Celebrity Nudity Rumors November 3, 2017

So we wrote a while back that Michelle Dockery would likely be nude in Godless and MK has now confirmed it. We will have a more detailed review closer to the November 22 release date.

The series premiere of Damnation next Tuesday on USA Network has some partial ass and left sideboob from Chasten Harmon. Sarah Jones also shows some nipple pokies in her nightgown.

No nudity on Sunday’s Outlander except for some brief partial side butt from Caitriona Balfe. Unfortunately, no info on this weekend’s other Starz and Showtime shows. But hearing nudity star Emily Browning is joining The Affair for this upcoming season in a recurring role.

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There was a rumor/report a while ago about Elisabeth Moss getting naked in The Square and even going full frontal. Well the scene is out and she sadly doesn't show anything, wearing pasties in the sex scene. Talk about a letdown...


Any news Regarding Howards End?


There was an article in the Daily Fail saying it hadn’t been “sexed up”. Considering that paper usually hypes up non-existent nudity, probably shouldn’t expect too much.


Based on episode 1, shouldn’t expect anything at all. Not that type of show.


It’s a pity Carmen won’t step like these two.


give it time. in her storyline, she’s a former escort now in witness protection. any nudity would probably be later in the season.


Being downvoted for noting that there’s underboob in the above GIFs? The readers here are f***ing retarded.


Dude seriously? Stop commenting everytime you get down voted, it doesn't mean much, move on


Rare and spectacular nudity


Anything in tomorrow nights SMILF? or the rest of the season for that matter?


There's supposedly nudity in all eight episodes (brief nudity tomorrow) but I don't know specifics.


Just saw Killing of a Sacred Deer. I guess the scenes will be OK when it come out on bluray and we can blow them up, but these are distant shots and not detailed. Not a great year for nudity and not a great


We live in the times of women worship and sexual minorities. Hard to require better nudity quality. It will be even worse after the so called Weinstein scandal. We live in a world of absurdities. Men today are more feminine than women. You can not touch a woman, it's a harassment. They all the time demand nudity from men and stop showing females nude. And you can see it's working. Male nudity is now everywhere. Female nudity is seriously lame in todays movies/tvshows. Political correctness destroys everything. It's hard to be straight nowadays.


This again? Can you save this for the Breitbart comment section? No one wants to hear about how wronged you feel by women and minorities.


Bit of an exaggeration but overall the current culture trends in society are not good for female celeb nudity lovers.


The reviews mentioned breasts, butt and pubic region nudity. Do you mean these are all far away shots and nothing is visible in clear shots or detail? Even MrSkin compared the nudity in this flick to Billy Bathgate and some reviews have compared it to Eyes Wide Shut. So you mean its like Strangerlandand and not good.


Ive seen it too. FIrst scene Colin pulls off her panties and u see her bush but not up close and its very quick. The second scene u get some sideboob as camera is positioned behind her back, she lies down and camera is decently far but u can see her body. Not great scene.


Apparently, she has a movie Destroyer and possibly season 2 of Big Little Lies coming up. Maybe these will have better nudity.


For me it's a pretty good year to be honest.


There will always be someone who lure you for the kind of information you desperately wanna know about. We can either allow ourselves to fall into the dangerous trap of mirage of unauthorized information , or we can choose to remember that regardless of that, we all have our own sources and struggle to to find the information. That's not only about wrong/false nudity information/expectation only its about yourself to avoid such false trap in case you face it. Nothing can be easy in this life so avoid believing in someone else believe in yourself. That’s life. Live it!

Unfaithfully Your's


4chan suckers us time and time again.


So Red Sparrow... I was only pulling your leg the other day, Sorry. No real nudity from Jen. It was basically russian espionage/Basic Instinct. Jlaw puts on quite a seductive performance but only shows her bare back in a few scenes as far as nudity goes and that’s it from the cut I saw. Dude tells her to strip, but its shot from behind etc. There is a topless woman in one scene, male ass thrown in there too. Very heavy on the violence, the R rating is from that more than anything else. There's another screening in January that should be close to the final cut.


I think it's time people here stop believing anything that EmmaB has to say, good or bad. His/her posts don't mean anything at all or add nothing of value, it's just another attention seeking troll, which I suspected from the start. Even the rumors about the movies that weren't false were already announced before by somebody else, all EmmaB did was repeat the same info. And don't even get me started about the spreading of false info.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the only people worth listening to around here are Recapped and Mk.


It’s fine Emma if people don’t want to believe you then just don’t post anything. Make everyone suffer. And there are other boards where you can post and the membership is a lot more exclusive.


Pls Don't disappoint by saying Jlaw has not done any nudity in this movie... This is the perfect movie for her to get naked...


I guess I have to assume you were also lying about the Alienist too.


Alienist is on TNT, so it was untrue from the start.


The reason I was excited for Alienist nudity rumor was not specifically for Dakota Fanning but because it would mean bare breasts on American basic cable. It was less than 2 years ago FX aired F words uncensored on The People vs OJ now numerous shows on different basic cable channels are airing F words uncensored. Just as there were no regulations stoping cable channels from airing F words there is nothing stopping them form airing breasts. If F words are becoming common on basic cable I don't know why we shouldn't expect topless nudity to follow soon. Eventually American TV will have to get over this prudish censorship and all it takes it one channel to do it then the rest will follow along.


If you pull this crap with I Am Not a Bird...


Don't worry. No one believes anything you say, anyway.


A "Basic Instinct" thriller about a seductress-spy with no nudity from the lead actress? My sides!


I remember some rumors about Maria Bamford going nude in the new season of Lady Dynamite. Is there anything to this?


Wow she has a surprisingly hairy bush. I always thought she was kinda sexy in a quirky way. I really like her bush! Anything else from this season?


@EmmaB it's been 24 hours since u promised us a detailed review of red sparrow nudity....come on!!!!!do it fast!!!!!


Doesn’t look like we’re getting anything. It was probably a troll. Too bad.


"Maybe more detail" is a promise to you?