Celebrity Nudity Rumors November 29, 2017

The 2018 Sundance Film Festival was just partially announced. Going through the film list, we already mentioned that Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny both have nude scenes in Lizzie. We’ve also been told that Eleanor Tomlinson has a nude scene or two in Colette. No word on whether Keira Knightley is also nude although she supposedly has sex scenes with Eleanor and Denise Gough.

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Daddario in we have always lived in the castle


Any nudity from Denise Gough??


Any update of Kate Mara nude scenes in My Days of Mercy?


There is nice full frontal in Gomorrah. I love Europe.


Her name is Boryana Manoilova, shaved. Very nice scene.


episode no. ?any screencaps ?


Please tell more. Who? Bush? Well lit?


lol why the hell is this down voted? This is a strange community for a female nudity site.


Thank you for posting these, the first few are very nice. Not a fan of Clemons though, that last video... ewwww


thanks mr. skn


Easy Season 2 Nudity Review:
Episode 1: Aubrey Plaza is not naked but once wears a very see-thru top.
Episode 2: Boobs during sex from Elizabeth Reaser and Lindsay Burdge (NOT with each other).
Episode 3: Couple of scenes with boobs, butt and even bush from Karley Sciortino.
Episode 7 also has some female nudity.


Watched the first episode. Aubrey Plaza does not wear anything seethrough. She just has a skin-tight white undershirt on at some point and we see pokies and the general shape of her breasts. Please stop calling pokies seethrough.


It's not a transparent shirt, but it definitely leaves almost nothing to the imagination. The biggest issue for me is Aubrey's face is out of frame during the shots that linger on her chest.


Also Becca Brown is one of the topless performance artists in episode 7.


Skimmed season 2 of Easy:
s2e1: Aubrey Plaza white shirt kinda seethru
s2e2: Elizabeth Reaser topless. And Lindsay Burdge (?) topless.
s2e3: Karley Sciortino tits, ass, bush in lots of scenes
s2e7: Jacqueline Toboni topless briefly. Kiersey Clemons topless but with pasties on.


i have only one dream n i.e to see katheryn winnick nude...hoping someday it'll happen...may be in this season of VIKINGS!!!!!


Katheryn Winnick did accidentally post a partial nude on her Instagram account before taking it down. Yes, though, this beautiful woman doing a nude scene would really be something beautiful.


I have my doubts that's real. Instagram is super easy to save original pics and videos from (you can do it from multiple web browsers natively, even moreso with third party add-ons/plugins/apps) and I've never seen any other picture of that IG story video/webm loop other than the one you posted. Which is very odd, because you would think other people would have taken screenshots at different timestamps of the video/loop, or people would have recorded their screen and have posted a video/gif/webm of it, or someone would have ripped the source file and posted the original mp4 file. It seems like an elaborate fake.


Instagram Stories allows one to post still photos. Perhaps it wasn't a video but a still?


Keep on spanking it to fakes then, downvoters.


Will there be any female nudity in Shut Eye season 2?


Thanks Recapped, this is great news especially since Eleanor has stated several times in the past how she was against doing nudity. It's good to see that she changed her mind about it.


Any info on Mia Wasikowska in Piercing or Damsel?


Well Colette has just become one of my most anticipated movies now..saw Loving Vincent earlier this month and Eleanor looks so gorgeous even as a painting. And scenes with Keira is just spectacular news


Sorry if this is a stupid question but since these are Sundance films does that mean that their release date will most likely be late 2018/early 2019?


Colette has a distributor already and it's showing as a premiere out of competition, so it'll be out earlier than normal Sundance films. Expect Lizzie in late 2018/early 2019, and Colette in early/mid 2018.


Oh, that's some cool news.
Thanks, I appreciate the reply xcddf.


i can't wait for see Addison Timlin in Submission ...
when is it coming out..


me too me too .. when it is releasing ... ??


What is on your nude scene wishlist? I know one for me is Hailee Steinfeld in a raunchy sex scene.


Abigail Breslin and Hayley Atwell above all. Gorgeous, gorgeous ladies! <3


For Rachel Bilson and/or Mila Kunis to finally make their nude debut.


Rachel Bilson is a nevernude.


Really hoping for more from Antje Traue (faora in man of steel) her previous sex scenes are damn good but I crave a well lit full on shot of her body.


Wouldn’t even need to be raunchy. I’d be fine with just a simple nude scene. She really grew up nice didn’t she?


I’m really hoping Chloe Sevigny gets nude, she’s a butter face but her tits looked good when she was on Bloodline.


Alin Sumarwata should be nude in the next Strike Back Episode (S06E06) in the preview there is a shortscene check this:


But it will be the censored cut version from sky one! Like Legacy before, they cut the nudity (i have no idea why but Tereza Srbovas nude scene in S05E07 was heavy edit and cut too). The funny thing is they actually show the uncut footage (like the scene above) in the "Next Time" Preview but airing the cut version. I have no fucking idea why.

btw: E01-E05 had some Nudescenes, some unknown actresses but it looks like that Alin Sumarwata goes nude and maybe Roxanne Mckee (look at the beginning she is smashed to the ground and just wearing a shirt) later you see her and one of the main characters talking at a bar so maybe there is a nudescene from her.

For full nudity we must wait for cinemax.

Edit: Seems like the iframe was not working i edit the link. Removed the spoilers from video sorry.


I don’t know what you’ve been watching, but broadcast Sky have shown the nude sex scenes this season, from Zsofia Tarjanyi, Kelly Gough (sister of Denise from Recapped’s post, that one looked like a BD) and Jane May Graves. Nothing from the main cast though, and I really don’t think anything has been cut from them so far - why would it?


Same. I've watched all seasons on Sky and they've never censored anything. Don't know what that guy is on about.


Censored Sky One Version from S05E07 (aka Legacy):


Uncensored Version from Cinemax (on BluRay/DVD):


So know you see what ive been talking about. I don't talk bullshit here because i own like i said both versions. Maybe the Sky One VOD Version is uncensored but the TV version 100 % not.


Well, I remember seeing the second version on Sky catchup. Even so thats the only scene in 6 seasons in which there is any difference.


Then you guys never watches the uncut version of the brilliant sex scene with Tereza Srbova in S05E07 because the bluray is uncensored the sky one version was cut as hell, just google about ist.

Sky One Version was 50 Seconds (without pussy licking and stuff) and the uncensored goes over 1:45 and is far more "explicit" in body shown.

How do i know that? Because i capped the Sky One Version AND have the bluray here. Why should i wrote that when its not the truth? Only because you guys have know idea about the censored ship on british tv.

Watch the "Next Time" Preview from S06E02 and you will see in the sex scene the girl bites his lip this was NOT shown in S06E03 because its the censored version. Wait until the bluray is released and you will see it.


@Lostion 🙂



No problem my friend 🙂 the only reason why i did that research is because on S05E06 i watched it 2015 on sky one and there was a scene with Tereza Srbova (the sex scene from S05E07) and that scene was missing in the S05E07 Episode i was like "Why the hell is that actually missing?" Thats why i collected all that seasons i bought the blurays.


@Lostion You've obviously done more research than me on this so I believe you. But Sky do that quite a bit even with shows like The Flash/Arrow they edit out a few seconds of violence here and there on the broadcast version but its there fully on the on demand version,



They are more different scenes. Which intro has Sky Catchup? The "long" intro or the short one? Maybe they used the Cinemax Version on VOD. I cant access this version so no idea i only capped the first airing.

And there were more differences, like on S05E02 the word "Motherfucker" was censored which is uncensored in the cinemax version. Blood was edited etc. I actually dont know why they showing the censored version at the first run. Maybe its because of the BBFCs regularities for TV.


My two dream women, Imogen poots and Eleanor Tomlinson both nude, HELL YEAH


Holly Shit! Eleanor Tomlinson! This is huge news for me! Thank you so much Recapped for this info!


Any news , pictures Christa Theret in Broers ???


Any update on Lily Collins nude scenes in Halo Of Stars??
Also anything from Ellie Bamber in Taipei??


"Feature nudity from the people you've never heard of." What a great way to undersell it. Eleanor-frigging-Tomlinson! *fanfare blaring*


I couldn’t place her name when I read it, but I looked her up and saw she was in that silly Jack the Giant Slayer movie. I thought she was gorgeous when I watched it, so this has some potential - especially if one of these scenes involves Kiera Knightley


I hadn't myself. But looks like a promising set.


This already has the potential to be the greatest nude scene of 2018. Or not. We'll find out before too long. 🙂


Eleanor Tomlinson sure would be something.


Just a reminder, season 2 of Easy is almost here. Fingers crossed.


Wow, Eleanor Tomlinson? Amazing news.