Celebrity Nudity Rumors September 10, 2017

Here’s a quick rundown of tonight’s shows:

Get ShortyLucy Walters should be topless.

BallersSerinda Swan has another implied nude sex scene.

Ray Donovan – Nudity is most likely from random strippers.

Outlander – No nudity.

The Deuce – Full review of the series premiere here if you missed it. If they have an early preview of the next episode, Jamie Neumann and Emily Meade should have some excellent nude scenes. Will have a more detailed review later if they do not make it available early.

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guys remember the comment from "reddit guy" he were right about blake lively & kate mara nudity. do you think other nudity would be true?


which reddit guy??..can u gimme his name or link to his profile??


There is a cam clip of Marion Cotillard nude in "Les fantômes d'Ismaël" on the net that can be found easily if you do a little search. I haven't seen it yet as I don't want to be too much spoiled, but to enjoy the scene in the movie instead. But I took a little peek of the screens and I can tell you that her breasts look mesmerising as always 🙂


can u gimme the link pls...cannot find it


Shit quality and sadly it doesn't show the full frontal, but here it is...



im just wondering where did you get this from?


WOW she rounded up in all the right locations


Yeah, strange that, the girls looked deflated and tired in those recent topless beach pics


Guys, any update on "The Double Lover".


i heard someone say full frontal nudity of some sort...tried to find the full movie (camcorded) but no luck


For Prototype:


i dont think we will have any nude scenes in this...maybe only some bikini's and exposure..nothin else possibly


There a lot of nude in the novel and te film will be R-rated , I read a novel and it's impossible to remove nudity , it will be like removing nudity in 50 shades of grey !


They remove nudity from adaptations all the time, buddy. Sorry.


The remove nudity in 50 shades of grey , that's a news ! Good news guy I didn't know that , 50 shades without sex and nudity , well down ! Seriously , nudity can't be remove from the history , it's not only about spy , it's about seduction , the spy must seduce other spy to have information and in the novel the body of the main character Dominika is very important she's nude very often in the novel almost all time , so they remove 2 or 3 scene just because Jannifer don't play nude during all the movie , but they don't remove all and Francis Lawrence sid the movie will be R-Rated or in the novel there are no violence , no vulgar language , no drugs , no alcool , there are only sex or why R rated is there are no nudity ???? I read the novel so I think it's there are no nudity it's PG 13 or the novel is not PG 13 !


I have a dream that Jennifer Lawrence goes naked in every movie she makes.


Jennifer Lawrence shows her breast in "Mother" !


did u watch the scene??...is it worth watching???


Anything in "Happy Death Day"? It's rated pg-13 for partial nudity and Jessica Rothenberg's character is naked at one point in the trailer, hopefully she shows her butt


Well shit, I got all excited until I realized you weren't talking about Jaime Ray Newman.


I know what you mean, it would be great to see her do a nude scene.


LOL. Flatliners is PG-13. 😀


I thought it was already rated R for nudity. Disappointment.


Nope. And no mention of any kind of nudity in the rating either.


Any nude review about the movie "Mektoub, my love"? Apparently Hafsia Herzi has a pantyless upskirt scene. But I don't know if she clearly shows her crotch.


What's the nudity in Meyerowitz Stories?


From a Cannes report:

"Grace Van Patten graces us with nudity in this one. Her breasts and butt are seen via playback of a scene on a laptop."


any news from the disaster artist?


No nudity except for Jame Franco walking around with only a cock sock on


awwwww booooooo!!!! the fact that Ari Graynor doesn't show anything is a total disservice to the book


Any videos on Apocalypse Child, it is available in amazon prime. Heard amazing scenes with Gwen Zamora


I'll check it out


One sex scene but keeps dress on, maybe a brief upskirt glimpse as she puts panties back on. In a bikini a lot. Nudity from Ana Abod Santos (I think).


I hope someone can upload a link. i tried on itunes and amazon but also not available in my country. thanks.


I've got Amazon Prime, but it's not available in the country I'm traveling right now. Hopefully someone else can help out.


Any videos from "Ismael's Ghosts"? I love Marion Cotillard. I heard she is fully nude in this.


This and double lover is out on Blu-ray on the 23 and 27 September. Soon


Does Jennifer Lawrence has a nude scene in Mother (her new movie)


a member in here saying she's not nude but mrskin claims she's nude...we have to wait till we watch the movie..


What about Sally Hawkins in shape of water? It's rated r for graphic nudity and sexual content. There is a sex scene between her and the fish man. Sound kind of exciting.


Btw why are you bashing my inquiry. I just opened the path for the first confirmation of ff nudity from sally Hawkins.


She goes full frontal. More details to follow.


Thanks for confirmation. Film sounds really good as well.


Courtesy of Mrskin:

(0:05) Sally Hawkins strips to get into the bathtub to masturbate. We see buns, breasts and bush.
(0:32) Lauren Lee Smith pulls out her left breast for Michael Shannon. Then as she gets screwed in bed her shirt is opening exposing her bra.
(1:21) Sally Hawkins buns disrobing to get into the tub with the merman. We see buns, right breast and bush as she stands in the tub.
(1:30) Sally Hawkins disrobes and we see breasts and bush.
(1:32) Sally Hawkins breasts, buns and bush underwater with the creature.


I'm always happy to see Lauren Lee Smith naked. She also exposes her left breast in Lie With Me while at the end of a playground tube, I'll never forget that scene.


Any reports coming out of the Toronto Int'l Film Fest regarding "A Worthy Companion"? The film is supposed to be a extremely dark love story about sexual abuse and abduction with the opening scene featuring Evan Rachel Wood in a brutal sexual encounter as a sex worker. Sounds like a really difficult film to watch, but she's one of my fav actresses.


I hope Kaya Scodelario makes her nude debut while she's still young. I was surprised to hear that she's a mother already.


I wouldn't get my hopes up if I was you.


MrSkin prone to exagerration but "As Jennifer Lawrence is knocked to the floor, everyone begins trying to grab her leading them to pull down her shirt giving us multiple looks at her breasts."


Well let's see who's right here. EmmaB said Jennifer doesn't show anything in this, yet Mr Skin says she makes her nude debut in this movie. I'll take Mr Skin's word on this.


All reports coming out of TIFF state that there is no nudity in this film despite the multitude of bloody vagina images throughout. Mr. Skin reported forever that Melissa Rauch was nude in "The Bronze" well after it was established that a body double was used for the infamous sex scene. I would take Mr. Skin nudity reviews with a grain of salt and not get yr hopes up.


Sure, Mr Skin is known to exaggerate nude scenes, I'll give you that. One thing they don't do though is invent things that aren't there. That's why I'll take their word on this instead of EmmaB's. Time will tell who's right.


I've seen the film, it's 100% accurate. Not a very titillating scene tho


won't say much because of heavy spoilers, but yes, at least 2 of 3 quick looks at her face and breasts in the same scene. Unless it was somehow CG'd, but they were clear shots.


Are face and boobs seen in the same frame?? That's all that matters


This scene sounds like a turnoff tbh.


Context please?


Turns out you have to read the comments of the previous post for context. Thanks for the heads up, guys.


Any details on Elisabeth Moss in The Square or Tokyo Project?


No nudity in Tokyo Project


Reports from Cannes said she has a nude sex scene in The Square


Doesn't she go frontal in this?


Any info on Lady Gaga's upcoming Netflix documentary that is out on the 22nd? A couple of reviewers have mentioned that there's one scene where she's either topless or completely nude. Any more details?


did hbo make the next episode of the deuce available?


'I Love You, Daddy' - Chloe Moretz is in a bikini for a lot of it, along with lots of other revealing outfits.
'Molly's Game' - Nothing from Jessica Chastain.
'The Racer and the Jailbird' - Adele Exarchopoulos topless in multiple sex scenes.
'Mary Shelley' - Nothing from Maisie Williams, Elle Fanning.


Thanks for the info.


By the way EmmaB, did Chloë get a boob job? Because there're rumours about it.


Anything of Maria Valverde in Plonger?


Thank you for Chloë. Well, we'll have to wait until next year for her nude debut.


Why, is there something scheduled for next year?


Thank you for these updates!


About this so called "Blue is the warmest color/Nymphomaniac" movie Disobedience. LOL. Seriously?



Edit (sorry): "This isn't the worst movie in the world, just aggressively dull and mediocre. Especially the screenplay"

Also, the sex scene is boring, fully clothed, non-sensual and relatively safe. The only thing controversial is Weisz repeatedly spitting into McAdams' mouth. Funny gag, but let's not get carried away the film breaks any new ground including it."


Source? I can't find any reviews that say what you are apparently quoting.


awardswatch.com forum. From the guy who watched the movie on festival.


So, nobody are topless? f**k off!


There were random strippers on Ray Donovan tonight, but Paula Malcomson was also topless in a fairly lengthy, well lit scene.


I always found Paula Malcomson , repulsive and a bad actress ....


Really hope Lili Simmons has a good nude sex scene at some point. First 2 seasons of Banshee and True Detective were amazing


Next episode have breif nudity and then only episode 9 nave nudity. Noting in the rest ones.


season 2 of true detective was not so amazing.. Nuditywise


I meant Lili in first two seasons of banshee and first season of true detective


People comparing disobedience to blue is the warmest color and nymphomaniac.


No nudity details yet, but a few tidbits from people that saw Disobedience here. I'll be glad to see Rachel McAdams making out with Rachel Weisz with a lot of tongue action, even if the nudity doesn't pan out.


Seems like McAdams finally delivers. Can't wait.


Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, we need confirmation from a reliable source.




Nevermind. Found one


That dude from twitter confirmed no nudity in sex scenes so kinda LOL.



Which makes no sense. How is it remotely like BITWC and have no nudity? Just bizarre


People on twitter are saying Weisz spits in McAdams' mouth


when'll be it's nudity review posted by mk or recapped or any other trustworthy member ? i think we'r getting another mind blowing nude scene of the year....



Recapped PLEASE tell me you have a source who went to see this and may confirm


Jane Fonda getting naked soon.


Anything in the Sky Atlantic series Tin Star? The entire first season was released Friday.


Genevieve O'Reilly and I think Lynda Boyd in one episode. Some radom hooker full frontal in another. Abigal Lawrie has a NN shower scene. Nothing from Christina Hendricks.


Great news, great round-up as always - love all these women.
But when is the Sarah Stiles scene on Get Shorty happening? 🙂 Is that still on for sometime this season upcoming episodes, as far as you know? Anything more you can tease about that? I actually love that show and everyone on it.
Thanks for all the amazing work as always.