


There was an interview where she wants more "male nudity" from Game of Thrones. My take on that is that she did go nude this season and was jokingly asking for more men to do the same. Just my opinion.


Minka Kelly nude caps???


Hopeing for another surprise this week or next week from Rogue (Sarah Carter) or The Americans. Possible nudity from Keri Russell one of the next two weeks on the Americans based off episode descriptions.


Sarah Carter seems like a real long shot. But would be delighted if it does happen.


The nude scene in episode 604 will probably be Emilia. Rumour has it there's a scene quite like her one in the first season finale.


That would have been my prediction! Massive Emilia Clarke nudity coming up? 🙂 I would be satisfied with massive Lili Simmons nudity on "Banshee" just as much, though.


What I've heard is there's another scene of Daenarys surviving a fire and walking out unburnt in episode 604. So I'd bet that's the nudity Recapped reports next week.


The way Recapped phrased it, I have a feeling 'the good news' he's referring to is about Emilia Clarke, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say she'll have a spectacular nude scene coming up next week. Bring it!


Again, I'm gonna ask. Anything upcoming from Gillian Jacobs? Love was a big disappointment.


Guessing next week's good news refers to either Banshee (episode has nudity that week), GoT, or Manhattan Nocturne.


i think neither of them. dont know why but i have a feeling about page ( into the forest ) . i hope


Manhattan night seems like a real possibility ever since Ashley surprised us by showing her tits. *Fingers crossed * hoping for the best


Really don't agree with this.

I wouldn't put Ashley up there with Yvonne. Ashley has worn see-through stuff on film and in candids, has done bodypaint shoots, slips behind the scenes, had those full frontal pictures from her early modeling days (leaked, but still).

Yvonne couldn't even bring herself to not cover up during a body paint shoot. She's on a totally different level.


Your opinion. I don't have to agree with it.


I think everyone on this site has the freedom to express their opinion or thought. That's all I am doing. No need to make a mountain out of a molehill.


It's not a opinion, they are facts. but w/e make you happy dude


There's no logic to it dude. All I was saying is it has given "ME" hope that Yvonne could go nude. I ain't talking about any links or how it makes sense. I am talking about my expectations.


How exactly does Ashley going nude increases the chances of Yvonne doing the same? Its not like they're linked in any sort of way.


banshee episode 7 already mentioned nudity and 6 has nudity & strong sexual content.

so hope it'll be news of sophie turner in GOT.


Does "good news" refer to Game of Thrones? I'm still hoping that we get a naked Sophie Turner.


Not going to happen. Dream on.


I don't see a context in which that could crop up in the next episode. But damn would that d be the best thing ever. She's beautiful.


Thanks for info. News were sad but completely expected. Our old GoT is no more, it is gone.

Very excited for the good news, though.

(Considering the timing I wonder it might be related to YS in MN)


Well MN is still a couple of weeks away. But I see your point. Recapped always lets us know in advance. That would be fantastic news if we get to see YS goodies. So let's just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.


I didn't expect much from Eliza. Not much motivation to get naked in the last few episodes of a series.

Looking forward to good news next week.

By the way a heads up, A Bigger Splash is being released today with probable Tilda Swinton nudity if that's your thing. Also Being Charlie with Morgan Saylor gets released on the 6th.


The rating for A Bigger Splash says "graphic nudity" and we all know what that means.


Thanks for the update, Recapped. Much appreciated!


Will there be any male nudity in GoT on Sunday? I am talking about one specific character. 😉


Kit Harington's ass? Probably.


Well, the episode only has brief nudity. Not sure if his ass and Dothraki nudies roaming the streets will only be brief nudity.

So I am guessing it's gonna be all female again, and they will film Kit's scene as they always do with men!


and news about SUNDOWN nudity ?


no need of ana ayora.we got eliza n casey's ass..

damn i can't wait till friday..


Eliza's ass will be awesome of course, but I myself would prefer to see AA in some lesbian action as it was suppose to be.


Thanks for news.

So Ana Ayora will not show anything in Banshee?


I had a feeling Eliza wouldn't show much. "Banshee" has been really disappointing this season.

But now I want to know what the good news is.


Great for Eliza and not surprised at all with Emilia