Celebrity Nudity Rumors October 6, 2017

Sunday’s Ray Donovan should have a bunch of random hookers naked. Lili Simmons may also show her ass and perhaps more at the end of the episode.

There is no nudity in Alias Grace with Sarah Gadon and Anna Paquin which is currently airing in Canada and premieres on Netflix on November 3. Don’t worry, you’ll see Sarah naked next year in an upcoming movie.

Starz recently ordered Sweetbitter, a show about a young american woman who moves to New York, to series. The main role of Tess requires nudity and they’re apparently down to 6 actresses — 2 Brits, 2 Australians, 1 Norwegian, and 1 American. Only the one American actress has done nudity before. We’ll find out soon who they cast but rumor is they’re leaning toward the British actress that just turned 21. A lot of the other roles on the show will also require nudity so this may be a show to keep an eye on.

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One Percent More Humid


Guys.... News ..

There is this New TV series Besstidniki aka Shameless (Remake in russian I guess)

Same Nudity and Same Episodes...


Nice! Big!


Any news for Christa Theret in Broers ???


Any news on the Netflix series Mindhunter? I'm hoping Anna Torv finally goes nude.


any news on Apocalypse Child?


Been reported here twice in the last month. No nudity from Gwen Zamora.


So quiet here... Nudity in this movie "Rodin", wow.


Season 2 of Good Behavior starts soon, can we expect any goods from Michelle Dockery this season?


Is the Norwegian actress Thea Sofie LN, yes or no? 😛


2 nude sex scenes from Jodi Balfour in the latest episode of Rellik


Or maybe just one - not sure about the ID on the 2nd - might be another actress called Loren O’Dair


i can't Believe noone mention Hannah James in Outlander ep04..
she is Beautiful


Really? It was mentioned here long time ago.


i can't Believe noone mention Hannah James in Outlander ep04..
she is Beautiful

View post on imgur.com



a question for those that have watched "The Girlfriend Experience". I didnt watch season 1, but have seen the trailer for season 2 and it looks very interesting, not just in a nudity stand point, but the show actually looks quite good. Do I need to go back and watch season 1 or is season 2 a complete separate story? also, no nudity in Outlander tonight, but i fully expect there to be some in two weeks when the show returns


Different stories. So you can watch season 2 without watching the first season before.


Lili showed briefly her amazing ass while lying on bed in Ray Donovan.


I prefer the many shots we have of Lili's ass when she's, you know, alive, and not dead.


True that.


Trailer for next episode suggests there could be more nudity from her.


Yep, that brief nudity for sure will be in case of Lili butt, this time in day light.


Wow!! What a goddess! Is that the sole shot from tonight's episode? It's amazing!


yup....so sad that it's only shot from the ep....


it's good to see her ass after so many years...they are also shot in good lighting condition..finally showtime delivers the best from LILI,n i.e her ASS....


That honor must be given to the last leaks beat, which brought us a few images of Lili's back and ass with a cumshot. Did you miss it?


Brief Nudity on tonights Vice Principals; any chance of it being Georgia King?


trailer makes it look like it will be Walton Goggins


It was him.


I don't think Georgia is likely to do any sort of nudity in the future. When she was a total unknown she showed a bit in Kill Your Friends and I'm not even sure that's not a body double. She just seems destined to play the uptight prude in raunchy comedies.


Although episode 7 was just upgraded to "Nudity". It's entitled "Spring Break" so will most likely be high schoolers but can keeping fingers crossed for Georgia.


just watched episode 4 of ABSENTIA .The sex scene stana katic is simply useless(nip shot from the trailer).hardly you see anything...the show is totally garbage nuditywise till now...still hoping for stana to deliver the goods later this season..


They edited the scene. Damn them!!!!!


I already confirmed that there was nothing before it aired.


How long is it? Any moaning or anything jerk worthy?


What's up with Mr. Roosevelt?



"Paladin has acquired Mr. Roosevelt, the comedy that stars former Saturday Night Live regular Noël Wells in what is also her directorial debut. The pic, which won the audience award and the Louis Black Lone Star Award at SXSW this year, is now set to bow in theaters in late fall, and Netflix has also acquired worldwide streaming rights and will launch it later this year."

No specific dates, but article makes it sound like it will be on Netflix before he end of the year.


I remember this now! Remind me, we're both Noel Wells and Daniella Pineda confirmed for nudity in this? I thought so but I could be wrong...


Mr. Skin's review:

(0:04) Noel Wells in a bikini in a photo.
(0:27) Noel Wells strips to her bra. Can see her blue panties underneath her stockings.
(0:30) Noel Wells dancing around in just a towel that flies up exposing some leg and maybe close to a little more.
(0:49) Pokeys on JEN in a T-shirt.
(0:50) Daniella Pineda takes off her shirt showing her bare back and a little right sideboob before putting on a bra that we only see the top of.
(0:51) Noel Wells strips to a bikini and then everyone else strips to show their breasts including Daniella Pineda and THREE OTHERS. (They should be easy to identify. IMDB is currently incomplete.)
(0:53) Noel Wells takes off her top and we see brief glances at her nipples as she tries to be discreet. Then she is mostly sitting there with her arms over her chest.
(0:56) Noel Wells flips off her bikini top in celebration and displays her breasts in full. There will be several more looks at them during this montage.
(1:09) Noel Wells in bikini top in a YouTube video in a tub full of spaghetti. She continues to sauce herself and we see her bikini bottoms too.
(1:18) Noel Wells strips to her bra and panties in bed. The guy begins to pull them down and we see her left bun cheek. The next morning after sex she is in her bra and panties walking around the room.


Thanks for the news Recapped.

Catrin Stewart made her nude debut last year in a movie called The Library Suicides. I've seen gyfs of the scene, but does anybody have the video?


I made those gfys. I've got the 1080p video, and I've also cut together the front-on topless parts into a short video.

Full video: https://mega.nz/#!5ttHwJjI!l5i9KAVisBEYs5rqtpGa08sy6Rxh4G5-JIpKenbAWCg
Short cut: https://mega.nz/#!5tdBgCKI!p772eQ38b6B2rCWDrCuUhhpfC-O4sa4tjmlZxvy2vp0


Thanks man, I appreciate it.


Any chance you saw a draft of I Am Not a Bird, the Lost Girls and Love Hotels adaptation with Alexandra Daddario, to see if there was nudity like the book suggests there would be?


Yes, there is nudity in the script.


Thanks for confirming recapped! This is HUGE news 🙂


This is amazing news. She's easily one of my top 5 under-25 stars I want to see naked.
I wonder if the nude scenes are going to be somewhat graphic like The Girlfriend Experience or more tame


Awesome 😀


Wow, that's fantastic!


Nice, thanks!

So Recapped it would be super cool if there would be chance to know the names of other actresses:)


do you really want to know? what if they never do nudity in anything else? always be thinking about the missed opportunity.


It would still be interesting to know.


I'm assuming Gadon's upcoming nudity is in The Death and Life of John F. Donovan?


Some public Vimeo auditions for Tess:

Possible American:
Molly Cerne - has done nudity.
Tanya Bettencourt - has done nudity.

Possible Brit:
Daisy Head - 26, no nudity.

Possible Australian:
Charlotte Chimes - no nudity.

Ruled out:
Nicole Alexandra Shipley - American, no nudity.
Caroline Day - American, no nudity.
Annika Foster - American, no nudity.
June Schreiner - American, no nudity.

It's possible none of these actors are on the shortlist of course.


Forgive me if this has already been said but according to Mr Skin, Francesca Eastwood shows nudity in M.F.A.

(0:12) Francesca Eastwood is bent over the bed at the beginning of a rough scene. We see her thong panties which then come off allowing us to see her buns from a front angle. Then she is violently screwed by the guy.
(0:40) Francesca Eastwood is stripped to a bra with a guy. Her left nipple peeks out of it during the scene.
(0:53) Slight bottom buns on Francesca Eastwood in a shirt painting.
(1:03) Buns and right breast from the side on Francesca Eastwood.
(1:23) Francesca Eastwood strips out of clothes showing left sideboob.

(0:01) Breasts and bush on large model MODEL being painted in an art class.


Just as a side note , there are nude shots of Francesca Eastwood on a beach from some talented paparazzi 🙂


M.F.A. releases on VOD next Friday.


Great news! Quick question, with the upcoming premiere of the second season of Girlfriend Experience, I'm sure you will have rumors or updates in due time but if you DO have any right now, I'm sure we'd all really love to know!! Really excited about potential girl/girl with Anna Friel, she's always been one of my faves.


Thank you so much for this hopefully great news about Lili:)

I have also one question about this Sweetbitter info - if it won't be revealed in any official casting news, are there any chances you could post later what other actresses (that didn't get the part) were? So we could kinda know what girls are open to nudity in future.


Is it possible that one of the aussie is eliza taylor?


I hope to Christ you mean Sophie Turner.


Agh. Well it wasn't. But I bet she'll strip one day. It is prophesied.


But wouldn't Sophie be busy filming finale GOT season from this October to next year summer?


I don't think the whole cast will be busy for that whole time. The length of the shoot is more about how many battles they're doing. Apparently they're also only working with one unit instead of the usual two or three. But I think it's likely that she could have months of downtime to work on other stuff. We'll see.