Celebrity Nudity Rumors November 1: White Bird in a Blizzard & The Scribbler

Christiane Seidel (Sigrid) is topless on Sunday’s Boardwalk Empire. Lizzy Caplan and Helene Yorke are topless on episode 6 of Masters of Sex. If episode 7 gets leaked early, Lizzy Caplan is supposed to have several sex scenes and Caitlin Fitzgerald is supposed to have her first. No nudity on the next episode of Homeland but it might be the last time we see Morena Baccarin and Morgan Saylor for a while.


Any info about “White Bird in a Blizzard”?

Eva Green is topless in a dreamy sequence. And Shailene Woodley has several nude scenes: naked during a sex scene with Shiloh, topless checking herself out in the bathroom mirror, very brief breasts as Eva rips her sheets off in bed, and topless on a couch. There’s likely several other scenes with nudity. Like in The Spectacular Now, Shailene’s long hair seems to get in the way quite a bit but usually one breast is visible clearly.

Anything on Michelle Trachtenberg in The Scribbler?

Nothing from Michelle Trachtenberg in The Scribbler but Katie Cassidy is topless during a sex scene. Also, Ashlynn Yennie is naked in just about every scene she’s in.

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If TMZ didn't report his death theb he is alive.



Or not. This site has always been haphazardly updated - sometimes involving several months between posts - so I'm going to guess the owner or operator of this site isn't dead.

If not then Godspeed good sir, you gave us wankers loads of good info to look forward to and speculate upon.


RIP recapped.


RIP - I loved this site


RIP recapped


The owner needs to get with it. Wtf!! :S


maybe owner got himself a gf??


The owner died..


What happened? Did Shailene Woodley give him some mushroom tea for posting about her?


Any updates on emma rigby from plastic????

this is only info I have, hopefully a review gets leaked.



Any word on the upcoming seasons of Orange is the New Black or Hemlock Grove?


What happened to this site? Why hasn't there been any updates in over a month??