Celebrity Nudity Rumors November 6

Another week, another nude scene from Ruth Wilson on Sunday’s episode of The Affair. This time you get a brief but decent view of Ruth’s breasts as she’s having oral sex performed on her. Ruth then continues to have a long conversation naked but you can’t really see anything until near the end when she sits up. Ruth has another sex scene at the end of the episode but it is really dark. Still, you can see maybe see Ruth’s left breast very briefly.

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What is going on? Where are the Reese Witherspoon screen caps? The movie came out over a week ago.


It was only a limited release, NY/LA.


Someone somewhere has these nude scenes on his phone. It's time to share. Or it's time for someone to do some digging as it's probably out there on some obscure web site.


On his phone? Yeah, maybe a director of that film 😉


I hope you get them soon, but I really don't see what the fuss is about. If they'd left in the full frontal scene, I'd might understand it...


Yes, but only in selected movie theaters, so someone would have to go there and record it.

Probably until screeners will not leak (maybe somewhere around end of month) there will be no caps.


This movie is in wide release. And it sucks. The nudity was lame.


Wild (2014) expanded to 166 theaters and earned $1.55 million. Fox Searchlight seems bullish on this, and announced on Sunday that it's moving up the nationwide expansion to December 19th (at least 850 locations).



Any update for Marco Polo Nudity Report:


Olivia Cheng is the only one who gets naked in the series (not counting the unknown extras). Her nudity is very disappointing. She has very tiny lopsided tits and wears a cheap looking merkin. And the series is a complete bore. Skip it.


On second look it looks like it may be some kind of strange digital merkin.


post the nude scene!


Episode 1 and 2 are now online, we need episode 3 for Olivia Cheng full frontal.


Hope nudity review and clips are online soon!


Any caps of Emily Ratajkowski in Gone girl?


There are caps and vids at cndb


Yes, they are - in forum section.


The hdrip version came out. Here are some caps:

The second scene is dark and very quick!


Is there anything on Eli Roth's Green Inferno and how much of Lorenza Izzo and her titties we get to see?

Also Michelle Lombardo in "Discarded"? Does anyone know is she shows something?


Green Infero barely nudity from Lorenza, just a few quick shots


This week's MPAA bulletin: films rated for nudity

Just the one film this week


Rated R for pervasive language, strong sexual content, nudity and some drug use.


Film star Vince Chase and his cronies take on Hollywood.

Starring: Alice Eve, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Emily Ratajkowski (all likely just cameos), Perrey Reeves, Mindy Robinson, Debi Mazar, Constance Zimmer, Catherine Chen


Any update on when Ft. Tilden will be released?


A daddario in San Andreas?


San Andreas has PG-13 written all over it. It's a $100 million action flick starring The Rock that's scheduled to open around the start of summer blockbuster season. Definitely not the kind of thing where you should be expecting nudity.


does anyone seen that movie? Is reese topless scene are clear? Or maybe somebody has a caps?


does anybody know, when we can expect any topless caps of Reese from the wild?

when that movie will be on the cinema?


It opened this weekend.

From boxofficemojo.com:

15th place New Wild (2014) FoxSearchlight $630,000 box office - 21theatres - $30,000 $677,000 total box office - 1



Opening at 21 locations, Wild earned an estimated $630,000 this weekend. While its per-theater average of $30,000 pales in comparison to past early December releases like Black Swan ($80,212) and Up in the Air ($78,763), it's still a good result. Fox Searchlight is planning to have this in close to 100 theaters next weekend, then expand to at least 800 locations by Christmas Day.


Anything about Dianna Agron and Briana Evigan in one of their upcoming movies?


Lap Dance is out on video on demand on the 9th December, so we will know soon. I don't think Briana will show boobs though, but we can hope!

I don't think much info has been released about Bare yet, but I'm hopeful she will show something. Dianna has tried to move on since glee, and we might even get to see her tits in the uncensored Bowen-Smith photos before.


Caps on CNDB from "Lap Dance" No caps of Briana Evigan.


Asked about the photo shoot nudity in a red carpet interview, Agron said "I've been doing some of that in films." Sounds like a hint that Bare will live up to its title.


Thanks for the replies. 🙂

Cant wait for more news about the movies.


wasn't this picture supposed to be released at the end of last month ?


they come out in a week


Really? How do you know? What's your source?


The Dianna Agron movie is called "Bare"


The Briana Evigan film is called "Lap Dance"

Lap Dance - Rated R for sexual content/nudity, language and some drug use.

Sorry I made two posts, webmaster you can combine them if you like.


Reviews and MPAA confirm nudity in Chris Rock's "Top Five" but so far I haven't heard any details as to who is involved? Does anyone know?


I believe it's been confirmed to just be anonymous strippers but I could be wrong.


any screen caps of reese witherspoon's nude scenes yet?


Still nothing about Reese? Why?


My anticipation for these Witherspoon screen caps is taking on epic proportions.


Same here. Here's hoping we won't have to wait another week or two before they finally leak!


This week's MPAA bulletin: films rated for nudity (reads 4)

by whitecaps


1.Big Muddy (This film is known as Weyburn-Big Muddy in Saskatchewan)

Rated R for violence, language and some sexuality/nudity.


Martha Barlow, a modern day outlaw, must reconcile her dark past after her teenage son commits a horrible crime.

Staring: Nadia Litz, Tricia Braun

2.Fear Clinic

Rated R for bloody horror violence, disturbing images, language and some sexuality/nudity.


A doctor works to cure patients suffering from crippling phobias by placing them inside his invention which induces and controls hallucinations.

Staring: Fiona Dourif, Angelina Armani, Cleopatra Coleman

Films Rated for Sexuality/Sexual Content

1.Miss Julie

Rated PG-13 for mature thematic material involving sexuality,

disturbing images, and language.


Over the course of a midsummer night in Fermanagh in 1890, an unsettled daughter of the Anglo-Irish aristocracy encourages her father's valet to seduce her.

Staring: Jessica Chastain, Samantha Morton

2.Project Almanac

Rated PG-13 for some language and sexual content.


A group of teens discover secret plans of a time machine, and construct one. However, things start to get out of control.

Staring: Sofia Black-D'Elia, Virginia Gardner

From IMDB parent guide: "A teen girl is shown undressing to nothing but shorts and a bra".


Any news from Britt Robertson in Ask Me Anything ?


I talked to one of the production staff and they said that by December 18 it will be in limited theaters and VOD on the same day. Even that is too long but at least we have a date :).


It's on itunes pre-order listed for 12/19 release.




hi. i am also keen for kristin wiig nude scene. is movie already out? thank.


Is there any news about the upcoming Kristin Wiig nude scene in Welcome To Me? Thanks!


The movie just got a distributor, so that's a start.


There is a movie coming out next year called "The Boy." It's a horror film. However, I can't find mention anywhere of Elisha Cuthbert being in it...


Elisha cuthbert nude in The Boy apparently


Not saying you're wrong, but, assuming this is the right film, there is no mention of Elisha Cuthbert being in it:



What's "The Boy"? Never heard of, and it's not on her imdb page... What's your sorce?


i to am intrigued by this. more information please


@RudeDude the video is online now


Post link please


but the clip is so short, I remember someone said it would be a 3 min dance, hoping someone else puts both dances online with the proper length


Here is a link to both the vidcaps and the video. The first non-nude half of the dance has been cut out, unfortunately:



Part of the Dance of the Seven Veils is now available on YouTube. But it cuts before the nudity begins. It's astonishing so far. Jessica Chastain as Salomé - clip dance . Hopefully this means the full scene will become available soon. Someone has a copy!


@RudeDude where did you find it ?


A YouTuber called ChastainFanClub. I've provided a link in another post but the moderator needs to give it a green light (understandably) before it appears. You can find it easily, though. Consider it an appetizer to what's coming up soon.


I found a cap:


The first (non-nude) half of Jessica Chastain's Dance of the Seven Veils in "Salome" has been posted on YouTube. Here is the first half of the dance posted on YouTube right before she strips her top. What a fucking erection-inducing tease! But someone has the DVD! This means we *might* see the entire scene sometime later today!

Direct link:



I watching the Alexandra Daddario movie Bereavement recently.

The whole second half she is in this white braless tank-top. You can see her nipples most of the time. There are also a couple or so blatant camera shots.

Her character never tries to be sexy. Braless wardrobe in "legit" movies/television when characters aren't trying to seduce or act sexual in any way. I wonder if it's supposed to work on a subconscious sexual level to the audience? Is it intentionally latent by the actress and/or director?

I also ponder how common it is for actresses not to know about potential see-through and how pervy some shots end up being?


any screen caps from jessica chastain ??


Any news on isabel lucas from The Loft? Thank.


It's out in Belgium, so someone must know.


I heard two different things.

One said a single topless scene by Isabel.

The other said 'if you want to see female boobs you have come to the wrong movie'

Clearly its extremely prude compared to original and Dutch version. Hoping for one good topless scene.


hi. in the trailer you get a nice shot of isabel lucas butt. hopefully it is still in the movie.


thank for info friends. it looks like they may have made cuts since the original trailer.



I thought only Rachael Taylor was nude in the film is Lucas nude as well ?


Reese Witherspoon?


Exactly, there must be some screen captures out there somewhere by now. They've been holding screenings for weeks. I think they've sent out Oscar screeners as well.


Marco Polo Nudity Report:

Episode 1

Olivia Cheng - Breasts while having sex 29 minutes in

Dozens of extras - Full frontal nude in a whorehouse orgy scene that comprises the last chunk of the episode.

Episode 2

Olivia Cheng - Breasts, butt, full frontal from many different angles during a nude fight scene at the 36 minute mark. Pretty fantastic!

More to come...


Bush or merkin in full frontal? thanks.


Wow! Thanks for info MK, You rocks! It seems like we're in for a nude fest of year.

PS. I have little question - I heard first two episodes of S3 of Banshee were sent, and there is lots of sex and nudity, have You maybe seen them?

Thanks again!


The DVD just shipped (so the release date was legit) but since it's arriving from the U.K. and I'm in the U.S. I won't get to watch it until sometime next week. Hopefully someone across the pond already has a copy.


@RudeDude please do share when you have the movie thanks man you could make a lot of people very happy


That's a sure thing, Botero! If for some strange reason there are no vidcaps available before I receive my copy of the DVD I'll be sure to make some amateur caps and let you good folks know.


@RudeDude thank you so much man, it weird no one has posted anything on the matter anywhere, Ive heard there are two scenes the once from the documentary and the one form the actual film


Yes, the two scenes are identical versions of the striptease, several minutes long and really hot! I caught it in a theatre screening a couple of months back. DVD not out here unfortunately 🙁


This week's MPAA bulletin: films rated for nudity (reads 17)

by whitecaps

Films rated for nudity

1.Frank and Cindy

Rated R for language and some sexual content/nudity.


Staring: Rene Russo, Jane Levy

2.Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic (documentary)


Rated R for language and sexual references throughout, drug content, a disturbing image and brief nudity.

Films rated for sexual content

1.Pawn Sacrifice

Rated PG-13 for brief strong language, some sexual content and

historical smoking.


Staring: Lily Rabe, Evelyne Brochu

From IMDB Parent's Guide: Two implied (heard by another character, and a post-coital bed scene) sex scenes.

2.Real Playing Game aka RPG

Rated R for violence, language and sexual content.


Staring: Alix Wilton Regan, Dafne Fernández

Rated for 'Sexual Material'


Rated R for bloody violence throughout, language and some sexual material.


Staring: Daniella Alonso

Rated for 'Sexuality'


Rated R for some violence and sexuality.


Staring: Jennifer Lawrence, Charity Wakefield, Ana Ularu

From IMDB Parent's Guide: Their are a few scattered sex scenes throughout the film, though they are all dark and short and barley any nudity is shown.

The MPAA is getting more creative than Variety Magazine: 'historical smoking' and 'sexual material'. WTF do they mean?



jessica chastain any one?


"Wilde Salome" DVD finally comes out tomorrow (Monday - 11/24). Any chance you'll have the vidcaps or video of the lovely Ms. Chastain?


does it actually come out or is this another of those fake dates and the movie doesn't come out. LIke last year autuumn blood or james francos colour of life which was going to come out a month ago, and now they tell us the date is december 9th...


I understand your skepticism. We should know within the next 24 hours.


It's available and shipping.


any news on the caps for salome ? i need to find those


1.Dirty Dealing (3D) - Rated R for sexuality,

nudity and language


Staring Ariana Madix

2.Fort Tilden - Rated R for language, sexual

content, some graphic nudity and brief drug



According to Mr Skin Bridey Elliott, Hallie Haas, Claire McNulty and Christine Spang all bare breasts

3.The Interview - Rated R for pervasive

language, crude and sexual humor, nudity,

some drug use and bloody violence.


staring Lizzy Caplan, Diana Bang

Films rated for 'sexuality'

1.Cake - Rated R for language, substance

abuse and brief sexuality.

staring Jennifer Aniston, Anna Kendrick, Britt Robertson, Lucy Punch, Mamie Gummer, Camille Guaty

According to Mr Skin, there is no nudity in this film.


Any news when Fort Tilden might hit DVD?


Seems like it's gone all quiet on the nudity front.


It's been quite a couple of months... Hell, it's been quite a year in terms of celeb nudity. A lull was bound to happen. We've been spoiled.


Ok, first Banshee trailer is out - can we expect s0me nudity news, or is it still too early?


Any update on Welcome To Me? Release date maybe? Did anyone buy the movie? I'd sure like to be 'welcomed to her'.


MPAA ratings

films rated for nudity

1.Gambler, The - Rated R for language

throughout, and for some sexuality/nudity.


Staring: Jessica Lange (please God no), Brie Larson, Sonya Walger, Caitlin O'Oconnor (as the "Poker Masseuse"), Erika Jordan (as "erotic dancer Salene), Anne McDaniels (as erotic dancer Savannah)

2.Magician: The Astonishing Life & Work

Of Orson Welles - Rated PG-13 for brief

language, some suggestive images/nudity

and smoking.



3.The Physican - Rated R for some violent

content, sexuality/nudity and brief language.


from IMDB parents guide:

A.A woman's breast are exposed and touched by a doctor. A few seconds after this scene, the doctor and apprentice go to a pleasure bath house with what appear as prostitutes. All the women have their breast exposed. This scene goes on for a few minutes. There is nothing overly sexual that happens.

B.A group of men walk through a pleasure house, some women's breasts are exposed. They briefly talk of the color of women's pubic hair. The scene is very short.

Staring: Emma Rigby, Dominique Moore

4.Top Five - Rated R for strong sexual

content, nudity, crude humor, language

throughout and some drug use.

(latest Adam Sandler film)


Staring: Rosario Dawson, Gabrielle Union, Hayley Marie Norman

Rated for 'sexual content'

1.The Toy Soldiers - Rated R for strong

sexual content, language throughout, drug

content and some violence including a

brutal sexual assault.


Staring: Najarra Townsend, Constance Brenneman, Jeanette May Steiner, Megan Hensley

I hope this movie is as good as the Martika song.

From: http://www.filmratings.com/downloads/cara_rating_bulletin.pdf


Anything from Hayley Marie Norman in next month's "Top Five"?