Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 4

Happy May the 4th! Two long awaited and speculated ‘nude’ scenes are happening this weekend.

On Friday’s Banshee, Eliza Dushku shows her ass and some sideboob as she removes her towel. Eliza shows some more sideboob during another scene later on. Casey LaBow also shows part of her ass during a sex scene.

On Sunday’s Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke may only show some very brief sideboob as she is forced to change her clothes. There might also be some random naked Dothrakis roaming the streets.

Well, that was a huge letdown you say? Be sure to check back next week for some good news.

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I hope it's somebody unexpected (I'm not really a Game of Thrones fan even though Emilia Clarke is cute). Unfortunately, announcements like these are almost always a let down. Not because the nudity is bad but because of the rampant hype and unrealistic expectations.


Not sure why everyone thinks Yvonne is likely.

She's an extreme never-nude that hasn't had even a candid slip of nudity her entire career (Fappening aside, lol) and even covers up in body paint shoots. I can't think of anyone else that's done that.

She's also working with a first time director doing a forgettable low budget thriller film that is filled with plenty of sexual stuff not done by her character (and barely made it to a narrow theater release) .

I would be shocked if we got anything of value, but I'd be happy to be wrong.


Call it gut feeling. It could be right. It could be wrong. Why are you protesting this do much?!? Even you want it. What's wrong with a lil wishful thinking really?!?


I'm tired of people hyping up extreme long shots like this only to have eventual backlash when (surprise) it doesn't happen.

All I'm saying is if you have reasons/information to think differently then share them. Otherwise treat it like what it is.


This is not me hyping it up. Thus is me expressing my right to freedom of speech. You seriously need to chill out. No reason to make a mountain out of a molehill. It's not that big a deal. If you don't like what you're reading, then ignore it.


As much as I'd love to see Emilia Clarke or Lili Simmons nude again, I hope it's a newcomer. Give me Yvonne, Sophie Turner, Maiseie Williams or Sarah Carter.


We might get Yvonne or Sophie. But Maisie is 'no way in hell' and Sarah is a long shot.


Lol where is everyone getting this we might get Sophie business? Someone mentioned it here in comments randomly and people keep running with it. No legit rumors from those in the know have even mentioned this as an upcoming possibility.


People enjoy inventing rumors. It's the same bullshit every year, since the second season. Obviously it won't happen. All of the involved have stated so.


I'm guessing that the big news will be Yvonne in Manhattan Night... seems very likely


I don't know what I'll do if that actually happens. Excited.


keri russell bottomless in THE AMERICANS


Sex scene? Scene context?


no sex scene.just sleeping on bed back side not covered in bedsheet


Ashley Greene was naked again on tonight's Rogue. IMO, it was a better scene than last time. No ass, but good shots of her breasts.


This is quite the surprise though. I really didn't expect her to go nude again. Happy days.


nice! wish wasn't so dark though


Sex scene or just a normal nude?!?


update plz


I can only imagine what it'll be. Recapped hyped it pretty hard so it sounds real promising.


Any Update on Movie Parched ????


Her photographer friend posted a bunch of photos on her website.