Celebrity Nudity Rumors October 8

The first season of Red Oaks is available on Amazon Prime tomorrow but it disappoints nudity-wise after a promising pilot episode.

Episode 1 – Alexandra Turshen and Adriana DeGirolami are topless. Lots of extras naked.
Episode 4 – Alexandra Socha shows some sideboob. Jennifer Grey also shows some sideboob and a bit of her ass.
Episode 6 – Gage Golightly is in her underwear and shows some sideboob kinda.
Episode 7 – Jennifer Grey shows sideboob again.
Episode 8 – Maria Aparo is naked as a sex show performer.
Episode 9 – Photos of Gage Golightly in her underwear and one implied nude photo are shown.

Lastly, episode 10 wasn’t available but there might be something from Alexandra Socha. Our guess? Sideboob.

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Anything from Julianne Hough in Curve?


Kate Lyn Sheil's boobs getting banged in "A Wonderful Cloud." Brief and quickly edited.



LJ Reyes topless in indie film shadow behind the moon...her first nude scene...


Anything from 20-year old French cutie Yara Pilartz on season 2 of "The Returned"?


Just four more days until Dianna Agron in BARE!


I just looked her up. Wow, she is stunning. If she does nudity, it will easily become the Scene of the Year.


So, if there was nudity in tonight's "The Affair", I missed it.


Online Release date of CUT SNAKE ?


judging from the previews for next weeks episode, there should be nudity in The Knick next week.. previews showed someone dropping there clothes with a distant ass shot. And another part of the preview showed a different women being thrown down on to a bed like she was about to get spanked (however the one throwing her down onto the bed appeared to be her preacher father who came in to town to check on his nurse daughter)....


The blonde in that promo had to be either Juliet Rylance or Emily Kinney. But I think it is more likely Juliet because the dude standing next to her looks like her husband in the show, but the shot is too far away to be sure.

Also, the nurse daughter is played by Eve Hewson (Bono's daughter). She had a few sex scenes in the first season, but didn't get naked, so I'm not sure if she will ever get naked on the show.


Da vinci's demons lets us down in a big way guys. Few extras in bath houses and brothels but other than a blink and you'll miss it flash from laura haddock in episode 4 there is nothing from main cast members