Celebrity Nudity Rumors October 24, 2017

On Sunday’s The Deuce season finale, Margarita Levieva, Dominique Fishback, Natalie Paul, and Kim Wong might have nude scenes. Danielle Burgess also has a sex scene but there probably isn’t any nudity.

We wrote about the upcoming Starz show Sweetbitter a while back. Apparently Caitlin Fitzgerald is going to be one of the leads that doesn’t require nudity. The other two regular female roles that require nudity are going to two relative newcomers.

And speaking of actresses from recently canceled premium cable shows, Allison Williams looks like she’s going to star in the upcoming lesbian film The Perfection. They are now looking to cast the other lead who is younger and, based on Allison’s previous work, will probably be the only one getting naked.

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Based on her character description, it doesn't seem like Carice will be getting naked like Daddario should be. Not that it matters much, though. We're here for Daddario.

Kate Easton plays a character "who connects with Margaret (Daddario's character) through her love of words". Wonder if that means anything...



Wow. Great stuff. Between the two of them they could call it Tits: the Movie.


Very disappointed with Laia's scenes in Newness. They are very brief and the music is so loud that It's barely possible to hear her moans.


Same. Brief, dark, and soundtrack-heavy. Sad!


I myself liked it, yes maybe not the best of the year, but Laia is beautiful and I'm happy with what I got.


First trailer for STARZ Counterpart dropped and already teased Sara Serraiocco nude/lesbian scene. Any news/rummors/more tease about this one Recapped? My love Sarah Bolger perhaps?


Do you have any idea about who is the other girl in that scene??


Pretty sure it's Liv Lisa Fries.


Please, M. Qualley nude, recapped.


Can anyone provide link to buy this movie? I'm gonna cap it myself.


Any news on the release of Under the Silver Lake?


Any info on Shameless or Smilf yet?


first ep of SMILF already released online - Frankie Shaw nude. As for rest of series, Samara Weaving only wrapped filming yesterday so probably no details available yet for later eps.


Only one day until the release on iTunes of Newness!!!


Any pictures?


Bonus would be something from Courtney Eaton, though she wasn’t included in the original report, so unlikely.


My Days of Mercy played at American Film Market today, hopefully it gets picked up 🙂


"A Bad Moms Christmas " released Today, Rated R for crude sexual content. Any possibility for Mila Kunis getting Nude?
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There’s zero chance of Mila ever getting nude for a comedy.


Male nudity played for laughs, guaranteed.


If the movie had nudity it would be listed in the rating and if the rating did include nudity there would be no chance of MIla getting naked in some dumb comedy.


Lily Collins was just cast as Ted Bundy’s girlfriend in the new biopic. Not sure if it was said if nudity was expected from that character.


We still don't know if she gets naked in The Clown.


Ted Bundy? JFC