Celebrity Nudity Rumors October 24, 2017

On Sunday’s The Deuce season finale, Margarita Levieva, Dominique Fishback, Natalie Paul, and Kim Wong might have nude scenes. Danielle Burgess also has a sex scene but there probably isn’t any nudity.

We wrote about the upcoming Starz show Sweetbitter a while back. Apparently Caitlin Fitzgerald is going to be one of the leads that doesn’t require nudity. The other two regular female roles that require nudity are going to two relative newcomers.

And speaking of actresses from recently canceled premium cable shows, Allison Williams looks like she’s going to star in the upcoming lesbian film The Perfection. They are now looking to cast the other lead who is younger and, based on Allison’s previous work, will probably be the only one getting naked.

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Based on her character description, it doesn't seem like Carice will be getting naked like Daddario should be. Not that it matters much, though. We're here for Daddario.

Kate Easton plays a character "who connects with Margaret (Daddario's character) through her love of words". Wonder if that means anything...



Wow. Great stuff. Between the two of them they could call it Tits: the Movie.


Very disappointed with Laia's scenes in Newness. They are very brief and the music is so loud that It's barely possible to hear her moans.


Same. Brief, dark, and soundtrack-heavy. Sad!


I myself liked it, yes maybe not the best of the year, but Laia is beautiful and I'm happy with what I got.


First trailer for STARZ Counterpart dropped and already teased Sara Serraiocco nude/lesbian scene. Any news/rummors/more tease about this one Recapped? My love Sarah Bolger perhaps?


Do you have any idea about who is the other girl in that scene??


Pretty sure it's Liv Lisa Fries.


Please, M. Qualley nude, recapped.


Can anyone provide link to buy this movie? I'm gonna cap it myself.


Any news on the release of Under the Silver Lake?


Any info on Shameless or Smilf yet?


first ep of SMILF already released online - Frankie Shaw nude. As for rest of series, Samara Weaving only wrapped filming yesterday so probably no details available yet for later eps.


Only one day until the release on iTunes of Newness!!!


Any pictures?


Bonus would be something from Courtney Eaton, though she wasn’t included in the original report, so unlikely.


My Days of Mercy played at American Film Market today, hopefully it gets picked up 🙂


"A Bad Moms Christmas " released Today, Rated R for crude sexual content. Any possibility for Mila Kunis getting Nude?
Share Views & Caps.


There’s zero chance of Mila ever getting nude for a comedy.


Male nudity played for laughs, guaranteed.


If the movie had nudity it would be listed in the rating and if the rating did include nudity there would be no chance of MIla getting naked in some dumb comedy.


Lily Collins was just cast as Ted Bundy’s girlfriend in the new biopic. Not sure if it was said if nudity was expected from that character.


We still don't know if she gets naked in The Clown.


Ted Bundy? JFC


Maika Monroe in The Tribes of Palos Verdes?


Seems like "Without" is finally available on iTunes after 6 years.
Joslyn Jensen has a full frontal nude scene.
You can see part of it about a minute into this video:



Joslyn Jensen "Without"


Any screencaps of Elisabeth Moss in The Square? According to imdb It should be out by now... I just found a Russian cam rip where they cutted the nudity out.
Also anything new from Noël Wells in Mr. Roosevelt?


Russia doesn't cut out nudity in movies, the nudity there is brief, so you probably missed it.


Any news or Pictures of Christa Theret in Broers ???


Jennifer Lawrence and Blake Lively , a lots of guys said here it's impossible it's CGI and many other crap but we have seen them !


Starz "Nude" documentary comes out today. Any screen caps would be nice. It isn't available outside the US.


did this even air on tv? I had it set to record to my dvr for weeks. Get done watching some other shows tonight and i see that nothing recorded. I go to check Starz on demand, and i cant find it their either. The only thing i can see online is them telling me to watch it on their app?... uhm, wtf


I skimmed through it and was disappointed because the most beautiful model in the calendar Alejandra Guilmant is not featured in the documentary at all which was the main reason I was looking forward to it. I thought it would have segments with all the modles in the calendar but it only had a few and focused mostly on Rachel Cook.


This is real Vika Levina without crappy american genital censor.


It's from this documentary?


Who is that?


Vika Levina


any Nudity in Strike BACK upcoming season with new cast??
i would love some from Roxanne McKee :p


nothing from roxanne in ep 1 - there was some brief nudity but it wasn’t from main female cast


Well we will know in 2 days. Unless Sky One version will be different from Cinemax.


The trailer has zero implied nudity/sexiness.


many people upvote/downvote the content of a comment; not the comment itself and its usefulness.


Downvoted for mentioning a relevant fact while speculating on upcoming nudity? Outstanding!


Any screencaps or videos of "All I See is You" ?


Blake Lively’s butt:


Many thanks! Do you have other caps?


why i can't see the pic 🙁 🙁


Another here who can't see the pic/s/gif/s.


Ok, I can already "see" the pic. Not much, but we have to settle with this by now.

Thanks for share!


I'm also not seeing any pic/gif...


Mr Skin said a while ago that Maggie Grace shows her right breast and butt in The Scent of Rain & Lightning. Does anybody know when the movie will come out?


I hope this is true, she’s another actress I’ve always wanted to see naked.
I remember hearing about a possible spin-off of Californication a while back, and she was supposed to star. Her character appeared in the sixth season. What could have been...

I know she had a couple brief butt shots, but I was hoping for topless nudity. The rear shots were treat though


The more I think about it, the more I believe Alexandra Daddario will probably get naked in "I Am Not a Bird". I hope it's more than say Amanda Seyfried in "Chloe". The nudity from Amanda was pretty tame for a softcore movie.


I will always welcome more nudity from Daddario. Her scene in TD is still the top debut nude scene of all time (IMHO). The problem is that unless it’s a graphic sex scene, Anything she does now will never top that first scene. I still don’t know if it was intended to be explicit as it was


The book apparently has a lot of sex. I'm hoping the script will stay true to that. The screenwriter is also the author of the book, so maybe.


Considering the story involves her having numerous thankless sexual encounters leading into a more intimate one with a Yakuza enforcer, it wouldn't surprise me too much if she only has a nude sex scene with the Yakuza as her character presumably "opens up" to him. It could be possible that she's not nude in those other sex scenes, but she has non-sex nude scenes.

We just need Recapped to confirm what he saw in the script with nudity potential. Don't let us down on the next Rumors post, Recapped.


Absolutely true. The way she revealed that epic body in True Detective is something that cannot be replicated. For this, I'm expecting some lingering frontal and back shots here but with lighting that's a bit more dimmed and/or colored based on the Tokyo setting.

Can we get Recapped to talk about the possibility of nudity from her based on the script?


The fact that she’s conspicuously avoided nudity - in roles which somewhat called for it - since her debut makes me a bit cautious.


I think she wanted to space out nude roles after True Detective made a big deal about her scene. And none of her roles since True Detective have truly required nudity as much as this new role very clearly looks like it does.


Yeah, the book is very sexual and the script does contain nudity.


I just found the reply. It was to my comment. He replied a little too late for me to initially notice it, though.


I don't have the script, lol. I'm going by what recapped said.


Can you write out a scene description?



Is there no way to private messages here? I must know the truth. I must read the possibilities.


You’ve seen the script?!

Any way to send me a copy?


It's been a week since The Killing of Sacred Deer released but there is no cap or vid or anything. Damn.


Any news on TNT's The Alienist, besides Dakota Fanning?


Someone Have any News about My days of Mercy release Date?


It was screened at one festival only 7 weeks ago and no distributor bought
it, so it will take so time.


Anyone have anything new on when we might see Novitiate screen shots? I can’t wait to see Margaret Qualley naked.


Morgan Saylor ?? is she naked in that movie tooo ??


According to Recapped review no.
Guys you need to use "search" function on site more often - it's easier and faster than waiting for answer.


But why would anyone take two seconds to do something, when they can take two seconds to ask someone else to do it, and then wait for them to do it and tell them? All that typing, it's just so hard!


Personally I don't even do that, I just wait for you guys to ask, typing is too much work.


Same, november 3rd release date according to imdb, so not long


Any news about Submergence? There's Alicia Vikander in cast.


When I saw the new post, I was hoping for some news on Shameless.


Shameless starts November 5th, so I'm pretty sure Recapped will post news next week.


Recappped, is there any nudity in the Netflix movie Gore (Freya Mavor, Jenna Coleman, Laura Haddock)? Or either of the two Netflix movies that Shelley Hennig is in?


Gore might get canned by Netflix so it may not matter now


They're still releasing House of Cards S6, why not Gore? They'll just dump it with no fan fare or marketing.


HoC is their biggest show, lots of money invested, but they are stopping it after next season and have even stopped production on s6 now. Gore is small fry in comparison, easier to cut losses.


We have also heard that Netflix’s Spacey-starring film Gore about the acerbic author Gore Vidal may be on the chopping block now too. (c) Deadline


I wouldn't count on nudity from Shelley in one of those movies.


Anything in Alias Grace?


Recapped said 3 weeks ago that there is no nudity there.


Thanks for great news about The Deuce.
Have one question, not sure if you might know, will be there any nudity in season 2 of HBO Latin America series El hipnotizador? Especialy from Carla "uber perfect boobs" Quevedo.


Also season 4 of O Negocio! Probably the single greatest show for nudity that nobody has ever heard about.


thats cool about The Duece.... but in this entire nudity review the only actresses i care about are Fitz and Williams, and of course they are doing non nude roles... damn it


One "regular female" is Ella Purnell. But who is the other one?


I think they meant 2 more in addition to Ella and Caitlin.


It seems that you are correct. Deadline mentions Eden Epstein & Jasmine Mathews as two female regulars besides Caitlin & Ella, so that would make sense.


Any news on Willa Fitzgerald in Beach House? The movie had it's premiere in Carmel International Film Festival.