Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 7, 2018

We mentioned the upcoming HBO show Euphoria a couple of weeks ago. Rumor is they’re negotiating with a former Disney actress for the lead role. There are some other interesting names being discussed for the other roles. We’ll keep you updated.

Another project to keep an eye on is Hustlers or The Hustlers at Scores. The movie is based on a true story about a bunch of strippers. Apparently Jennifer Lopez is attached as the older lead. The younger lead and other stars should have nudity.

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Rachel McAdams butt and breasts in Disobedience



Any info from Cannes?


Miriel Cejas in La princesa Paca (2017)

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I’m 99% sure that any actress that is still under contract with Disney in any way is forbidden from doing anything considered “racy”, especially in regards to nudity. I don’t think this applies to anything from Marvel or Lucasfilm, just the Disney Channel actors/actresses.
That being said, I sure wouldn’t mind if Selena Gomez or Olivia Holt showed off their bodies.
As for Bella Thorne, I can’t make up my mind if I like her or not. She can look amazing, but she can also look awful. Either way, I’d still check out this series if she was the lead in question.


You must be living in the middle ages, Disney cannot control what the actors do with their careers, this is not the old studio system it's 2018. The most legendary Disney star has already shown us everything.


You'd think so wouldn't you, 2 things though. 1 The Rumor says 'former' Disney, now does that stretch to at the time of release/shown in a year or more? Or would the contract say they couldn't even go for a role until after their last product is out. Second, Anne Hathaway shot Havoc between the 2 Princess Diaries and that would be considered "racy".


Princess Diaries wasn't Disney Channel, thus she's not technically a Disney girl. Otherwise it would include anyone that did anything for the company, including Marvel/Lucasfilm, etc.

As for the "former" part, that would definitely open things up to interpretation that only the person making the post could really say for sure. Peyton List, for example, is done with the network, in the sense that she's filmed the show and isn't likely to do anything for them again. But the final season of Bunk'd hasn't aired, so one could very easily say she's not exactly former quite yet. I'm not sure Disney could really say anything about it though, since what are they going to do to her? They already paid for the new season, so not airing it isn't exactly an option, and wouldn't harm her even if they chose that route. And them cutting off the work they give her isn't much of a threat since she's moving on from them as it is (plus, she'd have an HBO series, so who needs to work for peanuts for Disney?)


Princess Diaries was produced and released by Walt Disney Pictures - it wasn't a technicality, Anne was Disney.


So were the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, does that make Keira Knightley a Disney girl? When people say "Disney girl" they don't mean they made movies for Disney.


Terminal with Margot Robbie had a screening last night. John Campea saw it and said it wasn't a very good movie as it fails to live up to its potential. I feel like that means no nudity, right?


I might be wrong, but I don't think this is the kind of film Margot would perform her next nude scene.


Most actresses who like to think of themselves as "bonafide" are wary about nudity. Pre-2005, less so.


I've read reviews about it. One mentioned her in sheer lingerie. I feel like if she'd been naked, that review would've said as much as well.


nudity is irrelevant in this case - it just means the film is crap


but there is no nudity from Margot in this one anyway


Stefanie Scott would be nice, her friendship with Hayle Kiyoko (who she worked with on insidious 3 and starred in her music video) might help since Hayle shot a sex scene not long ago. Imdb currently has her projects a post production.
Dove Cameron, Imdb has Descendants 3 in pre-production, but I don't know when Euphoria would start shooting. I think I recall someone saying Dove's Disney contract was for her series and the 3 movies, so it might be up after D3.
Looks like Sofia Carson has got work already lined up.
Paris Berelc has a post production project, but unknown if her Netflix show might come back.
Kelli Berglund has one thing in post production. Her IG has got a couple of pics of her trying it show she's mature.
Debby Ryan has a series Insatiable coming out, I think this year.
Olivia Holt has Cloak & Dagger.
Selena Gomez - maybe, but might be into her singing more at the moment.
Madison Pettis- may have a series coming 'Five Points' but Imdb lite on info. IG's got some hotness.
Some other options Ryan Newman, don't know if there will be anymore sharknados. Alexandria DeBerry - has a pre & some posts and got married last year, but some of her scenes from Lazer Team.
Quite a few others have projects, I don't know them or Disney bit parts. If they're willing to go older maybe one of the Michalka sisters.


Damn Ryan Newman is all grown up, she was such a beautiful girl. Looks like she got plastic surgery now.


Wow… you guys really know a lot about Disney girls.


Saw Jax's post further down, was bored so I cross referenced some of the names with Imdb, IG and thought I'd share what I could find.

It was a bit of a trip down the rabbit hole, with other names popping up. Kind of interested to see how big a list would be of former Disney 18 to 30 would be. A few times after a movie or show I've been 'what else have you done, wow 3 seasons and 2 movies for Disney.'


One of these days, we're going to be an update on Viena and the Fantomes and it's going to be very exciting.


I just hope recapped will update us when she is cast and hopefully tell us whole cast


Brenda Song?


Former Disney actress -- Vanessa Hudgens? She's 29 but could pass for an early 20something. HBO had Margarita Levieva playing a 21/22 year old in The Deuce when she was actually 35/36 during filming.


I'm surprised Vanessa Hudgens hasn't done a nude scene yet.


Does Spring Breakers count?


Have you seen recent pictures of Vanessa Hudgens with her short hair? She looks about 25/26 and this show is about teenagers.


Someone who looks 25/26 playing a teen!? Never seen that before. The post from a couple of weeks ago did mention early 20somethings, so perhaps the US adaptation isn't sticking with just a teen cast.


Would make sense. The original Israeli series concerned the fallout from the death of a high schooler. Wouldn’t be surprising at all if they aged it up a bit to college-age.