Celebrity Nudity Rumors November 12, 2017

Not much news lately so here’s a quick update. Joanna Vanderham has a bath scene in The Boy with the Topknot which is airing on BBC Two tomorrow. No real nudity from Joanna of course but still lots of boobage. As we wrote earlier, Joanna should be getting naked in the upcoming Cinemax series Warrior.

Also, confirming what a commenter wrote earlier about both Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny being topless in the upcoming Lizzie. However the nudity isn’t during a sex scene and Chloë actually shows a bit more skin. More details closer to release.

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Godless is two days away, are getting more info on this or not?


Mr. Roosevelt comes to Netflix December 26th. That's where Noel Wells' makes her nude debut


Nothing on Shameless this week (again). Looks like there's some potential for next week, however.


Nude dick potential...


To those of you annoyed by Dave's persistence - you have to admit that he's not wrong, and that female frontal nudity is non existant on American TV. Male frontal nudity is far, far more common - even more frequent than topless female nudity. So far we've had dicks galore on Smilf and Shameless with just one actress going topless in return. This is hardly parity is it? So why is it that some silent members of this community, are downvoting these comments so eagerly? Absolutely puzzling. There are even some commentators who seem to think that feminism, and ubiquitous discussions about the objectification of women on screen have not any impact about the amount of female nudity on screen. They would be wrong, I would advise everybody who is reasonably pleased with the amount of nudity we've seen this year, to watch movies from the nineties, or HBO/Shotime etc etc shows from 5 years ago. Even the topless scenes in shows like GOT, True Blood, Masters of Sex, Californication, Banshee, Dexter, The Tudors ... are far, far superior to anything being served up today. Madeline Zima, Eva Amurri, Callie Thorne, Melissa Benoist, Jaime Murray, Anna Paquin, Morena Baccarin, Lizzy Caplan, Rose McIver, Helene Yorke, Lake Bell, Natalie Dormer, Courtney Ford and many, many more delivered great topless scenes. Occasionally there would be a nice frontal scene from an extra, or minor character, think Jessica Clark in True Blood, or Natalia Tena in GOT. Compare that to this year's offerings. I think most rational folk would realise that we (heterosexual men) are being shortchanged.


Because he won't shut the fuck up about it. We come here for news and rumors, not people crying about seeing too many dicks on TV. An occasional post is whatever, but wading through comments from the same person, complaining about the exact same shit, again and again and again is a waste of everyone's time. And that's literally all it is because his cry fests don't change a goddamn thing.

We get it. He feels he deserves more tits on tv. Point made like, a hundred posts ago.


Why don't you just ignore his comments how hard is that? Alternatively, if you don't like what he has to say, why don't you simply stop viewing this page? I've heard that there are other things to look at/read on the internet. Maybe visit one of those other sites?


We already lost movies. There’s already little to no female nudity on the big screen, even in “sex comedies” or “erotic thrillers.” Now the same phenomenon is spreading to premium television.

I don’t resent actresses who never go nude, even though I wish they would. Blake Lively and Jessica Szhor come to mind. That’s their decision. If I were an actress, I probably wouldn’t want to do nudity, either. What I do resent, however, is the all-around disappearance of nudity because of feminist influence. That sucks. Why anyone on this site would have any other position that this baffles me. It’d be like someone who watches ESPN pretending like he doesn’t care if networks stop airing the games. What are you trying to prove? Who are you trying to impress?


So far in 2017 there have been 101 feature films with female frontal nudity vs 26 with male frontal nudity. I dont have numbers on TV, but I guarantee it is even more imbalanced. I love female nudity as much as the next guy, but you bring the same weird argument up on EVERY SIBGLE THREAD. We get it, male nudity makes you feel funny and you don't like it. But you are flooding this site with repetitive complaints and it is ridiculous. If you want to get into a dumb political argument, go to facebook.


I guess he just summed the tags on IMDB globally, and thinks thats valid reasoning. It fails on so many levels, can't even take seriously. And the fact he got so many upvotes proves the silent voters here really don't like to use their brain... It's like those flat-earth believers... 😀


"101 feature films with female frontal nudity" no way and I'm not sure where you are getting these numbers. I assume you mean boobs when you say "frontal nudity" and also counting European cinema. When most people make these complaints it is in reference to mainstream Hollywood film/TV.


I don't believe your numbers. What are the '101 feature films with female frontal nudity'?


Dave and people have his ilk talk as if they are owed nudity. And not just any nudity, but the nudity that they require: full-frontal, well-lit, lingering camera. And god forbid an actress doesn't get naked lest they be painted with as a "tease" or "prude" or "tricking us" or whatever.
The whole thing comes across as really gross. Yes, naked actresses are awesome, which is why I'm here, but I don't expect or demand anything from these women. If they want to be naked, that's awesome, but if they don't, that's their choice.


You should read JamesO's incredibly erudite exposition on this matter below. The 'male gaze' is under increasing scrutiny, with even scenes depicting no visible female nudity seemingly causing offence, and representative of an 'exploitative', 'patriarchal' order. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/21/damon-lindelof-alice-eve-underwear-scene-star-trek_n_3314471.html
Both of these 'stories' are of ridiculous - even more so when you consider that the only nudity in Man of Steel was performed by Ben Affleck -and I don't see any DigitalSpy articles querying his shower scene ... And seriously, if that Alice Eve scene is 'exploitative' what would you call all of the shirtless scenes in the Marvel/DC Superhero movies?

And conversely, again as pointed out by James below, women, and feminists in particular have been very vocal in their desire to see more penises on screen.
That's the Emilia Clarke who has avoided frontal nudity herself, but has no problem calling on male actors to bare all. And these aren't isolated voices either. You might want to try reading a Buzzfeed/Refinery 29 article and see how many women are clamouring for more frontal male nudity. I bet you're not going to refer to them as 'really gross' or entitled. Hell, I bet you're not going to even reply to this comment, because you know you've got no answers.


You are trying to twist our words, and picture us as perverts. We are talking about the lack of equality, and we want something like that... well actually even less. Cause I don't think we ever ask anything more than simple full frontal without fake carpet covering everything. That equals simple male full frontal. And now think about what equals with all these erection and blowjob scenes. Nobody asks for something on that level on female side. For your last sentence: I guess it means every male actor who goes nude, wants to go full nude, or if not then they get some fake penis anyway, while magically not a single actress wants to go full frontal lately, or if they do, they get covered and basically it is turned into topless. (cause merkins nowadays are so big and thick, they are like bikini bottoms without straps. )


I don't believe anyone is complaining at actresses for not getting naked, actress aren't the ones deciding what type of nudity and how much a TV show or film will have. The comments can be repetitive and over the top but do have truth to them. They are referring to cultural commentary that exists today which has cultivated an increased stigma to depictions of naked women in entertainment media with the perception that it is offensive or degrading to women. And coinciding with this increased stigma towards female nudity in entertainment("male gaze","objectification") there has been an increased demand for more male nudity, especially the explicit kind. Some may exaggerate the influence this had in what we see in TV/Film but it certainly has had some influence and it seems to be increasing each year.


You are the worst.


And you are a bore, who is seemingly incapable of cogent debate.


Says the individual who spends an inordinate amount of time trying to regulate what other people say. I don't need to 'grow up'. You need to get over the fact that people will frequently say things which you don't agree with/don't want to hear. You might want to take some of your own advice and 'grow up'.


It isn't a debate. It is the same dumb comment on every single post. Grow up.


just a bunch of dicks on SMILF tonight


When you're gonna realize that male nudity is the future? They stopped showing female full frontal nudity, next they gonna stop showing breast nudity. All you will get is male explicit nudity and explicit gay sex. You can call me loser but I'm just open minded.


Any screencaps on Blake Lively in All I See is You? Also, what's Michelle Dockery's nudity gonna be like in Godless?

(And about my previous gaffe, I'm sorry. My source made all that up cos they knew it'd excite me)


Another explicit blowjob, erect dick on tv and still no single vulva or explicit cunnilingus. Thank you America for your "equality"!


Television is for women and gay people now. That's what they call "diversity" and "equality". I don't even watch their "movies". It's just dicks, garbage and pornography.


not a real dick


irrelevant. Most of the viewers don't watch it like, "oh it's probably not real, so its like nothing is shown". They make extra steps (with fake dicks) to show it, even if the actor doesnt want, or its not neccesary. For females they make extra steps ( with merkins), to hide something that's not even that easily seeable. Nudity goes in the opposite direction. Simple as that.


brace yourself, ignorant downvoters are coming.


ye for you 🙂


thats obvious, but also dave's comment was +5 in the afternoon, and now 0, so they have arrived as I expected. Also PSG007 went negative for the same. Just sayin'


Holly shit! is that an unsimulated blowjob?


Louisa Krause nude again in next ep of Girlfriend Experience.


also seen on a phone screen giving a BJ (to a fake dick)


That may be a fake dick but that is still a great scene. Really wish there were more scenes like this.



Teaser for the new sexually explicit Kechiche. I wonder when he is releasing this, might be a long road ahead.


I hope he's not gonna censor/cut it after so called political correctness hate reviews.


Kechiche? No way. He'd rather die.


I just saw SHape of Water. I guess Sally Hawkins is kind of hot in a way. The context is a big part of her unusual hotness as her character is an avid masturbator in the bathtub. For all the booty lovers - her ass is shown well lit and in quite long takes 2 times. Her real bush 3 times. So its a very revealing nude scene by an peculiar looking actress. You should give it a chance, I was turned on by it


Surprising amount of nudity for a major Hollywood release. Apparently it had a cheap budget which I assume allowed Del Toro more creative freedom than other major studio pictures get.


Nice! How is Sally’s bush? Full 60s, trimmed, landing strip?


Somewhere in between full 60s and trimmed. Im certain its real.


Godless is coming out in five days! Any chance of an update?