Celebrity Nudity Rumors October 3

Copenhagen opens in select theaters and is available on demand today. Frederikke Dahl Hansen is topless briefly near the end of the movie.

On Sunday’s Boardwalk Empire, Christiane Seidel is topless during a sex scene. If you don’t mind spoilers, you can actually catch a glimpse of this scene at the beginning of this season’s 2nd episode. A woman is also naked in the institution but it isn’t a pleasant scene.

The Affair premieres on Sunday, October 12. Ruth Wilson shows her ass and her breasts very briefly as she prepares to take a shower. A little later, Ruth shows part of her ass as she is having sex while bent over a car. We see this scene again later as the story is told through Ruth’s perspective but it is slightly different. Ruth is also naked during another sex scene but not much is shown. Afterwards, Ruth is in bed and raises her hand and we can see her right breast. There may also be a a very brief nipple sighting from Maura Tierney during a sex scene near the beginning of the episode.

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Agreed! AGREED! Jo is one of those "remarkable bodies." Now Jo Armeniox has a rack she can proudly put on HD display! Her big flowering bossoms are so full and soft I just want to put my head on them like skin pillows and go to beddy-by-time! And they're not covered in obnoxious freckles! Just pure large magnificence. [I also AGREE freckles on a flat chest is a big turn-off to thou shaft-wanking - sorry Alyssa Chase, you're nothing compared to Jo, I kinda shrivel up when I look at you.] I just saw Jo's alabaster glory [big tits] in stunning HD for season 4, episode 1. Great way to start the streaming season! BOING!!! Got my Private John's attention! Tho, technically Jo Armeniox is not a famous star, she hardly has any credits - her perfect rack I'm sure landed her the job and "bigger" part than Alyssa H. Chase! Jo's rack-o-perfection will always be famous in my mind. Jo Jo Jo, please PLEASE --- more nudity!


Jo Armeniox is still one of my all-time happy spots /pause button addictions from Boardwalk!


What about the girls that play "prostitutes" on Boardwalk Empire. Are any of them nude? The bit actresses that only get to be on TV because they're naked. Is there a episode breakdown for the extras that have nude scenes?


A breakdown of some of the nudity. Some are celebs, some are minor actors and extras.

Actor ... Role ... Nudity ... Description

Patricia Arquette as Sally Wheet ... Sexy

Margot Bingham as Daughter Maitland ... Nude ... breasts, butt

Erica Fae as Charlotte ... Nude ... breasts, bush, butt

Kayla Ferguson as Doris ... Nude ... breasts

Lisa Joyce as Mary ... Nude ... breasts

Kelly MacDonald as Margaret ... Nude+NBD* ... body double, breasts, butt

Gretchen Mol as Gillian ... Nude ... breasts, butt

Aleksa Palladino as Angela Darmody ... Nude ... breasts

Christiane Seidel as Sigrid ... Nude ... breasts, butt

Paz de la Huerta as Lucy ... Nude ... breasts, bush, butt

Jo Armeniox as Mrs. Pastor ... Nude ... breasts

Kathryn Barnhardt as Woman ... Nude ... breasts, bush, butt

Anne Bergstedt Jordanova as Gillian's Prostitute ... Nude ... butt

Ashley Wren Collins as Hotel Maid ... Nude ... breasts

Bethany Kay as Margery ... Nude ... breasts, bush

Maddie Jo Landers as Nucky's Girl ... Nude breasts

Georgia X. Lifsher as Kitty ... Sexy ... thong

Heather Lind as Katy ... Nude ... breasts, butt

Emily Meade as Pearl ... Nude ... breasts

Julianne Nicholson as Esther Randolph ... Nude ... breasts

Jessy Smith as Burlesque Dancer ... Nude ... breasts

Meg Chambers Steedle as Billie Kent ... Nude ... breasts, butt


Here's more explicit detail per episode and actress, and how the nudity is performed.

Margot Bingham ... Daughter Maitland

Episode: "William Wilson" (Oct 20th, 2013)

breasts, butt

Margot shows breasts and butt while getting it on with Chalky in bed.

Erica Fae ... Charlotte

Episode: "The Good Listener" (Sep 14th, 2014)

breasts, bush, butt

Erica starts freaking out in a mental hospital, baring all three b's when she bursts out of her tub! Bethany bares all three of her b's as well, and Gretchen shows her butt and left breast when the warden comes to calm everyone down and lecture them!

Episode: "King of Norway" (Oct 5th, 2014)


Erica chats with Gretchen Mol, opening up her robe to reveal a wound to her, and her breasts to us!

Kayla Ferguson ... Doris

Episode: "William Wilson" (Oct 20th, 2013)


Kayla is topless in bed, talking to her young guy about different current events.

Lisa Joyce ... Mary

Episode: "Home" (Oct 31st, 2010)


Brunette stunner Aleksa pops out her pink-tipped plonkers and lezzes out in bed with blonde, boob-baring Lisa Joyce.

Gretchen Mol ... Gillian

Episode: "Anastasia" (Oct 10th, 2010)


Gretchen shows off her Mol hills while she is performing onstage.

Episode: "Family Limitation" (Oct 24th, 2010)


Gretchen looks outstanding as usual, giving us a nice long look at her rack both during and after sex with notorious gangster, Lucky Luciano.

Episode: "What Does The Bee Do?" (Oct 16th, 2011)

breasts, butt

Gretchen Mol looks fantastic showing both breasts and butt while giving the old man she is taking care of a show.

Episode: "Peg of Old" (Nov 6th, 2011)


Gretch has her left breast hanging out while talking to her guy in the bathroom.

Episode: "Ging Gang Goolie" (Oct 21st, 2012)


Gretchen shows off her rack while lounging in bed with her guy, who looks just like her deceased son.

Episode: "Sunday Best" (Oct 28th, 2012)


Gretchen shows her Mol hills while hanging out in bed with a guy that looks exactly like her deceases son.

Episode: "Sunday Best" (Oct 28th, 2012)


Gretchen disrobes and shows off her rack as she gives her guy a sponge bath.

Episode: "The Good Listener" (Sep 14th, 2014)

butt, breasts

Erica starts freaking out in a mental hospital, baring all three b's when she bursts out of her tub! Bethany bares all three of her b's as well, and Gretchen shows her butt and left breast when the warden comes to calm everyone down and lecture them!

Aleksa Palladino ... Angela Darmody

Episode: "The Ivory Tower" (Sep 26th, 2010)


Aleksa shows both breasts while in bed with her gangster husband.

Episode: "Home" (Oct 31st, 2010)


Brunette stunner Aleksa pops out her pink-tipped plonkers and lezzes out in bed with blonde, boob-baring Lisa Joyce.

Christiane Seidel ... Sigrid

Episode: "Bone for Tuna" (Sep 30th, 2012)

breasts, butt

Christiane takes off her nightgown to offer her sweet, sweet chest pastries and Dutch oven to hubby Michael Shannon.

Episode: "Marriage and Hunting" (Nov 3rd, 2013)


Christiane Seidel pulls off her nightgown to get plowed by Van Alden.

Episode: "King of Norway" (Oct 5th, 2014)


A quick look at Christiane's left breast as she and her man have some passionate sex in the kitchen!

Paz de la Huerta ... Lucy

Episode: "Boardwalk Empire" (Sep 19th, 2010)

butt, breasts, bush

Paz shows all 3 B's while riding Buscemi and storming out of the room after they are interrupted by his employee.

Episode: "Broadway Limited" (Oct 3rd, 2010)

breasts, bush, butt

All 3 B's from Paz as she strips down and tries on some lingerie in a clothing shop. She orders the shy shop worker, Kelly MacDonald, to help her out of and into her clothes.

Episode: "Family Limitation" (Oct 24th, 2010)

breasts, bush, butt

Paz gives shows off all 3 B's while claiming her territory in bed with Buscemi.

Episode: "The Emerald City" (Nov 21st, 2010)

breasts, bush, butt

Paz shows off all 3 B's while getting it on with a creepy FBI agent.

Episode: "A Dangerous Maid" (Oct 9th, 2011)

breasts, bush, butt

Preggo lovers take note: Paz bares every furry inch while crying and looked at her expectant bod in the mirror.

Jo Armeniox ... Mrs. Pastor

Episode: "New York Sour" (Sep 8th, 2013)


Jo shows off her great rack while banging a black guy, before being interrupted by her husband.

Episode: "New York Sour" (Sep 8th, 2013)


A continuation of previous scene, Jo and her black lover go at it again, but this time at the direction of her husband. Then the guy stops banging her and stabs the husband to death.

Kathryn Barnhardt ... Woman

Episode: "You'd Be Surprised" (Oct 14th, 2012)

breasts, butt

Kathryn shows her breasts and butt while choking Bobby Cannavale with a strap in bed.

Episode: "You'd Be Surprised" (Oct 14th, 2012)

butt, breasts, bush

Kathryn is nude once again, this time Bobby Cannavale is tied up and doing her from behind, when all of a sudden a violent shootout occurs, which poor Kathryn does not survive. We get to see full frontal both before and after her demise.

Anne Bergstedt Jordanova ... Gillian's Prostitute

Episode: "Ging Gang Goolie" (Oct 21st, 2012)


Anne gives us a great look at her butt while she is in bed talking to her customer, but Gretchen Mol breaks up the party.

Ashley Wren Collins ... Hotel Maid

Episode: "Devil You Know" (Oct 12th, 2014)


Ashley Wren Collins is getting porked while bent over a pile of cash, allowing quick flashes of her furiously flopping funbags

Bethany Kay ... Margery

Episode: "The Good Listener" (Sep 14th, 2014)

breasts, bush

Erica starts freaking out in a mental hospital, baring all three b's when she bursts out of her tub! Bethany bares all three of her b's as well, and Gretchen shows her butt and left breast when the warden comes to calm everyone down and lecture them!

Maddie Jo Landers ... Nucky's Girl

Episode: "New York Sour" (Sep 8th, 2013)


Maddie Joe shows her breasts while in bed, talking to Buscemi.

Heather Lind ... Katy

Episode: "Gimrack & Bunkum" (Oct 23rd, 2011)

breasts, butt

We get a great look at Heather's amazing rack, and butt, as she takes time away from her duties as a maid, to get naked for her guy before getting into bed with him.

Episode: "Blue Bell Boy" (Oct 7th, 2012)

breasts, butt

Heather shows butt and breasts while answering the phone and fooling around with her guy in bed.

Emily Meade ... Pearl

Episode: "Anastasia" (Oct 10th, 2010)


Emily shows both breasts while in bed with her guy, after being scared by an Al Capone gun shot.

Julianne Nicholson ... Esther Randolph

Episode: "Battle of the Century" (Nov 20th, 2011)


Julianne briefly shows each of her breasts as she quickly gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom to put her robe on.

Jessy Smith

Episode: "Cuanto" (Sep 28th, 2014)


Jessy's rehearsing a burlesque show when her right pasty falls off, exposing her full right breast!

Meg Chambers Steedle ... Billie Kent

Episode: "Resolution" (Sep 16th, 2012)


Meg shows off her breasts as she is waiting for Buscemi in bed.

Episode: "Spaghetti and Coffee" (Sep 23rd, 2012)

breasts, butt

Both breasts and butt from Meg in a nice long scene where she is walking around the bedroom naked, and then hops into bed to answer the phone.


There's a break-down of most of the nude scenes from Boardwalk Empire, listed by episode and by time, however they mostly only list the famous stars. Naked extras, small-time actors, and their tits usually remain nameless, anonymous charity. Unless there's something really remarkable about their bodies. I thank god everyday there's enough desperate, struggling actresses willing to take their tops off for less than 15 seconds of fame!


Here is a list of the whores from Boardwalk by year. You'll have to do a search (or watch) to see which ones are naked.

Desira Pesta ... Four Deuces Prostitute (2 episodes, 2010)

Lynn Spencer ... Four Deuces Prostitute (1 episode, 2010)

Brooke Hoover ... Four Deuces Prostitute (uncredited) (1 episode, 2010)

J.J. Pyle ... Prostitute #3 (uncredited) (1 episode, 2011)

Megan McQueen ... Prostitute 1 (1 episode, 2012)

Anne Bergstedt ... Gillian's Prostitute / ... (uncredited) (5 episodes, 2012)

Kate Cullen Roberts ... Gossipy Prostitute (1 episode, 2012)

Tricia Burns ... Cicero Prostitute 1 (2 episodes, 2013)

Stephanie Corbett ... Al Capone's Prostitute (2 episodes, 2013)

Annika Franklin ... Cicero Prostitute 2 (1 episode, 2013)

Elizabeth Wright ... Cicero Prostitute 2 (1 episode, 2013)

Ashlynn Alexander ... Capone Prostitute (1 episode, 2013)

Emma Cooper ... Cicero Prostitute (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2013)

Heather Gilbert ... Prostitute (uncredited) (1 episode, 2013)

Alyssa H. Chase ... Upscale Prostitute (uncredited) (1 episode, 2014)


Alyssa H. Chase is listed as one of those prostitutes. You can find her credits on IMDb.

The Fikklefame website posted something about her being in the supporting cast of the "Friendless Child" episode of "Boardwalk Empire."

It was posted when someone got her confused for a more prominent, better actor on the show with a real role (Alyssa H. Chase is just barely an extra, I couldn't even find her when I watched the episode!). But it lists an Instagram photo she posted.

So, you can see her boy-like chest, from her Boardwalk whore costume on her Instagram (Fikklefame has the link).

In my opinion, Alyssa H. Chase has a lot of freckles on her chest from too much sun, and her breasts appear to be really small "A cups" anyway. If you look really close, you can make out her dark nipples poking through her pink lingerie. However, tiny overly-freckled titties do nothing for me. I prefer fuller breasts, not a boy's. But she seems really proud in her photo to be showing those nothing's off. I would not be parading those if I were her. At least apply body makeup. Freckles belong on your face, not your breasts.


Noticed Julianne Hough is getting married to an NHL player. She is in Bad Grandpa (2016) & Curve (2016) - MPAA rated brief graphic nudity. Is Hough nude in either of these films?


OMG. I would die in heaven if dancing with the stars Julianne Hough showed us peons some yummy graphic nudity. Yowzers. Boardwalk Empire is my go-to for boobalicious viewing.


Nicole kidman in before I go to sleep?


What happened to the James Franco flick The Color of Time. It's rated for nudity and is supposed to be released two days ago, yet nothing popped up. Any<one have any news? thanks


If you google tar movie it comes up. Possible name change but no nudity anyway so you'll just be wasting your time!!



Films rated for nudity

1.Curve - Rated R for violence, bloody images, language including sexual references and brief graphic nudity.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3212904/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 (at least I guess that the right film)

staring Julianne Hough and Madalyn Horcher

2.Get Hard - Rated R for pervasive crude and sexual content and language, some graphic nudity, and drug material.


staring Alison Brie, Jackie Tuttle

3.Gnome Alone - Rated R for strong horror violence and gore, sexual content/nudity, language and some drug use.

Can't find this on IMDB

distributor: Grindstone Entertainment Group

4.Kelly & Cal - Rated R for language, sexual content and brief graphic nudity.


Opened September 5, 2014

According to Mr. Skin, Juliette Lewis does the nudity

Rated for 'Sexuality'

1.A Promise - Rated R for a scene of sexuality.


Staring Rebecca Hall


any idea if alison brie does the nudity in 'get hard'?


hahahhhahahhahaha. Thanks for the joke. Do you really need to ask?


I asked the Facebook page of Ask Me Anything (the Britt Robertson movie) and they said that it will be on VOD and select theaters by December 18th.


Today's MPAA report

1.By The Gun - Rated R for strong violence,

sexual content, nudity, language throughout

and some drug use.


staring Leighton Meester

2.Color Of Time, The - Rated R for some

sexuality, nudity, language and drug use.


Staring Mila Kunis, Jessica Chastain

3.Lap Dance - Rated R for sexual

content/nudity, language and some drug



staring Briana Evigan, Stacey Dash, Carmen Electra, Nia Peeples, Ali Cobrin, Mariel Hemingway, K.D Aubert, Lynn Whitfield


Any screencaps of Emily Ratajkowski from home girl?. Or anything on Reese Witherspoon in Wild?


HBO's The Comeback season 2 episode 3 has nudity listed in advisory. Abigail Klein in imdb cast for that episode. Any chance she provides the nudity?


I've heard rumors that Grae Drake, the cute pink-haired film critic from Rotten Tomatoes, Attack of the Show! and CNN, is naked in a horror movie called Truth or Dare. Best I can tell it only played at one film festival last year and has yet to be released in any other fashion. The rumor came from an IMDb user who claims to have seen the movie and says Grae shows her breasts and partial booty in panties. But we all know how unreliable IMBd reviews can be so I was wondering if anyone on here can shed some light on this? I've been crushing on Grae for years so seeing her nude would be a very welcomed surprise.


Nothing this week from MPAA 🙁


Any caps of Sarah Lind's topless scene in Wolfcop? Its available Ondemand now on The Super Channel in Canada.


Caps are out now. Scene looks hilarious. Breasts visible, but there is suspicion that they belong to a body double.


Kashlee Parmiter is listed as body double during the credits of the movie. In all likelihood it is her.


Yeah it looks like the BD is Kashlee Parmiter. The mole on her chest matches the girl in the scene,


Any news from Mia Wasikowska in Madame Bovary?


Nope, just from last year's Stoker.


salma hayek in how to make love like an englishman?


The nudity is not that much. Mainly her cowering and covering up in a swimming pool. She's 48 in that movie. The nude scene was typical and really disappointing. Also, so was the movie. She has such a beautiful body, I hate it when actresses do a nude scene, and then completely cover up! That's infuriating!


What about her?


possible nudity?


Is there going to be anything from Kiele Sanchez in Kingdom?


For anyone who has seen Gone Girl, is Ben cut or uncut?


haha, It's a brief side shot. he's fat though!


This week's MPAA bulletin

Movies rated for nudity

lots this week

1.Danny Collins

Rated R For language, drug use and some nudity.


staring Jennifer Garner and Melissa Benoist

2.Dark Games

Rated R For violence, some nudity and language.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1234927/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 (I guess that's the right film)

Staring Jeff "what does a yellow light mean?" "slow down" Conaway from Taxi

3.Green Street Hooligans: Underground

Rated R For brutal street fights, language throughout and a scene of sexuality/nudity.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2628316/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1 ?? could be that renamed for the U.S market.

4.The Homesman


Rated R For violence, sexual content, some disturbing behavior and nudity.

Release Date: November 1, 2014

Hilary Swank pics are already out

5.How To Make Love Like An Englishman

Rated R For language, sexual content, some nudity and drug use.


staring Salma Hayek (and Jessica Alba hahahahaha)


Rated R For violence, language and some sexual content/nudity.


staring Charlotte Kirk

Never heard of her before, but she's very attractive


7.Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas

Rated PG For some thematic elements and frequent full frontal nudity

(OK I added the frequent full frontal nudity part :D)

Films rated for 'sexual content' (I've noticed that sometimes films rated for sexual content include nudity)


Rated R For language, sexual content and some drug use.

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2437712/?ref_=rvi_tt Canadian film also known as Cubicle Warriors

staring Laura Vandervoort (or whatever her name is, I prefer Alexz Johnson who she stared with on that horrible Canadian show "Instant Star"

2.Life Partners

Rated R For language and some sexual content.


Staring Leighton Meester and Abby Elliott

3.Reach Me

Rated PG-13 For sexual content, violence, language, drug use, and smoking.

Staring Lauren Cohan and Sylvester Stallone

That's it for this week



Any nudity from Leighton Meester in By the Gun?


Whens the VOD/release date for seeing Kristen Wiig naked in Welcome to Me?


I heard Katherine Waterston gets naked in Inherent Vice, but how much do you see and the length?


full frontal says someone who ahs seen it on NYFF


Saw Inherent Vice at the NYFF. Katherine Waterston has a very long nude scene. Mostly breasts, with some bush visible, then Joaquin spanks her ass and has sex with her from behind. It lasts several minutes.


DEFINITELY a merkin! She's completely shaved, like perfect, and then has this big hairy bush! No stray hairs! No razor burn. No bumps. That's totally a merkin guys.


merkin you think?


Do you know when pictures of Emily Ratajkowski in Gone girl will come out and what the scene is like?


Emily was always one of my faves.


She shows boobs in dark room, Ben Affleck takes off her dress and they start making out, then fade out. Brief scene but boobs look great.


Will we be seeing anything from Dianna Agron in "Bare"?


Any news on Gia Mantegna in Undiscovered Gyrl/Ask Me Anything? Any screen caps?


This is great news about Ruth Wilson's nudity. Maura Tierney is the cherry on top.


Can you clarify if the nudity reported from The Affair was for the entire season or just episode 1 (which is available for free online)?


Any news on eliza taylor in november man


Clip is already on net - she very briefly showed ass or more like ass from the side, but the scene is very dark.


Thank you for the updates. Any chance if there will be one final nude scene by the lovely Gretchen before "Boardwalk Empire" comes to an end? If not, her nude scene a few episodes ago was still a great way to go. 🙂


This is wonderful news about Ruth. I hope there will be more in next episodes.