Celebrity Nudity Rumors May 7

Welcome back to another edition of Celebrity Nudity Rumors. First up, is Game of Thrones. Again, this is all rumor and there are few details available. Episode 6 has no nudity warning while episodes 5 and 7 do. Keep in mind that scenes do get shuffled between episodes all the time.

As you probably figured out, the next episode has Myranda (Charlotte Hope) naked as she is having a conversation with Ramsay.

Episode 6, airing on May 17, is the episode with the Sansa (Sophie Turner) and Ramsay marriage. What we didn’t reveal back in February since it’d spoil who Sansa was going to marry was that Myranda helps her take a bath before the wedding. Then for the sex scene, Ramsay forces Theon to stay and watch as he deflowers Sansa. Apparently the camera is mostly focused on Theon’s reaction.

Episode 7, airing on May 23, has the Gilly (Hannah Murray) and Samwell sex scene. Tyene Sand (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers) is also supposed to get naked as she is talking to Bronn in prison. And Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) has a scene in bed with Daario.

Next up is Penny Dreadful. Sunday’s episode has Sarah Greene naked-ish in her Nightcomer get up. And despite the nudity warning, there is nothing in the episode after.

Our next column will likely be a Q&A so send in your questions below or on Twitter and we may answer them.

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Has anyone seen strangerland? I hear Nicole Kidman is naked in it and is rocking a full bush!


Any word on Jennifer connellys bush in shelter? How much pubic hair is she rocking? Good shot, lighting?


Rated for nudity

1.Dope - Rated R for language, drug content, sexuality/nudity, and some violence-all involving teens. (USA film)


A coming of age comedy/drama for the post hip hop generation. Malcolm is a geek, carefully surviving life in The Bottoms, a tough neighborhood in Inglewood, CA filled gangsters and drugs ...

Nudity per Mr Skin: Chanel Iman, breasts and butt in thong.

Rated for 'sexual material'/ 'sexual content'/'sexuality'

1.The Final Girls - Rated PG-13 for horror violence, some

crude and sexual material, language and drug use. (USA film)


A young woman grieving the loss of her mother, a famous scream queen from the 1980s, finds herself pulled into the world of her mom's most famous movie. Reunited, the women must fight off the film's maniacal killer.

Per Mr. Skin and IMDB Parent's Guide:

No nudity.

A woman (Malin Akerman?) is dressed in a bikini for most of the movie.

A man and a woman (Alia Shawkat?) are about to have sex but are interrupted. They are both in their underwear.

A woman (Angela Trimbur) dances and strips down to her bra. She reveals her breasts but it is offscreen.

2.Irrational Man - Rated R for some language and sexual

content. (USA film)


A tormented philosophy professor finds a will to live when he commits an existential act.

Director: Woody Allen

Writer: Woody Allen

3.Phantom Halo - Rated R for violence, language and brief

sexuality. (USA film)


Brothers Samuel and Beckett Emerson are barely scraping by. Their father, Warren, continues to gamble and drink away any money they bring home. With all the havoc that is constantly going ...

Starring: Rebecca Romijn, Clare Grant, Susan Park, Laila Odom, Lauryn Morse, Audrey Ellis Fox

4.Ten Thousand Saints - Rated R for drug use including

teens, and language including sexual references. (USA film)


Set in the 1980s, a teenager from Vermont moves to New York City to live with his father in East Village.

Per Mr. Skin: Hailee Stanfield in bra.

Other films rated this week

1.Amy - Rated R for language and drug material.

2.Dark Horse - Rated PG for some mild thematic elements

and language.

3.Freedom - Rated R for some violence.

4.Indigenous - Rated R for creature violence, grisly images,

and language including sexual references.

5.A Murder In The Park - Rated PG-13 for disturbing crime

scene photos and reenactments, brief language, and drug


6.Northmen - A Viking Saga - Rated R for violence throughout.

7.An Open Secret - Rated R for some descriptions of sexual


8.Pixies - Rated PG for pranks and rude humor.

9.The Target - Rated R for bloody violence, and language.


Anything in "we are your friends" from Emily ratajkowski?


jenette mccurdy in the new netflix show? looks like theres a sex scene in the trailer.


Jennette Mccurdy will never be nude lmao


First reviews for SICARIO are out.

Any news on nudity from Emily Blunt? In the script her character shows pussy and maybe breasts.


Hopefully Hannah Murray doesn't disappoint us this week. Any word if she gets naked in Bridgend? The trailer shows skinny-dipping.


Kelly overton nude ?


Lela loren nude ?


wait st...

Season 2 is coming on JUne 6...

I am waiting for Lela tooo... Its been so long..

I wish some caps Get Leaked 😉 :p


*should have none


The bath scene begged for nudity. But I think the "sex" scene should have any. Honestly. I'd love to see Sophie's tits but not in that situation.


Fast forwarded on HBOGO to 45 min mark... bath scene stays above shoulder, maybe the top of one breast starting to form visible... her clothes don't even come off for the sex scene, on her stomach clothed, zoomed in on her and theon's face


But today's bath was not the same from the trailer, right?

In the trailer shw was alone.


I think that frame from trailer was just a short scene that didn't make a cut, like for example a scene from last year trailer with Charlotte Hope hitting Ramsay during sex that in the end wasn't in episode.


Should have guessed that. What a joke.


Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara on ‘Carol 2015’ Sex Scene

"The actresses said they weren’t shy about pushing the envelope with the film’s steamy love scene. “I’m nude quite often, so it wasn’t a big deal for me,” Mara said. And Blanchett noted that “a lot of strangers” saw her naked when she gave birth. “It’s an important scene,” Blanchett said. "


Just read a review that said the nudity between the two stars was measured carefully...whatever that means.


From the AV Clube review: "But while Mara and Blanchett are typically good as vulnerable individuals, they’re never all that convincing as two people in love with each other. (It doesn’t help that there’s a central sex scene that’s cut like a nudity-clause contract negotiation.)"


If I had to guess I'd say Mara topless, cause she's awesome and doesn't give a shit, whereas nudity-dodging Blanchett is strategically covered as per usual.


Any news on Ellen Page & Evan Rachel Wood in "Into the Forest"?


Jewel staite nude ?


fuck you d+d

fuck you hbo


That's still the place-holder rating. 510 is rated properly while 509 isn't but even that doesn't prove that the ratings for 506 and 509 are legit. The one for 509 for sure isn't. Read my earlier posts on the subject.


i'm not saying you are wrong, but how can it be a placeholder a few hours before it airs?


my DirecTV listing says "N" in the rating


my dish says that as well

but it says that for every episode


alright, well, dude, I really hope you're right


I'm hearing rumblings that Elle Fanning might be full frontal in 3 Generations which was just picked up by The Weinstein Company at Cannes. The story focuses on Elle's character, who is a teenage girl transitioning into a boy. Apparently she's shown "before" and "after" but it could all very well be CG. Given her age this is likely, but it's not unheard of for actresses her age or even younger to do nudity. Keira Knightley in The Hole comes to mind, as does Thora Birch in American Beauty. Obviously "after" will use effects, either prosthetics or CG, but "before" could still be the real deal.


If true, it could possibly be the nude scene of the year (based solely on the fact that it's a famous actress and the age nudity rarity factor)


No way this is going to happen.

All the scenes mentioned are before 2003 when laws changed for the worse in this respect in US and UK. Nothing in those countries ever since. Now non sexual nudity is still legal in the US but no one has dared to burn their fingers on that. It would certainly fit in with the setting if its going to happen anywhere it would be here. Elle has certainly always seemed open to doing this.

Prosthetics would probably be used for the later scene.

Now there would be no reason to use the cgi crap at all... i mean the audience would still see Elle naked or think she is naked which could make conservatives , MPAA and that kind of bullshit organizations angry. So only reason would be for Elle and i like to think she wouldnt see the need.

Still i would put this at less than 100 to 1 to happen.


Still hoping for the best....


It's also an indie film so they probably don't have a cig budget. Could be the real deal for the before scenes. Here's hoping.


Correction: CGI


It's definitely not impossible, especially given the importance and relevance of the subject matter.


Have there been any descriptions of queen Latifah's nude scene in Bessie? I know she's not conventionally attractive, but I'm curious to see her anyway.


All I've heard is the scene is pretty dark so you probably can't see anything.


Thanks for the info.


Disregard what I said. I had heard it was a dark scene but I just saw the movie and it's not dark though it's just topless, you can see the Queen's breasts for a good minute or so.


Have you found the scene posted online? Thanks.


Interesting. I look forward to seeing screen captures online. Thanks.


I know it's NBC, but what about Aquarius and Blindspot?


Fuhrman and Steinfeld nude in the same year would be killer.


Shiri appleby nude unreal ?


Maybe ass. It's on Lifetime like Witches of East End was and Madchen Amuck was booty nude in almost every episode of witches so who knows?


Hailee Steinfeld plan on showing her tits anytime soon? She's showing a bit of cleavage on the late late show right now.


On the advantages of being 18: "My stylist and I were joking the other day that now we can have more fun. But what is there? I'm not going topless anytime soon!"


My guess is thats in relation to her outfits only. But she likely doesnt have nudity in upcoming projects either.

I do like Taylor Swift but its unfortunate just about everyone who gets close to her stops / doesnt do nudity. Lena Dunham wasnt even naked in Girls. Karlie Kloss stopped doing nudity as soon as she got close to her etc etc...

Now there is Martha Hunt i suppose but still...


How about Lucy Griffiths in Uncanny or Shannon Woodward in Westworld?


That would be amazing if Shannon is getting nude in westworld, I've got a huge crush on her


I would also like to hear if Leven Rambin shows skin in True Detective Season 2. She seems due for some onscreen nudity.


I'd rather wanna know about Abigail Spencer

Meidich Hoertz

What's the point? There's an amazingly clear cellphone video of her masturbating in the nude. Any mainstream Hollywood scene is going to pale in comparison.

She has a nice pussy, btw.


What the hell was all this hyping of Vikander for? A-cup tits, no ass, and shot from 10 miles away so you need binoculars in one hand while you're beating your meat with the other.

If that's the "nude scene of the year", this year is going to suck.


i know its complete bullshit. completely blah.


Really really hope Isabelle Fuhrman gets naked on "Masters of Sex". If they manage to get her to go topless, great but full frontal and or sex scenes would be amazing. Here's hoping Izzy doesn't puss out!


What about Codes of Conduct?


Ex Machina is finally online 🙂


Pls help

1. Ashley Williams in bad hurt, can someone confirm if she is topless or not?

2. Brooke hogan in new movie L.A. Slasher? Any rumours about her?

3. Lyndsy Fonseca in escort?

Thx for you help


All ex machina is finally online. All should see this amazing nude scene


Apparently Daddario is topless while Upton is in a bra in a dressing room scene. The scene is supposedly 15 seconds long and lasts until a male employee walks in.


they started filming that movie just recently. how could anyone possibly know if there's nude scenes in it?


Yeah, that's what makes me very skeptical about it. How could an outsider find out about it this early into filming?


idk, but it would kind of be a stupid thing to lie about. If he was trolling he would say something to get our hopes up but 15 seconds of Kate Upton in a bra and topless Alexandra Daddario isn't exactly exiting considering topless pictures of Upton exist and Alexandra Daddario has done long full frontal before.


"it would kind of be a stupid thing to lie about"

Welcome to the Internet, where trolls and legitimate morons will just make shit up for no good reason.


After True Detective, surely one would definitely want to see Alexandra Daddario's birthday suit again in a different project.


No idea if this is true but it sounds believable to be. Ms. Upton strikes me as a nudity-dodgers, unfortunately.


where did you get this info? i'd love for a legit source


Source on the matter?


Wow, if that's true.

At least Semi-famous actresses doing random topless scenes in comedies is somehow the hottest kind of nudity for me.


Not just comedy, but at least semi-famous actress doing random topless scenes in any kind of movie is my favorite type of nudity.


Rated for Nudity

1.Pressure - Rated R for language, some disturbing images

and graphic nudity. (UK film)


A group of men are trapped in a small pod on the sea bed, after diving down to fix an oil pipeline and becoming separated from their ship.

Starring: Daisy Lowe, Gemita Samarra

2.Tangerine - Rated R for strong and disturbing sexual

content, graphic nudity, language throughout, and drug use. (USA film)


A working girl tears through Tinseltown on Christmas Eve searching for the pimp who broke her heart.

Starring: Kitana Kiki Rodriguez, Mya Taylor, Mickey O'Hagan, Alla Tumanian, Luiza Nersisyan, Ana Foxx, Chelcie Lynn, Shih-Ching Tsou

Rated for 'sexuality'/'suggestive material'

1.AWOL-72 - Rated R for violence, language throughout and

brief sexuality. (USA film)


An AWOL marine in possession of secret government information, is a wanted man, pursued by Russian special ops, the LAPD, and a dangerous assassin. (I think just 'AWOL' would be a better title.)

Starring: Brooke Newton, Mirtha Michelle, Heather Roop, Jillisa Lynn, Tomoko Karina, Mary Christina Brown

2.Jackie & Ryan - Rated PG-13 for brief strong language and some suggestive material. (USA film)


A modern day train hopper fighting to be a successful musician and a single mom battling to maintain custody of her daughter defy their circumstances by coming together in a relationship that may change each others lives forever.

Starring: Katherine Heigl, Clea DuVall, Sheryl Lee, Jacque Gray, Chelsea Goodwin, Julie-Anne Liechty

Also Rated This Week

1.Batkid Begins - Rated PG for some mild thematic material.

2.Dovid Meyer - Rated PG for thematic elements.

3.Dragon Blade - rated R for bloody violence.

But from IMDB Parent's Guide: "In the 13 mins of the movie There is a scene where a female butt was showen"

4.Eye In The Sky - Rated R for some violent images and


5.Jurassic World - Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of

science-fiction violence and peril.

6.Ride The Thunder - Rated PG-13 for graphic war

testimonials, some violence and brief strong language.

7.She's Funny That Way - Rated R for some language

including sexual references.


It's important to say the call girls in "Tangerine" are of the tranny kind :/


I second the Isabelle Fuhrman question (along with whatever else you might know about the upcoming season of Masters of Sex). Any early news to share on Ray Donovan, Rogue, Quarry, or the Starz series based on The Girlfriend Experience?


Charlotte Hope & Sophie Turner nude in Episode 6. Hannah Murray nude in Episode 7 and Lena Headey nude in Episode 8.


Nah, Lena (or maybe just her double, though one can only hope for a bit o' both) will be in ep. 510. 😉


According to HBO TVMA episode 8 don't have nudity, so I wonder from where you have that info?


Bridget regan nude ?


Are there any screen caps or video clips of Sarah Greene's nude scene on Penny Dreadful last night?


About The Layover:

Lea Michele could have dropped out because of nudity.

I feel like 99% of the time, there's no way a famous actress would get naked in this kind of movie. Daddario and Upton seem comfortable with nudity. Also, William H. Macy is involved and not a bro-comedy director. makes It's possible.

I'm sure there'll at least be some juicy scenes and dialogue.


Upton comfortable with nudity really?!

I ll give you Alexandra but surely not Kate!

I hope we are proven wrong but her modelling has not been hopeful. Good thing she 'leaked' for us!


Judging from the quality and the light of the camera and the scenario, it seems like, if there is nudity. It would be with decent lighting.


Also she starts the scene clothed, I think before Myranda comes in to help her bathe and then strips and gets in the tub. I can't see this going down without seeing any of her.


I think Myranda will fuck Sansa in the tub or at least kiss her & fondle her breasts. They have heavily implied lesbian subtext in ep 5. It fits very well with the characters involved. Definitely implies that both Sansa & Myranda will be naked here. Why else keep Myranda in this scene? Sansa knows how to take a bath. The only reason is for some sweet HLA.

The rape scene may or may not have nudity.

If it was up to Sophie, she would probably want nudity in both scenes. She really loves those scenes. She is very clear on that.

The anticipation is killing me.

Sophies first nude scene, first sex scene , 1st lesbian scene as well as a rape scene could all occur here.


I like being optimistic too but how on earth you think there is going to be something lesbian going on with Myranda is beyond me. She'd sooner gut Sansa than fuck her at this point.

Now the getting stripped naked / being dressed part by Myranda might be true but i wouldnt count on it.


I wonder if Lea Michele dropped out of The Layover because of nudity?


Any word on Ballers? Taylor Cole?


Does it say that on every Game of Thrones episode or only the ones with actually nudity?


a shot in the dark : any chance of nudity by Julie Ann Emery ?


hey yo Episode 6 of GoT is rated for nudity

get hype


Faked image. Trying to troll people, not just for nudity, but the listing of Michelle Fairley.


Hmm, from where is this taken from? In the HBO website that episode still doesn't have a nudity tag.


Any news about Ashley Williams in Bad Hurt?(was in Tribeca).


ex machina is out on hd dowmnolad on the 18th which i great news.


Do you have any information about nudity in How To Plan An Orgy in a Small Town? Thanks.


What about the Penance Walk? I know Lena used a body double for the walk itself, but will there be a nude shot of her like just before or just after the walk?


There may be before as they wash her.


I get why she wouldn't do the walk itself, but we'll all have been played for fools if there's no clear cut shot of actual Lena nude after she made comments about willing to do such a scene under the circumstances. She said she'd do it if she were stripped of her power which is exactly what's happening here.


She's showing her tits in Zipper anyways, so I imagine we'll get a bit of 'em in Thrones too. It'll be pretty easy to figure out which are the doubles are which are hers by comparing images anyways. 😉


While you're answering question btw, how nasty is the Sansa-Ramsay sex scene? You used the word "deflowers" but is it a horrific sort of scene or much more toned down than what's implied in the book?


Emmanuelle chriqui nude ?


she will show ass in the new season of Murder in the first


Do you know which episode? There are some shots of her in a bra making out in the trailers, not sure which episode those are from though.


Never will happen.


Any more detail on Sansa's nudity? Pls update


What about Elizabeth Gillies in the new Vacation movie?

gabe peterson

I'd the full details on Sarah Silverman's "I Smile Back".


I second your request for news about Mrs. Silverman.


A few queries for the Q&A...

Emma Watson in Regression or Colonia?

Eliza Bennett in the new and final season of Strike Back?

Any sex/nude scenes from Eva Green in S2 of Penny Dreadful?

Any nude scenes from Nathalie Emmanuel in GOT (I know she doesn't have a sex scene, but does she have another bathing scene etc)?


Any news on upcoming projects for Jessica Lucas? I heard that she auditioned for a role that required nudity in Ryan Murphy' cancelled HBO series Open.


didn't even knew this got cancelled

I'm also dying for Jessica to go topless

in her 2013 Esquire interview she kinda says that she could do it for a good tv show or something

guess we'll just have to wait...


Speaking of Open, is there any chance someone else will pick it up? Or at least, any chance that the pilot will be available?


Does Jessica Lowndes get naked in Eden?


I'l bump to that. Oh sweet lord, if she does.... :>


Isabelle Furhman is in the new Masters of Sex - any nudity from her?


I sure hope so, it's the only reason I plan on watching 😀


I hope Daddario and Upton at least have a hot kiss scene in The Layover.


any updates on jennifer connelly in aloft/shelter?


Yeah any info on Jennifer Connelly in shelter would be appreciated. And Nicole Kidman in stranger land. Specifically whether they rock a big bush or not.


Any news on Dakota Fanning in Viena and the Fantomes?


Long shot, but Camilla Belle news?


Julianne Hough in Curve? It says brief graphic nudity and since there are only 4 people in the movie, it is a good chance it could be her.


Doesn't Ramsay get married to the WRONG Sansa in the book? Or have they really turned the story upside down?


In the books, Ramsey marries Sansa's friend Jeyne Poole if I remember correctly. They are pretending that she's Arya for the same purposes that are on the show. Just that the show is using a real Stark. It works because none of the casual viewers who didn't read the books would even remember Jeyne. And it gives Sansa a storyline this season which the TV show has otherwise caught up to where her story is in the books.


There is a lot of changes this season compared to the books.... Too much for my taste.


The Boltons get an imposter of Arya for Ramsay. Sansa is in the Vale preparing to sweep the North.


Any news on dakota blue richards in her upcoming film , the quiet hour , its got an 18 certificate and the trailer previews what looks like the start of a sex scene , thankd


any details in the emilia scene


They talk politics.


so nothing is showed?


Anything on Zipper ? Lena Headey, Penelope Mitchell, Dianna Agron...


According to Mr. Skin both Lena Headey, and Penelope Mitchell are naked. Nothing from Dianna since her first nudity was Bare.


Any rumor about Alexandra Daddario in Layover?


Have you heard anything about nudity in Palm Swings? Specifically Stephanie "Sugar" Lyn Beard.



What's the source of the GoT rumors? Is there any reason we should believe them?


Don't know the source, but recapped has always been 100% accurate in their GOT nudity spoilers in the past, so I think it is safe to trust them.


Don't hold your breath !


Any more detail on Sansa's nudity?


Will Amy Schumer get naked in Trainwreck?


Anything on Ms. Strahovski in Manhattan Nocturne?


No news on that front. But I live in hope that we get to see her in all her naked glory in the movie.


Is Hanna Murray nude in some film?

Saoirse Ronan has a lot of movies near soon. Is she naked in some?


I saw some pics of Aubrey Plaza in a bikini filming some robert de niro's movie. What about that? There's also Zoey Deutch in that film..


Aubrey isn't never going to get nekkid even though we've already seen the leaked video of her doing a horrible job masturbating.


Her tit was out in ned rifle


Covered by a huge pastie


What about Emma Roberts or Emma Stone in near future?


What about Leven Rambin in True Detective?


Anything from Emma Watson in regression or colonia?


I don't if anything will ever top Alexandra Daddario. I was on battyfornudity through all the speculation, theories and trailer analysis. It actually paid off in spades.


Damn D&D for their cowardice.

The Sophie scenes clearly call for nudity but episode 6 has no nudity warning so clearly we will see nothing.

Sophie has said she is open to nudity if its really necessary for the character... Well... this all sounds VERY necessary.

They just didnt want to risk angering conservatives and feminits who couldnt take it 'their little girl' would be visibly naked. meanwhile we see one month younger Rosabell Laurenti Sellers topless no problem. Hypocrites.

They better not screw up the Hannah Murray sex scene too. I want to see her tits at least!


It's worth noting by the way that the current rating for episode 506 "adult content, adult language" is one that is used as a place-holder on HBO websites. In the past, it's been used temporarily before being updated to list what the episode actually contains (on episode 503 for example, earlier in season 5). Episode 506 does contain violence actually (a fight between Jaime and Bronn and the Sand Snakes to be precise) and yet the rating does not mention violence, so it is safe to assume that as before they just haven't yet figured out how to rate the episode yet. The same is true for episode 509, an episode which will contain both violence (in almost every storyline really, though particularly in Meereen and Braavos) and nudity (a Braavosi brothel sequence) but has not yet been acknowledged as such by the HBO schedule's ratings.

So I wouldn't take the listing that there's no nudity in episode 506 too seriously as yet. It still very well could. Keep a weather eye on their schedule for updates. 😉


Considering that, going by the novels and the interviews given by some of the actors, this is going to be a rape scene of sorts (albeit an off-camera one), I should think the reason for the lack of nudity would be obvious (quite apart from UK laws concerning characters under the age of 18, which Sansa is).


Why are people saying this will be a rape scene with Sansa and Ramsey? It's not rape. This is a fantasy show with different rules and laws then what we have in our reality. In Game of Thrones it is required to have the bedding ceremony and consummate the marriage. Sansa agreed to the marriage even if she doesn't really want to really, she knows what must be done and is agreeing. Therefore Ramsey is going through with the bedding ceremony.

Now if they didn't get married and he forced himself on her and she was telling him to stop, then that is rape. But I guess we'll see how they portray it in the scene.


Because the consummation of the marriage in the book (with Jeyne Poole rather than Sansa) was a grotesque and violent scene where Ramsay humiliates his bride and then abuses and rapes her, which he continues to do throughout the marriage, including forcing her to have sex with dogs. And the actors have all spoken about a particular scene this season which is especially disturbing (Alfie Allen, matching the way recapped.com describes the episode 6 scene, says that Theon witnesses a moment that will "make huge waves" and that people will not be happy about; Iwan Rheon said that this season sees Ramsay do the worst thing he has ever done) -- while I'm sure the show won't go nearly as far as the books, this is not looking likely to be just them having sex, this is going to be an assault.


...why is the lack of nudity obvious?

I don't think it is...unless I'm so blinded by perversion I can't tell


UK laws are fucked up. with that Cameron clown back it will only get back.

The law is actually about characters under 16 only so they could easily say Sansa was that age. They wont though. They will avoid any sort of problems and annoy us all. The scenes sounds incredibly awkwardly shot.


But they already have done it with Dany in season 1 (even if in the book it was not), so I'm not surprised. But I really doubt we see anything of Sophie.


If the writers don't want to be accused of eroticizing the rape of a teenage girl by showing her nude (even if that were legal, which under UK law it isn't).


Still, whether or not there's nudity, I think a rape scene would merit a "strong sexual content" rating from HBO. At least their past ones have.

I'm certain at least that the current ratings for episode 506 and 509 are incomplete though.


If the focus is on Theon and the other two not shown, then that is how it doesn't have that rating.


does sansa show her boobs? tou guys are being vague



If she doesnt get naked in Season 5, she will definitely get naked in Season 6.

Sophie has already said she is fully ok with nudity. Its just a matter of time.

Either they show her nude now or just test the waters a bit and show her naked next season. Just teasing us would be cruel but its up to D&D.

With that stuck-up cunt Emilia rejecting all nudity, Sophie will have to be naked a lot more with more potential marriages to Harry, Aegon or Jon snow as well as creepy Petyr, so now that she isnt a virgin anymore, they will show a lot more sex scenes with her. There isnt anyone else in the show for nudity now. And no one want to see Maisie naked.

Either way until we get to S7, we will definitely have seen Sophie naked. and i think shes ok with full-frontal too.

In the books too, Sansa is becoming a seductress, so expect lots of nudity.


Personnaly I won't beleive all this. Seems only bullshit.


Yes i am looking forward to Sophie's marriages to Harry and Aegon too. Oh wait... neither has been cast... The only guy she is going to marry is Ramsey LOL

And it seems clear they wont show anything for fear of reaction of conservatives mostly i'd say.

Also O'Hoolihan episode 10 has nudity listed already. I highly doubt there would be no nudity listed yet in episode 6 if there was going to be any. They are going to PG-13 it (as far as nudity goes that is) cause the scene by itself is horrific enough combined with Sophie's age. This might tick the audience off enough already.

If this were a happy consensual scene the odds of us seeing something would be much better.

Normally i'd say we might see something in the bath scene before hand but that would have been reflected in the rating. No i am preparing myself for a very annoyingly shot scene.


Except I know for a fact that there will be violence in episode 509 (Daznak's Pit) and likely nudity too (a brothel sequence in Braavos). And that there will be, at the very least, violence in episode 506 (Jaime and Bronn fighting the Sand Snakes). Also those episodes' current ratings, for "adult content, adult language" have been used as place-holders, in the past.

I'm not saying that I think there'll be Sophie Turner nudity necessarily (though this

confirms that at least we'll get a glimpse of some shoulders and upper chest), just that I'm pretty certain that the current ratings for episodes 506 and 509 are incomplete.


Trystane = Aegon

Sansa will have sex scenes with Aegon and maybe Petyr too in the future.


Ummm id be up for a maisie nude scene if she were willing. She is 18 now, after all.


I want a Sansa/Arya lesbian scene


Well that'll never happen lol

But Maisie definitely seems the type to be willing to go nude in the future..... So..... I expect at least topless in a season or 2

Don't let me down Maisie!


Well, in the episode she's taking a bath then getting raped, so

It would make more sense if she did than if she didn't, at this point


Yeah, she has a done an interview where she said that nude scenes are very necessary. She also seems very comfortable with her body based on all the revealing clothes that she wears. I think she will definitely go topless this season, the real question is will she do full frontal.


She also said that she doesn't think the writers would ask her to do a nude scene.


I don't think she is the question though. Sophie seems 100% down to do nude scenes. I just don't think the writers will do it. The climate in American and Great Britain is just too repressive right now. So called "feminist" SJWs hold huge sway and for some reason they think Sansa being nude would be "wrong" so it just isn't going to happen.


In an interview she did, while attending at a live screening of the first episode, an interviewer asked her about the bathtub in the trailer for season 5, to which Sophie laughs and respond: "Who doesn't love a bath scene? That immediately screams 'bada**' to me. But yeah, it's going to be pretty good."

So I mean either she has studied a master's degree in "teasing" or else, she showing some nudity.


Potential Game of Thrones spoilers and nudity info (not from me):

"Sansa is married to Ramsey. The Wedding is gross and unprofessional. Very different from her Kings Landing wedding. Ramsey invites Myranda to the bedding ceremony and makes Sansa watch them have sex. Both girls are very uncomfortable. After a few minutes, Ramsey passes out because he’s too drunk. Roose tells Ramsey about Stannis and his plans to take the north. He reiterates how important this marriage is in solidifying their stance at Winterfell. He’s suspicious that Ramsey didn’t consummate the marriage because he was found passed out in his bed with Myranda, and Sansa was still clothed on the other side of the room. Ramsey lies and says he did.

Ramsey prepares to actually consummate the marriage, and once again forces Sansa to watch him fuck Myranda, as if it will make her more excited to have sex with him. When it obviously isn’t working because Sansa is crying, Ramsey forces Reek to strip her naked and “get her warmed up” (Yes, we see a fully nude Sansa for the first time. It almost feels wrong to look.) Ramsey pulls Reek off and throws him on the ground. He then forces himself on Sansa."

Source: http://angrygotfan.com/2015/05/06/spoiler-alert-season-5-eps-5-10-plot-leak/


That info's false from a troll on 4chan. It contradicts Recapped's accurate reporting.


That is true. I think nudity is more likely in the bath scene than the later on though. Clothed sex scenes are doable. Not clothed bath scenes.


They don't know yet or they would've said.


Eliza Bennet in Strike Back?

Taylor Cole or Arielle Kebbel in Ballers?

Jennette Mccurdy in Between?

Zoey Deutch in any of her upcoming projects?

Thanks ahead for any possible info.


No idea. Except for Ballers which is no.


Unfortunate news with Arielle and Taylor, but thanks for the reply


Many thanks for all Game of Thrones informations. Despite not having any sex scenes, will Nathalie Emmanuel be naked this season?

Also, any nudity scoops about new season of True Detective? Would love some in next columns like You did for this season of GOT.

And my finale question is about Entourage movie. Can we expected anything besides naked extras at parties, etc?


You guys have a great site! Thanks for all the posts and information shared over the years. And for the high quality videos now free on Capped.com. - Is there any information yet on whether Eva Green will have a nude scene in the second season of "Penny Dreadful"?