Celebrity Nudity Rumors November 29, 2017

The 2018 Sundance Film Festival was just partially announced. Going through the film list, we already mentioned that Kristen Stewart and Chloë Sevigny both have nude scenes in Lizzie. We’ve also been told that Eleanor Tomlinson has a nude scene or two in Colette. No word on whether Keira Knightley is also nude although she supposedly has sex scenes with Eleanor and Denise Gough.

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Daddario in we have always lived in the castle


Any nudity from Denise Gough??


Any update of Kate Mara nude scenes in My Days of Mercy?


There is nice full frontal in Gomorrah. I love Europe.


Her name is Boryana Manoilova, shaved. Very nice scene.


episode no. ?any screencaps ?


Please tell more. Who? Bush? Well lit?


lol why the hell is this down voted? This is a strange community for a female nudity site.


Thank you for posting these, the first few are very nice. Not a fan of Clemons though, that last video... ewwww


thanks mr. skn


Easy Season 2 Nudity Review:
Episode 1: Aubrey Plaza is not naked but once wears a very see-thru top.
Episode 2: Boobs during sex from Elizabeth Reaser and Lindsay Burdge (NOT with each other).
Episode 3: Couple of scenes with boobs, butt and even bush from Karley Sciortino.
Episode 7 also has some female nudity.


Watched the first episode. Aubrey Plaza does not wear anything seethrough. She just has a skin-tight white undershirt on at some point and we see pokies and the general shape of her breasts. Please stop calling pokies seethrough.


It's not a transparent shirt, but it definitely leaves almost nothing to the imagination. The biggest issue for me is Aubrey's face is out of frame during the shots that linger on her chest.


Also Becca Brown is one of the topless performance artists in episode 7.


Skimmed season 2 of Easy:
s2e1: Aubrey Plaza white shirt kinda seethru
s2e2: Elizabeth Reaser topless. And Lindsay Burdge (?) topless.
s2e3: Karley Sciortino tits, ass, bush in lots of scenes
s2e7: Jacqueline Toboni topless briefly. Kiersey Clemons topless but with pasties on.


i have only one dream n i.e to see katheryn winnick nude...hoping someday it'll happen...may be in this season of VIKINGS!!!!!


Katheryn Winnick did accidentally post a partial nude on her Instagram account before taking it down. Yes, though, this beautiful woman doing a nude scene would really be something beautiful.


I have my doubts that's real. Instagram is super easy to save original pics and videos from (you can do it from multiple web browsers natively, even moreso with third party add-ons/plugins/apps) and I've never seen any other picture of that IG story video/webm loop other than the one you posted. Which is very odd, because you would think other people would have taken screenshots at different timestamps of the video/loop, or people would have recorded their screen and have posted a video/gif/webm of it, or someone would have ripped the source file and posted the original mp4 file. It seems like an elaborate fake.


Instagram Stories allows one to post still photos. Perhaps it wasn't a video but a still?


Keep on spanking it to fakes then, downvoters.


Will there be any female nudity in Shut Eye season 2?


Thanks Recapped, this is great news especially since Eleanor has stated several times in the past how she was against doing nudity. It's good to see that she changed her mind about it.