Celebrity Nudity Rumors September 10, 2017

Here’s a quick rundown of tonight’s shows:

Get ShortyLucy Walters should be topless.

BallersSerinda Swan has another implied nude sex scene.

Ray Donovan – Nudity is most likely from random strippers.

Outlander – No nudity.

The Deuce – Full review of the series premiere here if you missed it. If they have an early preview of the next episode, Jamie Neumann and Emily Meade should have some excellent nude scenes. Will have a more detailed review later if they do not make it available early.

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guys remember the comment from "reddit guy" he were right about blake lively & kate mara nudity. do you think other nudity would be true?


which reddit guy??..can u gimme his name or link to his profile??


There is a cam clip of Marion Cotillard nude in "Les fantômes d'Ismaël" on the net that can be found easily if you do a little search. I haven't seen it yet as I don't want to be too much spoiled, but to enjoy the scene in the movie instead. But I took a little peek of the screens and I can tell you that her breasts look mesmerising as always 🙂


can u gimme the link pls...cannot find it


Shit quality and sadly it doesn't show the full frontal, but here it is...



im just wondering where did you get this from?


WOW she rounded up in all the right locations


Yeah, strange that, the girls looked deflated and tired in those recent topless beach pics


Guys, any update on "The Double Lover".


i heard someone say full frontal nudity of some sort...tried to find the full movie (camcorded) but no luck


For Prototype:


i dont think we will have any nude scenes in this...maybe only some bikini's and exposure..nothin else possibly


There a lot of nude in the novel and te film will be R-rated , I read a novel and it's impossible to remove nudity , it will be like removing nudity in 50 shades of grey !


They remove nudity from adaptations all the time, buddy. Sorry.


The remove nudity in 50 shades of grey , that's a news ! Good news guy I didn't know that , 50 shades without sex and nudity , well down ! Seriously , nudity can't be remove from the history , it's not only about spy , it's about seduction , the spy must seduce other spy to have information and in the novel the body of the main character Dominika is very important she's nude very often in the novel almost all time , so they remove 2 or 3 scene just because Jannifer don't play nude during all the movie , but they don't remove all and Francis Lawrence sid the movie will be R-Rated or in the novel there are no violence , no vulgar language , no drugs , no alcool , there are only sex or why R rated is there are no nudity ???? I read the novel so I think it's there are no nudity it's PG 13 or the novel is not PG 13 !


I have a dream that Jennifer Lawrence goes naked in every movie she makes.


Jennifer Lawrence shows her breast in "Mother" !


did u watch the scene??...is it worth watching???


Anything in "Happy Death Day"? It's rated pg-13 for partial nudity and Jessica Rothenberg's character is naked at one point in the trailer, hopefully she shows her butt


Well shit, I got all excited until I realized you weren't talking about Jaime Ray Newman.


I know what you mean, it would be great to see her do a nude scene.


LOL. Flatliners is PG-13. 😀


I thought it was already rated R for nudity. Disappointment.


Nope. And no mention of any kind of nudity in the rating either.


Any nude review about the movie "Mektoub, my love"? Apparently Hafsia Herzi has a pantyless upskirt scene. But I don't know if she clearly shows her crotch.


What's the nudity in Meyerowitz Stories?


From a Cannes report:

"Grace Van Patten graces us with nudity in this one. Her breasts and butt are seen via playback of a scene on a laptop."